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free trade, the whole resources of na- his brethren into captivity. The Bible tural history are at our disposal, and is on the old man's knees, and his we commune almost unconsciously spectacled eyes are fixed on the page, with the reviving spirit of animated almost needlessly, for verse after verse and inanimated nature.

rises of itself before his memory. The Gentle reader! are you fond of roam- chapter is finished, and the child, wiping ing about the country by yourself, at away a tear, lays by the kerchief she some considerable distance from your had been hemming, and trips away to domicile? We say at some consider- the garden for dinner herbs, and with able distance from your domicile; for a pitcher to the well. The open dayto be familiarly known by all the men, light awakens a song in her gladdened women, and children you foregather heart, at the very moment the lark is with, is tiresome in the extreme, both leaving earth for sky; and flinging back to yourself and them, and almost dis- her auburn ringlets, the joyful orphan gusting. In such excursions, how. watches the lessening bird, and all the ever maile, on foot, filly, or fly, how while unconsciously accompanies with pleasantly every object affects you, as her own sweet pipe the ascending song. you creep or canter by, without the -But back to your own two Bagsmallest necessity for that painful process ratiocination! The senses are You cannot choose but see a nestindeed most admirable contrivances ; like Hut, embowered in birches, on the and we cannot be sufficiently thankful braeside, and stooping your head you for “ the harvests of a quiet eye” or cross the threshold. Not a mouse ear, reaped at her leisure by the Ima- stirring ! You look into a little backgination! There is a cottage-you room, with a window that shows but cannot help seeing its wreathing smoke, the blue sky, and there, sound asleep, neither can you help descending the beside her silent wheel, with her inchimney, and plumping down into nocent face leaning on her shoulder, the midst of four laughing country hands clasped on her lap, and her girls, devouring soup or sowens. Only white unstockinged ankles dazzling look at the gudewife-twelve feet in the mud-floor-there sits the Gentle circumference, more or less, and a face Shepherdess, unconscious of a huna that baffles all competition. After dred kisses on forehead, lips, and boromping a moment--for it is all you som. Oh! that you could read the creacan spare--with one of the four who ture's dream, written as it is in chahas taken your fancy you know not racters of light on that cloudless forehow-perhaps by the stedfast gaze of head! See, an old ballad has fallen her large hazel eyes swimming in de-, from her hand-doubtless a tale of licious lustre-instead of taking your love. Ay, and although breathed, a departure up the chimney, you eva- hundred years ago, from the heart of mish, generally, after the fashion of a a homely swain, who perhaps married Brownie-and find yourself once more a plain coarse lass, and became father sitting cheek by jowl, in medio tutissi- of ever so many yelping imps of hun. mus, of your two Bagmen.

gry children-a very clodhopper, who There again, that wreath of smoke could not write his own name, and as attracts your eye, wavering over a for conversation, was never known to small coppice-wood, and betraying an finish a sentence-a vulgar wretch, unseen dwelling. Dove-like you wing who shaved once a-week, and ate a your way thither wards, and behold an furlot of meal every fortnight-and aged couple sitting opposite to each who played the fiddle occasionally, other by the ingle, each in a high- when the regular Apollo was drunk or backed arm-chair ; while a small maid. dead, at fairs and kirns -ay, although en is sewing in silence on her stool, framed by such a poet, yet tender and exactly midway between, and never true to nature, and overflowing with lifting her eyes from her pleasant task- the sad delight of his inspired soul. work. Is she servant or grandchild, Contributor to all the Magazines but or both together? An indescribable one! Author of various pieces in prose likeness on her pretty small-featured and verse! Inditer of Petrarchan soninfantine face, tells you that she is of nets and Sapphic songs ! that terræ the same humble line as the old peo- filius, who has gone back to the dust ple. But why so silent ? She is lisa without his fame, was dearer than sening to the story of Joseph sold by ever thou wilt be to all the heaven

