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This continuation of the American octavo edition of Mrs. Hemans's Poems is furnished with two titlepages, that it may be bound separately, or with “The Forest Sanctuary,” &c. as Part Second of Volume Second.

It is an exact reprint of a volume with the same title, recently published for the author at Edinburgh ; except that some among the “Miscellaneous Pieces," having been already inserted in the First Volume of this series, are not here repeated, viz. The Lady of the Castle, Tasso and his Sister, To Wordsworth, A Monarch's Death-Bed, To the Memory of Heber, The Adopted Child, Invocation, Körner and his Sister, An Hour of Romance, A Voyager's Dream of Land, The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in New England, The Departed, The Child's Last Sleep, The Sunbeam, The Graves of a Household, The Last Wish.

This volume, like the preceding, is published under the direction and for the benefit of the Author.

A. N.

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