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[blocks in formation]

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1834,


In the Clerk's Office, of the Southern District of New York.


[blocks in formation]

Is she a spirit, given

One hour to earth, one hour to earth,
To bring me dreams from heaven,

Her place of birth, her place of birth?
Or minstrel maiden, hidden

Like cloistered nun, like cloistered nun,
A bud, a flower, forbidden

To air and sun, to air and sun ?
For had I power to summon

With harp divine, with harp divine,
The angel, or the woman,

The last were mine, the last were mine.


If earth-born beauty's fingers

Awaked the lay, awaked the lay, Where echoed music lingers

Around my way, around my way ; Where smiles the hearth she blesses

With voice and eye, with voice and eye Where binds the night her tresses,

When sleep is nigh, when sleep is nigh? Is fashion's bleak cold mountain

Her bosom's throne, her bosom's throne ? Or love's green vale and fountain,

With one alone, with one alone ?

Why ask? why seek a treasure,

Like her I sing, like her I sing? Her name nor pain nor pleasure

To me should bring, to me should bring. Love must not grieve or gladden

My thoughts of snow, my thoughts of snow, Nor woman soothe or sadden

My path below, my path below. Before a worldlier altar

I've knelt too long, I've knelt too long, And if my footsteps falter,

'Tis but in song, 'tis but in song.

Nor would I break the vision

Young fancies frame, young fancies frame, That lights with stars elysian,

A poet's name, a poet's name; For she, whose gentle spirit

Such dreams sublime, such dreams sublime, Gives hues they do not merit

To sons of rhyme, to sons of rhyme. But place the proudest near her,

Whate'er his pen, whate'er his pen, She'll say, (be mute who hear her,)

“Mere mortal men, mere mortal men !"

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