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METEOROLOGICAL TABLES, extructed from the Register kept al Edinburgh, in the

Observatory, Calton-hith.

N.B.--The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, aftor.

noon.-The second Observation iu the afternooi., in the first column, is taken by the Register


Ther." Barom. Ther,


Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.

Mar. 1 {

11.34 29.25. M. 48}|cble. day rain.

Mar. 17{A.38



19 S M.33

20 SM.34




22 M.29
23 SM.32



Morn. fair,
A. 18

M.33 .175 M.44)

Mrn. frost,
A. 40 .270 A. 42


day f ir.
M.35 .270 M.12 )


A. 10

.351 A. 43
M.33 28.985 M. 14

Storm. rain,
UA. 45 123.134 A.41


hail, cold.
1.32 .245 M.11)

Frost moro.

.190 A. 40

aftern. snow.
M.359 .560 M.40

Frost morn
A. 38

.393 A.40

day fair.
M.35 .912 M.40)

Dull morn.
4. 40

.355 A.41

day rain.

.678 M.4? Forn. sunsh.

.674 A. 17

aftern. dull.
.510 M.50 Fair, with

.731 A.54

M.48 .920 M.54

Sunsh. and
A. 54

.999 A.58

very warm.
.978 M.51

Morn. cold,

A. 46°30.101 A. 50 day warm.
.225 M.48

Morn. frost,
A. 42 .225 A.50


day sunsh.
.290 M.471


A. 37 .196 A. 15 ) aftern. cold.
M.303 29.841 M.42

Morn. frost,
4.37 .560 A. 40 )


rain aftero.
.484 M.11

Morn. cold.
A. 37

.7601. 41

day sunsh.
M.30..912 M.421 Fair, sunsh.
A. 35 (30.216 A. 12



M.34 29.999 M.43

Frost morn.
.999 A, 43


day sunsh.
M.35 .725 M.44

Foren. fair,

A. 43 ,532) A. 43

rain aftern.
.511 M.43

Fair, with


.728 A. 44 ) sunshine.
.715 M.44)

.844 A. 46
A. 43


.89 M.16
A. 40
91 A. 45

.728 M.12)


Frost morn.
A. 37
.6 16 A. 43

day dull.

Cold, hail,

A. 36
.330A. 40

sleet, aftern.
,572 M.39


Shwrs. snow
A. 36
•780 A. 30

and sleet.
.731 M.36


Shwrs. hail

and snow.
.781 M.36

Morn. snow,
.928 A.36

M.294 .73 M.35 Fair, sun-

.730 A. 39

shine, cold.

Foren. fair,
A. 43 128.952 A. 45

hail aftern.
M.27 29.226 11.41


Cold, with
.406 A. 31 showers.

.740 M.40


Cold, with
.916. A. 40

shwrs, hail.
.929 M.12

Frost morn.
A. 38
.818 A. 43

day cold.
Average of rain, 1.198,

[blocks in formation]

UA. 32


26 M.27

A. 33

Cair day.

[blocks in formation]

M.37 29.734 M.45 Dull, cold,

.733 A, 45 rain night.
M.32 .750 M.45

Rain morn.
A. 42


day fair.
3 {

, but
UA. 48
SM.43 .606 M.49

Cold, flying
UA. 49 ,570/A. 50 % showers.

M.42 .192M.50

A. 51

.535/A. 51
M.40 .340 M.52

Shwrs. rain
UA. 46 .514/A, 59

M.392| .596 M.50


Fair, cold,
A. 46
.631 A. 50

foren. sunsh.
M.44 .572 M.54 )


.570 A. 54 S
M.36 .281 M.54 Foren. fair,
A.51 28.993 A. 47


rain aftern.
M.36 29,275 M.50

Aftern. hail
A. 46 .373 A. 18


and rain.
M.36 28.999 M.54


Rain, thun.
A. 50 .950/A. 19

& light. hail.
M.39 .892 M.51
A. 46 29.539 A. 50

Cble. Ditto.
M.32 .692M.49


Dull, with
A. 15 .639/A. 49

shwrs. rain.
M.32 .552 M.50


Dull, cold,
A. 50 .755 A.50

shwrs. rain.
M.33 .776 M.50

Frost morn.
A. 47 .734. A. 50

Train aftern.

