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Wisdom of God in Works of the Creation. fcp. 8vo. 6s. 6d.
The Lords and the People. By W. H. C. Gray, Esq. post 8vo. 15s.
Brampston's Charity; an Exposition of First Corinthians, 13th Chapter. 12mo.

2s. 6d.
The Art of Being Happy. 12mo. 4s. 6d.
Outlines of Botany; a Sketch of the Linnæan Arrangement of Plants. By R. B.

Stewart, Esq. post 8vo. 2s. 6d.
Original Letters, written in 1744 and 45. By Mrs. Lefevre. 12mo. 3s. 6d.
The Life of William Cobbett. 12mo. 78.
Career of Don Carlos since the Death of Ferdinand VII. By the Baron de Los

Valles. 8vo. 14s.
Manual of Auscultation and Percussion. By M. A. Raciborski. 12mo. 5s.
Minor Morals for Young People. By John Bowring, illustrated by George Cruik.

sbank. Part II. 12mo. 6s. 6d.
Sermons. By the Rev. W. Allen, M. A., late of Peel, Lancashire. 2 vols. 8vo.

The Merchant and Banker's Commercial Pocket Guide. 32mo. 2s.
Porter's (of Andover) Lectures on Homiletics and Preaching Edited by the Rev.

J. Jones, of Liverpool. post 8vo. 9s.
Two Journeys through Italy and Switzerland. By W. Thompson, post 8vo.

108. 6d.
Abbott's Reader; a Series of Pieces in Prose and Verse. 18mo. Ss.
First Book of Geometry, including Plane and Solid Geometry. 18mo. 1s. 6d.
Diary of a Solitaire ; or, Sketch of an Excursion through part of Switzerland.

8vo. 5s.
The Manual of Family and Private Devotion. By J. Cochrane, A.M. post 8vo.

6s. 6d.
Lectures on Confirmation and the Lord's Supper, By the Rev. T. Griffiths, of Ho-

12mo. 6s.
Granville Wykebam; an Historical Novel. 3 vols. post 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d.


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Mr. Bulwer has just committed to the press the work to which he alluded in bis last Publication " The Student," and on which he has been so long engaged; it is, we believe, entitled, “ Athens; its Rise and Fall, with Views of the Arts and Sciences, the Literature and Commerce of the Athenian People.”

Miss Landon bas, we hear, nearly completed the printing of her new Poem, “ The Vow of the Peacock,” illustrating, it will be recollected, the beautiful Picture by Madame Lise, in the Exhibition of the Royal Academy.

Dr. Hogg's interesting Travels in the East, entitled a Visit to Alexandria, Damascus, &c. will appear early in the present month.

Mr. Chorley, whose lively Sketches of a Sea-port Town have been so much admired, has in the press á Series of Tales, the Scene of which is, we believe, chiefly laid in Italy.

Mr. Grimshawe's beautiful edition of Cowper is drawing near its conclusion. The Eighth Volume, which is now ready, contains a beautiful Portrait of the late Rev. Dr. Johnson, Cowper's kinsman, and a beautiful View of the Rustic Bridge at Weston,

The author of “ Pictures of Private Life," Miss Stickney, will sbortly present to the public a work of an original character, entitled “ The Poetry of Life.'

A Second Edition of Mr. Bulwer's new work, “ The Student," will appear in a few days.

The Third Edition of that elegant little work, “ The Language of Flowers," much improved, and revised by the Editor of the “ Forget Me Not,” has just appeared.

The Rev. Robert Montgomery has nearly ready for publication, a Fourth Edition, revised, of his powerfully conceived work, entitled Satan, a Poem."

Mrs. Jameson has just committed to the press, a new Edition, being the Third, of her much admired work, The Characteristics of Women.''

The Second and concluding volume of M. de Tocquiville's interesting work, “ De. mocracy in America,” translated by his friend, Mr. Reeve, with a Map of the United States, is now ready.

