University Record: For Faculty and Staff Members of the University of Michigan

University of Michigan., 1957

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Side 5 - In the next place, the University, having been endowed by the General Government, affords education without money and without price. There is no young man so poor, that industry, diligence, and perseverance, will not enable him to get an education here. The present condition of the University confirms this view of its character. While the sons of the rich, and of men of more or less property, and, in large proportion, the sons of substantial farmers, mechanics, and merchants, are educated here, there...
Side 11 - ... landscape architects, who they are and what they do. But it is more than a chronicle of people, events and historical sights. In a style which captures the grace and beauty of some of history's finest (and not so fine) examples of landscape architecture, Norman T. Newton writes about "the art of arranging land, together with the spaces and objects upon it, for safe, efficient, healthful, pleasant human use.
Side 2 - A preventative approach to mental health is the basis of a study of a "well adjusted" culture, which is being financed by a grant of $19,364 from the National Institute of Mental Health of the US Public Health Service. The project, entitled "Cultural and Psychiatric Factors in the Mental Health of the Hutterites" will be administered by Wayne University in Detroit, under the direction of Assistant Professor Joseph W.
Side 5 - Michigan is popular, in the strictest sense, whether we consider its courses of study, or the fact that it is freely opened to all the people, without distinction. If any wish to give their sons a classical education, with a view of introducing them into the learned professions, they find here the requisite course of study. If any wish to give their sons a purely scientific education, or...
Side 4 - Director of the Commission on Educational Organizations of the National Conference of Christians and Jews; Gertrude L.
Side 10 - Harbor, page 28) is professor of history and chairman of the department of history at the University of Nebraska.
Side 4 - LANDIS under the direction of the Commission on Religious Organizations of the National Conference of Christians and Jews.
Side 5 - Assembly.— -A. body to be composed of 36 members each from France, Germany, and Italy, 14 each from Belgium and the Netherlands, and 6 from Luxembourg. Members are to be appointed by the parliaments of the respective states concerned or elected by direct universal suffrage. By a two-thirds majority, the Assembly may adopt a motion to consure the Euratom Commission.
Side 3 - Financing beginning with the year 1957, to review the status of the old-age and survivors insurance trust fund and the disability insurance trust fund in relation to the long-term commitments of the program.

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