ly Nine. They purified the clown's nest of the water-wagtail-and old soul from all gross and earthly pas- lea-riggs, whose bright verdure is emsions, and with their own breath fan- broidered with the glowing gowans; ned the spark of genius, that slum- and downy brairds, that in three weeks bered there, into a flame. Then flow- will be bearded barley; and a general ed the sweet murmuring words--then character of permanent and principled came the pensive pauses and then well-doing over all the beautiful farm. the bursts from the beating and burn- Every field holds forth for itself, in a ing heart. Nature knew it was Poet- style of rich or simple eloquence. The ry--and she gave it to Time and great principle of rotation evolves itTradition to scatter over a thousand self to the very senses visibly among glens. How, pray ye, do you account the crops. The potatoe-field speaks for the caprice of genius, thus glori- for itself, with the true Irish accent; fying the low-born, low-bred peasant and wheat reminds you of the blades -and why should low birth, and low of Cockaigne. You turn round upon breeding, in cottage, hut, or shiel- the Bagmen, and are so copious on ing, be

thus made beautiful by the agricultural produce, that the one takes light of undying song? But the soli- you for Sir John Sinclair, and the tary maiden awakes and takes you for other for Mr Coke of Holkham. a robber-so up again, my dear sir, Or, if you are like us, not only up again to your Bagmen.

politician and a philosopher, but also In short, you keep repeating the a painter and a poet, whv, what hinsame process, with variations, all the ders you all the while the mail is at stage, and by the time you arrive at nine knots, to leap down into yonder the inn, you have made yourself glen, on whose brink, three hundred thoroughly acquainted with all the real feet high of chasmed cliffs frowns, or or imaginary domestic economy and rather say smiles, so green is the ivy private histories of all the families in

on one rounded corner, and so red the three successive parishes, from the wall-flower on the sharp edges of the sexton to Sir John Haveril-himself other, and so bright the sunshine over of that Ilk.

all the revivified walls-a Castle so In like manner you become en- old that tradition has forsaken its lightened, whether you will or no, by donjon-keep, nor could Jonathan Oldmerely keeping your eyes open in your buck himself tell the tale of the spurs head, on the state of agriculture and dagger dug up along with the Stone walls, where no stone walls great yellow bones !-sketch the old should be, or tumbling down in rickels Castle — and bring away, if not in and gaps; open gates, with broken

your paper-book, in your astounded bars that would not turn a tinkler's spirit, that grim, black, groaning abyss, cuddy; wide weedy ditches, full of into which sullenly descends the wafrogs and foliage; burweeds thick-set terfall! Tumble in there, my boy, in every pasture field, as a congregation head over heels, and thenceforth you at a tent-preaching; thistles six feet will be invisible as the merit of the to the grenadiers, and five feet eight last damned tragedy. But you shan't inches to the light-infantry, and Mat- be hissed-unless in your descent, thew Brambles, through whom many reverberating the slimy rock walls, a sheep has become a prey to the ravens, you enrage a nest of owls-or irriare seen by your eyes in spite of your tate a surly old bat, taking a cool teeth, and your mind passes judgment nap beneath the portico of his cafor you on the stupidity or laziness of

vern. It is a gross mistake to dream the tenant, who, you see, is behind that the river in flood will drive with his rent, and has orders to quit your mangled corse down to the lowat Mayday. Or, hedgerows here and lying lands, where being picked up, there, with a princely elm or oak, all it may be conveyed to the Modern clean as those round a garden, and Athens for Christian burial. We tell easily-shifted hurdles dividing the you, for the second time, your corse smiling fields into temporary enclo- will never be seen on this side of etersures—and padlocked gates defying nity-for at the bottom of that huge the cunning of stray horses, or the rock, that rises like a steeple from carelessness of wandering lovers—and the channel to the Castle's foundation, compost heaps, on which may the time and the torrent have scooped out hind's spring-spade not disturb the a catacomb, from which there is no

egress, for a fierce gurgle of foam if moralizing on the thread of life, so shuts up its mouth like a stone, and apt, with all possible preservation, to secures all the skeletons ! So up, if get rotten, or to snap in its strength. you be wise, between the Bagmen. And after we have got all ready, and

