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Side 140 - The celebrated riddle of the Sphinx, in classic story, was this : " What animal walks on four legs in the morning, on two at noon, and on three in the evening...
Side 61 - But while she is doing this, venom falls upon Loki, which makes him howl with horror, and twist his body about so violently that the whole earth shakes, and this produces what men call earthquakes. There will Loki lie until Ragnarok." [GG]. OF RAONAROK, OR THE TWILIGHT OF THE GODS, AND THE CONFLAGRATION OF THE UNIVERSE. 51. " I have not heard before of Ragnarok...
Side 109 - ARTEMIS (Diana). This goddess completes the Olympic circle. According to the common myths she was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. The sphere of her operations equalled his in variety and extent, and it is even more difficult to characterize her precisely, as she not only represented both ancient and later ideas, but indeed three originally distinct mythological beings. The legends relate that when a child she was sitting in the lap of her father...
Side 64 - As he finished speaking, a large gray cat sprang on the hall floor. Thor put his hand under the cat's belly and did his utmost to raise him from the floor, but the cat, bending his back, had, notwithstanding all Thor's efforts, only one of his feet lifted up, seeing which Thor made no further attempt.
Side 79 - Teotl; a word resembling still more in its meaning than its pronunciation, the 0tos of the Greeks. But they applied to him certain epithets, which were highly expressive of the grandeur and power which they conceived him to possess; Ipalnemoani, " He by whom we live: " and Tloque Nahuaque,
Side 52 - But the monster has grown to such an enormous size that, holding his tail in his mouth, he encircles the whole earth.
Side 157 - Tracery. our loops or leaves are round, or simply pointed, ie with finite angles, the upper ends in France terminate, like the lower, in angles of contact (those formed by two curves that have a common tangent). It was necessary to the leafy effect that the lower angles should be tangential; but to the flamelike effect, that the upper ones should be so, even if the lower were finite; and hence some examples of flamboyant-tracery, turned upside down, form a kind of leaftracery.
Side 64 - Little as ye call me," answered Thor, "let me see who among you will come hither now I am in wrath and wrestle with me.
Side 55 - When seated on his throne he overlooks all heaven and earth. Upon his shoulders are the ravens Hugin and Munin, who fly every day over the whole world, and on their return report to him all they have seen and heard. At his feet lie his two wolves, Geri and Freki, to whom Odin gives all the meat that is set before him, for he himself stands in no need of food.
Side 40 - In size and form it was thought to resemble the eagle. It was said to visit Egypt only once in five hundred years, in order to consume itself by fire, and then to arise out of its own ashes in renewed youth. The Sphinxes were also fabulous creatures, variously described, and divided into male and female sphinxes. Usually they are found with the body of a lion and the head of a woman, covered with the sacred cap...

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