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Boccius on Breeding Fresh-water Fish,

Bonnycastle's Canadas, 309
Breeding of Fresh-water Fish, 556
Bride of Messina, Schillers's, 360
Bright's Handbook for Emigrants, 543
British and Foreign Library Society,
Scheme for a, 449

British India, Mills's, 239

Britons, Notices of the Ancient, 82
Browne's Religio Medici, Notice of, 524
Browne on Itinerating Libraries, 443
Buckingham on Popular Elections, 440
Burlesque Poem, 167


CALCUTTA Monthly Journal, 148
Campbell, Rev. J., Life of, 228
Canadas, The, by Bonnycastle, 309
Cant and J. Campbell, 233
Castlereagh and Foreign Office, 176
Catherwood on the Lungs, 382
Catlin's North American Indians, 318
Catholicity, Features of, 460
Caius Toranius, 250

Central America, Travels in, 30
Chamber-maids and Maxwell, 510
Charles Knight's London, 149
Cheapness of Itinerating Libraries, 448
Chiapas, Stephens's Travels in, 30
Chivalric Ages, Picture of, 290
Cider, Rhind on, 142
City Poet, The, 150

2 x

Clay-slate of Nova Scotia, Features of,


Clive, Master-mind of Lord, 242
Clubs, The, of London, 151
Cockneys and Knight, 151
Colquhoun's Moor and the Loch, 283
Comic Annual, Hood's, 600
Comyn's History of the Western Em-
pire, 566

Concessions and the Crown, 171
Confessions of Reinhard, 462
Constructive Treason, Remarks on, 126
Convictions and Campbell, 231
Cooper's Deer-slayer, 190

Copan, Ruins of, 37, 41

Corn Laws, Platt's History of the, 101
Cotton of Egypt, Memoir on the, 46
Count Clermont, 250

Country Cousins, 150

Criminal Law, Report on, 120
Crown and Legislation, 170
Cunningham's Hints to Emigrants, 438
Cuvier, the Triumphs of, 133
Cyclopean Ruins, 38

D'AUBIGNE'S History of the Reforma-
tion, 52, 79

Dana's Seaman's Manual, 533
D'Avenant's Poem, 167

Davies's Residence in the Family of
Murat, 349

Deerslayer, The, 190

Defence of Poesy, Notice of Sidney's,


Delhi, Notices of Massacre at, 248
Delusions, Popular, 493
Dependencies, Government of, 168
Dibdin's Songs, 612

D'Israeli's Amenities of English Litera-

ture, 80

Dodd's Church History, 431

Doge Foscari, Criticism of his Portrait,

Dresden, Notices of the Chief Court
Preacher at, 467

Duncan's Guernsey, 201


EAST and West Indies, 177

East Lothian Itinerating Libraries, No-
tices of, 446

Eaton, Notices of Cudgelling, 96
Edward VI., Notices of, 92

Egypt, Account of the Cotton of, 46
Emerson's Essays, 274

Emigrants, Hand-book for, 543
English Indifferentism, Instance of, 27
English Literature, Amenities of, 80
English Maiden, The, 612
Enigma, London is an, 151
Essays, Emerson's, 274
Extension of London, 163


FALSTAFF, Sir J. and Patay, 182
Fiction and Bacon, 210

Fine Arts and New Houses of Parlia-
ment, 299

Fire of London, Great, 161

Fisher's Drawing-Room Scrap Boo,

Fixed Duties and the Melbourne Go-
vernment, 114

Floriculture and Guernsey, 205
Fluctuations in Price of Corn, 110
Foreign Office Policy, 176
Fragments of Italy, &c., 456

Founder of Christianity, Reinhard's Plan
of the, 468

France, Influence of Welsh Tradition
on Literature of, 474
Fresco-Painting and New Houses of
Parliament, 299

Fresh-Water Fish, Breeding of, 556
Froissart's Story, Account of, 179
Furnace and Great Britain, 185


GARTER, Memorials of the, 178
Geology and the Bible, 5

George pendant and Queen Anne, 183
Gerard's Koonawur, 403
German Rationalism, 1

Gibraltar, White's description of, 457
Gliddon on the Cotton of Egypt, 46

[blocks in formation]


MACAULAY and Montagu, 206
Macgregor's Ossian, 377
Mackay's Memoirs of Popular Delusions,


Magna Charta and Rudyerd, 260
Malevolence and Lord Bacon, 227
Malta, White's Notices of, 458
Manning's Memoirs of Rudyerd, 255
Manufacture of Iron, 188

Marston's Patrican Daughter, 360
Martinuzzi, a Tragedy, 250
Mary Campbell, Notices of, 236
Martineau's Peasant and the Prince,


Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, Criticism of
the, 461

Maslen's New Decimal System, 148
Massacre at Delhi, Notices of, 248
Maxwell in United States, 503
Metal and Great Britain, 189
Memoirs of Popular Delusions, 493
Memoirs of Madame Lafarge, 396
Memorials of the Garter, 178
Mico Mountains, Passages of the, 34
Milestones, Suburban, 154
Military and America, 511
Militia-men and America, 514
Mills's Old English Gentleman, 589
Mill's British India, 239
Mineralogy of Nova Scotia, 131
Minstrels, Notices of the Ancient, 84
Mississippi Scheme, Notices of, 498
Modern Flirtation, Sinclair's, 589
Mohammed Ali and his Policy, 46
Monastic Libraries, Notices of, 89
Monkish Legends and Palestine, 20
Monopoly and Colony, 177

Monument, The, 167

Moor and the Loch, Colquhoun's, 283
Montagu and Macaulay, 206
Monuments in New Spain, 39
Moravian Pilgrims, Voyage of, 506
Morbid Love and Relics, 497
Motto of St. George's Garter, 180
Mount Sinai, Researches in, 19
Mutiny and Lord Clive, 245


NADIR Shah, Notices of, 248
National Schools, Hints to Teachers in,

Natural Sciences, Progress of the, 131
Nectarine, Notices of the, 145
New Testament, Perfection of the, 238
Newton, J., and J. Campbell, 235
New Zealand, 543

North American Indians, Catlin's, 318
Nova Scotia, Geology of, 131
Novum Organum, Bacon's, 209


OLD Author in a New Walk, 190
Old English Gentleman, The, 589
Old English Prose Writers, 519
Order of the Garter, 178
Ord's Bard, 614

Ore and Iron, 186
Ossian, The Remains of, 377
Owen Feltham, Notices of, 526


PAGANISM, Sketch of the Decline of, 56
Palace, Lambeth, Notices of, 160
Palestine, Biblical Researches in, 19
Park-paling, Meaning of, 280
Patay and Sir J. Falstaff, 182
Peach, Notices of the, 145
Peacham and Lord Bacon, 212
Peasant and the Prince, The, 190
Peirce's History of Harvard University,


Pembroke, Notices of Lord, 256
Philip's Life of Campbell, 228
Philosophers, Reinhard and the Ancient,


Philosophy of Necessity, Bray's, 613
Pictorial History of England, 392
Plan for Local Libraries, 443
Plato and Bacon, 207

Platt's History of the Corn Laws, 101
Popular Delusions, 493

Posey for a Necklace, 266
Posture-Master, 167

Private Libraries, Notices of, 89

Progress of Criminal Law Reform, 120
Prophecy and Bacon, 210
Protecting Duties, 172

Protestantism, German, and the Bible, 1


RAMBLES in New Zealand, 543

Rationalism, German, 1

Recipes for Cooking Fresh-water Fish,


Reinhard, Confessions of, 462

Relics and Delusions, 495
Religio Medici, Notice of Browne's,

Remains of Ossian, The, 377
Renelagh, Notices of, 164
Repeal and Ireland, 174

Resolves, Owen Feltham's, Notices of,


Restrictions in the Corn Trade, Practi-
cal Remarks on, 115
Reviewers in Constantinople, 227
Review of Dr. Bretschneider's Letter to
a Statesman, 1

Rhind's Vegetable Kingdom, 139
Rhine-Land, The, 456

Richard Coeur-de-Lion, History of, 287
Robinson's Biblical Researches, 19
Romances, Schulz onAncient French, 477
Romilly and Penal Laws, 121
Rome, White's Approach to, 458
Round Belly, The fair, 167
Rowland Hill, Notices of, 89
Royal Libraries, Notices of, 234
Royal Vicissitudes, Notices of, 349
Run through the United States, 503
Rudyerd, Memoirs of Sir Benjamin, 255

[blocks in formation]

Schulz's Essay on Welsh Tradition,


Schomberg's Fishes of Guiana, 433
Science of Gunnery, 279
Scottish Itinerating Libraries, Primary
Feature of, 466

Scottish Gardening, Notices of, 139
Scrivenor's Iron Trade, 183
Seaman's Manual, Dana's, 533
Selden's Table Talk, Notice of, 523
Self-production of Itinerating Libraries,

Sermons, Number of Reinhard's print-
ed, 467

Shores of the Baltic, Residence on the,

Sex in the World to Come, 267
Sketches and Characters of English
Literature, 80

Sidney's Defence of Poesy, 521
Sights of London, 167

Silent Ways, The, of London, 152
Sinclair, Miss, her Modern Flirtation,

Sixteenth Century, History of the Re-
formation in,

South Australia, 543
Speeches of Rudyerd, 258
Spicer's Lost and Won, 250
Splendours of Chivalric Ages, 290
Statesman, Letters to a, 1

Statute of Treasons, Clauses of, 124

Staupitz and Luther, 70
Steel and Iron, 187
Stephens's Martinuzzi, 250

Stephens's Travel in Central America,

Store of Knowledge, Notices of Knight's,

Street Noises, 167

Student Life of Germany, Howitt's, 371
Suburban Milestones, 154


TABERNACLES and Scotland, 235
Table-Talk, Notice of Selden's, 23
Tales of the Moor, 442

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