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much has been already done by yourselves ; binding done by the boys, and several

- but there is much still to be effected. From articles of common useful cheap clothing the expense incurred in the erection and made by the girls, were exhibited. Inrepair of the school-house, twelve boys deed, it was a most gratifying meeting, only can at present be admitted on the and we had many visitors; although, I establishment: there are even now appli. regret to say, not one member of Council cations for more than twenty, and of these or Assembly, or other influential person, many are above eleven years of age !

was present. However, the establishment “ Stay not, then, your hands, I beseech goes on, and, thank God! prospers to you, until you can lie down on your beds our utmost wishes. Our schools for the with the comfortable reflection, that not coloured and slave population in Bridge one child in the parish remains uneducated Town are also thriving well. At Christthrough inability of obtaining instruction. mas we succeeded in getting a new schoolAll have an equal claim-all have equal mistress, a very nice white young woman, need: their very salvation may depend on of a most respectable family. She has their admission into these schools ! How can good sense and good principles; and, to you better employ a portion of the wealth the astonishment of many, has actually with which it has pleased God to bless placed herself under the direction of a you, than in thus training up children de- committee of coloured ladies, who supervoted to his service-dutiful to their pa- intend their own school, and they go on rents-obedient to their superiors-honest, famously together. Mrs. Coleridge, Mrs. sober, and industrious in their habits—holy Eliot, and Mrs. Pinder, are constant visitors in their lives—and full of hope through there, and every thing is precisely what Christ in the hour of their deaths ? Weigh any good member of our Church could all these consequences, under God, of a wish. You who live in England can have religious and suitable education-cast your little idea of the difficulties thus overcome eyes on these children who are enjoying in this arrangement, nor of the great merit it; think of the number of children who which our new school-mistress has in thus are still without it; and then say, shall submitting, with so much propriety, to these still suffer need ?-need, not of the those who, although many of them her body cnly, but of every thing that can superiors in acquirements (for some of make them valuable in this life, and ensure them have been very well educated), are their everlasting happiness, through Christ, still considered in this country as decidedly in the next. Let the abundance of your her inferiors, and to whom common civility alms give the answer; and may that God, is not supposed to be due. Of other matwhose kingdom and righteousness you are ters I will say nothing, having nothing thus seeking for yourselves, and for the very satisfactory to report, except that we children of your poorer brethren, return cannot get books fast enough from England, your alms tenfold into your bosom: and

from the Society for Promoting Christian so increase and multiply upon you his Knowledge, to answer the quick demand mercy, that He being your Ruler and for them here." Guide, you may, with them, so pass through things temporal, that you finally lose not the things eternal, which God We look upon these papers as exhath of his goodness promised to his faith- tremely valuable and important; afful servants, for the sake of Jesus Christ fording, as they do, the most convincing our Lord !"

proof of the steadiness with which his As an interesting accompaniment Lordship proceeds in ameliorating the to these papers from the Bishop, we

condition of the slaves, and doing in cannot refrain from gratifying our

good earnest what sectarists and antireaders with the subjoined extract from

slavery societies only talk about, for a private letter, dated Barbados, April

the purpose of producing a feverish, or 3, 1828.

rather factious, excitement. It is a

curious fact that the Anti-slavery SoOn Saturday, we had a very great treat

ciety, who publish periodical details at the Central School, it being the anni

from the West Indies, have passed versary of that Institution. The numbers

over in almost utter silence the case are increased, and our children improved

of Mr. Harte, the early circumstances in every respect. They had a very excellent dinner provided for them, and

of which we gave at full in a former passed a good examination; and I hear Number—a case, which places the there is an excellent Report about to be conduct of the Bishop and Mr. Harte put forth. Several specimens of book- in the highest point of view, and shows ship, and other religious purposes, and in also in progress, relative to the grant

the effectual measures which they have lately published in our hands, and we taken to prevent the confusion, which shall shame these worthies by its init is the palpable object of these pre- sertion next month. Our limits will tended philanthropists to promote. We not admit of so long a document in the have the defence which Mr. Harte has

present Number.

NOVA SCOTIA. We are sorry to observe that the writing, under their respective hands and spirit of mistaken liberality and false seals, duly executed in the presence of refinement, is abroad in our colonies,

two or more witnesses, and to be entered as well as at home. We print the

in a proper book, for this purpose to be profollowing Act of the House of As

vided, to declare and constitute themselves,

and each and every of them, members of a sembly, in Nova Scotia, and leave it

congregation of Christians for public worto speak for itself. Another Bill is

such deed or writing, to adopt a suitable ing of marriage licences, which will

name or designation for such congregation, pair well with the precious Unitarian and to declare the place where the same is Marriage Bill, which, we trust, will established, and the particular sect, denonever be passed into a law. As a set mination or persuasion, of Christians, with off to these, however, we subjoin a whose doctrines, rites, ceremonies, belief, document of a different character,

and religious observances, such congrewhich abundantly proves that attach

gation connected, or which the persons ment to the establishment Church is constituting the same principally observe

or adopt—and further, to name and designot only greatly predominant in the

nate any two or more persons, being settlement, but considerably in the

members of the said congregation, to be increase. This document is an extract

the trustees thereof, and to give to such from the late Census, showing the

trustees a name of office, and likewise, relative proportion of sects in Nova to describe and set forth in such deed or Scotia ; and it will afford an unanswer- writing, by metes and bounds, the parable refutation of a late assertion of ticular situation and description of all Mr. Hume from his seat in Parliament, lands and tenements conveyed to the said relative to the waste of money in pro

congregation, or any person or persons in viding new Churches in our colonial trust for the same, or there held and enestablishments.