Average of rain,
Von XIX.

M.33 29.820 M.49

NW. Fair, with
A. 16 .925 A. 50

.960 M.51


Ditto, and
A. 16 .926 A, 50

.892 M.49


Forn. sunsh.
A. 46 .710 A. 49

aftern. dull
M.40 .606 M.50

Fair, with
A. 49

.631 A, 50} sunshine.
M.39 .615 M.54


Forn. warm,
A.54 ,440 A, 57

aftern. cold.
.251 M.50


Morp. frost,
.356 A. 55

day fair.
*282 M.54 Sw.

Dull, with
.516 A. 50 ) flying sh wrs.

:505 M.50 .nw. Day sunsh.
A. 45
1466 A. 51)

räin night.
.501 M.50 Cble. Aftern. hail,
A. 43 .529 A. 50 night snow.
M.29 .619 M.46

Cble. Frost morn.
A. 41 1.635 A. 46) daydull cold.

.414 M.46 Chle. Ditto.
A. 43 ,350 A. 16
.196 M.41 IN.

Hail, snow,

.512 A. 40 ) sleet, frost ev.

.661M.401 'W.

Keen frost.

.719 A. 41 )
.796 M.43

Cble. Frost morn.
A. 38

.846 A. 1611 day sunsh.

.934 M.47'NE. Ditto, snow
A. 42
.996 A. 48

lon hils.

5 D

8 {
9 {


24 M.311




[blocks in formation]


7 do.


Brevet J. F. de Burgh, late Lt. Col. h. p. rank

of Lt. Col. upon Continent of Europe 20

12 Jan. 1826
Capt. Locker, 34 F. Maj. in the Army

19 July 1821
2 L. G. Capt M. of Carmarthen, from 17 Dr. 21
Capt. vice Lord G. Bentinck, 75 F.

7 Jan. 1826
R.H.G. Ens. Lord Elphinstone, from 14 F. Cor.

by purch. vice Lord A. Conyngham,

28 do.
As. Surg. Hair, from 13 F. Surg. vice
Slow, h. p.

12 do.
Lieut. Hill, Adj. vice Hirst, res. Adj. only 22

2 Feb.
I D. G. Cor. Teesdale, Lieut. by purch. vice 24
Smith, prom.

12 Jan.
C. S. Smith, Cor.

Cor. Morris, Lieut. by purch. vice Reed, 25

9 Feb.
F. Hawkes, Cor.

7 Cor. and Riding-Master Hickman, rank

of Lieut.

12 Jan.
6 Dr. Cor. Mackay, Lieut. by purch. vice Barry,

J. Waddington, Cor.

do. 27
Lieut. Phillipps, Capt. by purch. vice
Wildman, prom.

11 Feb. 29
Cor. Biggs, Lieut.

E. Bryan, Cor.
Lieut. Lord J. Fitz Roy, Adj. vice Wells, 30
res. Adj, only.

19 Jan.
11 Cor. Johnson, Lieut. by purch. vice Davis,
38 F.


H. A. Reynolds, Cor.


Cor. Ogilvie, Lieut. by purch. vice
Cunynghame, prom.

18 Feb. 32
T. Benson, Cor. vice Alexander, prom.

2 do. 33
H. Elton, Cor. vice Ogilvie 18 do.
14 Cor. and Riding. Master Griffis, rank of

12 Jan.
W. B. Alexander, Cor. by purch. vice

Rooke, prom.
15 Cor. Gill, Lieut. by purch. vice Phillipps,

19 do.
A. F. Blyth, Cor.

16 Lieut. Williams, from h. p. 1 Dr. Paym.

vice Neyland, dead 2 Sept. 1824
Cor. Brown, from Cape Corps Cav. Cor. 35
by purch. vice Jillard, prom.

19 Jan. 1826
17 Capt. Chambre, from 75 F. Capt. vice M. 36

of Carmarthen, 2 Life Gds. 7 do.
1 F. G. Ens. Jekyll, from 86 F. Ens. and Lieut.

by pnrch. vice St Clair, prom. 18 Feb.
1F. Lieut. Cross, Capt. by purch. vice Mac 38
dougall, ret.

