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Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending Information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the Public, if consistent with its Plan,

Nearly ready for publication, The Memoirs of the Life, Character, and Diary of John Evelyn, Esq. printed Ministry, of the late Res, William from the original MSS. in the Library Goode, A.M. Rector of St. Anne's, at Wotton, embracing the greatest por Blackfriars, are preparing for publi. tion of the Life of ibe celebrated cation, by Charlus Bowdler, Esq. and Author of “The Sylva," a Discourse will be prefixed to a volume of his Dis. on Forest Trees, and other works of courses on the names and titles given 10 long established literary celebrity. This the Red emer. extremely carious and valuable journal A new Edition of Mr. Steven's 6 Incontains his observations and remarks quiry into the Abuses of the Chartered on men, manners, the politics, literature, Schools in Ireland : with Remarks on and science of his age, during bis the Education of the lower Classes in travels in France and Italy, his resi that Country,” is in the press, and will dence in England towards the latter be published in December. part of the Protectorate, and his con Lord Orford's Letters.clo the press, nexion with the Courts of Charles II. and speedily will be published, in one and the two subsequent reigns, inter. Vol. royal 4to. Letters from the Hon. spersed with a variety of novel and in llor. Walpole, to George Montagu, Esq. teresting Anecdotes of the most cele. from the year 1736 to 1770, now first brated Persons of that period. Added published from the Originals in the posto this, will be, original Private Letters session of the Editor. A very few cofrom Sir Edward Nicholas, (Secretary pies will be printed on Imperial Paper: of State to King Charles I.) during some such Gentlemen as are desirous of having important periods of that reign, with this size, are requested to transmit their the King's answers in his own hand Names to their respective Booksellers, writing, now first given to the world ; or to the Publisiers; and, to render also, selections from the Correspondence this Volume uniform with Lord Oriord's of John Evelyu, and punierous Letters former Works, an extra Title will be from Sir Edward Hyde (Lord Clarendon) printed. to Sir Edward Nicholas, and Richard Dr. Carey has nearly ready for the Brown, during the Exile of the British press, (on the plan of bis “ Claris Me Court. The whole highly illustrative trico-Virgiliana") a “Clavis Metricoof the events of those times, and af Nasoniana," calculated to accompany fording numerous new facts to the the future Editions of the Dauphin historian and politician. The work will Ovid. be comprized in Two Volumes, royal Dr. Carey bas likewise in forwardness, 4to, and will be embellished with au an “ Elocutory Edition of Thomson's thentic portraits, engraved by the best Seasons," with Metrical Notes to each artists, partly from the most exquisite line, to regulate the enunciation, as drawings of celebrated masters, now in in his “ Introduction to English Comthe possession of the Evelyn family, position and Elocution." comprising original portraits of John A work of imagination, entitled FranEvelyn, of Sir Richard Brown, of kenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, Mary, his daughter, wife of John in Three Vols, will be published toEvelyn, and of Sir Edward Nicholas, wards the close of the present month. views of Wotton House, one of which is In the press, in one volume 12mo. worked from an original etching by The Christian's Treasure, or a ComJohn Evelyn, and other interesting panion to the Christian's Inheritance, platese

(Clarke's Promises) being the Doc

trinal and Preceptive Parts of the old Tales of Wonder, of Hamour, and and New Testainent, appropriately ar of Sentiment, by Anna and Annabella ranged under süfferent heads.

Plumptre, in three duodecimo voEarly in December will be published, lumes, are nearly ready for publication. in One large Volume 12mo. The Jue Mr. Matcheli, of Norwich, is pre. venile Botanist's Companion, or Com paring a Topographical Dictionary of plete Guide to the Vegetable King dom. the County of Norfolk, to be comprised By Robert John Thoruton, M.D. in a large octavo volume, embellished

On the 1st of January, will be pub with maps and views. lished, No. 1, price 3s. to be con Mr. Munday, of Oxford, will soon tiuued monthly, of “the Poor Man's publislı, a new and improved Guide to Family Book."

the City of Oxford and its Vicinity. Lieutenant-Colonel Johnson is pre The Rev. D. W. Garrow, Rector of paring for publication, A Narrative of East Barnet, haz in the press, a History an Over-land Journey from India, per of the Town of Croydon, with its Hamlets formed in the course of the present and Manors. year, through the principal Cities of Capt. Basil Hall, of the Lyra, has a Persia, part of Armenia, Georgia, over work in the press, on the late Einbassy. the Caucasus into Russia, through the to China, which will relate chiefly to Territory inhabited by the Cossacks of the nautical surveys and discoveries, the Don, to Warsaw, and thence and be accompanied with charts. through Berlin to Hamburgh.—'The Original Létiers, from Richard Bax. Work will be accompanied with Engra ter, Matthew Prior, Lord Bolingbroke, vings illustrative of the more remark Alexander Pope, Dr. Cheyne, Dr. able Antiquities in those Countries, the Hartley, &c. with Biographical llius. Costume of the Iuhabitants, and other trations, edited by Rebecca Warner, interesting Subjects, from Drawings near Bath, will soon appear in an ocexecuted in the Course of the Journey. tavo volume.