You observe we have a pannier on the deadly red spinner, or March our shoulder, and a fishing-rod in its brown, or Phin's delight-is circling numerous pieces, not unlike the Ro- the air about to descend on the curl, man fasces. You must know that we would you believe it, we have grown are on the way to the Crook-Inn in so fastidious, that not one pool in a Tweedsmuir. Ostensibly, we are go- dozen will we condescend to try, and ing to angle; but the truth is, that that only drop in our tail-fly, as light as a is almost a pretence. An elderly gen- snow-flake, above the dimple made by tleman, ever since Dr Johnson's verses, the pig-like snout of a four-pounder looks absurd in his hat and wig by the that we have doomed to death. And side of a murmuring stream ; so we when we lay him gasping on the gravel have mounted a foraging-cap, and let -no keen exultation, no fervent tria our few silver hairs take their chance umph! We regard him with serious in this genial weather. With our eyes, and almost wonder, with a slight angle in our hand, we shall be able to self-upbraiding, why we could not dauner down the streams, without have left him for another year to enawakening suspicions of sanity or sui- joy the murmurs of his native linn, cide in the minds of the shepherds; and salmon-like, fling himself in sport and not improbably we may kill, with among the spray-rainbows of the waout intending it, a glowing, golden, terfall. starry-sided Prince of the Pool, who The Tweed, the Tweed, be blesse has reigned a lustrum over a populous ings on the Tweed!” Bagmen, beempire of trouts and minnows. hold the Tweed! It issues from the

We have lost somewhat of our en- blue mist of yonder mountain, Scottice thusiasm even in the “ angler's silent Erickstane. The very wheels of the trade," and never hope to fill our pan- mail—the axle himself, is loath to disnier to the very lid again in this world. turb the liquid murmur. That sound Durs, indeed, is now “ the sober cer- -call it a noise—for it is brawling tainty of waking bliss," in all the pur- jocundly-is from some scores of tiny suits of this life. But we envy not in waterfalls, up among the braes, all others those eager transports which we joining, like children's voices the never more can share. We remember leader of an anthem, the clear strong the days of our youth, and are grateful. tenor of the Tweed. A blind man, No rushing down now, with breath with a musical ear, might almost be less anxiety, to the water side, to see said to see the river. Yonder it is with our own eyes if it be indeed in one bright gleam, like that of a little trim for the delicate gossamer midge- tarn; but a cloud has been passing, fly tackle. No desire to murder any and the gleam disappearing, there you previous angler in the very act of land- behold at once a quarter of a mile of ing a giant on the shelving sand of our stream, pool and shallow-cattle grafavourite and unfailing pool. No zing on the holms-sheep dotting the strict compact to fish stream and stream hills,--over yonder grove, too distant about ; no proposal made in bitterness to be heard, the circling flight of rooks, of rivalry, to toss up for precedence, and tending thitherward a pair of down the bright, beautiful, breezy herons, seemingly unmindful of this Tweed, murmuring along through the lower world, yet both crammed as full lights and shadows. No wading to the as they can fly with fishes from the arm-pits, or swimming to the opposite moor-lochs—more easily caught perbank from which alone we could com- haps by the silent watchers than the mand the certain eddy at the head of stream trouts; or rather do not herons the Saugh Linn. No-no-no! Then prefer such angling, because Guemswe were young Charles Cotton-but hope is a lonesome loch, and they have now we are old Isaac Walton. We now it all to themselves their own silent put our rod together by the water-edge, preserve ? as composedly as if exhibiting its taper But lo! the Crook Inn, and we longitude to admiring children in our

farewell,” to guard and parlour. We draw the reel-line through bagmen. The former assists us, even the rings, one after one, as solemnly