12 Jan.
Surg. Armstrong, from Ceylon R. Surg.
vice Sandford, dead

19 do.
3 W. G. Beare, Ens. by purch, vice Gordon,

28 do.
5 Capt. Smith, from 3 Vet. Bn. Capt.

8 April 1825
7 Lieut. Hall, from 39 F. Lieut. vice 39
Chambre, prom.

26 Jan. 1826
12 Hosp. Assist. Dick, Assist. Surg. 12 do. 41
14 Ens. Daly, Lieut. vice Horner, dead

26 do. 43
J. B. Maxwell, Ens.

15 Lieut. Moore, from 20 F. Lieut. vice 46
Farmer, cancelled

2 Feb.
26 Ens. Mylius, Lieut. by purch. vice Hen-
ley, prom.

28 Jan,
J. Cassidy, Ens.

do. 47
A. C. Sterling, Ens. vice Delancy, prom.

29 do.
W. Ashmore, do. by purch. vice Ster.
ling, 24 F.

18 Feb.
18 Lieut. La Touche, Capt. by purch. vice
Doran, prom.

14 Jan

Ens. Graves, Lieut.


Ens. Boddam, from 20 F. Ens. 26 Jan.
F. Horn, Ens. by purch. vice Boddam,
18 F.

Hosp, Assist. Forrest, Assist. Surg. vice
Rutledge, 55 F.

9 Feb.
Lieut. O'Reilly, from 3 Vet. Bn. Lieut.

vice George, Af. Col. Corps 8 Apr. 1825
Ens. Stewart, from 2 Vet. Bn. 2d Lieut,
J. Macdonald, 2d Lieut. by purch. vice
Evelegh, prom.

28 Jan. 1826
2d Lieut. and Adj. Young, rank of Ist

2 Feb.
Ens. Goulden, from 2d W.I.R. Ens. vice
St Quintin, prom.

28 Jan.
Maitland, Lieut. by purch. vice
Campbell, prom.

18 Feb.
Sterling, from 16 F. Ens. do.
J.J. Grove, Ens. by purch. vice Griffiths,

12 Jan.
Hosp. Assist. Sidey, Assist. Surg. do.
Lievit. Babington, Capt. by purch. vice
Brocksbank, prom.

11 Feb.
Ens. Pigott, Lieut.

Colley, Ens.

J. N. Fraser, do. vice Whally, superseded

13 Jan.
Ens. Congreve, Lieut. by purch. vice
Deedes, prom.

C. Humfrey, Ens.

19 do.
Ens. Dixou, Lieut. by purch. vice Cheape,

J. M. T. Borton, Ens.

Lieut. Col. Baumgardt, from h. p. Lieut.
Col. paying diff. vice Fearon, 64 F.

12 do.
Ens. Ross, from 3 Vet. Bn. Ens.

7 Apr. 1825
M‘Kay, from 1 Vet. Bn. Ens. do.
Hosp. Assist. Murray, Assist. Surg.

12 Jan. 1826
Lieut. Thain, Capt. vice Tench, dead

26 do.
Ens. Mackay, Lieut. vice Gibson, dead

2 Feb.
Lieut. Elliot, from R. Eng. Lieut. 9 do.
G. Talbot, Ens.

2 do.
Lieut. Galloway, Adj. vice Thain, prom.

9 do.
Brev. Maj. Lynch, from 3 Vet. Bn. Capt.

7 Apr. 1825
Ens. Walsh, from 3 Vet. Bn. Ens. do.
Lt. Cross, from 49 F. Lt. vice Stewart,
h. p. 71 F.

12 Jan. 1826
H. W. E. Warburton, Ens. by purch. vice
Harley, 87 F.

19 do.
Lt. Mackay, h. p. vice Hardman, dead,

1 Aug. 1825
En. Stokes. Lt.

Lt. Woodward, from 71 F. Capt. by purch.
vice Matthews, ret. 12 Jan. 1826

Davies, from 11 Dr. Capt. by purch.
vice Magill, ret.

19 do.
T. Maclean, Ens. vice Stokes, 26 do.
Lt. Scarman, from 3 Vet. Bn. Lt.

