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Sixth Edition. Price 6d. sewed. “This very improved Primer is intended to prepare the learner for the under-mentioned Spelling Book, and is particularly intended by the author to assist mothers in the instruction of their young children." M. Rev.

An ENGLISH SPELLING BOOK ; with Reading Lessons adapted to the Capacities of Children; in Three Parts, calculated to advance the Learners by natural and easy Gradations; and to teach Orthograpby and Pronun. ciation together. By LINDLEY MURRAY. In demy 18mo. Twelfth Edition. Price 18. 6d. bound.

“ We recommend to the Public this most important little volume, as the only work with which we are acquainted, in the English Language, for teaching children to read, written by a philosopher and a man of taste." Lit. Journ. “ We can recommend it as the best work of the kind which has lately fallen under our inspection." Anti-Jac. “ In this book are several useful things not commonly found in such works." Brit. Crit. " This little book is singularly well adapted to answer the purpose for which it is intended." M. Rev. “Mr. Murray has composed one of the best elementary books for children in the English language.” Crit. Rev. “ This is a very neat and useful elementary book." Chr. Ob

INTRODUCTION to the ENGLISH READER; or, a Selection of Pieces, in Prose and Poetry, &c. By LINDLEY MURRAY. Ninth Edition. Price 38. bound.

“ This Introduction may be safely recommended, and put into the hands of youth: and the rules and observations for assisting them to read with propriety, form to it a very suitable Introduction." M. Rev.

THE ENGLISH READER; or, Pieces in Prose and Poetry, selected from the best writers. Designed to assist young Persons to read with Propriety and Effect; to improve their Language and Sentiments; and to inculcate some of the most important principles of Piety and Virtue. With a few preliminary Observations on the Principles of good Reading. By LINDLEY MURRAY. Tenth Edition. Price 4s. 6d. bound.

“ The selections are made with good taste, and with a view to moral and religious improvement, as well as mere entertainment."

SEQUEL to the ENGLISH READER; or, Elegant Selections in Prose and Poetry. Designed to improve the higher Class of Learners in Reading; ta establish a Taste for just and accurate Composition; and to promote the Interests of Piety and Virtue. By LINDLEY MURRAY. Third Edition. Price 4s. 6d. bound. “ We have no hesitation in recommending this selection as the best of its kind.” Crit. Rev.

THE ENGLISH SPELLING BOOK, accompanied by a progressive Series of easy and familiar Lessons, adapted to the Capacities of Children, and embellished with a Variety of Engravings; the whole intended to furnish, for the use of Schools, an improved introductory Book to the first Elements of the English Language. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL. D. Rector of Stonesfield, Vicar of Hurley, Chaplain to the Earl of Moira, &c. The Hundred and Fortieth Edition. Price 1s. 6d.

The unprecedented sale of Six Hundred Thousand Copies of Dr. Mavor's New SPELLING BOOK, in less than five years, and its adoption by intelligent Teachers, in all the respectable Schools in the three Kingdoms, render it almost unnecessary for the Publishers to make any remark on its claim to universal preference.

As an introductory book to a vernacular tongue, for the use of Children, Dr. Mavor's Spelling Book is entirely, composed of plain and easy examples, leading the infantile pupil, step by step, by the most simple and obvious gradations, from the Letters of the Alphabet, through vllables and words of two and three letters, on to a series of amusing, familiar, and instructive lessons, on the admired plan "The Work is printed on good paper, with an unusually large and clear type. The Examples and Lessons are displayed in a distinct '

manner, and the book throughout is rendered attractive to the early age for which it is intended. In a word, the convenience of the Teacher, and the ease and pleasure of the Pupil, have been sedulously, and, it is believed, successfully consulted.

READING EXERCISES for SCHOOLS, on a New and very popular Plan, being a Sequel to MAVOR'S SPELLING, and an Introduction to t Class Book, similar in Arrangement to Brown's Testament. By the Rev. DAT BLAIR. Price 28. 6d. bound.

This Work recommends itself to general adoption in all Seminaries, by the following pecu? 1. It is printed in a large clear Type.--2. It is rendered interesting by numerous Embos 3. The subject matter is adapted to the capacity of Children, and is at once entertainin inet motive -A. All the difficult and long words are selected, divided, and printed at th

THE CLASS-BOOK ; or THREE HUNDRED and SIXTY. FIVE READING LESSONS for SCHOOLS of either SEX: combining the Elements of all Knowledge, with a greater Number of Reading Exercises, from the best Authors, than are to be found in any other Work of the same Description ; every Lesson having a clearly defined Object, and teaching some Principle of Science or Morality, or some important Truth. By the Rev. DAVID BLAIR. A new Edition, printed on good Paper, and in a clear Type. Price 58. 6d. bound.