Mr. Nichols will shortly publish, in A new Edition of Langdale's Topo. Two Vols. 8vo. The Life and Errors of graphical Dictionary of Yorkshire, with John Dunton, Citizen of London ; considerable additions, is in the press. with the Lives and Characters of more A new Edition of Barnabee's Journal, than 1000 contemporary divines, and with the Text restored from the earliest other persons of literary eminence. To impressions of the work, and a Bio., which are added, Dunton's Conversa graphical Account of the Author, will tion in Ireland; Selections from his soon appear. other gennine Works; and a faithful In the press, Sensibility, the Stranger, portrait of the Author.

and other Poems. By W. C. Harvey. Early in February will be published, C. Phillips, Esq. Barrister, has in A Translation of Tasso's Jerusalein De. the press, the Life of the Right Hon. livered, by the Rev. J. H. Hunt, A.M. John Philpot Curran, lale Mast'r of the Late Fellow of Trinity College, Cam Rolls in Ireland, in a quarto Volume, bridge.

with a portrait and vignette. In the press, and speedily will be Dr. Jarnes Johnson is preparing, in published, carefully revised, and con an octaro colame, an Essay on the siderably enlarged, a Second Edition of Prolongation of Life and Couservation Illustrations of the Divine Goveroment; of Health, translated froin the French tendiog to shew that every thing is of MM. Gilbert and Haile, with Notes. under the direction of infinite Wisdom John Broin, Esq. will soon publish, and Gooloess, and will terminate in Psyche, or the Soul, a Poem, ja tbe production of Universal Purity and five Cantos. Happiuess. . By 1. Southwood Smith, The Transactions of the Association M.D,

of the King and Queen's College of PhyA Narrative of Discoveries in Asia sicians in Ireland, Volume I. is printby Mr. Burkhart, who has been for ing in octavo. some years travelling in the countries Madame de Stael's new work on the south of Egypt, under the auspices of French Revolution,' is printing both in the African Association, is in the press. French and English, under the snperin

The Rev. Charles Clarke will soon tendance of Mr. William Schlegel, the publish a work describing the Hundred Iterary executor of the Baroness. The Wonders of the Modern World, and of Work will be comprised in three octavo the three Kingdoms of Nature,

volames, and will appear in London and kenzie, the second Edition, eorrected, at Paris on the same day.

and enlarged, of “ Memoirs of the Life In the press, and in a few days will and Writings of John Calvin." be published, A Sermon on Nonconfor The Rev. Daniel Tyerman, of Newmity, preached at White Row, London, port, Isle of Wight, has in the press, before the Monthly Meeting of Con a Voluine of Essays on the Wisdom of gregational Ministers, and printed at God, which may be expected to appear their request. By Mark Wilkis.

soon after Christmas. Preparing for the press, by Mr. Mac.



William Gordon Plees, Vicar of Cressing, The Sorrows of Britain, her sad fore

&c. 1s, 6d. bodings, and her only refuge: a Sermon

& Sermon (on the same occasion.) on occasion of the great national cala

By J. W. Cuuningham, A.M. Third

Edition. Is. 6d. mity of the Death of H. R. H. the Princess Charlotte Augusta. By John Pye

A Funeral Sermon, (on the same ocSmith, D.D. Second Edition. Is.

casion,) preached in the Parish Church The Death of Princes improved. (A · of Blunham, Beds. By the Rev. R. P, Discourse on the same occasion,) de

Beachcroft, M.A. Is. livered at the Independent Meeting, St,

Christian Watching recommended, Neot's. By Rev. T. Morell. 1s.

(on the same occasion,) Preached at the A Sermon preached at Salter's Hall,

Church of St. Mary le Strand, West(on the same occasion.) By Rev. H.

minster. By the Rev. George Richards, Lacey. Is.

A.M. Vicar of Bampton. Is. 6d. The Sun gone down while it was yet

A Serinon preached in the Parish day. Preached on the same occasion,

Church of Glankeen, (on the same ocat Baker-street, Enfield. By Rev. W. casion.) By the Hon. and Rev. Richard Brown, ls.

Boyle Bernard, A.M. Vicar of GlagThe Trophies of Death, (on the same

keen, in the Diocese of Cashel. ls. occasion.) By Andrew Reed. Is.

