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Fourcroy, M. and M. Vauquelin, 2d Hassenfratz, M. his mem. on

memoir on human urine, 565. areometry, 560.
Fowler, Dr. his letter on the cure

on the means em.
of consumption, 71.

ployed to obtain antimon; from
France, consequences of the new its ores, ib. and p. 563.

political opinions , introduced Hastings, Mr. his valuable publi-
into that country since the re- cation of debates in the House
volution, 26;. Paris consider. of Lords on his tria!; 'and pro-
ed as having formed the revo- ceedings of the East India com,
lution, and as having spoiled it, pany in consequence of his ac.
574. The justice of that great quital, 112.
national design asserted, 575. Herodotus, mem. on the scope of
The British government vin-

his history, 555
dicated from the charge of hav. Herschell, Dr. his 4th catalogue
ing forwarded the death of of the comparative brightness
Louis XVI. ib. Great error of the stars, 142.
of the French in destroying all Hewson, Mrs. her letter to Dr.
religious sentiments, while pul- Simmons, relative to her late
ling down superstition, 576,

husband, the respectable pari-
Unfavourable account of the ner of Dr. Hunter, 175.

late king of France, ib. Home, Mr. Everard, his croonian

armies of, particulars re lecture on the structure of the
et peeling, 582—585.

nerves, 145. His additions to
Frederic II. high encomium on, a paper read in the Royal So-

383: The man distinguished ciety, concerning a child with
from the hero, 384.

a double-head, 151.
Furnaces for dyer's work, new Homer. See Bryant. See Morriti.
construction of, 551. Hotel-Dieu, hofpital

, improved,

Gaol of Philadelphia described, 3.

Hu!l, Dr. engaged in a defence

of che Cæsarean operation, 37.
Geach, Dr. his practice in slow

Humboldt's experiments, 490.
fevers, 67.
Gezlogy, fanciful principles and Hume, David, his favorable pri-

vate character of Rousseau,
theories concerning, 566.

505. Mr. Hlume's philosophy
George l. circumstances attending

attacked, 552.
his death, 383
Gonorrhæa, leccer relative to an

I and )
incident attending the adoption
of Mr. A.'s practice, (See Ads Jamaica, diseases endemial in
dington, 70.

that island, 31. Yellow fever,
Guyton, M. on the mutual afinities

great prevalence and general

fatality of, 32. Its symptoms
of the earths, 562. On the

described, 34. Remedies, 36.
conversion of soft iron into cast

Jenner, Dr. note from, respect-
steel, by the diamond, 564.
See also Observations, &c. 56;: Joseph II., Emperor, bis person

ing the cow-pox, 70:

and manners described, 387.
Hammick, Mr. on Dr. Geach's Irelund, political pamphlets re-
practice, 67.

lating to, 335, 336–339. See
Hargrave, Mr. his publications also Union
much commended, 158-167. Juvenal, his 13th satire imitated


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dlesex, 394.

by the author of the Monk, 23. age, 434. His death and age
Thatperformancecriticized, 24. ascertained, 436.

Maclaine, Dr. Archibal 1, bis ad-

mirable literary character, 15:.
Kentish, Mr, case of mortifica. Malta, poetical compliments paid
tion of the foot, &c. 66.

to the knights of, by an Engkah
Knowles, Mrs. her dialogue with

visitor, 27.
Dr. Johnson, on the right of Manners, Lady, extracts froa
private judgment in religious

her review of poetry, 391.
concerns, 117:

Meierotto, M. his memoir 08
Koningsmark, Count, circum-

Herodotus, 555.
stances of his death, 383. Merian, M. his memoir on Home's

philosophy, 552.

Metherie, M. Ja, che most fashior.
La Grange, M. his improvement able geological author, 367,572.

in the construction of dyer's Middleton, Mr. his commendable
furnaces, 561.

view of the agriculture of Mid-
Lantier, M. his travels of Antenor,

in imitation of Anacharsis, in stories of thes, 395. See also
Greece and Asia, 184.

Poor, Workhouses, Roads, &c.
Lax, Mr. method of finding the Milk, experiments on, by M. M.
latitude, &c. 140.

Parmentier and Deyeux, 56;,
Le Blanc, M. notes respecting the Mints, English, botanical arrange-
nature of nickel, 563:

ment of, 334..
Lincolnshire, Mr. Young's agricul. Miracles of Christ defended or

tural report concerning, 56. general priociples, 45.
Great utiliıyof the Lincolnshire Morriti, Mr. zealously maintains,
drainages, 57. Improvement in opposition to Mr. Bryant, the
in the breed of sheep, 58. Cu. reality of the Trojan war, 185.
rious account of a sub-marine Moschus. See Dubois.
forest in this county, 150.

Moulines, M. de. See Cbristias
Literature, remarks on the mere of Brunswick.

cantile spirit of, 18, Good
effects of, 19.

Loans, the terms of all those which Nerves. See Home. .

have been raised for the public New Testament, specimens of Mr.
service, during the last 50 Scarlet's new translation o1, 87.
years, 230.