8 Apr. 1825
Ens. Childers, Lt. vice Russell, dead.

13 May
Hosp. As. Brown, As. Surg. vice Hare, R.
Horse Gds.

12 Jan. 1826
Ens. Varlo, Lt. vice Duke, dead

1 Sept. 1825
As. Surg. Malloch, from 16 Dr. Surg.

vice O'Flaherty, dead 2 Feb. 1826
Lt. Hill. Capt. vice Parsons, dead,

17 July 1825
Ens. Scott, Lt.

T. Wyatt, Ens.

26 Jan. 1826
Lt. Grubbe, from h. p. 71 F. Lt. vice
Cross, 36 F.

12 do.
Ens. Bartley, Lt. by purch, vice J. Briggs,
63 F.

19 dos



4. At Leith, Mr William Dick, shipowner, to Thomas Mure, Esq. youngest son of the lato
Miss Crouden, Madeira Street.

Thordas Mure, Esq. of Warriston.
At Farnham, Surrey, Thomas Pearse, of 9. At Agra, John Burnet, assistant-surgeon, se-
Highway House, Froyle, Hants, Esq. to the Hon. cond son of the late K. W. Burnett, Esq. of Mon-
Caroline Kerr, eldest daughter of the late Lord boddo.
Charles Beauchamp Kerr, and niece of the late 10. At Cochin, Captain James Craig, late of the
Marquis of Lothian.

Hon. East India Company's 9th Regiment of Na-
4. At Glasgow, Alex. Glasgow, Esq. merchant, tive Infantry, son of the deceased Robert Craig,
to Helen, youngest daughter of the late William

younger of Setonhill.
Smith, Esq.

Nov. While serving at Rangoon, Capt. Alexan-
5. At Stirling, John Murray, Esq. of Livilands, der, R.N. C B.
to Anne, daughter of the late Major Alex. Mac 3. At Bombay, Capt. Gilbert Melville, Ist Re-
gregor of Balhaldies.

giment Bombay Light Cavalry, son of the late
6. At Laverock Bank, Dr William Cullen, to Andrew Melville, Esq. Kennoway, Fifeshire.
Henrietta, youngest daughter of Sir Henry Jar 14. At Hyderabad, Fleming Kelso, Esq. of the
dine, King's Remembrancer of the Court of Ex 13th Light Dragoons, youngest son of Colonel
chequer in Scotland.

Kelso of Dankeith.
12. At Whitby, the Rev. George Young, M.A. 28. At Abmednaggur, Lieut James Marjori.
author of the History of Whitby, &c. to Margaret, banks, of the 3d Regiment of Native Infantry, on
daughter of the late Mr Robert Hunter of that the Bombay Establishment, son of Alexander

Marjoribanks, Esq. of Marjoribanks.
- At Cartmel Church, Lancashire, Alexander Jan. 13, 1826. On board the ship Pomona,
Murray, Esq. Advocate, son of the late William while on a voyage to Jamaica, Lieut.-Colonel
Murray, Esq. of Polmaise, to Johnina, second Mark Howard Drummond of Kelly, late of the
daughter of the late John Wilkinson, Esq. of 72d or Albany Highlanders.
Castlehead and Brymbo.

15. At Jordan hill estate, island of Trinidad,
13. At Edinburgh, William Horton Lloyd, Esq. Francis Brown, Esq.
of Bedford Place, London, to Mary, youngest Feb. At New Orleans, Mr Robert Bogle, mer-
daughter of George Whitelocke, Esq. of Seymour chant there, formerly of Glasgow.
Place, Portman Square.

4. At Rome, Lieut. William Wemyss Fraser, of
14. At Richmond, Surrey, the Earl of Clare, the 44th Regiment, youngest son of the late Mr
to the Hon. Elizabeth Julia Georgiana Burrell, John Fraser, Rhives, Sutherlandshire.
only daughter of he late Lord Gwydir, and the 19. At Mamee Gully, in the Island of Jamaica,
Baroness Willoughby, of Eresby.

Mrs Shand, wife of William Shand, of Arnhall,
17. At Northumberland Street, Edinburgh,
Andrew Johnston, younger of Rennyhill, Esq. March 1. At St Thomas, Mr Archibald Gal-
Advocate, to Barbara, eldest daughter of David braith.
Pearson, Esq.