joyed by such congregation, either for

the scite of their church, chapel, or place An Act concerning Religious Congregations

of meeting for public worship, or for and Societies.

places of interment, or for the house, Whereas, for the promotion of religion manse, or residence of the pastor, minister, and piety in this province, and for reme- or clergyman, of such congregation, or for dying the inconveniences under which and as a glebe, or for the support and divers congregations and societies of Chris-' maintenance of the said congregation and tians now labour, in regard to the tenure, the ministers, officers, and members theremanagement, and disposition of the lands, of, or in aid or support of other lawful monies, and chattels, to them for religious objects connected with such religious estapurposes belonging; and in regard to the blishments, and moreover to declare and management of their affairs, respectively, set forth in such deed or writing so much it is expedient to confer upon them, the and such parts of the constitution of the powers and privileges in this Act con- said congregation or society, as the parties tained.

to such deed or writing shall think proper; Be it therefore enacted, That when and but particularly the mode by which future so often, as any number of persons in this members can or may be admitted into province, not less than twenty, who are such congregations, and by whom the capable of legally contracting, shall intend right of voting at its meeting shall be to form themselves under the authority enjoyed, and how the votes of the memof this Act, into a society or congregation bers shall be ascertained and given, and of Christians for religious public worship, the manner in which all vacancies in the and the performance of their peculiar rites trust shall be from time to time supplied. and ceremonies, and to avail themselves II. And be it further enacted, That the of the benefits of this Act, it shall and may deed or writing so to be executed, shall be lawful for such persons, by deed or be registered on the oath of the sub

scribing witnesses, in the office of the Registrar of Deeds, of the county or district where the congregation is established, and in like manner as other deeds, and the registry thereof shall be certified by the registrar upon the said deed or writing.

III. And be it further enacted, That after the registry of such deed or writing, all the lands and tenements therein described, with their respective appurtenances, and all other lands and real estate granted or conveyed to the said congregation, or any persons in trust thereof, or for all or any of the aforesaid objects and purposes thereof, saving nevertheless, the estate, right, and interest, whatsoever, therein, of any person not claiming as or under any trustees of any such congregation, and also all monies, goods, chattels, and effects whatsoever, and all securities for money, or other obligatory instruments, evidences, muniments, and all other effects whatsoever, and all rights, or claims, belonging to, or had by, such congregation or its trustees, shall be and become absolutely the property of such congregation, and be and become vested in the trustees named in such deed or writing for the time being, for the use and benefit of such congregation; and, after the death or removal of any trustee or trustees, shall vest in the succeeding trustee or trustees, for the same estate and interest as the former trustee or trustees had therein, and subject to the same trust, without any assignment or conveyance whatsoever, except the transfer of stock or securities in the public funds. --- And also shall, for all the purposes of action or suit, as well criminal as civil, at law or in equity, in anywise touching or concerning the same, be deemed and taken to be, and shall in every such proceeding, when necessary, be stated to be, the property of the persons appointed to the office of trustees of such congregation for the time being, by their name of office, designated in such deed or writing as aforesaid.

IV. And be it further enacted, That such trustees shall, and they are hereby respectively authorised in their name of office, to bring or defend, or cause to be brought or defended, any action, suit, or prosecution, criminal as well as civil, in law or equity, touching or concerning the lands, real or personal estate, debts, claims, rights and property of the said congregation; and such trustees, by their said name of office, shall and may, in all cases concerning the respective lands, real or personal estate, debts, claims, rights, and property of such congregation, sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, as trustees under their designation of office, and no

such suit, action, or prosecution, shall be discontinued or abate, by the death of such trustees, or any of them, or by their respective removal from office; but the same shall and may be proceeded in by the succeeding trustees respectively, any law, usage, or custom, to the contrary notwithstanding; and the trustees for the time being shall pay or receive the like monies, costs, and expenses, as if the action or suit had been prosecuted in the names of those who shall be trustees at the time of the award thereof, and for the benefit of, or to be reimbursed from, the funds of such congregation.

V. Arid be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for every congregation established under this Act, to have, hold, receive, take, and enjoy, in the names of the trustees thereof, lands, tene, ments, and real estate whatsoever, to any amount not exceeding the yearly value of two thousand pounds; and also, all monies, securities for monies, goods, chattels, and effects, legacies and bequests, to any amount, not exceeding in the whole, at any one time, ten thousand pounds, and such real and personal estate to use, apply, sell, lease, or dispose of, as to the said congregation shall appear expedient.