A History of English Literature, Critical and Philosophical, by Mr. D'Israeli.

A new edition of the works of Sir John Suckling, with a Life of the Author, and Critical Remarks on his Writings and Genius. By the Rev. Alfred Suckling, LL,B.

Sunday; a Poem, by the Author of the “ Mechanic's Saturday Night."

Researches on the Organization, Functions, and Diseases of Membranous Secreting Textures ; with Original Plans, showing the Inflections and Continuity of Membranes. By Thomas Turner, M.R.C.S.L. &c. &c.

History of the Condition of Women in all Ages and Nations. By Mrs. Child, Author of " Child's Own Book,"

" " Mother's Book," &c. Early in the ensuing season may be expected “ Practical Observations on Mid. wifery;" containing the Result of 16,414 Deliveries, occurring in the Dublin Lying-in-Hospital, during a Period of Seven Years, commencing November 1826. By Robert Collins, M.D. late Master of the Institution.

Graphics: a Manual of Drawing and Writing, for the Use of Schools and Families. By R. Peale.

Tables of Discount, Net Proceeds, per-centage Profits upon the Sale of Goods, on a New Plan of Arrangement. By David Booth, author of the “Interest Table," &c. 2d edition.

An interesting volume, entitled “ Recollections of the Private Life of General Lafayette,” is about to be published by Messrs. Galignani, of Paris. It is written by his friend and surgeon, M. H. Cloquett, who was furnished with the materials by the General himself. An English Edition, translated under the eye of the author, will be published in London on the same day the original will appear in Paris.

Among the novelties, for the forthcoming season, we have to announce a New work to be called the English Annual, two volumes of which have already appeared, but the whole of the Editions have been exported to America and the Continent. The volume, in consequence of certain facilities, which the proprietor exclusively enjoys, will be offered in a form considerably larger and cheaper than similar publications, and in all respects equal to them in its graphic and literary contents.

The Oriental Annual for 1836, by the Rev. H. Caunter, B.D., will exceed either of its predecessors, in the variety and beauty of the illustrations from the pencil of W. Daniell, Esq. R.A., as the great success of the last two years has encouraged the Proprietor to spare no expense to render it still more worthy of public patronage.

The interesting Travels and Adventures in Eastern Africa of Nathaniel Isaacs, Esq., are nearly ready.


Stanfield's Coast Scenery, a Series of Views in the British Channel, and

on the Coasts of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Germany, and other Picturesque Portions of the European Continent. By CLARKSON STANFIELD, Esq. R. A. Smith, Elder, and Co., Cornhill. This third number contains, firstly, a view of “ Porchester Castle," It is beautifully drawn and engraved, but is not naturally very striking. There are many bistorical associations connected with this ruin, that give it ample claims to be celebrated by a pencil so skilful as that of Stanfield's. The second view, that of the “ Needles,” is particularly happy and impressive ; the distribution of the light and shade, and the flowing of the troubled sea, are beyond praise. The sky bas rather a massive appearance, evidently the fault of the engraver. The next plate, “Stonehouse Bridge,” Plymouth, will be immediately recognizable by every one who bas visited that spot. It is a good production, though the features of the scenery are homely. The last engraving, the approach to “St. Malo,” is a plate of the highest

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merit, and is honourable both to the painter and the engraver. This number is a very superior one, and gives us an earuiest of the excellence that is to come. The letter-press is very appropriate. It seems almost a sin against patriotism not to possess oneself of a work so peculiarly national.

A Series of Heads, after the Antique Illustrations of the Ideal Beauty of

the Greeks, and designed as a Drawing Book for advanced Pupils, accompanied by descriptive Letter Press, drawn and executed on Stone, by BENJAMIN RICHARD GREEN. Rowney and Co. Rathbone Place.

A youthful “ Hercules,” in the British Museum, affords the first model for this finely executed number. It is extremely well shadowed, and smoothly grained.