18. At Edinburgh, Mr William Stark, sen.,
- At Lochmaben, Matthew Graham, Esq. of builder.
Priesthead, to Robina, eldest daughter of the late -In London, Mrs Jane Smith, wife of Andrew
Rev. Henry Laurie, minister of Lochmaben. Paton, Esq. soap-manufacturer there.

At Dysart, William Hunt, Esq. Writer to - At No. 94, George Street, Helen, infant
the Signet, to Mary, only daughter of James Nor daughter of Mr Brown, accountant.
mand of Baltilly, Esq.

- At Haddington, Georgina, youngest daugh-
18. At Lord Ravensworth's, Portland Place, ter of Mr James Millar, printer.
London, Sir Hedworth Williamson, Bart. to the - At Kendal, Mr Alexander Davidson, Leclu-
Hon. Anne Elizabeth Liddell.

rer in Natural Philosophy and Chemistry..
19. Francis Grant, Esq. second son of the late 19. Mrs Guy, eldest daughter of the late Sir
Francis Grant, Esq. of Kilg raston, to Miss Far Francis Elliot of Stobbs, in the county of Rox.
quharson, eldest daughter of the late Captain Far burgh, Bart.
quharson Ross of Invercauld.

-- At Whitethorn, Milnathort, Mr James Mor.
20. At St George's, Hanover Square, London, rison.
James Macdonald, Esq. M.P., to Anne Charlotte, - At Edinburgh, Ann, the infant daughter of
youngest daughter of the Rev. J. S. Ogle, of Kirk William M‘Dowall, Esq. of Carruth.
ley-Hall, Northumberland.

21. At Aberdeen, George Kerr, Esq. surgeon.
25. At Edinburgh, the Rev. James Grant, jun. At Glasgow, Mr Robert Cross, engineer.
first minister of South Leith, to Miss Jessie Ann At Kilduff, Mr George Murray.
Campbell, widow of Major Archibald Campbell At Redhall, Mrs Inglis, wife of John inglis,
of Bragleen.

Esq. of Auchindinny.
- At Glasgow, Robert Urquhart, Esq. mer - At her uncle's house, in Great King Street,
chant there, to Jane, daughter of David M•Huffie, Edinburgh, Miss Alison Tweedie, daughter of the
Esq. of Overton.

deceased Mr Alex. Tweedie, late in Dreva.
- At Glasgow, Walter Crum, Esq. merchant, 22. At Lathallan, William Lindesay, Esq. of
to Jessie, youngest daughter of William Graham, Balmungie.
sen. Esq.

- At Linlithgow, Mr John Fife, cloth-mer.
- At Paris, Henry Harvey, Esq. of St Audries, chant there.
in Somersetshire, to Agnes, daughter of Alexan 24. At Plymouth, William Richard Smith,
der Ramsay, Esq. formerly of the Hon. East India Esq. Post Captain, R. N.
Company's Civil Service at Bombay.

25. At his apartments, York-Buildings, Mary-
26. At Edinburgh, Captain William J. Hope la-bonne, London, Dr John Gray, late physician
Johnstone, of the Royal Navy, to Eleanora Kirk to Hazlaar Hospital.
patrick, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Kirkpa At the Manse of Berwick, on the 25th ult..
trick of Closeburn, Bart.

the Rev. James Thomson, minister of that parish,
27. At Edinburgh, Captain D'Arcey Went-

aged 80.
worth, 73d regiment, to Elizabeth, third daugh 26. At Brown Square, John, eldest son of Mr
ter of the late Major Charles Macpherson, Inspec James Usher.
tor-General of Barracks for North Britain.

At Kelso, Robert Turner, Esq. late Royal Mi-
-- At Greenock, James Boyd, Esq. surgeon, litary Surveyor.
Hon. East India Company's service, to Isabella, 28. At Dumfries, Mr Edward Dawson, writer.
second daughter of John Pringle, Esq. Greenock. 28. At Hermitage Place, Leith, Andrew, infant

28. At Crathes, Captain Thomas Ramsay, se son of Mr John Mackie.
cond son of the late Sir Alexander Ramsay of Bal At 30, Castle Street, Horatius, son of David
main, Bart. to Margaret, youngest daughter of Sir Cannan, Esq. surgeon.
Robert Burnett of Leys, Bart.

