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Sleep, baby, sleep,

No longer weep;
Life has many a raging billow-
Rest upon thy downy pillow :
Sleep, baby, sleep

Hastings'"Nursery Songs."


Hushaby, hushaby,

Baby, do not weep;
On thy downy pillow lie,

Softly, softly sleep.

Hushaby, hushaby,

Now thine eyelids close ;
While thy mother sitting by,

Watches thy repose.

Hushaby, hushaby,

Think of no alarm;
Angel spirits round thee fly,

Guarding thee from harm.

Hushaby, hushaby,

Slumber sweet be given;
On thy downy pillow lie,
Precious gift from heaven.

Hastings?“ Nursery Songs'

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What is this pretty little thing,
That nurse so carefully doth bring,
And round its head a blanket fling?

A baby!
“Oh dear, how very soft its cheek ;
Why, nurse, I cannot make it speak,
And it can't walk, it is so weak.

Poor baby! “Oh, I'm afraid that it will die;

Why can't it eat as well as I,
And jump, and talk? Do let it try.

Poor baby!"

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Little brother, darling boy,

You are very dear to me;
I am happy-full of joy,

When your smiling face I see.

How I wish that you could speak,

And could know the words I say ; Pretty stories I would seek,

To amuse you every day:


All about the honey-bees,

Flying past us in the sun;
Birds that sing among the trees,

Lambs that in the meadows run.


I'll be very kind to you,

Never strike or make you cry,
As some naughty children do,

Quite forgetting God is nigh.

Shake your rattle—here it is—

Listen to its merry noise ;
And when you are tired of this,
I will bring you other toys.

Mary Lundie Duncan


When little Ned was sent to bed,

He always acted right;
He kissed mamma and then papa,

And wished them both good-night.

He made no noise, like naughty boys,

But, glad I am to say,
Directly went when he was sent,

Undressed, and knelt to pray.

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SWEETLY SLEEP. Sleep, my baby-sleep, my boy, Rest your little weary head; 'Tis your mother rocks her boy In his little cradle bed.

Lullaby, sweet lullaby! All the little birds are sleepingEvery one has gone to rest; And my precious one is resting In his pretty cradle nest.

Lullaby, sweet lullaby!

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