Esculapius," from the Louvre, is a fine personification of intelligent age. In the “ Isis," from the Capitolini Museum, the returning light under the chin appears to us to be too broad, which gives the features a pinched up appearance. Pluto, or Serapis,” from the Vatican, is a splendid bead, and extremely well lithographed. These beads must form very valuable studies for the portrait painter, whether in oils or miniature. It is such models as these that should be presented to the tyro, and not the crude, and often ill drawn faces that we generally see in drawing books.


As far as the hand of God can benefit us, we are, with reference to the harvest, a happy people. As to our external commerce, it is generally speaking, languishing. Owing to the injudicious measure adopted towards our slave colonies, there will be a great deficiency in the usual im. ports from the West Indies, many ships returning from thence but half laden, and some actually in ballast. The British Canadas also seem in. clined to look out for a better market than that afforded to them by the mother country, to which they owe all their prosperity. The continental and northern nations are all striving to set up for themselves, and to put us aside. Russia will soon entirely monopolize the trade of the Levant, and our trade to the far east seems exceedingly precarious. This is a dismal picture, but much of its sombre colouring we owe to the liberal Whigs. At home there will always be, while the nation remains so populous, great domestic consumption, and an extensive inland trade.' Our manufactures that supply the foreign market, are certainly doing a great deal of business at the least possible profits to the masters, and at starvation wages for the mechanics and labourers. We fear much that a great crisis is at hand. As to the shipping interest, it is in a deplorable state of decadence.


On Wednesday, 27th of August.

ter.-Dutch Two and a Half per Cent, 31 threeBank Stock, 215.- Consols for Account,

quarters.-- Mexican, Six per Cent., 35 threeJuly -, 89 three-quarters.-Three per Cent.,

quarters.--Spanish, (1822,) Five per Cent., 40

half. Reduced, 89 seven-eigliths.---Three and a Half per Cent., Reducer, 99. — Exchequer Bills, 223.-India Bonds, 7 p.

Real del Monte, unregistered, 241, 251.-Bri

tish American Land, 61. 10s.- Provincial Bank Brazilian, Five per Cent., 85 three-quarters. of Ireland, 481. 58., 481. -Columbian, (1824,) Six per Cent., 31 quar



THE MONEY MARKET.-During the month there have been the usual Auctuations. The above is the state of the funded securities on the 27th instant..



July 28.-R. R. Williams and G. Chambers, St. Dunstan's Hill, wine merchants.-G. T. Brown, Mark Lane, sack manufacturer.-G. Tunstall, Worcester, hop merchant.-T. Ash, Birmingham, druggist. - S. Winchurs, Birmingham, brass founder.-W. H. S. Hartley, Upper Gloucester Place, Regent's Park, music seller.

July 31.-W. Elton, Basingball Street, dealer in woollen cloths.-J. E. Č. Bentley, Great Newport Street, Long Acre, picture dealer.T. Emmett, Holborn Hill, pin maker.-W. Jones, Wigmore Street, Marylebone, carpenter. -F. Hirschfeld and G. Wilkinson, Windsor Terrace, City Road, wax chandlers.-J. Allan, Grove Street, Walworth common, brewer.-C. Selley, Cheltenham, innkeeper.-C. Starling, Knightwick, Worcestershire, miller.-R. W. Goodall, Birmingham, florist.-W. Wright, Rougham, Norfolk, horse dealer.-R. Ham mond, Warwick, plumber.

Aug. 4.-G. Parker, Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, boot and shoe maker.-J. Alred, Idle, Yorkshire, cloth manufacturer.-J. Stelfox, Mancbester, shoe dealer.

Aug. 7.-B. Eagleton, Town Malling, Kent, tailor.--J. Greenwood, Halifax, Yorkshire, music seller.-W. H. Hughes, Portsmouth, fruit merchant.-T. Beard, Longhope, Gloncestershire, victualler.-T. Croston, Liverpool, painter.-H. Burdekin, Sheffield, table knife manufacturer.-P. Beck, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, grocer.-T. Frood, Plymouth, iron. monger.-J. Wyatt, Warminster, Wiltshire, cabinet maker.