The Author has been stimulated to complete these Exercises in reading, by the observation, that, although there at present exist several excellent books for teaching, reading, and elocution, the object of them does not extend beyond the mere combination of words; and they consist almost entirely of passages selected with reference to beauty of composition only.' In the present Work, elegance has been united with utility; sound and sense have been studiously combined; and eloquence has always been adapted to the purposes of instruction. In short, every one of the lessons in this Class Book, 'is calculated to make the young reader both wiser aud better. His own experience as a teacher suggested to the Author the division of his book into three hundred and sixty-five lessons, or one for every day in the year; in each of which the subject matter is generally fiaished within the suitable length of & lesson. This division, it is obvious, will be attended with an equal degree of convenience to the tutor and pupil in the actual business of a public seminary.

THE BOOK of MONOSYLLABLES ; or, an Introduction to the Child's Monitor, adapted to the Capacities of young children. In two Parts, calculated to instruct by familiar Gradations in the first Principles of Education and Morality. By JOHN HORNSEY, 18. 6d.

“ The obvious utility of this plan is such as to require no comment. Mr. Hornsey has executed it in a manner highly creditable to his ingenuity and industry; for he has contrived noi only to convey the proposed information to his young readers, but to blend with it much moral and religious instruction. Anti-Jac.


THE CHILD's MONITOR; or, Parental Instruction. In Five Parts, containing great Variety of Progressive Lessons, adapted to the Compréhen. sion of Children: calculated to instruct them in Reading, in the Use of Stops, in Spelling, and in dividing Words into proper Syllables; and at the same time to give them some Knowledge of Natural History, of the Scriptures, and of several other sublime and important Subjects. By JOHN HORNSEY. Third Edition, Price 48. bd.

“ This is one of the best conceived and most practically useful publications for children that we have seen. The title-page sufficiently

explains the intelligent author's plan and design, and we can safely assure our readers that he has executed them with equal skill and fidelity.” Anit-Jao.

The SCHOLAR’S SPELLING ASSISTANT. Intended for the Use of Schools and private Tuition. By THOMAS CARPENTER, Master of the Aca. demy, Ilford, Essex. Tenth Edition, corrected and improved. Price 18. 3d. boúnd.

AN ENGLISH VOCABULARY, in which the Words are arranged indiscriminately; designed as a Sequel to the Scholar's Spelling Assistant, for the Purpose of grounding young Persons more effectually in Spelling and Pronunci. ation. To which are added, Miscellanies on the most useful and interesting Subjects. By THOMAS CARPENTER. In 12mo. Price 28. bound.

THE NEW ORTHOGRAPHICAL ASSISTANT, or English Exercise Book. Written on an improved Plan, for the more speedy instruction of young Persons in the Art of Spelling and Pronunciation; intended for the Use of Schools. By THOMAS CARPENTEŘ. Price 28. bound.

POETRY for CHILDREN; consisting of Selections of easy and interesting Pieces from the best Poets, interspersed with Original Pieces; adapted to Children between the Age of Six and Twelvé. By Miss AIKIN. Price 28.

CLASSICAL ENGLISH POETRY, consisting of from Three to Four Hundred of the best short Pieces in the Language, selected for the Use of Schools and young Persons, from the Works of the British Poets, with some original Pieces. By Dr. MAVOR and Mr. PRATT; with a Preface, indicating the several Species of Poetry, and their best Modes of Recitation. Closely printed in Duodecimo. Eighth Edition. Price 68. bound.

English Language. FIRST LESSONS in ENGLISH GRAMMAR, adapted to the Capacities of Children, from six to Ten Years old. Designed as an Introduction to the Abridgment of Murray's Grammar. Fourth Edition. Prfce 9d. sewed.

An ABRIDGMENT of MURRAY'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR. With an Appendix, containing Exercises in Parsing, in Orthography, in Syntax,

d in Punctuation. Designed for the younger Classes of Learners. Thirty

ENGLISH GRAMMAR, adapted to the different Classes of learners. With an Appendix, containing Rules and Observations for assisting the more advanced Students to write with Perspicuity and Accuracy. By LINDLEY MURRAY. Twenty-fourth Edition. Price 4s. bound.