29. Colonel Delancey Barclay, of the Grenadier
Lately. At Edinburgh, James Lawson, Esq. Guards, and aid-de-camp to the King.
W.S., to Margaret, youngest daughter of the de. 29. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Parks, widow
ceased Mr John Clark, Edinburgh.

of Mr John Auchterlonie,

- At Stone House, Cumberland, John Rich-

ard, third son of Lieut.-Colonel Sir Hew Ross,
October 1825. On board his Majesty's ship Boa K.C.B.
dicea, at Rangoon, in the 21st year of his age, 30. At Bishop Middleham, in the county of Dur-

ham, Miss Jamima Carnegie Napier, youngest 16. Al his seat of Vuthill, in the county of
daughter of the late Major-General the Hon. Mark Fife, in the 82d year of his very active life, John

Bruce, Esq. of Grangehill and Falkland.
30. At the Manse of Alvie, Charlotte Grant, wife - At his house, in Minto Street, Newington,
of the Rev. Mr John M.Donald, minister of that Thomas Riddell, Esq. younger of Cammiestown.

At Norton Place, Mr John Nicholson.
At Braehead House, Miss Margaret Howi 17. At the manse of Muthill, the Rev. John
son Crawfurd, eldest daughter of the Rev. James Russell.
Howison M. Craufurd, of Braehead.

- At Newcastle, aged 67 years, the Rev. David
31 At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Ogilvie, youngest

M‘Indoe of the Scotch church, in the Groat
daughter of the late Alex. Ogilvie, Esq. Auchiries. Market.

April 1. At Orwell, near Kinross, James Skel - At Glasgow, Peter Buchanan, Esq. of Auch.

At his house in Portsburgh, Mr Jas. Inglis. - At Gallowberry, John Corrie, Esq. of Gal-
- At Edinburgh, George Russell, Esq. of Inch, lo rry:
wrlter to the signet.

At Leith, Mr William Hunter, tide-survey.
3. At Edinburgh, James Bell, Esq. advocate. or of customs there.

At Windsor Street, Cecil Joseph, youngest 18. At Dalyell Lodge, John Charles, only son
son of Samuel Joseph, Esq.

of John Dalyell, Esq.
At his house, in Smith's Place, Leith Walk, At 17, Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, Miss
in the 63d year of his age, and 38th of his minis. Isabella Wedderburn Scrymgeour, daughter of
try, the Rev. Thomas Aitchison, pastor of the Henry Wedderburn, of Wedderburn and Birkhill,
first United Associate Congregation, Leith.

1. At Leslie, Mrs Ireland, aged 79.

At her house, Heriot Row, Mrs S. C. Camp.
- At Knockbay, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of bell, relict of Major John Campbell of the 76th
Colonel John Porter of Knockbay.

regiment of foot.
- At Dreva, Mr John Tweedie, junior, writer 19. At her house, India Street, Edinburgh, Mrs
in Edinburgh.

Stewart of Stonton.
5 At the Mill of Arntully, parish of Kinclaven, 20. At Edinburgh, Mr James Millar, late writer
Mr Thomas Stewart, in the 101st year of his age. and surveyer of taxes in the county of Fife.

- At 25, India Street, Robert Douglas, Esq. of - At Stirling, after a long illness, Hugh, eldest
Better Hope, Demarara.

son of the late Alex. M'Lean, Esq. Auchatenny,
- At Mayfield, May Ferguson Robertson, third aged 16 years.
daughter of the late James Robertson, Esq. writer At Edinburgh, James, youngest son of John
to the signet.

Tawse, Esq. advocate.
At Leith, Charles John, eldest son of Lieut. 21. At his house, Marine Cottage, Pirniefield,
Charles Smith, Royal Navy.

John Rhind, Esq. cashier to the. Edinburgh
6. At Glasgow, Major Alexander Mackay, Lag Friendly Insurance Society.
gan, Islay.

- Ai Nelson Strcet, Mr Thomas Ivory, en.
- At Shaftesbury House, Bayswater, William graver
Davidson, Esq.

22. At West Lauriston, Elizabeth Hamilton
7 At Duke Street, Leith, Mr Anthony Laird, Glen, youngest daughter of the late Captain Glen,
cooper and fish-curer there.

