Conservation of Wildlife: Hearings Before the Select Committee on Conservation of Wildlife Resources, House of Representatives, Seventy-Eighth Congress, Second Session, Pursuant to H. Res. 20, a Resolution to Authorize the Select Committee on Wildlife Conservation of the Seventy-Eighth Congress to Investigate All Matters Pertaining to the Replacement and Conservation of Wildlife, November 17, 27, 28, and 29, 1944

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1945 - 500 sider
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Side 250 - War; and it shall not be lawful to excavate or fill, or in any manner to alter or modify the course, location, condition, or capacity of any port, roadstead, haven, harbor, canal, lake, harbor of refuge, or inclosure within the limits of any breakwater, or of the channel of any navigable water of the United States, unless the work has been recommended by the Chief of Engineers and authorized by the Secretary of War prior to beginning the same.
Side 260 - In pursuance of the provisions of section 10 of the river and harbor act of March 3, 1899...
Side 34 - That leases to nonprofit organizations may be granted at reduced or nominal rentals in recognition of the public service to be rendered in utilizing the leased premises : Provided further, That preference shall be given to Federal, State, or local governmental agencies, and licenses...
Side 34 - The Chief of Engineers, under the supervision of the Secretary of the Army, is authorized to construct, maintain, and operate public park and recreational facilities in reservoir areas under the control of the Department of the Army and to permit the construction, maintenance, and operation of such facilities.
Side 100 - There are one or two other things that I would like to bring to the attention of the committee.
Side 291 - The Secretary of the Interior shall provide, by suitable rules and regulations, for cooperation with local associations of stockmen, State land officials, and official State agencies engaged in conservation or propagation of wildlife interested in the use of the grazing districts.
Side 250 - USC 403), prohibits the excavating or depositing of material in navigable waters of the United States unless the work has been recommended by the Chief of Engineers and authorized by the Secretary of War. The improvement by this Department or by permittees of any navigable channels in a State in which oysters are cultivated is subject to the provision in section 4 of the River and Harbor Act approved March 3, 1905 (33 Stat. 1147; 33 USC 419), that "in making such improvements of channels, the material...
Side 34 - Army is authorized to grant leases of lands, including structures or facilities thereon, in reservoir areas for such periods and upon such terms as he may deem reasonable...
Side 472 - I mean, with inclinations to it, though both may be heightened by discourse and practice : but he that hopes to be a good angler, must not only bring an inquiring, searching, observing wit, but he must bring a large measure of hope and patience, and a love and propensity to the art itself; but having once got and practised it, then doubt not but Angling will prove to be so pleasant that it will prove to be, like virtue, a reward to itself.
Side 267 - ... for boating, swimming, bathing, fishing, and other recreational purposes, and ready access to and exit from such water areas along the shores of such reservoirs shall be maintained for general public use, when such use is determined by the Secretary of War not to be contrary to the public interest, all under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of War may deem necessary.

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