An ENGLISH GRAMMAR, comprehending the PRINCIPLES and RULES of the LANGUAGE, illustrated by appropriate Exercises, and a Key to the Exercises. By LINDLEY MURRAY. In 2 vols. Svo. The Second Edition, Price 11. Is. in boards.

" We are of opinion, that this edition of Mr. Murray's work on English Grammar deserves a place in libraries, and will not fail to obtain it.Brit. Crit.

ENGLISH EXERCISES, adapted to MURRAY'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR; consisting of Exemplifications of the Parts of Speech, Instances of false Orthography, Violations of the Rules of Syntax, Defects in Punctuation, and Violations of the Rules respecting Perspicuity and Accuracy. Designed for the Benefit of private Learners, as well as for the Use of Schools. isth Edit. Price 28. 6d. bd.

A KEY to the ENGLISH EXERCISES; calculated to enable private Learners to become their own Instructors in Grammar and Composition. Twelfth Edition. Price 28. 6d. bound. The Exercises and Key may be had together. Price 4s. 6d.

“ Mr. Murray's English Grammar, English Exercises, and Abridgment of the Grammar, claim our attention, on accouut of their being composed, on the principle we have so frequently recommended, of combining religious and moral improvement with the elements of scientific knowledge. The laté learned Dr. Blair gave his opinion of it in the following terms :~Mr. Lindley Murray's Grammar, with the Exercises and the Key in a separate volume, I esteem as a most excellent performance. I think it superior to any work of that nature we have yet had; and am persuaded that it is, by much, the best Grammar of the English language extant. On Syntax, in particular, he has shown a wonderful degree of acuteness and precision, in ascertaining the propriety of language, and in rectifying the numberless errors which writers are apt to commit. Most useful these books must certaiuly be to all who are applying themselves to the arts of composition'.” Guard. of Educ.

GRAMMATICAL QUESTIONS, adapted to the Grammar of LINDLEY MURRAY, with Notes. By C. BRADLEY, A. M. Price 28. 6d. bound. The Third Edition, considerably improved.

“We have no hesitation in recommending these Questions to all those who use Murray's Grammar; the notes, which discover considerable reading and discrimination, are particularly worthy of atten. tion." Anti-Jac.

RULES for ENGLISH COMPOSITION, and particularly for Themes. Designed for the Use of Schools, and in aid of Self-Instruction. By JOHN RIPPINGHAM, Private Tutor at Westminster School. Second Edit. In. 1 vol. 12mo, Price 48.

THE ART of EXTEMPORE PUBLIC SPEAKING, including a Course of Discipline for obtaining the Faculties of Discrimination, Arrangement, and Oral Discussion; designed for the Use of Schools, and Self-Instruction. By JOHN RIPPINGHAM. Price 6s. in Boards.

RULES for PUNCTUATION; or, an Attempt to facilitate the Art of pointing a written Composition, on the Principles of Graminar and Reason. For the Use of Schools, and the Assistance of general Readers. By S. ROUSSEAU. 12mo. Price 58. Boards.

RUDIMENTS of ENGLISH GRAMMAR, for the Use of Schools. By the Rev. HENRY ST. JOHN BULLEN, M. A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Head Master of the Grammar School, Leicester. Third Edit. Price 28. 6d. bd.

A SHORT GRAMMAR of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, simplified to the Capacities of Children. In Four Parts. ). Orthography. 2. Analogy. 3. Prosody. 4. Syntax. With Remarks and appropriate Questions. Also, an Appendix, in Three Parts. 1. Grammatical Resolutions, &c. 2. False Syntax, &c. 3. Rules and Observations for assisting young Persons to speak and write with Perspicuity and Accuracy. By JOHN HORNSEY. A new Edition, corrected and greatly improved. Price 28. bound.

THE UNION DICTIONARY; containing all that is truly useful in the Dictionaries of Johnson, Sheridan, and Walker: the Orthography and explanatory Matter selected from Dr. Johnson, the Pronunciation adjusted according to Mr. Walker, with the Addition of Mr. Sheridan's Pronunciation of those Words wherein these two eminent Orthoepists differ. By THOMAS BROWNE, LL. D. In 1 vol. crown 8vo. Price 108, 6d. bound. The Third Edition, with numerous Additions and Improvements.