Royal Navy.
- At Melville Mill, Lasswade, Mr Alexander - At his seat, Conon House, after a short ill.

ness, of inflammatory fever, Sir Hector Mac.
- At Edinburgh, Robert Beatson, youngest kenzie of Gairloch, Bart., Lord Lieutenant of the
son of Mr W. A. Lawrie, writer to the signet. county of Ross.

7. At Portobello, Joseph Williamson, Esq. prin-, 23._ At Edinburgh, Lieutenant the Hon. Frede-
eipal clerk of teinds, aged 82.

rick Forbes, of the 17th regiment of foot, third
8. At Edinburgh, Catherine Ann Bennett, wi son of General Lord Forbes, in his 23d year.
dow of Captain James Nicolson, of the Royal At 33, Ann Street, St Bernard's, Mrs Jean Lun-

die, spouse of Mr Archibald Lundie, writer to the
9. At North St James's Street, Margaret, signet.
youngest daughter of the late Mr James Saunders, - At Edinburgh, Miss Janet Leslie, only daugh-
writer to the signet, and wife of Mr Thomas Be. ter of the late George Leslie, Esq. of Coberty.
veridge, writer, Edinburgh.

At India Street, Sophia Marianne, only
10. In the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, of typhus daughter of the late Mr Douglas, Orchardfield
fever, caught in the discharge of his duty, Mr. Place."
Samuel Gordon, physician's clerk.

24. At Kirkdale, Ramsay Hannay, Esq.
At Ann Street, Stockbridge, Christina Ho At No. 3, Mound Place, Mrs Jane Wright,
garth, third daughter of Mr Alex. Ballantyne. widow of Mr Robert Norrie.

At Newtonlees, near Dunbar, aged 76, Mr 29. At Vogrie, James Dewar, Esq. of Vogrie.
Grive Wilson.

· 30. At Bo'ness, William, second son of Mr
11. At Newton Don, near Kelso, after a very Stephens of the grammar School.
short illness, occasioned by a spasmodic affection - At his lodgings, James' Square, D. J. Stew-
of the stomach, Sir Alexander Don, Bart. M. P. art, Esq. apothecary to the forces.
af Newtondon.

Lately. At Carthagena, on his way to Bogota,
- At Edinburgh, Ann Elizabeth, eldest daugh in the service of the Colombian Republic, Colonel
ter of Coll. Macdonald, Esq. writer to the signet. William Henry Hamilton.

- At her house, Euston Place, New Road, At Paris, the Right Hon. Lady Susan Doug.

the Hon. Mrs Boyd, widow of the Hon. las, a lady of considerable beauty, and most fas-
Charles Boyd, and daughter of the deceased Alex. cinating manners. Her Ladyship was daughter
Lockhart, Ésq. Lord Covington, one of the Sena. to the late, and sister to the present, Earl of Dun-
tors of the College of Justice.

- At Edinburgh, the Rev. Duncan Forbes, M. Lately, at Liverpool, Edward Airey, Esq.,

comptroller of his Majesty's customs, at the port
12. At Lanark, Captain John Todd.

of Whitehaven.
13. At Edinburgh, in her 79th year, Mrs Helen Lately. At Liverpool, Sir William Barton, Knt.
Wait, relict of Mr John Tait, farmer in Roxburgh one of the oldest merchants of that town engaged
West Mains.

in the West India trade, and for many years prin.
13. In Regent Street, London, Mrs Fauntleroy, cipal of the firm of Messrs Barton, Irlam, and
mother of the late unhappy Henry Fauntleroy. Higginson

14. Agnes Baillie, daughter of Mr H. G. Dick Lately, at Petersburgh, in the 88th year of his
son, writer to the signet.

age, the Russian Privy Councillor Prince Grego-
At Monton Corbet, the only son of Colonel riewitsch Dneibow.
Hargreaves of Ornerod Hall, Lancashire.

At Moscow, the celebrated Count Rostop-
13. At Dundonnell-house, Ross-shire, Kenneth chin,
Mackenzie, Esq. of Dundonnell.


