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Daniel's concise account of the state of the three first beasts during the long continuance of the fourth They are deprived of empire, but enjoy a respite until the fourth is slain and destroyed, after which they must be also absorbed in the common vortex.

506 SECTION XL. Strange blindness of papists to the wrath that

pursues that devoted system of error. The cup of fury sent round to the nations in its connection. The reign of terror, the consequence of it. The doctrine of Balaam, in the true spirit of popery –Modern


divested of nothing but power ;-it remains still as objectionable to protestants as ever, and is the cause of the woes which now afflict the chris. tian world.-England's exemption, through divine mercy, provided for by the prescience of God,-but can only be perpetuated to the end of the indignation, by, adhering to the original principles of the reformation.



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The APOCALYPSE an arrangement and eluci

dation of all former prophecies concerning the times of the Gospel.State of religion in the Roman empire in the primitive times. -Jealousy and malice of the pagan emperors, watchful for the destruction of christianity, at the instigation of the OLD SERPENT, there in possession of the temples.-War between the two religions.Triumph of the gospel.--The dragon's malice thereby increased.He excites fresh enmity, and raises new partisans.-Recovers his old influence, and is worshipped again, but under disguised attributcs.The two beasts and the image, and their worshippers.--The MARK und NUMBER of the beast.

IN the times which preceded the gospel, it was not needful that any further or more para

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