French Language. GRAMMATICAL EXERCISES upon the FRENCI GUAGE, compared with the English. By NICHOLAS HAMEL. Seve with great improvements. Price 4s, bound,

An UNIVERSAL FRENCH GRAMMAR, being an accurate System of French Accidence and Syntax, on an improved Plan. By NICHOLAS HAMEL. Sixth Edition. Price 4s. bound.

“Of the many excellent French Grammars now in use, this is among the best."-" It is both comprehensive and coucise, and is as well adapted as most Grammars for the use of schools." "He has composed his work on sound principles and exact definitions."-“His book demands our commendation.'

INTRODUCTION AU LECTEUR FRANCOIS : ou, Recueil de Pieces choises : avec l'Explication des Idiotismes et des Phrases difficiles, qui s'y trouvent. Par LINDLEY MURRAY. In 12mo. Price 38. 6d. Boards.

Dr. Murray has exercised his usual caution and judgment in these selections." Anti-Jac. " Not a sentiment has been admitted which can hurt the most delicate mind; and in many of the pieces piety and virtue are placed in the most amiable and attractive point of view." Gent. Mag.

LECTEUR FRANCOIS; ou, Recueil de Pieces, en Prose et en Verse, tirées des Meilleurs Ecrivains, pour servir a perfectionner les jeunes Gens dans la Lecture; á etendre leur Connoisance de la Langue Francoise ; et à leur in. culquer des Principes de Vertu et de Pieté. Par LINDLEY MURRAY. Second Edit. Price 48. 6d. bound.

“ Especial care has been taken to render the study of cloquence subservient te virtue, and to intra duce only such pieces as shall answer the double purpose of promoting good principles, and a correct and elegant tasie. This will, no doubt, be found a very useful school book," M. Reu * The student will find his advantage in making use of this work, as he will be sure to form his taste after the anost correct models. Crit. Rev.

THE WORLD in MINIATURE, containing a curious and faithful Account of the Situation, Extent, Productions, Government, Population, Dress, Manners, Curiosities, &c. &c. of the different countries of the World : compiled from the best Authorities; with proper References to the most essential Rules of the French Language prefixed to the Work, and the Translation of the difficult Words and idiomatical Expressions; a Book particularly useful to Students in Geography, History, and of the French Language. By NICHOLAS HAMEL. Third Edition. In I vol. 12no. Price 4$. 6d. bound.

A KEY to CHAMBAUD'S EXERCISES; being a correct Translation of the various Exercises contained in that Book. By E. J. VOISIN. Second Edition. Price 4s. bound.

An EXPLANATORY PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY of the FRENCH LANGUAGE, in French and English ; wherein the exact Sound and Arti. culation of every Syllable are distinctly marked (according to the Method adopted by Mr. Walker in his Pronouncing Dictionary); to which are prefixed the Principles of the French Pronunciation, Prefatory Directions for using the Spelling Representative of every Sound, and the Conjugation of tbe Verbs, regular, irregular, and defective, with their true Pronunciation. By L'ABBE TARDY, late Master of Arts in the University of Paris. A new Edition, revised, in 12mo. Price is. bound.

Latin Language.
WARD'S LATIN ACCIDENCE. Price 1s. bound.
WARD'S LATIN GRAMMAR. Price 28. 6d. bound.

INSTITUTES OF LATIN GRAMMAR. By JOHN GRANT, A. M. In 8vo. Price 103, 6d. in Boards.

This Work is chiefly designed for Schools, and is intended not to supersede the Use of our common Grammars, but to supply their Defects. Its primary Object is to furnish the Senior Scholar with a complete Digest of the Rules and Principles of the Latin Language, and to afford the Teacher a useful Book of occasional Reference.

“ These Institutes display considerable ability, great diligence, and philosophical insight, into the îtructure of language." M. Rev.

An ALPHABETIC KEY to PROPRIA QUÆ MARIBUS, QUÆ GENUS, and AS IN PRÆSENTI containing all the Examples declined and translated, with the Rules quoted under each, and numerical References to the Context. By J. CAREY, LL. D. In I vol. Price 28. 6d. bound.

EXERCISES to the ACCIDENCE and GRAMMAR: or, an Exemplification of the several Moods and Tenses, and of the principal Rules of Construction; consisting chiefly of Moral Sentences, collected out of the best Roman Authors, and translated into English, to be rendered back into Latin, the Latin rely being set in the opposite Column, with References to the Latin Syntax; and

By WILLIAM TURNER, M. A. late Master of the free School at Colches-
Twentieth Edition. Price 28. 6d. bound.