as as if he were a son of our own, down

must say,

with our gouty foot on the rim of the handed us up a glass of negus, with a wheel, and then, tenderly carried be kindly expression of countenance that neath his arm, deposits us safely on ter- disarmed all criticisin on the pug nose ra firma. Why, our crutch is now alto-, it illuminated. Therefore we felt our gether unnecessary. Our toe is painless hearts warm towards both Bagmen ; as if made of timber, yet as steel elas- and should this meet their eyes, let tic. Gout, who certainly mounted the it be taken as an acknowledgment of mail with us in Prince's Street, has fall- the pleasure we received from their en off the roof. Well, this perfect free- sprightly conversation, and especially dom from the shadow of a twinge, is from their duet, so extemporaneously to us as "refreshing” as a pretty new chaunted on our first catching a view poem to Mr Jeffrey. No more of that of the Tweed revolutionary, constitution - shaking, • Gee ho, Dobbin, Hey ho, Dobbin," radical, French eau-medicinal. A few till the solitary Tower of Polmood sent gulps of Tweedsmuir air have made his echo from the hill, and the Geus quite a young elderly gentleman. nius of the river hoped the restoration There, landlord, give our crutch to of the days of chivalry. Bauldy Brydon, the lameter; and, The kind greeting between an anhang it, if we don't challenge the fly- nual customer and a pair of way-side ing tailor himself to a hop-step-and- innkeepers, male and female, is with jump match in the meadows. There, us one of the very best of the small

right --left-right-left”- that's cordialities. Suppose that over, and the way we used to march thirty years Mr Christopher North shown to his ago, when we raised a regiment of our parlour, with many assurances that own in defence of Liberty and Law, he looks younger and younger every and even now we take it not amiss, ci- year. Why may not that be the vilian as we are, to be called-Colonel. truth after all ? After the voyager

We were beginning to like both of life has sailed through the grand Bagmen. For a few miles out of Edin- climacteric, and gets into the fine open burgh, they were nothing short of Pacific sea-he downs with his stormoffensive-so rich their unaspirated jib, and hoists all his fair-weather southern slang, that bespoke them

He also shows his colours, true subjects to their liege lord, the and now and then fires a gun to bring King of Cockney-land. Their long to any brigantine about his own tonloud laugh, how coarse and sensual! nage and weight of metal. AccordHow full of pus the pruriency of their ingly we believe that we look much imaginations! Their sensations how more dangerous and indeed not only gorged-in what state of starvation look, but are so--than your fulltheir ideas! The one was the Wit, the cheeked, thick-calved, bolt-upright, other the Man of Information. Then broad-shouldered bachelors of about they had been at Bolton, and attempt- forty. Were we young girls, we ed trotting, but they soon ran dry; should become loath-sick of such Loand after an hour and twenty minutes tharios, who have lost the loveliness exhibition and exhaustion, both toge- of youth, without having gained the ther were not a match for the twelfth venerability of age. Thirty miles on milestone. Nevertheless, we saw them the outside of the mail is a whetter ; wheeling away for ever from our range and dinner, we confess, is to us the of vision, with feelings of the slightest, Meal of Meals. The bare mutton but most unaffected sadness. Nor were shoulder-blade has been thrown to the they unmoved. About Pennicuick they colleys—the cheese has been sent for had discovered, that, notwithstanding by a traveller from Moffat, with his the comeliness of our green old age, compliments to Mr North courteously we were somewhat of an ugly custom- returned-and one single bottle of as er to all Cockneys; and they drew in fine old port as you could elicit even their horns as quickly as the guard does from the cellars of Brougham and his after a turnpike opening Tantara- Anderson, having been discussed by ra. About Nine-mile-end, one of them us, all except three glasses for our hesitatingly proffered a pinch, apolo- bolster-cup-pray how are we to pass gizing for the device on the lid of a pa- the evening ? Thank Heaven for all pier-machè snuff-box, conceived in the its blessings—and for none more, than true Gallic grossness; and at Whitburn that, when free from the pressure of the other (who said he knew Tims) life's heavier calamities, never once, during the memory of threescore years, tastic of cabinet-makers, Chance ; and has one evening hung upon us pon as the evening is now warm, and we derous or protracted ! Enough to amuse“ have ta’en our auld cloak about us, our vacant, and to sober our thought it matters little if we should even fall ful mind, to hear the house-clock asleep. Ay, there now are a hundred ticking when all but ourselves were suddenly-lighted candles-but there asleep; and often have we, before go- is no fear of their setting fire to the ing unchambermaided to bed, stood curtains--the beautiful blue-hanging holding up the candle, burned down curtains, lately edged with gold, but nearly to the socket, to the mysterious now with cloud-fringes, pure as the face of the Time-teller, with his long silver or the snow. sweeping hand, and his short one so Nothing is farther from our thoughts sure and steady, awe-struck in our than the wish to be poetical ; yet who travelling Kilmarnock nightcap, at the can escape being so Scott-free, when tick-tick-tick reminding us mo- walking alone by Tweedside, under mently that we were one-two-three one of the most beautiful of April steps farther advanced on the road to night-skies? There is no silence, exeternity.


