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Poetry.....To Correspondents.


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Also, The American and Europe. tinuation of the history of the Jews, an Biographic Dictionary, with an from Josephus, down to the present engraved likeness of Washington. time, including a period of more than

Williams & Whiting, New York, 1700 years Containing an account of propose to republish-A new treatise their dispersion into the various parts on the use of the globes; or a Philo. of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Ameri. sophical view of the Earth and Heav- ca, their different persecutions,

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gage !

HOW often in this world of wo Fierce storms arise and tempests

blow! Full oft are all our plans derang'd; Our brightest prospects soon are

chang'd! Our hopes and fears alternate rise; Ourjoys must soon give place to sighs! When we rejoice, we tremble too! With anxious thoughts our comforts

view. Why are we thus expos'd to fear From ills that seem approaching near? Sure, some design pervades the plan By which Jehovah governs man! Yes; when we read the sacred page,

What bright designs our minds enWorthy of God, and full of graceOur profit and Jehovah's praise ! From creatures, thus our minds are

wean'd, From tottering props on which we

lean'd Of this vain world, alas ! too fond, And oft forgetting all beyond ! Made humble thus, and taught to prize The rest remaining 'bove the skies, Where neither storms nor tempesta

blow, But endless joys from Jesus flow!

TO CORRESPONDENTS. A Review of the Review of Dr. Griffin's Dedication Sermon in the An. thology for February last, was reluctantly postponed. It did not arrive till our pages were all in type. It shall appear next month. We have also on hand a very interesting letter from the missionaries in Bengal to their correspondents in Philadelphia. Several original pieces have been received,

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