The Secret Societies of All Ages & Countries - Volume 1

Cosimo, Inc., 1. nov. 2005 - 376 sider
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This society, probably the most pernicious association which has ever existed in Europe, was, or is-for we have no proofs that it has ceased to exist-an association of blacklegs, thieves, extortioners, rogues and villains of every kind... -from "The Camorra" From the modern intrigue of conspiracy theories to the immense popularity of The Da Vinci Code, the fascination with secret societies-and their arcane knowledge and power-has never been so rampant. This monumental, encyclopedic work details the initiations and ceremonies, the codes and customs of mysterious organizations from ancient times to the modern world. First published in 1875 and completely revised and updated in 1897, this remains the definitive, authoritative guide to secret societies... and to the spiritual evolution of humanity they represent. Volume I explores: the Magi and the Mithraics . Egyptian priests and kings Chinese metaphysics . the Druids . Cabbalism and Gnosticism pagan rites and myths echoed in Christianity . heretics the Assassins and the Dervishes . chivalrous knights the Inquisition . Alchemy . the Mafia . the Illuminati and much more. Also available from Cosimo Classics: The Secret Societies of All Ages & Countries: Vol. 2. British historian and author CHARLES WILLIAM HECKETHORN (c. 1826-1902) was born in Switzerland but emigrated to England as a child. Among his writings are a novel, a book of verse, translations of Scandinavian folklore, and the travelogues Italian Lights and Shadows, London Souvenirs, and London Memories.

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A10HTMISTS 238 Astrology perhaps Secret Heresy 239 Process
Bmanusi Swrdkkbobg 254 Emanuel Swedenborg 255
Makrnism 266 Martinez Paschalis 267 SaintMartin 217218
The Thugs 294 Introductory 295 Name and Origin 296 Prac
The Chauffeurs ob Bubkirs 301 Origin and Organisation
Thb Camokba 312 Origin of the Caniorra 313 Different kinds
Rosiobcoiaks 268 Merits of the Rosicrucians 269 Origin of

Thk Gnostics 118 Character of Gnosticism 119 Doctrines
Sous of thb Widow hi Origin of Religion of Love 112 Manes
The Boshbsiah154 The Rosheniah Sect and its Founder 155
Thi Dbbvishis 165 Derrahes 166 Shiites and Sannites 167
ThbBbaTI Paoli 214 Character of the Society 215 Tendencies
Mala Vita 326 The Mala Vita 275
Beggars Tkamps and Thieves 331 Languages and Signs 332
Asiatic Bbkthken 28 r Origin of the Order 282 Division of this
The Skopzi341 Various Russian Sects 342 The Skopzi
The Cantors oe Muckers 349 Eva von Buttler arid her Sect
Ilmtminati351 The Term IUuroinati 352 Foundation of Order
Tub Gbbman Union 364 Statements of Founder 315
Gibman Wobkmens Uniosb373 Huntsmans Phraseology 374
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Side 202 - Full little knowest thou, that hast not tried, What hell it is in suing long to bide ; To lose good days that might be better spent ; To waste long nights in pensive discontent; To speed to-day, to be put back to-morrow ; To feed on hope ; to pine with fear and sorrow ; To have thy Prince's grace, yet want her peers...
Side 19 - They are slaves who fear to speak For the fallen and the weak; They are slaves who will not choose Hatred, scoffing, and abuse, Rather than in silence shrink From the truth they needs must think; They are slaves who dare not be In the right with two or three.
Side 110 - And he will be a wild man ; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him ; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.
Side 45 - I am all that has been, all that is, and all that will be, and no mortal has drawn aside my veil.
Side 38 - Initiation. — The periods of initiation were regulated by the increase and decrease of the moon, and the mysteries were divided into four degrees, and the candidate might be initiated into the first at the early age of eight years. He was then prepared by a Brahmin, who became his spiritual guide for the second degree, the probationary ceremonies of which consisted in incessant occupation in prayers, fastings, ablutions, and the study of astronomy. In the hot season he sat exposed to five fires,...
Side 201 - In the Green Lion's bed the sun and moon are born, they are married and beget a king ; the king feeds on the lion's blood, which is the king's father and mother, who are at the same time his brother and sister. I fear I betray the secret, which I promised my master to conceal in dark speech from every one who does not know how to rule the philosopher's fire.
Side 58 - There is much perplexity connected with this subject; since, besides what is mentioned above, the mysteries are also said to have been instituted in honour of Atys, the son of Cybele. Atys means the sun, and the mysteries were celebrated at the vernal equinox, and there cannot, therefore, be any doubt that, like all the other mysteries in their period of decay, they represented the enigmatical death of the sun in winter and his regeneration in the spring. The ceremonies lasted three days. The first...
Side 8 - What is now called the Christian religion, has existed among the ancients, and was not absent from the beginning of the human race, until Christ came in the flesh : from which time the true religion, which existed already, began to be called Christian.
Side 28 - ... and dispensers of the mysteries. By these the novice was received with congratulations, and after having entered into the usual engagements for keeping secret the rites of Zoroaster, the sacred words were entrusted to him, of which the Tetractys, or name of God, was the chief. The Tetractys of Pythagoras is analogous to the Jewish Tetragrammaton, or name of the Deity in four letters. The number four was considered the most perfect, because in the first four properties of nature (11) are comprised...

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