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trumpet shall summon thy children to the worship of a better world. Surely the praises of eternity will be too few for compassion like thine; and the glowing offering of the hosts of heaven. cold, compared with the fervour of thy love, Great God, I praise thee for mercy! I praise thee for thy Son! Thou hast marked out the way of life. Thou hast shown the path of

peace. Thou hast assured me, that by thy grace he tasted “death for every man;" that "he was wounded for our transgressions, and bruised for our iniquities."

Now, O my God, let this blessed Redeemer be my way to thee. Without thee, earth is but a wilderness; and heaven, without thee, would be no longer heaven. Thy presence can cheer the darkest gloom; change night to day; and pain to ease: sorrow to delight; poverty to riches; and death to life. Thy presence can make the martyr's dungeon fairer than the monarch's palace; and the sad stillness of the chamber of death more pleasing than the voice of melody. Thy love can make the dismal grave a more welcome habitation, than the most cheerful dwelling where harmony and affection abide. Thy love is a treasure, compared with which the wealth of worlds were poverty; and, O, a treasure, which the enmity of worlds could never take away! Thy presence darkens all terrestrial glory, and makes earthly beauty charm no more. To know thee, to love thee, and delight in thee, is a heaven below, a heaven even in the midst of conflicts and pain; but, O, what a heaven is theirs, who know thee, and love thee, and rejoice in thee in heaven itself! Great God, may this happiness be mine! May I, a sinful child



of sinful man, a worm, a leaf, a shade, aspire so high! May I presume to call thee, the eternal Jehovah, mine! Ah! Lord, I may. Years ago I might; but, I slighted thee, and this unspeakable blessedness. O! well might my heart sicken, and my head grow dizzy, with shame and horror, to think of having slighted thee! Bat, now no more, O gracious Lord ! I would act the prodigal's part no more. I come to thee; be thou my blessedness, or none will ever be mine. I come to thee; teach all my heart to bow before thee. Let love draw me to thy throne. Let faith repose on thy promises. Let submission make thy pleasure mine. Let me be a wanderer no more. Take the remainder of my youth, and let my life, longer or shorter, be all thy own.

And thou, () blessed Saviour, thou art revealed to me as the way to happiness, to heaven, and God. To thee I come for life, and help, and every good. Thy precious blood was shed for me. Thy righteousness is sufficient to clothe my guil. ty soul. I am nothing. I have nothing to present to thee, but what is unworthy of thy notice. My prayers, my praises, my holiest actions, need to be sprinkled with thy atoning blood. But, didst thou not come to save the lost! and I am lost. Art not thou the way, the truth, and the life! Be thou my life. Wash me in thy allcleansing blood. Form me to thine image. Come, possess my heart, and by thy Spirit dwell in me. Guilty, let me flee to thy blood. Helpless, let me lean on thy arm; and worthy of destruction only, let me plead thy death before thy judgment throne. Act as my intercessor above; and make me thy humble friend



below. I would sit at thy feet, and learn of thee; and, while I trust thy death, would wear thy image, and reflect, in some humble degree, thy lovely likeness. Like thee, may I be patient, humble, meek. Like thee, may I requite evil with kindness, and enmity with love. To thee may my life, my all be consecrated; and may death appear but a kind messenger, sent to fetch me to thyself. From this hour may, my youth, my health, my strength be thine. May thy love animate me; thy precepts guide, and thy example direct me; thy promises cheer, and thy cautions warn me; thy hand support me; and, at the last, let me lean my dying head on thy compassionate arm, and find death swallowed up in victory. — Then may I praise thee in those brighter courts, for that grace which discovers to me the way of life, and which inclines me now to yield my fair but fleeting youth to thee.

But what, great God, am I! and what my resolutions and desires ! Alas! I am weak as a reed, and my resolutions have been like the morning cloud or the early dew; yet, let me plead with thee, for thy promised Spirit. Hast thou not promised, that thou wilt give the Holy Spirit to them that ask thee? Bestow on me his sacred influences. With them water and refresh my soul. Let his holy motions incline me to every gracious act and desire. My soul is naturally like a dark and barren desert; but, blessed with his influences, the darkness will disperse, and the wilderness will blossom as the rose. He must teach me to know thee, or I shall never know thee aright. He must teach me to love thee, or divine love will be for ever a stranger



to my breast.

He must discover to me all the excellencies of my great Redeemer; for, without his teaching, all other would be in vain. Great and blessed God, give me thy Holy Spirit, and let me yield my heart to his sweet and gentle guidance. Let him lead me into all important truth. Let him fashion my soul anew; and create in me a clean heart; and renew a right spirit within me. By him, may all those dispositions that shall flourish in heaven, be formed within my soul during its abode on earth.

Father of all mercies, hear and grant my requests, for the sake of Jesus Christ. Amen.




§. 1. It is extremely evident, from the word of God, that many fatally deceive themselves, with respect to their spiritual state. They say to themselves, Peace, peace; while God declares, there is no peace to persons in their condition. Like a captive, who dreams of liberty; but, wakes and sees the horrid walls of his dungeon around him: so they indulge the hope of beaven, till death puts an end to the deceitful dream; they awake in eternity, and find themselves for ever undone. Such is the deceitfulness of the human heart, that you cannot too solicitously guard against its delusions, and those of the world, that would blast all your hopes of happiness, and cover you with confusion and horror, when expecting joy and glory.



$ 2. One of the most common is, the belief, that all those are Christians who bear the Christian name, whose lives are virtuous, and whose deportment and temper are lovely. But, alas ! all this is found in thousands, who know nothing of real religion; and, with respect to eternity, all these fair appearances and pleasing recommendations will avail not, if there be not true piety within. Perhaps this can scarcely be made more evident, than by referring you to the history of one, who possessed these qualifications in no common degree, but who still wanted the one thing needful.

In Matt. C. 19, Mark, C. 10, or Luke, C. 11, an instance of this kind is recorded. “When the Lord had gone forth into the way, there came one (a young ruler) running, and kneeled to him, and asked him, Good master, what shall I do, that I may inherit eternal life?” He was so moral a person, that he could say, with respect to many of the commandments of God (at least as far as his outward conduct was concerned), "all these have I observed from my youth.”

And Jesus beholding him, loved him; and said, One thing thou lackest; go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and come, take up the cross and follow me. And he was sad at that saying, and went away grieved. He was very sorrowful, for he was very rich.” There cannot be a reasonable doubt, that this young man was in a state of sin and death, notwithstanding all that seemed so promising and fair; and, perhaps, this little history is recorded, to show how far a person may go in morality and a concern for religion, and yet fall short of heaven. There are but few,

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