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enlivening the imagination. The author's method is ingenious, and his queitions are selected with judgment.”


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" In a book of common arithmetic we did not expect to find that variety of information which this work contains. The author's reading has been very extensive, and his researches seem to have been directed with a particular view to this publication. There is scarcely any subject, or any kind of knowledge, to which he is not defirous, with a very laudable zeal, of engaging the attention of his pupils; and, instead of composing a mere treatise of arithmetic, he has compiled an universal common-place book for their inftruction. While he is professedly employed in teaching them the common rules and operations of numerical computation, he takes occasion to introduce a variety of topics in astronomy and geography, biography and chronology, mechanics and philosophy, natural, civil, and ecclefiaftical history, politics and government, ethics and theology ; and he ranges with them, generally in profe, but occafionally in verse, through the whole circle of sciences, sacred and profane. We applaud the afliduity and labour displayed in this work, as well as the motives that induced the author to devote so much time to the compilation of it. As a book of general instruction and amusement, altogether unconnected with arithmetical rules, it does honour to the compiler, and deserves to be recommended."

Monthly Rev. New Series, Vol. xxii. p. 209.

Among the latest and most instructive works on the subject of Arithmetic, we mention Butler's “ Arithmetical Questions."

Domestic Ency. by Dr. WILLICH.

“ A variety of arithmetical questions occur in common conversation, and from common incidents; these should be made a subject of inquiry ; and our pupils, amongst others, should try their skill. " BUTLER'S Arithmetical


Questions” will supply many entertaining as well as in. ftructive questions.

Edgeworth's Practical Educ, 2d edit. Vol. ii. p. 272.

" Mr. Butler's volume of Arithmetical Questions, which combines with the science abundance of useful information on all subjects, cannot be too strongly recommended. No youth can study that book without deriving great accessions to his stock of knowledge, and new excitements to the practice of virtue."

Directions to Teachers and Parents for selecting and ufing

the best clomentary books on every subje&t.

MONTHLY PRECEPTOR, Vol. vi. p. 154.

" The great utility of Arithmetical Exercises, and the dryness which attends their progress, are truths which cannot be disputed. Mr. BUTLER, however, has attempted, in the present work, to render the science of numbers agreeable even to youthful minds. The information which the author pours forth on every question is highly gratifying to the curiosity-and converts the uninteresting detail of pounds, shillings, and pence, into a most delightful source of entertainment. This volume, therefore, cannot fail of proving a very acceptable present to the rising generation. We, indeed, know of no book equally adapted to lead on the pupil with success in this species of intellectual improvement. Mr. B. seems to have ransacked every quarter for information, and his pages may be said to teem with variety. This indirect mode of communicating knowledge is fure of finding access to the mind, and has with writers of education been always a subject of commendation. We wish the ingenious and active author of the present work every poffible success. May the pains he has taken in this, as well as his other productions, meet with an ample renıuneration."

MONTHLY VISITOR, December 1801.



Mr. Butler deserves our highest commendation : and we do not fear contradiction from any one competent to judge of the contents of his book, when we say, that we do not know a volume of its fize in the English language, that contains so much rational entertainment and valuable information. We shall only add, that the words in the title page, “ designed for the use of Young Ladies," may convey an improper impression, to the prejudice in fome degree of its reception ; for there is not any part of the book which, to our understandings, is not juft as fuitable to youth of the male sex as of the female ; and we recom. mend it, with perfect confidence, to the parents, guardians, and instructors of the rising generation, as a work of extraordinary merit and utility.

EUROPEAN MAGAZINE, Vol. 1. p. 129.









consisting of examples in the four principal rules, with printed exercises; designed to facilitate the progress of young beginners, and to diminish the labour of the tutor. Price gs. 6d. bound.


GEOGRAPHICAL and BIOGRAPHICAL EXERCISES, on a new plan. The sixth edition. Price 4s.


CHRONOLOGICAL and BIOGRAPHICAL EXERCISES, on a new plant; comprising articles of an historical, bio



" As arithmetic is, or ought to be, one of the earlief branches of cducation, so it is one of the grea est importance. At this period of life the four first rules must be accurately learat, must be engraven on the memory by a multitude of examples, of all kinds, beginning from the most simple that can be devised. In this view Mr. BUTLER's book of examples in these rules will be found useful to the teacher, as well as of advantage to the scholars."


+ “ The same attention to amuse by variety, while he instructs by appropriate selection, distinguishes Mr. BUTLER in this work,


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