Aug. 11.-W. E. Long, St. John's Wharf, Battersea, coal merchant. - E. C. Bessell, Edward Street, Portman Square, lodging. housekeeper.-E. Ottey, Jun., Savage Gardens, Trinity Square, Tower Hill, wine mer

chant.-J. Linnett, Austrey, Warwickshire,
schoolmaster.-R. Hunt, Kingston-upon-Hull,
spirit merchant.-G. Hooper, Downton, Wilt-
shire, tanner.-J. Brooke, Lincoln, chemist.-
W. Wallace, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, chemist.-
J. Schofield, Moorhouse, Lancashire, woollen
manufacturer.-G. Blenkin, and W. Shackle-
ton, Kingston-upon-Holl, merchants.

Aug. 14.-R. Clements, Upper Berkeley
Street, West, Connaught Square, bricklayer.
J. Cantellow, Brownlow Street, Holborn,
plasterer.-R. Battley, South Shields, Darbam,
woollen draper.-S. Franceys, Liverpool, book.
seller.- E. Taylor, Lower Place, near Roch-
dale, Lancashire, cotton spinner.

Aug. 18.-J. Hutton, Piccadilly, baker.-R. Fennings, Chancery Lane, law stationer.-W. Lewis, Liverpool, merchant.-M. Myers, St. Peter's Alley, Cornhill, fish monger.-R. Peel, Halifax, card maker.-R. Rankin, Liverpool, joiner.-J. Slack, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship broker.-J. Brown, Corbridge, Northamberland, spirit merchant.-C. Ives, Hockwoldcum-Wilton, Norfolk, grocer.-J. Kearsley, Chorley, Lancashire, grocer.-D. Evans, News port, Monmouthshire, tailor. – J. Hankes, Chorlton-npon-Medlock, Lancashire, corn dealer.

Aug. 21.-J. Bailey, Elm Street, Gray's Inn Lane, horse hair mannfactorer.-M. A. Lewis, Norfolk Street, Strand, milliner.-C. Powell, St. Mary-at-Hill, wine merchant.-H. Molyneux, Penzance, Cornwall, linen draper.-W. Wade, Liverpool, grocer.-T. Adamson, Liver. pool, commission agent.-W. E. Williamson, and E. B. Onsey, Salford, Lancashire, ale brewers.--W. Blacklock and G. Thompson, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Lancashire, joiners.H. Johnstone, Sheffield, coach maker.



W. Newton, of the Office for Patents, Chancery Lane, Middlesex, Civil Engi. neer, for certain improvements in preparing fibrous or textile plants, either indigenous or exotic, to be used in place of fax or hemp. Communicated by a foreigner residing abroad. April 3rd.

J. Hunter, of Leys Mill, Arbroath, Forfar, North Britain, Mechanic, for certain improvements in the art of cutting, or what is called facing and dressing, certain kinds of stone. April 6th.

J. Day, of York Terrace, Peckham, Surrey, Gentleman, for an improvement or improvements in the construction of railways. April 10th.

j. Stevenson, of Leith, Merchant, and J. Ruthven, of Edinburgh, Mechanician, for a method of cutting wood by certain improved instruments. April 16th.

J. Somerville, Clerk, Minister of Currie, Edinburgh, for certain improrements in the construction of guns or muskets and other such fire-arms. April 21st.

W. Bruce, Baker, in the City of Edinburgh, for improvements in machinery or apparatus for making ship and other biscuit or bread. Communicated by a foreigner residing abroad. April 22nd.

W. Morgan, of the Kent Road, Surrey, Esquire, for certain improvements in steam-engines. May 12th.

J. Aldous, of Clapton, Middlesex, Smith, for certain improvements on steamengines. May 12th.

J. Slater, of Salford, Lancaster, Bleacher, for certain improvements in addition to certain improved machinery for bleaching linen and cotton goods. May 18th.

