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while declaring that his studies have been profitable and availing to him, only so far as he has endeavored to use all his other knowledge as a glass, enabling him to receive more light, in a wider field of vision, from the Word of God; beautifully and truly has he said, concerning the Book of Nature, likewise a revelation from God, that not only in its obvious sense and literal interpretation it declares the being and attributes of the Almighty Father, which none but the fool in heart has ever dared gainsay; but that it has been the music of gentle and pious minds in all ages, it is the poetry of all human nature, to read it likewise in a figurative sense, and to find therein correspondencies and symbols of the spiritual world. The field is inexhaustible; we have only advanced a few steps; but those few we have endeavored to take as seeing Him who is Invisible, and recognising, in the fullest degree, his particular and paternal providence. May the blessing of the God of Nature and of Grace attend the lessons of the volume.

N. Y., August, 1852.

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