Billeder på siden
[blocks in formation]


IT will be perceived that the following Poem is but a sketch of some prominent features of the physical and moral character of rural scenes. The avocations of business have prevented its being filled out in those proportions, which are necessary to complete the plan. It will, therefore, be subject to reproach for the imperfection of the picture, and the comparative diffuseness of the historical descriptions. The hope is, however, indulged that the consideration of their importance, of their obvious intimacy of connection with the principal object in vicw, and of the general propositions interspersed, will furnish a satisfactory reason for the sin of omission or of commission, to the charge of which the Author pleads guilty by anticipation. At any rate, the descriptions referred to, having been called forth by an ardent attachment to our political and religious institutions, if, by the contrast which they present, they may tend to promote the same sentiment in others, the balm of that consolation will heal the wounds which the lash of criticism may inflict.

The Appendix has been extended to considerable, although very inadequate limits, and will be found to be naturally con

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