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Mr. Lee is appointed in Dec. 1775, secret Agent of Congress—Letter of

the “Secret Corresponding Committee” of Congress, acquainting him

of the appointment and the purpose of it—His Interviews with the French

Minister at London-He goes to France as secret Agent, in the spring

of the year 1776—His interviews with Vergennes and Turgot—The Re-

sult of his Mission--- In the fall of 1776, he is appointed a Joint Com-

missioner to the court of France, with Dr. Franklin and Silas Deane-

Letter to Lord Shelburne---Interesting Anecdote of Voltaire-Agency for

the State of Virginia–His learned and political friends in France, Tur-

got, Adanson, Vergennes, Neckar, Breteuil, &c.---State of Affairs in

America in the winter of 1776-7--Memorial on this subject, from the

American Commissioners to the Court of France-Written by Mr. Lee-

Note of the Commissioners to the same, touching the capture of an Ame-

rican vessel on the coast of France.--Mr. Lee is appointed sole Commis-

sioner to the Court of Madrid-Goes to Spain—ls desired by that Court

not to proceed to Madrid, ---IIis letters to the Commissioners in Paris,

from Victoria in Spain---Their Reply written by Dr. Franklin---The Bri-

tish Court remonstrates with that of Spain against the reception of Mr.

Lee---His Correspondence on this subject---His Memorial to the Court of

Spain on the subject of his Mission-Results of it-He returns to Paris-

Is sent to Berlin as Commissioner to the court of Prussia-Letter from Ber-

lin to General Washington--Spanish Papers.


The effect of the capture of Burgoyne in France and other parts of Eu-

rope~The French Court resolves on a Treaty of Alliance with the Unit-

ed States--Debates on the subject of the 11th and 12th Articles of the

Treaty-Mr. Lee refuses to concur with his colleagues in these Articles

-The French Court consents that congress may strike them out of the

Treaty without affecting its validity-Congress concors with Mr. Lee and

strikes out those Articles--Mr. Lee's efforts to induce Spain to join the

Alliance-He procures a secret and separate Article from the French

Court in relation to Spain--His endeavours to procure a loan of two mil-

lions of pounds sterling from Spain for congress---His correspondence

with Mons. Dumas of Holland---Intrigues of British secret Agents in Paris

-Mr. Lee detects and exposes them—Invitation of the Congress to Dr.

Price, to remove to America and become a citizen of the United States

-Mr. Lee's letter and Price's reply-Sketch of the labours and services

of Mr. Lee while in France-His journal of negotiations with the French

and Spanish minister---His correspondence with Congress---Return of Mr.

Lee to America ; causes of it--His arrival and reception in the United

States-- His reception by Congress-He is elected a member of the Vir-

ginia Assembly, and is chosen by that body a delegate to Congress---Is

appointed by Congress a Commissioner to treat with all the northwestern

tribes of Indians--- Is chosen by Congress one of the Board of Treasury,

at which he continued from the year 1784 to 1789---His retirement-

His continued correspondence with eminent foreign persons of distinc-

tion--His literary honours---His death and character.


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