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and glorified a woman as Dante did Beatrice.

The English poets, from Chaucer to Tennyson, have all given us noble portraits of women as "a being, tender, elevated, faithful, helpful, 'sweet and serviceable,' as Tennyson says of Elaine, quick to respond to affection, sensitive to beauty in nature and the arts, sympathizing, companion alike of the heart, and of man's struggle with life -in a word a creature of whom it is true to say, as Byron said, that 'Love is her whole existence, 'meaning by love not what is too often presented in modern novels, but love through all the harmonious scale of loving, maternal, filial, conjugal, romantic, religious. and universal." Therefore Austin, the English Laureate, urges us to read the poets for a noble conception of women and of life rather than to read the novelists.

Prof. E. L. Trouessart, of the Paris Mueseum of Natural History, in a recent lecture on animal heat remarked that the dog, whose respirations in repose number only twenty-five or thirty a minute, may in running acquire a rate of respiration as high as 350 a minute. The effect of this acceleration favors the dissipation of animal heat by evaporation from the pulmonary vesicles. The dog perspires very little, or not at all, by the skin, pelmonary taking the place of cutaneous trans

The more a man develops intellectually, the stronger is his attraction to the opposite pole that is to say, to the woman who is the instinctive being who acts solely from the impulse of an obscure conscience. The brain, parched by reasoning, thirsts for simplicity, like the desert for spring water. When reflection has brought us to the last limit of doubt the spontaneous affirmation of the good and of the beauti-piration. It is this fact which enables

ful which is found in the female conscience delights us and settles the question for us. This is why religion is preserved to the world by women alone. A beautiful and virtuous woman is the mirage which peoples with lakes and green avenues our great moral desert. Woman restores us to communication with the eternal spring in which God reflects Himself.-Renan.

The poetic conception of waman reaches its highest expression in the Diurna Commedia of Dante. No other poet in any tongue has so extolled

the dog to pursue its game so long and persistently. Animals of the cat family, on the other hand, do not possess this peculiarity and for that reason tigers, panthers and lions lie in wait for their prey, but do not pursue it over long distances. The bird possesses pulmonary transpiration in a very high degree.

I am not wiser for my age.
Nor skillful for my grief;
Life loiters at the book's first page,
Ah, could we turn the leaf.


Miama Medical College

217 West Twelfth Steet

Medical Department University of Cincinnati

HE 49th annual session will open October 1st, 1908.


Tiama Medical College has become a department of the Uni

versity of Cincinnati and students graduating in June, 1909, will re-
ceive their diploma from the University. The Cincinnati Hospital
is situated almost opposite the college. The laboratories are
fully equipped. A special building is devoted to dispensary pur-

For information or catalogue apply to

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Diseases of the Rectum and Gastro- Consultant in Medicine and Obstetrics

Intestinal Surgery

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W. P. Garshwiler, M. D.

Practice Limited to

Diseases and Surgery of the GenitoUrinary Tract


10 A. M. to 1 P. M.

HOURS: 7 P. M. to 8 P. M.
Sundays 10 A. M. to 12 M.

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DR. FRANK A. MORRISON Office, New 480

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