cept where there is sound. Silence is A single blockhead, or even a batch an active power, when overcoming of blockheads, would be miserable at sound, as it does when the continual the Crook Inn. There is no stir on the calm contest is carrying on in the soroad to stare at two or three chaises, litude of the hills. The louder the perhaps, at the utmost, during a whole voice of the stream, the deeper the day at this season ; and now and then sleep of the air! nothing can awaken a farmer, jogging by with—it may be it till morning melt the dream. Should --his wife behind him on a pillion. a distant dog bark, hunting by bimNothing to look at but green hills—a self on the hill, or disturbed, perhaps, few fat potato-fields, covered with by the foot of some strange shepherd, pyramids of dung, and a river-name visiting his Peggy when the household by blockhead unknown and unasked are asleep, how the faint far-off echoes with a din more wearisome and mo- give power to the brooding calm ! notonous than a hurdy-gurdy. But, Wearied labour is everywhere thankreader, neither you nor we are a block- fully at rest; and love, and joy, and head; so, happy could we be together, youth, alone are wakeful. No wonder or apart, with the “ Crook in our lot," that poets glorified the glimpses of the all a summer's day; for who, with a moon, and, long before science was heart and a soul tolerably at ease with- born, named, and arranged, and locain him, could fail to be happy, hear- lized the stars. So sayeth Kit North, ing, as we do now, the voice of the beadsman of Tweedside. Tweed, singing his pensive twilight Does that man exist who is not, in song to the few faint stars that have some degree, the slave of the senses? become visible in heaven?

Breathes there the man, with soul so Let us dauner away, then, along alive, that he can bring night upon to the banks of the Tweedmand if the himself during day, day during night, dews be not too heavy, lie down, like to the utter extinction of sun, moon, one of the other resting and rumina- and stars ? No. Something external ting creatures, on the close-nibbled must touch the spirit, to vivify her braes. A contemplative man looks visions. The Swiss must hear the cowwell, with arms folded, eyes now song before he pines himself away in searching for stones, and now for the malady of his mountains. The stars, footsteps slow as if the drag had sailor who, when circumnavigating the been put on,--and ever and anon a globe, wept at the sight of a pewter pensive philosophic sigh ;- but as spoon with the mark • London" upon there are now no immediate specta- it, had not wept at the often-repeate' tors but about a dozen cows, and one ed name, however dear the distant old ram, who seems meditating a shore. And, to come nearer home, who charge of horning, we shall not cross can, sitting by his fireside in town, so the runlet that separates us from Mr envelope himself in imagination, as to Wooler,-in this case no black or yel- walk in moonlight, tender as the true, low Dwarf, we assure you,-but shall by the glittering sound of streams, take the chair, an accidental armed one, murmuring absolutely out of and along framed in a freak by that most fan. the green pory earth? Place a huma

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