Niagara, falls of described, 202.
Louis XVI. anecdotes of, 580. Norringham, Mr. Lowe's view of

the agriculture of that county,

181. Planting laudably en-
Macklin, Charles, Memoirs of his couraged there, 183.

life, by Mr. Kirkman, 305.
His malignity towards Mr. Gar-

rick, 316. Farther instances Orleans, late Duke of, anecdote
of his malice respecting Mr.

of, 577
Garrick, 429. Attempts tra.
gedy, and is driven from the

stage, 429. Remarkable law

Remarkable law Paine, T, his discourse, at Paris,
proceedings, &c. 430. Decay in refutation of atheism, 113-
of his faculties, from his great Pallas, M. journey into the south-


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of, 405

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steaks, 350.

ern departments of the Russian objection to the management
empire, 481. At Astrachan,
observed thc proper cultivation Rome, state of, at the close of the
of the vine, 482. Isinglass 18th century, poetically la-
from the stargeon fishery, 483.

mented, 1946
Botany, 484 Abassans, cwo Rouppe, M. experiment on the
Nations, the great and small, absorption of gasses by char.
485. Circassians, a warlike

coal, 564.
nation inhabiting Caucasus, ib. Rousseau, letters of, from Swit.
Singular manners described, zerland, 502. David Hume's
486. Nogais Tartars dwindled

opinion of his character, 505.
to insignificance as a nation,489. Russian empire, view of, during
Parmentier. See Milk.

the reign of Catherine II. 361.
Pérouse, the name of that cele- Its population bears but a small
brated voyager given


proportion to its extent, 369.
Kotzebue to a pitiful drama, See more, under Tooke.
223. The author severely
reprehended, ib. 238.

Perry, Mr. his case, under com- Sappho. See Dubois.

mitment of the House of Lords, Scarborough, journal of a tour to,
for a paragraph in the Morn- merits of compared with the
ing Chronicle, 163.

excellence of Dolly's beef-
Philosophism, refledtions on, 578.
Picbegru, General; account of, Sheridan, Mrs. her ode to pa-

133. Exiled to Cayenne, 134. tience, 303.
His escape, 135

Shetland, islands of, their general
Pitch Stone, its natural history, 17. appearance, 12.

Their mine-
Plica Polonica, that horrid disease ralogy described, 13. Descrip-
described, 389.

tion of Glen Cloy, and its natu.
Policy of courts and statesmen

ral history, 14.
generally depraved in respect Ships, treatise on the equipment
to war and peace, 523. Ex-
emplified in the conduct of Sievers, Mr. his account of the
France, during the reigns of manner of rearing silk-worms

Louis XIV., XV., and XVI. ib. in the northern parts of Europe,
Poor, modes of relieving and em- 54:

ploying them considered, 307. Sivens, (or Sibbens] some account
Poppies, culture of, 51.

of, 69.
Prior, Mr. obtains the prize for Sneyd, Mr. his method of pre-
an improved and detached

serving seeds for vegetation, 52.
escapement for watches, 53. Staffordshire, history and antiqui.
Proust, M. chemical researches ties of, by Shaw, 417. Curious
concerning copper, 505. antique papers, &c. 420. Ace

count of Lichfield, antient

and modern, 421. Remark-
Ramel, General, exiled to Cay- able persons, Dr. S. Johnson,
enne ; whence he

escapes with Bishop Newton, &c. 422.
Barthélémy, Pichegru, &c. and Switzerland, history of, in the
writes an account of the means more remote periods, 287.
of their deliverance, 129-135.

Pre-eminence of Zurich among
Roads in the county of Middlesex, the 13 Cantons, 289. Berne,


of, 500.

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287. Lucerné, 290. Basil, ib. Curious, observations on the
Great liberty enjoyed by the effects of habitual tea-drinking,
Swiss, in the worst of times, 516.
before their subjection to the Urine, human. curious chemical
French, 291.

experiments on, 566.

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Tassaert, M. on chromate of Wakefield, Mr. his splendid edit.
iron, &c. 562.

ot Lucretius, 328.
Thellusson, Mr. some account of, Wales, curious account of the an-
with the famous testamentary

tjent royal tribes of, 253. The
clause in his will, 158.

family of Gruffudd, (or Gryf.
Theophilonthropists, acc. of, 579. fith). numbered among those
Tiibes, warm objections to, and of the highest distinction, 254-

instances of injustice and op- War, account of the operations of
pression recorded, 395.

the, 581-585
Tocké, Mr. View of the Russian Washington, fæderal city of, de-
empire, 361. Its vast extent,

scribed, 4.
362. Variety of climate, and

General, manner of
of inhabitanis, 362. Paradi- celebrating the anniversary of
saicai vales, 363. Prevailing his birth-day at Philadelphia, 7.
social order amoag the Tartars His amiable private character, 8.
and Kosacs, 367. Mongoles, Weld, Mr. his travels in North
368. For more particulars, see America, I. Cautions relatire
article Pallas.

to an over-hasty inclination 10

emigrate to that country, ib.
U and V

His account of the laudable at.
Vaillant, M. his natural history tention paid by the Peopsylva-

of birds of Africa continued, 558, njans to the proper punishment
Pauquelin and Fourcroy', on the of crimes, z. of the city of
natural, chemical, and medical

Washington, 4.
history of human urine, 566. West, Mrs. her writings, in the
Vegetarien, new method of pre- class of polite literature, much
serving seeds for, 52.

approved, 262,
Vince, Mr. his Bakerian lecture, Wilberforce, Mr. his doctrine of

on the unusual horizontal re- bereditary depravity ably con-
fraction of the air, &c, 142.

troverted, 292.
Union with Ireland, that measure Willows, directions for cultivating

ably supported and enforced in on waste lands, 183.
the British House of Commons, Work houses, utility of, debated,
167-173. Strictures on the

proposed measure, 231. Ob.

servations unfavorable towards Yonge, Mr. observations on car.
the measure, 447.

buncle, 67. :
Voyage to China, since Lord Ma- Porke, Philio, Earl of Hardwicke,

cartney'sembassy,by Cossigny, See Athenian Leiters.
$12, Canton described, 514. Young, Mr. See Lincolnshire.


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