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Cleuchis, cloughs, deep valleys, or ravines in the hills.
Conny sion, conin ixture.
Comprize, to undertake.
Con, conne, to know.
Conning, cunning, knowledge.
Contact, cufict.
Contrarv, directed towards.
Costlew, costly.
Could, hurw.
Covenable, convenient.
C. vetyse, cuvetousness.
Craft, art.
Curtarse, courteuus,

Dagging, slitting, cutting into slips.
Delices, (fr) lights,
Depart, to divide.
Despoii, tu take of, or direst.
Dicts sayings.
Ditiense, prohibitions.
Distranght, to distract, torture; distracted, 8c.
Do, sometimes for done.
Done, tu do.
Donet, introduction.
Doon, judgment, reason,
Dou, dore.
Doubt, fear; to fear.
Doubted, feared.
Doubty, doubtful.
Dure, to lust, extend.
Dured, lasted, extended,
Duresse, durance.

1991 E.

ning ost.900 Eft, oft. Egal, (Fr.) equal.

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Either, or, either.
Elle, else.
Else, either.
Encheson, chance.
Enpight, infixed ; inherent ; from pike, (Sax.) to pitch.
Enseign, or ensign; ensigned, to teach ; taught.
Enseignments, instructions.
Entendement, thought, destiny.
Everyche, each.
Extraught, extracted.
Eyen, eyes.


Fall, event, accident.
Farder, loth, more loth.
Ferde, fear.
Ferdenesse, fear, dread.
Ferre, far.
Fond, to engage, try, endeavour.
For, because.
For the nonce, on purpose, by design.
Forlet, deserted.
Foryet, to forget.
Freres, (Fr.) friars.
Fro, from.
Frotynge, rubbing ? from frotter (Fr.) to rub !

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Goilk, the cuckoo.
Gon, gone, goo, goon, to go.
Gridelstede, girdle's place ; the waist.
Grome, child, offspring.
Guarish, to cure ; from guerir ? (Fr.)
Gurged, gorged.

H. Haly, holy. Han, have. Heare, hair. Hede, care, caution. Hegh, to high, exalt, Hele, health. Hem, them, Her, for their. Herie, to master ; i.e. to treat as a master or superior. Hests, commands. Hete, to ordain, order, command. Highte, called, or is called. Hogy, to raise, exalt. Hostel, house. Hose, hollow. Housel, (part.) houseld, to administer the Lord's supper. How so be ii, notwithstanding. Hungerand, hungry. Hutch, originally a coffer, or a recess in a barn, to con

tain corn thrashed, but not winnowed.

Indigne, unworthy.
Into, sometimes used for unto.

Jubarde, to endanger, put in jeopardy.
Jubardy, jeopardy.

Kembed, combed.
Ketylde tickled, stimulated.
Kind, nature.
Kine, cous.
K nredeo, kindred.
Knave, a male, a servant, a lacquey.
Kunnen, to know, knew.

Largess, beneficence.
Lauly, lowly.
Leave, to oniit.
Left, left off
Lese, to lose.
Lesing, lying
Let, letted, to hinder, hindered.
Lewd,-mean, low.
Licorousness, licorishness, lechery,
Lielode, livelihood, lifehold.
Light, easy, trifling.
Lightly, easily.
Lking, pleasure.
Lory, to eletate, eralt.
Longeth, belongeth.
Louage, praise ; louange (Fr.)
Lust, desire.


Malvesye, malmsey.
Manche, (Fr.) a sleeve.
Massagers, messengers,
Maugre, in spite of:
Medle, to mia.
Medling, mixture, mingling.
Megre, thin, to thin, diminish.
Mesprise, (Fr.) to despise.

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Mete, meat.
Miche, much.
Minish, to diminish.
Misprision, c ntempt,
Mokell, much.
Mo, moo, more.
Mowe, may.

Nakeres, nacara, (Du Cange) a kind of brazen drum

used in the caralry.
Nat, not.
Natheless, nevertheless.
Ne, n r, neither.
Neigh, nighen, to approach.
Nere, never.
Neyer, neither.
Noblesse, nobleness.
Non, none, not, no.
Norie, a foster-child.
Noryce, a nurse, nourice, (Fr.)
Notoirly, notoriously.
Novelries, novelties.
Nought, not.
Nouther, neither.
Noyous, norious,

Or, ere, before.
Ounding, guarding, like wures.
Oxee, a small hedge-sparrow.

Panions, companions.
Party, a part.
Pastaunce, pastime.
Reitrels, breast-plates for horses,

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