A Sermon, preached at St. George's A Sermon, (on the same occasion.) Church, Hanover-Square, (on the same By John Styles, D.D. 15. 6d.

occasion.) By the Rev. John Macauley, Joy turned into mourning, (on the LL.D. Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of same occasion.) By William Bengo Cola

Kildare, ls. Jyer, D.D. F.A.S. Pourth Edition. Is. 6d. A Course of Sermons, for the Lord's

National Mourning, and Devout Sub Day througbout the Year; from the mission. The Sun of Britain set. Two firsi Sunday in Advent, to the twentySermons, (on the same occasion.) By fifth Sunday after Trinity: including Jacob Snelgar. 1s. each.

Christmas Day, the first Day in Lent, The Vanity of Man in his best State. Good Friday, and Ascension Day. A Sermon preached at Hanover-Square, Adapted to, and taken chiefly from, the Newcastle, (on the same occasion.) By Service of the Day. By Joseph Holden William Turner. Is.

Pott, A. M. Archdeacon of London, The Nation in Tears. A Sermon, and Vicar of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. (on the same occasion,) preached at

Two Vols. 8vo. 11. 1s. Weston Green Chapel, Dear Claremont. A Charge delivered at the Primary By the Rev. James Churchill, Thames Visitation of Herbert, Lord Bishop of Ditton, Surrey. 1s. 60.

Landafi, in August 1817. Ls. A Scrmon (on the same oceasion.) By

The Remainder of the List of New Publications is unaroidably deferred, for want of room, till the Number for January.

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AGRICULTURAL improvement

of the present state of periodical criti-
riously retarded by the injurious ope-

cism, 157
ration of tithes, 249

Austria, Italy, &c. tour through, 72, et
Aikin's annals of the reign of George seq.

the Third, 371, et seq. ; difficulties at. Avenger of blood, Michaelis's remarks

tendant on the narration of tbe on, 591, et seq.
· events of receded ages, ib. ; circum-

stances liable to influence the relator Bathurst, lord, bis motion in regard to
of late and present events, ib.; the tithes, 253
sacred Scriptures an accurate stand Beauty and glory of the primitive
ard of both modes, 372 ; author's mo church, a sermon, 374, el seq.
tives in wriling the present work, 373 Belgium, Roman Catholic bishops of,
Alceste, voyage of, to the Yellow Sea, their intolerance, 503
&c. 564, el seq.

Benett's essay on the commutation of
Alpha and Omega; Maude's sermon on, tithes, 242, et seq.
38+, et seg.

Benett's reply to the Rev. W. Coxe, on
American war, its causes, &c. by the tithes, 242, el seq.
author of Armata, 147, 8

Benett's reply to Coxe's three letters,
Angels, on the ministry of, and extent of

242, et seg.
their intercourse with the various re Bernadotte, his great policy in regard
gions of the universe, 468, et seq.

to Sweden, 392, 3
Apostles, their religious experience not Bertolacci's vieto of the agriculture, com-

much superior lo that of other Christians, merce, and finance of Ceylon, 219, et seq.

Bey of Tripoli cruelly assassinated by
Apostolical preaching considered, by his brother in his mother's presence,
J. B. Sumner, 90) et seq.

434, et seq.
Apostolical succession, considerations Bible Class Book, 275, et seq.; objections

to the plan, 276, 7; extract from Mr.
Appeal to Equity, 212 et seg.

Hall's speech at the Leicester Bible
Armata, 147,et seq.; circumstances which society, 277 ; probable effect of adopt-

give value to the work, 148 ; great ing the work in schools, 278
prosperity of the imaginary island of Bishop of Peterborough, his reflections
Armata, 144 ; origin, &c. of its politie on tithes, 250, 1
cal conslilution, 144 et seq. ; causes of Blucher, anecdote of, 392
the Hesperian (American) war 147, 8; Boa Constrictor, description of one, 578
defect in the Armatan representative Botany, Bingley's treatise on, 189, 191
system, 148 ; contents of the second Botany, conversations on, 189, el seq.
part, 148, 9; auhor's remarks on the Buck, the Rev. Charles, Styles's me.
influence of high-bred life on the lone of moirs of, 76, 7
female character, 149 ; objections Burder's, G. beauty and glory of the pri-
stated, 150, 1; remarks on libel, 151, mitive church, a sermon, 374, et seq.
%; probable consequences that would fol Barder's, H. F. duty and means of as.
low the loss of the trial by jury, or of the certaining the genuine sense of the
liberty of the press, 153; thoughts on re Scriptures, 374, et seq.
ligious establishments, and the increase of Byron's Lord, Lament of Tasso, 291, 2;
seclaries, 153, et seq. s author's estimate extract, 292

on, 129

its lises,

ib. ;

Byron's, Lord, Manfred : a dramatic

poem, 62, et seq. ; character of Man.
fred, ib. ; voices of the spirits, 63, 4;

soliloquy, ib. ; death of Manfred, 65, 6
Campbell's, Miss, poenis, 386, ed sg.;

slanzas to an oid musical instrument,
386 ; address to Zit'unud, 387, 8; the
soldier's widow, 389; lo a hypocrite,

Candeley, lake of, in the island of Ceylon,

surprising works constructed round it,

Cindian king, his horrible cruelty, 232;

his deposition by the British, &c.