A. Dumoulin, of Leicester Square, Middlesex, Merchant, for certain improvement in gas apparatus. May 18th.

M. Poole, of the Patent Office, Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, Gentleman, for certain improvements on trusses or instruments for the cure of hernia or rupture. Communicated by a foreigner residing abroad. May 18th.

R. Whiteside, of Ayr, in the County of Ayr, Wine Merchant, for certain improvements in the wheels of steam-carriages, and in the machinery for propelling the same, also applicable to other purposes. May 18th.

J. Buchanan, of Ramsbottom, Lancaster, Millwright, for certain improvements in the construction of cylinder printing-machines used for printing calico and fabrics. May 18tb.

W. S. Potter, of Verulam Buildings, Middlesex, ex-Merchant, for improvements in rendering fabrics water-proof. Communicated by a foreigner residing abroad. May 18th.

J. Boydell, of Dee Cottage, Flint, Land Agent and Surveyor, for an improvement in machinery or apparatus for moving or towing boats or other vessels. May 18th.

F. Humphrys, of York Road, in the Borough of Lambeth, Surrey, Civil Engi. neer, for certain improvements in marine steam-engines, wbich improvements are also applicable to steam-engines for other purposes. May 19th.

S. Slocum, of the New Road, St. Pancras, Middlesex, Engineer, for a certain improvement or improvements in machinery for making nails. May 29th.

J. T. Beale, of No. 11, Church Lane, Whitechapel, Middlesex, Engineer, for a lamp applicable to the burning of substances not hitherto usually burned in such vessels or apparatus. June 5th.

W. Crofts, of New Radford, Nottingham, Machine Maker, for certain improvements in machinery for making bobbin net lace, for the purpose of producing, by the aid of such ovements, ornamented net or lace of various kinds. June 10th,

C. Schafhaut), of 77, Cannon Street, in the City of London, Gentleman, for an improvement in the mode of manufacturing malleable iron. June 10th.


W. Crofts, of New Radford, Nottingham, Machine Maker, for certain improvements in certain machinery for making figured or ornamented bobbin net, or what is commonly called ornamented bobbin net lace; part of wbich improvements are extensions of certain improvements for which letters patent have been granted to him, bearing date the 27th of May, 1834. June 26th, 6 months.

T. Walker, of Burslem, Stafford, Mechanic, for improvements in extinguishers to candles, and in the application of such extinguishers to candles and candlesticks. July 3rd, 2 months.

J. Kean, of Johnston, Renfrew, in the Kingdom of Scotland, Machine Maker and Engineer, for an improved throstle flyer, or a substitute for an ordinary flyer, employed in spinning cotton, flax, hemp, wool, silk, and other fibrous substances. July 3rd, 6 months.

H. Vint, of Lexden, in the Borough of Colchester, Essex, Esquire, for certain improvements in paddle wheels. July 9th, 6 months.

R. Coad, of Liverpool, Lancaster, Manufacturing Chemist, for certain improvements in the means or apparatus for consuming smoke and economising fuel in fur. naces, which improvements are particularly applicable to furnaces of steam-engines employed for navigation, and other purposes. July 10th, 6 months.

W. Busk, of Bankside, Surrey, Engineer, for certain improvements in propelling boats, ships, or other floating bodies. July 10th, 6 months.

J. Rogers, of Princes Court, Westminster, Middlesex, Gentleman, for certain improvements in paddle wheels. July 10th, 6 months.

C. G. Kuppler, of Nuremburg, at the Polytechnical Institution, but now of Birmingham, for certain improvements in the construction of weighing machines and other macbines used in ascertaining weight. July 11th, 2 months.

F. H. Maberly, of Bourn, Cambridge, Clerk, for a new method of propelling vessels. July 13th, 6 months.

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