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instruction your chief employment, and their salvation your chief concern. The Lord God has conferred a peculiar honor on the woman in frequently, I venture to add, in ordinarily using her instrumentality for the conversion of her children. In reading the history of those who were early brought to the knowledge of the truth, or lived public and eminent blessings to the world, I have noticed that their first impressions may be usually traced back to her exertions ; a Samuel, a Timothy, a Gardiner, a Newton, a Lady Glenorchy appear each of thein to have been indebted, under God, to the early prayers, and tears, and entrea: ties of a pious mother..

YE WOMEN, who are crowned with worldly affluence ; on whom Jehovah bas poured in rich profusion the treasures of the earth, labour with us by devising and executing liberal measures for the enlargement of his kingdom. While you reflect that your silver and your gold are derived from his bounty, let them flow in the advancement of his glory. Bear with me if I use freedom in admonishing and expostulating on the proper distribution of your wealth, because on this not only the salvation of thousands but your own eternal rejoicing and glorying intimately depend. “ Charge them that are rich in this world;" and how does HE, “whose are the silver and the gold,” require that these talents be occupied ? In luxury of diet or dress ; in personal or family aggrandize

ment; in adding possession to possession, and thus securing an independence for their offspring after then ? No, widely different is his solemn, sovereign command. “Charge them that are rich in this world that they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate, laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.”

YE WOMEN, who are poor in this world ; who are encumbered with many cares, who have numerous families and look on this band and the other hand and see little pros. pect of their support, labor with us by throwing your“ single mite into the treasury of God.” It is not the possession of much, but the proper occupation of what you do possess that is accepted of Jehovah and secures the reward. « The widow's farthing” will be cheerfully acknowledged by him who judges “ according to what a man hath and not according to what he hath not.” One talent well improved amounts to more in his estimation than ten or ten thousand slothfully neglected.

Shall I multiply arguments for animating my christian hearers, male and female, to imitate those who have gone before “in the labors of the gospel ?” Shall I call forth to their consideration the infinite, eternal obligations imposed on us by the redeeming love of the Son of God ? Shall I dwell on those complicated miseries from which he

bas delivered, the curse of a broken covenant, the terrors of an accusing conscience, the afflictions of the present world, the horrors of the second death, the blackness of darkness for ever?" Shall I mention those great and everlasting privileges to which be restores, “ the assurance of our Father's love, joy in the Holy Ghost,” support amidst the numerous evils of life, victory over death, the joys and glories of his heavenly kingdom ! Waving these considerations, bowever interesting, I would direct your attention to the solemnities of death and of judgment. Suppose that we were this moment placed on the verge of eternity, that our eyes were now closing on all terrestrial scenes and our immortal spirits just winging their flight to a world unknown, whose eondition would then be most joyous, whose reflections the most reviving? Their's who could look back on a life wasted in carnal ease and enjoyment, or their's who had actively occupied their hours for God and their generation; their's who could recollect evenings spent in unprofitable visits, in splendid circles, in the wanton dance, or their's who could reflect on evenings employed in teaching their families at home, in spiritual conference and prayer with their brethren in Christ Jesus, or in going around relieving the temporal and spiritual wants of his disconsolate members. In short, theirs who had wantonly “sown to the Aesh and of the flesh must now reap corruption;" or theirs who had been diligently “ sowing to the spirit and of the spirit shall reap life everlasting ?” Surely their situation does not admit even of a comparison. The former begin to feel the remorse of a guilty conscience as a presage of “that worm which never dies,” and hell from beneath pours around them its gloomy horrors; the latter experience a "joy unspeakable," and the

day star” of glory sheds around them its cheering light. Suppose that you were this moment summoned to the tribunal of the Son of Man, that your ears already heard the dread alarm, arise, ye dead, and come to judgment, and that your eyes beheld “ the great white throne” erected, the Judge descending" and the books opened,” whose condition would then be most blessed, and whose prospects the most glorious ? Their's who had eagerly heaped up wealth for their children when the gospel of Jesus was not propagated, and his needy members not supplied, the naked not clothed, the hungry not fed, and the disconsolate not comforted ; their's “ who had slept on beds of ivory, that eat the lambs out of the flock and the calves out of the stall, that chanted to the sound of the viol,” and gave every anxiety to the winds; or.their's who had been « rich in good works, ready to distribute” for the encouragement of each pious and liberal plan; who employed their vacant hours not in wanton amusement, but going about doing good; who occupied their wealth not in

-splendor of dress, not in “ faring sumptuously,” not in the support of each fashionable indulgence, but in spreading the knowledge of salvation, who, in imitation of the eastern Patriarch, were “eyes to the blind and feet to the lame ; who delivered the poor that cried, the fatherless also and him that had none to help hiin?In short, whose condition will be the most blessed and whose prospects the most transporting on that alldreadful, decisive day? Their's whom the Judge will bail with that reviving acclaination, “come, ye blessed of my Father, and inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: For I was an hungered and ye gave me meat," &c. or their's to whom he will denounce with a tone more terrible than thunder, “ depart from me, ye cursed, for I was an hungered and ye gave me no meat,” &c. Methinks I hear each individual anxiously exclaim, “Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my latter end, like his, be peace.

O Lord, render each of us faithful to the death, that “we may at last receive a crown of life;" enable us all whether inale or female so to occupy our time and talents that when our Master appears we may receive him with exceeding joy. AMEN.

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