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Abjuration, 25

Charades, acted ones, 558
Acted Charades, No. 1. 558_No. II. 560 Christmas gifts, remarks on various publi-
-No. III. 564

cations intended for, 80
Adamson, Gabriel, story of, 252

Church of England, remarks on the present
Africa, review of Denham and Clapperton's state, and probable future prospects of
discoveries in, 687

the, 36-On the use of the word " Tri.
Agriculture, remarks on, 287-Clamour nity,” ib. On the titles bestowed upon

against the corn laws, 289_Interests of the King, 37-On the mode of adminis-
· agriculture, commerce, and manufactures tering the Lord's Supper, 38-On Bap-
undivided, 290—The new system of free tism, ib.—The burial service, 40-Ex-
trade considered, 294_Its operation on tracts from the book of canons, 41-Re-
agriculture, 297-On the cultivation of marks on these, 42
light lands, 294—Consequences of al. Clapperton and Denham's travels in Africa,
lowing free importation of corn, 300 review of, 687
The ruin of agriculture must be follow. College, a wedding at, 550
ed by those of commerce and manufac. Cook and Housewife's Manual ; by Mrs
tures, 302–Effects of a free trade in Margaret Dods, of the Cleikum Inn, St
corn on the nation generally, 304—The Ronans, remarks on the, 651
restrictive system the foundation of the Corn markets, 37, 232, 617, 757
wealth, happiness, and grandeur of the Cottages, observations on, 241-Contrast
country, 311

between a town house in Heriot-row, and
Airlie, Adam, the elder, and his family, a cottage in the country, ib.Comforts
story of, 254

of a cottage to a family from town, 242
Ambrosianæ, Noctes, No. XXIV. 211 --Smoke, creepers, ib.--Moths, beetles,

No. XXV. 490_No. XXVI. 737 rats, mice, &c. 243--Cattle, ib.-Bees,
American Ornithology, review of Wilson's, damp, 244–Comforts of sleeping in a

cottage, 245-Beauties of a bona fide
Anspach, Margravine of, remarks on an cottage, 246_Cottage of Hill-foot; the

article concerning her in the New Month schoolmaster and his wife, 248_Cottage
ly Magazine, 470

of Windy-knowe, the gudewife and her
Appointments and promotions, military, three daughters, 250—The Rowan-tree
99, 234, 620, 760

hit, Aggy Robinson the carrier, 251-
Aristodemo, review of Monti's tragedy of, Cottage of the Seven Oaks and its wret-
· 173

ched inmate, ib.-Cottage of the Broom,
Atlantes, the island of, 87

Gabriel Adamson and Alice Gray, 252
Auto-biography of Mansie Wauch, tailor -Leaside cottage ; Adam Airlie the

-The bloody business, 76~My first elder and his family, 254-Highland
and last play, 347–The barley-fever cottages, 256-Blind Donald Roy, 257
and rebuke, 574

--Address to a wild-deer, 258-West.
Axel, a popular Swedish poem, free trans. morland cottages, 264
lation of, 184

Country Curate, the, Chap. I. The poach-
Balmaquhapple, the great muckle village er, 5-Chap. II. 9-Chap. III. 13
of, a song, 739

Chap. IV. The shipwreck, 137–Chap.
Bankruptcies, list of British, 236, 623, 763 V. The fa alist, 143- Chap. VI. The
Birds, observations on, 105_Introductory smugglers, 529
remarks, ib.The blackbird, 106–The Dead girl, to the picture of, 88
thrush, 107–The starling, 108- The Deaths, 103, 239, 627, 765
grey lintie, 109--A confession of first Denham and Clapperton's Discoveries in
love, ib.British song-birds, 110_Re Africa, review of, 687
marks on confining birds in cages, 111 Devil's walk, the, 136
Births, 102, 239, 625, 764

Diary of an old citizen, excerpts from the,
Bismark, Count, and his works, remarks 272

Distress, public, observations on the, 429
Blackwood's Magazine, observations on re- Dods, Meg, remarks on her System of

marks upon it in the French Globe, 205 Cookery, 651
Brockman, Will, a smuggler, history of, Dramatic powers of the author of Waver-

ley, on the, 152
Buccleuch, Duke of, songs on his birth Dramatic criticism, on cant in, 197

day, by the Ettrick Shepherd, 217 Dream, remarkable one, 736
Byron papers, remarks on the, 335 Duke Phranza the regicide, 344

on, 590

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