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211 sure, while sickness blasts all the joyous prospects which the young possess, and threatens you with an early tomb?" Let one reply who being dead, yet speaks, “O, that I could but let you know what I now feel! O, that I could show you what I see! O, that I could express the thousandth part of that sweetness that I now find in Christ! you would all then think it well worth while to make it your business to be religious. 0, my dear friends, you little think what Christ is worth upon a death-bed. I would not, for a world, nay, for millions of worlds, be now with. out Christ and a pardon. I would not for a world live any longer: the very thought of a possibility of recovery makes me even tremble. Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly. Death, do thy worst. Death hath lost its terribleness. Death, it is nothing. Death is nothing (through grace) to me. I can as easily die as shut my eyes; or turn my head and sleep; I long to be with Christ; I long to die. O, that you did but see and feel what I do! Come and behold a dying man more cheerful than ever you saw any healthful man in the midst of his sweetest enjoyments. O Sirs, worldly pleasures are pitiful, poor, sorry things, compared with one glimpse of this glory, which shines so strongly into my soul! O, why should any of you be so sad, when I am so glad? This, this is the hour that I have waited for."* Or now ask the pious young woman, who, while others of her age are flaunting away in vanity and folly, lies on the bed of pain and suffering. Say to her, "Is religion pleasant in your esteem?” “Yes,” she might reply, "yes, I am very happy: I would not change situation


212 PRAYER, IMPLORING THE PLEASURES with any one living. Do not weep for me: I have no wish to live; if I might have life by wishing for it, I should rather choose to die, and go to my Redeemer.” I long to go home.” “I am truly happy, and if this be dying, it is a pleasant thing to die.”, “Not for all the world, not for a thousand worlds would I be restored to health.”* The purport of these expressions was actually uttered by two young ladies, neither of whom completed her sixteenth year. O happy they who learn so soon, so well to die! And could you follow these to the triumphant family above, and see that glory which no heart conceives, then might a heavenly voice say to you, “ Hither lead the despised and neglected, but pleasant paths of early piety.” My young friend, shall they lead you there? Can you be truly happy in any other way? Can you be happy too soon in this? Seek happiness, then at once; O, seek it in the love of your Redeemer, and the favour of your God.



Ever blessed God, thou art thyself infinitely happy; thy presence gladdens the holy hosts of heaven; and thy word discovers the way by which I, a child of dust, may pass from toilsome life to never-ending rest! May I, through the Lord Jesus, receive from thee that grace which will make me, in these my early years, a partaker of all the sweet comforts that religion yields. May I possess that pure delight, that holy joy, that steadfast peace, which flow from humbly believing on a crucified Saviour. May I view

• Eliza Cunningham and Eliza M----,


213 him as GOD MY SAVIOUR; and may my spirit rejoice in him, with joy unspeakable and full of glory. While many of the young around me "grasp seeming happiness, and find it pain;" court pleasure, and win perdition; may I obtain solid peace, and rest, and happiness in thee. Lord, lift thou up the light of thy countenance upon me, and cheer me with thy smile. Give me, O my God, a humble assurance that I am thine: and may I look backward with pleasure on dangers escaped; and praise thee, for bringing me from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to thyself. Number me with thy saints; and by faith may I see Salem's golden towers, and heaven's eternal mansions; may I behold the blood-bought crowns, the palms of victory, and robes of light, designed for those who follow Jesus, and who are faithful unto death. Let me live, rejoicing in him as my guide, my Saviour, my all; and let me die, by the

eye of faith discerning him waiting on the heavenly shore, to welcome me to himself, and to introduce me into thy presence with exceeding joy. And till that solemn moment arrives, when I must exchange time for eternity, O, grant that I

ways of early wisdom the ways of true pleasantness, and paths of most solid peace! May my heart be attuned for devotion, my soul be transformed to relish the sacred pleasures, and to delight in the holy exercises of meditation, praise, and prayer. Thus may I have meat to eat, which the world knows not of ; pleasures of which they cannot partake; and may it be my meat and drink to do my Father's will. Let me find in thy promises, consolations more valuable than a thousand worlds. In serving and loving thee, in

may find the

214 MOTIVES FOR EARLY PIETY, FROM communion with thee, and in anticipating thy kingdom, may I taste, even in this world, some humble foretaste of the joy to be possessed hereafter.

Blessed Redeemer, I look to thee. To thee would I come, not merely for life, but for happi. ness also. May I draw water with joy, from the wells of salvation. Give me to drink from that fountain, of which thou hast said, Whosoever drink. eth of the water that I shall give him, shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him, shall be in him a well of water, springing up into everlasting life. May I partake of this water, and thirst no more ; but feeling through thy grace, an ever-flowing spring of holy joy in my own soul, may I look with indifference on the boasted delights of a vain world. - Whatever happens to me, let not my heart be troubled; but believing in God, and believing in thee, may I find the light afflictions, which are but for a moment, working for me a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. Grant this, O thou most compassionate Saviour, to me, one of the most unworthy of thy creatures, and thine shall be the praise. Amen.




“And when the closing scenes prevail,
When wealth, state, pleasure, all shall fail;
All that a foolish world admires,
Or passion craves, or pride inspires;
At that important hour of need,
‘Jesus shall prove a friend indeed:
His hand shall smooth thy dying bed,
His arm sustain thy drooping heads




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And when the painful struggle's o'er,
And that vain thing, the world, no more,
He'll bear his youthful friend away,
To rapture and eternal day:
Come then be his in every part,

Nor give him less than all thy heart.” lie, die 1. It is, my young friend, the peculiar ex

cellence of religion, that its blessings yield most o di support

, when that support is needed most. The 1, Klubumble Christian does not love a forgetful God. Die They whose strength and prime are devoted to il pil their Maker's glory, will experience his presence gia and support, when their flesh and heart fail;

and when death is at hand, to remove them to the eternal world. If you


your Creator, in these your blooming days, he will remember

this kindness of your youth through all the scenes teret

: of your following life, and when you come to lie but down and die. Death is approaching; and when ID: sublunary objects can yield you no support,

God would remember that, in you, he had a child

conflicting with the last foe; and you might, con with pleasure, think

"Though unseen by human eye,
My Redeemer's hand is nigh;
He has spread salvation's light

Far within the vale of night.” Though death is naturally dreadfufto man, yet ligioo many of the young disciples of the Lord have

passed, with calm composure, or holy joy, through is dark valley to the realms of everlasting day.

$ 2. You are called on to imitate those who, through faith and patience, are inheriting the promises. Take then a view of the concluding hcene of the life of one, who in his youth became disciple of the Lord. Think not that in refer

ping you to the apostle Paul's departure, as an Andi

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