TERMINATIONES et EXEMPLA DECLINATIONUM CONJUGATIONUM ITEMQUE PROPRIA QUÆ MARIBUS, QUÆ GENUS et AS IN PRÆSENTI, Englished and explained, for the Use of young Grammarians. Opera et studio CAROLI HOOLE, M. A. E. Col. e Oxon Scholarchæ olim Rotheramiensis egro Ebor. In 18mo. Price 18. 6d. bound.

An ABRIDGMENT of the LATIN PROSODY MADE EASY, for the Use of Schools; containing as much of the Information given on each Subject in the larger Work, as appeared suited to the Use and Capacity of young Prosodians. In 12mo. Price 38. 6d. bound.

“ Dr. Carey has rendered an acceptable service to young students by this abridgment of his useful work on Prosody, and we cordially recommend it to the notice of teachers.” Ann. Rev. 18086

LATIN PROSODY MADE EASY. By J. CAREY, LL. D. private Teacher of the Classics, French Language, and Short Hand. Besides other material Improvements in almost every Page, this Edition contains a minute Account of about Fifty different Species of Verse---Further Notices of ancient Pro-. nunciation-a Dissertation on the Power of the initial S.-Metrical Key to Horace's. Odes-Synopsis of his Metres—A copious Index, &c. &c. In 8vo. A new Edition,. considerably enlarged and improved. Price 108. 6d. in Boards.

“ This work appears to us likely to prove a very useful publication. The rules are given in Latin verse, and afterwards explained and elucidated in English. The author seems to thoroughly undere stand the principles of his subject; and he has treated it fully, accurately, and ingeniously." M. Rev.

SCANNING EXERCISES for YOUNG PROSODIANS, containing the first two Epistles from the Electæ ex Ovidio, scanned and proved by the Rules of the Eton Grammar, and interspersed with occasional Remarks.. By J. CAREY, LL. D. Price 48. 6d. bound.

This little work consists of a very minute critical analysis of two epistles of Ovid, Deianira ler. culi and Medea Jasoni. From the known character of the author, it is needless to observe that it is performed with accuracy." An. Rev.

THE LONDON VOCABULARY, English and Latin, designed for the Use of Schools. By JAMES GREENWOOĎ, formerly Sur-master of St. Paul's School. Revised and arranged systematically, to advance the Learner in, scientific as well as verbal Knowledge. By NATHANIEL HOWARD, Author of a; Systematic English and Greek Vocabulary, &c. &c. A new. Edition, in 18mo. Price: 1s. 6d. bound.

MAITTAIRE'S CLASSICS. C. J. CÆSARIS COMMENTARII, 12mo. Price 4s. 6d. bounds C. NEPOS, 12mo. Price 1s. 6d. bound. SALLUST, 12mo. Price 28. 6d. bound. VIRGIL, 18mo. Price 38. 6d. bound. MARTIAL, 12mo. Price 3s. bound. OVIDII EPISTOLÆ, 18mo. Price 38. 6d. bound. OVIDJI FASTII, 18mo. Price 3s. 6d. bound. MUSÆ ANGLICANÆ, 2 vols. 12mo. Price 7s. bound', PLINII EPISTOLÆ, 12mo. Price 38. bound.

Greek Language.

WARD'S GREEK GRAMMAR. Price 2s. 6d. bound.

A GRAMMAR of the GREEK LANGUAGE, on a New and improved Plan, in English and Greek. By JOHN JONES, Member of the Philological Society at Manchester. Neatly printed in 12mo. Second Edit. Price 68. in Boardg.

" This work is in reality what in the title-page it professes to be, a Greek Gramnar, upon an im proved, as well as it new plan. We cannot but regard Mr. Jones's Greek Grammar as a' book that will be peculiarly serviceable to those who study or teach the Greek language." Imp. Rev.

" It exinibits many proofs of ingenuity and extensive research, of a mind acute and vigorous, and habitual: and often successfully, employed in philosophical investigations." Ann. Rev.

A VOCABULARY; English and Greek, arranged systemat to advance the Learner in scientific as well

as verbal Knowledge. Design Use of Schools. By NATHANIEL HOWARD. Price 38.

" The Greck ianguage is so copious that few persons ever master the vocabulary. The

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