Enwogion Cymru: A Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Welshmen, from the Earliest Times to the Present, and Including Every Name Connected with the Ancient History of Wales

W. Rees, 1852 - 567 sider
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Side 492 - Reflections / On The / Expediency of a Law / For The / Naturalization / Of / Foreign Protestants...
Side 333 - MEYRICK'S PAINTED ILLUSTRATIONS OF ANCIENT ARMS AND ARMOUR : A Critical Inquiry into Ancient Armour as it existed in Europe, but particularly in England, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of Charles II. ; with a Glossary, by Sir SR MEYRICK.
Side 415 - God shall send us a Prince of Wales, he may have such a present of a crown made him as a Pope did to King John, who was surnamed Sans-terre, and was by his father made Lord of Ireland, which grant was confirmed by the Pope, who sent him a crown of peacocks' feathers, in derogation of his power, and the poverty of his country.
Side 541 - Fall proved and vindicated." 8vo. 3. "Instructions concerning Confirmation." 8vo. 4. "A Disquisition concerning the Lord's Supper." 8vo. 5. "The Use, Value, and Improvements of various Readings shewn and illustrated, in a sermon preached before the University of Oxford, at St. Mary's, on Sunday, Oct. 18, 1761, Oxford, 1764,
Side 351 - Majesty," replied he, when the offer was made him, " if you intend to make me a knight, I wish it may be one of your poor knights of Windsor, and then I shall have a fortune at least able to support my title.
Side 541 - Being the time of the Yearly Meeting of the Children educated in the Charity Schools, in and about the Cities of London and Westminster.
Side 412 - Jesus College, within the City and University of Oxford, of Queen Elizabeth's foundation ;" the Society to consist of a principal, eight fellows, and eight scholars ; and for their maintenance Dr.
Side 517 - And whereas it hath been heretofore agreed between my good and kind brother Warburton and myself that the survivor of us twayne should have the other's best scarlet robes, now I do will that my said good brother Warburton shall have the choice of either of my scarlet robes, and he to take that shall best like him, praying him that as he hath been a good and kind brother unto me, so he will be a good and kind friend to my children.
Side 322 - ... retired to a distance howling, notwithstanding all the efforts of the sportsmen to make them seize their prey. Even when the huntsman blew his horn, it stuck to his lips. Brochwel heard her story, and gave to God and her a parcel of lands, to be a sanctuary to all that fled there. He desired her to found an abbey on the spot.
Side 145 - THROUGHOUT the broad and varied region of romance, it would be difficult to find a character of greater simplicity and truth than that of Enid the daughter of Earl Ynywl. Conspicuous for her beauty and noble bearing, we are at a loss whether most to admire the untiring patience with which she bore all the hardships she was destined to undergo, or the unshaken constancy and devoted affection which finally achieved the triumph she so richly deserved.

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