Theresa; or, The wizard's fate, by a member of the Inner temple, Bind 1


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Side 120 - Three things a wise man will not trust, The Wind, the Sunshine of an April day, And Woman's plighted faith. I have beheld The Weathercock upon the steeple point Steady from morn till eve ; and I have seen The bees go forth upon an April morn, Secure the sunshine will not end in showers ; But when was Woman true...
Side 46 - He speaks the kindest words, and looks such things, Vows with such passion, swears with so much grace, That 'tis a kind of heaven to be deluded by him.
Side 187 - ... l'acqua, la terra al suo favor s'inchina: gioveni vaghi e donne inamorate amano averne e seni e tempie ornate. Ma non si tosto dal materno stelo rimossa viene e dal suo ceppo verde, che quanto avea dagli uomini e dal cielo favor, grazia e bellezza, tutto perde. La vergine che 'l fior, di che più zelo che de...
Side 227 - Sick hope's pale lamp its only glimm'ring ray : There, fate my melancholy walk ordain'd, Forbid self-love itself to flatter, there. How oft I gaz'd, prophetically sad ! How oft I saw her dead, while yet in smiles ! In smiles she sunk her grief to lessen mine.
Side 187 - La verginella è simile alla rosa , Che 'n bel giardin su la nativa spina Mentre sola e sicura si riposa, Né gregge, né pastor se le avvicina : L...
Side 89 - There was something in the tone in which these words were uttered...
Side 16 - Ils furent tous oubliés en deux jours; Tant il trouva la langue à la dragonne Plus du bel air que les termes de nonne ! En moins de rien l'éloquent animal , ( Hélas ! jeunesse apprend trop bien le mal ! ) L'animal , dis-je, éloquent et docile, En moins de rien fut rudement habile : Bien vite il sut jurer et maugréer Mieux qu'un vieux diable au fond d'un bénitier...

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