On Record: Music and society in recorded popular Afrikaans music records, 1900-2015

AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 12. jul. 2017 - 200 sider


Popular Afrikaans music artists have done well in post-apartheid South Africa and enjoy the enthusiastic support of loyal fans. This support is fuelled by a complex set of emotions linked to “being Afrikaans” in a culturally pluralistic society. In On Record, van der Merwe investigates the interplay between popular music and the unfolding of Afrikaans culture politics from the start of the twentieth century to the present. It includes a search for the earliest recorded Afrikaans songs and documents subsequent phases of music development that reflect the agency of ordinary individuals - artists and listeners - against a background of fundamental societal and political change. It regards both the music mainstream and the alternative, and reveals, among other things, historical cases of compliance and resistance regarding the master narrative of Afrikaner nationalist ideology, the attempts by cultural entrepreneurs to establish authority over popular Afrikaans culture, class tension, lasting racial exclusivity, protest and censorship, and the post-apartheid invocation of Afrikaner nostalgia and white victimhood. Ultimately, On Record provides an uninterrupted account, and a critique, of the entire history of recorded popular Afrikaans music up to the present.

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Chapter 1 Gramophones warm patriots and radio wars
Chapter 2 Local flavour tensions and the rise of Afrikaner nationalism
Chapter 3 WWII the SABC FAK and Boeremusiek?
Chapter 4 The apartheid regime rock n roll and Afrikaner youth
Chapter 5 New voices changing politics and growing subversion
Chapter 6 Alternative Afrikaans music towards the end of apartheid
Chapter 7 Nostalgia fear and profit in postapartheid Afrikaans music

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Om forfatteren (2017)

Schalk van der Merwe has lectured in History at Stellenbosch University for the past 12 years. He has written a number of articles on popular Afrikaans music for academic and popular publications, delivered numerous papers on the subject across the globe, and recently had a regular radio feature on RSG. He is also a seasoned bass player. This is his first book, written between shows, recordings and tours with a host of top South African artists.

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