Roots of Afrikaans: Selected Writings of Hans Den Besten

John Benjamins Publishing, 2012 - 458 sider
Hans den Besten (1948-2010) made numerous contributions to Afrikaans linguistics over a period of nearly three decades. His writings helped shift the perspective on the roots of Afrikaans beyond Dutch to the structure and vocabulary of Khoekhoe, to Portuguese Creole, and to Malay varieties. This volume contains a selection of Den Besten's most important papers some of which originally appeared in less accessible journals concerning the structure and history of Afrikaans. They cover a wide range of topics, including grammatical structure, vocabulary, the historical development of Afrikaans, as well its multiple roots. It is essential reading for any linguist interested in language contact and language change.

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Chapter 1 The origins of the Afrikaans prenominal possessive systems
Chapter 2 The complex ancestry of the Afrikaans associative constructions
Chapter 3 What a little word can do for you
Chapter 4 Afrikaans relative wat and WestGermanic relativization systems
Chapter 5 Demonstratives in Afrikaans and Cape Dutch Pidgin
Chapter 6 Speculations on χelision and intersonorantic υ in Afrikaans
Chapter 7 The Dutch pidgins of the Old Cape colony
Chapter 15 The slaves languages in the Dutch Cape colony and Afrikaans vir
Chapter 16 A badly harvested field
Chapter 17 Desiderata for Afrikaans historical linguistics
Giving voice
Partial restructuring
Bibliography of Hans den Bestens writings on Afrikaans

Chapter 8 On the verbal suffix UM of Cape Dutch Pidgin
Chapter 9 Relexification and pidgin development
Chapter 10 Khoekhoe syntax and its implications for L2 acquisition of Dutch and Afrikaans
Chapter 11 Reduplication in Afrikaans
Chapter 12 Double negation and the genesis of Afrikaans
Chapter 13 From Khoekhoe foreigner talk via Hottentot Dutch to Afrikaans
Chapter 14 Creole Portuguese in South Africa

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