Candy, in Ceylon, British garrison of,

triacherously murdered, 930
Cannibalisin practised in the Tonga and

F.jee islanis, 116
Capital, as applied to agriculture,

change produced by it, 245
Cursiurrs, his boli and judicious interferen e

in the affairs of the church of Scobrand,

Catusliiism, its present state in France,

454, 5
Cavem, a remarkable submarine one in

the island of Tofooa, 120
Ceylon, bistry of, 219, el seq. ; account

of the early history of the islanıl, as
known to the ancients, 921; sperimers
of Ceylonese historicind legemis relating io
their origin, ib, et seq. ; vslund Turmerly
in a more prosperous sinle, 2?! ; de-
scription of the ruins round the luhe of
Candeley, 224 ; state of the island, rhon
first visiter! by the Portugu! se, 225;
Bedas, and Cingalese, i5.; the island
under the Dutch, i6.; shipwreck of
Rob. Knox, en the coast of Ceylon,
ib. ; remarkable manner in which he pro-
cured an English bible, 225, 0; his
escape, atter a captivity of twenty
years ncarly, 297; pale and cruelty
of the kin', ib. el sq ; h'nur's creilulily
concerning a noisy devil, 299; Mr.
Boyd's acciunt of prostration at the Cry-
lonese court, ib. ; origin of the late war
between the king of Candy and the
British, ib. ; successful pulicy of the
Candian king, 232; capitulation and
massacre of the British troops, ib. ;
heroic bravery of two Malay offi. ers,
sh. ; unsur cessjul expedition and retreat
of Major Juhanson, 231 ; horrible cruely
of the kin?, 230; deserted by his suba
jects, and delivered up to the British,
ib. ; his deposition, 233 ; commercial
consequence of the island, ib. ; importunce
and value of Trincomalre, as an Indian
port, ib. et seq. ; peari gisheries of Cey-
lon, 234 ; its botany, ib.; talipot,

various inhabilanls of Ide
iland, 6.
Chalovers's discourses on the Christian

revelation, &c. 205, el seq. ; the
truths of Christianity cannot be eso
sentially affected by the speculations
of science, il. ; ruligion inav ia'fully
receive the aid of science, 206; die
sign of the author, ib, ; Mr. A. Fuler's
remarks on the same top.c considered,
ib. note; Mr. P. not fully qualified
for the discussion, ib.; striking in•
stance of false analogy in his reason-
ing, 208; the infidel argument aguinst
Christianity, 209; value and actnal
range of religion, ib.; etfect of ostru-
num'cal reflections on a conten:plulite
minil, 210; argument for the planels
bring inhabited, diaren pion oniony,
211; consequence of pursuing the
analogy too closcly, ib.; extravagant
conjecture of the author, 912, iui-
probablity of the planets not being
ji habituel, ib.; r:fectio:is on the great-
mess of the Divine Essence, from a
cousideration of the stipendous ex-
tension of the universe, 213; dis-
tance, mago tude, muinver, &c, of the
stars, 214 ; conjecture that the bigli-
est intelligences will never be able to
arrive at the limiis of the universe,
217; imreinions neglect on the part
of inauy serious persons, of the works
of the Alinighty, 218; insignificance
of vir world, in the magnitude of the
universe, 354 ; perverse arg ment of the
inje 1, 354, 5; the mind of Sir Isaac
Niwton, in its most importani ogen-
cies, incapable of being adequately
estimated by many even cultivated
men, 555; assertion that Christianity
is for the sole benefit of this world,
w.thout proof, 356, 7; bearing of tlie
intdel argument on the extent of the
Divine condescension, 358; ertract,
ib.; opposite opinion excites an ili-
( np arably more exalted idea of the
Dury, 359; proofs that the Divine
intelligence pervades every part of his
creation, 360; argumcot from the
discoveries made by the microscope,
361; exireme absurdity of pretending
to decide upon the extent of the
power and benevolence of the Al-
mighty Spirit, 368; state of the
arguinent, ib.; the infidel oljection
Tes not against the theory which
demands to be called Rational, but
that denominated Evangelic Chris-
tanity, 563 ; inquiry whether the
economy of nature and providence
furnishes any thing so analogous us

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