VI. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the members of every such congregation to meet together at any time or times when they shall think proper, and at such meetings, by the votes of the majority of members present, to make, establish, and put in execution, all such rules and regulations as to the majority of the members shall appear necessary for declaring and establishing the constitution and government of the congregation, and such rules and regulations to change, alter, and amend, as they shall think proper; and also to choose trustees to supply any vacancy in the trust, and to remove from office any of their trustees for the time being; and generally to conduct, manage, and superintend, the affairs and business of the congregation. Provided always, That the time and place of meeting shall be duly notified as shall be prescribed by their rules in that behalf, and that some fit person shall be chosen moderator or chairman at every meeting; and that all the proceedings thereat shall be duly entered in the books. of the congregation for that purpose to be provided; and the entries respectively shall be signed by the person presiding and by the clerk of the meeting, and proof of such entry so signed shall be deemed sufficient evidence of such proceedings, and of the regularity of the meetings respectively.

VII. And be it further enacted, That every person admitted a member of the

congregation after the registry of the deed or writing aforesaid, shall execute the same in the presence of two witnesses, before he shall be deemed a member thereof.

VII. And be it further enacted, That all lands, tenements, and real estate, which, at the formation of any congregation under this Act, shall be held in trust for the same society, church, or congregation, by any persons whomscever, shall and may, by such trustees, or by the survivors of them, or by such trustees as then remain in this province, be for the like estate and interest, whereof such trustees are seized, granted, conveyed, and transferred unto, and to the use of, the trustees named in such deed or writing, by their names of office, or to their successors; and upon such conveyance being made and registered, all the estate, right, title, and interest, of the original trustees, or the survivors of them and their heirs, shall absolutely vest in and become the estate and property of the said congregation, and as fully and effectually as if all the original trustees had joined in the said conveyance.

IX. And be it further enacted, That by the vote and direction of the majority of the subscribing members of any congregation present at any lawful meeting, the trustees for the time being shall, and they are hereby required and empowered to, grant, sell, mortgage, lease, or convey, to such purchaser or purchasers, or other persons, and for such price, sums, rents, or terms, as by the meeting shall be agreed on, any lands or real estate of the congregation which its members shall think proper to sell, mortgage, lease, or dispose of; and every such deed, mortgage, lease, or conveyance thereof, executed by the trustees for the time being in their names of office, and signed by the chairman or moderator of the meeting which shall order the sale, mortgage, or other disposition, shall be sufficient and valid in law, to convey to the grantee, mortgagee, lessee, or purchasers respectively, either in perpetuity or by way of mortgage or of lease for years, or otherwise, as the case may be, all such estate, title, and interest therein, as the said congregation or the trustees thereof had, held, or was entitled to, in, to, or out of such real estate, with the appurtenances so granted, mortgaged, demised, or disposed of, or as the said congregation designed by such deed, mortgage, lease, or conveyance, to vest in the grantee, mortgagee, or lessee named therein.

X. And be it further enacted, That under the order and direction of any meeting of the congregation, the trustees

shall, and they are hereby empowered to, enter into contracts and agreements in writing, with any clergyman, minister, or pastor, whom the congregation shall think proper to select for, and appoint to, the spiritual charge of the said congregation, and for such periods and times, and at such salary and stipend, as shall be agreed on in these particulars.

XI. And be it further enacted, That the moderator and trustees of any such congregation, who shall have agreed with and settled any minister, pastor, or clergyman, shall, without delay, cause the execution of every such contract or agreement to be duly proved, by the oath of one of the subscribing witnesses, and to be registered in the registry of deeds for the county or district where such congregation is established, and thereupon such person shall be deemed the settled minister of such congregation for the time being.

XII. And be it further enacted, That the trustees for the time being, by the vote and direction of the majority of the subscribing members of any congregation, and not otherwise, shall, and they are hereby authorised, in all cases where the funds of the congregation in their hands, or at their disposal, shall be inadequate to the discharge of the claims paid or payable by the said trustees, to sue for and recover a rateable share and proportion from such subscribing members, to be fixed according to the rules of the congregation in this behalf established of such amount or deficiency; and also of all or any other the legal claims of the trustees against the congregation, by the distinct and separate suit for their respectable rateable proportion or contribution of the whole amount claimed, to be prosecuted against the several and respective surviving and solvent subscribing members of the said congregation, or the representatives of deceased members, competent and liable to such payment; and every such suit, against such individual member, or representatives of a member, shall and may be prosecuted before such justice of the peace or court, as, under the laws from time to time in force, shall have jurisdiction over suits for the recovery of simple contract debts of the like sum and amount as the defendant shall be liable to pay and contribute to such trustees.

XIII. And be it further enacted, That nothing in this Act contained, shall extend, or be construed to extend, to change, diminish, impair, or affect the parishes, rights, privileges, and immunities, of the clergymen, ministers, officers, and parishioners, of the Church of England, as by law established, in this province,

Abstract of the Census Roll lately issued in Nova Scotia.

[blocks in formation]

123,848 128,659 137,225 120,401 9408 19,790 2968.4417 405|55|23|158 313.771 320









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