Environs of Edinburgh

T. Nelson and Sons, 1857 - 28 sider

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Side 10 - O'er Roslin all that dreary night A wondrous blaze was seen to gleam ; Twas broader than the watch-fire's light, And redder than the bright moonbeam. It glared on Roslin's castled rock, It ruddied all the copse-wood glen ; 'Twas seen from Dryden's groves of oak, And seen from cavern'd Hawthornden.
Side 10 - Clair. There are twenty of Roslin's barons bold Lie buried within that proud chapelle; Each one the holy vault doth hold— But the sea holds lovely Rosabelle. And each St Clair was buried there, With candle, with book, and with knell ; But the sea-caves rung, and the wild winds sung, The dirge of lovely Rosabelle ! XXIV.
Side 16 - ... left-hand side, cut in the rock, is a long and narrow trance or passage, ascended to by two steps, of the length of seventy-five feet and breadth of six, vulgarly called the King's gallery, near the upper end of which (likewise cut in the rock) is a narrow dungeon, denominated the King's bedchamber ; and on the right-hand side of these caverns, also cut in the rock, is another cave, of the length of twenty-one feet, and breadth of six feet, descended to by two steps, denominated the King's guard...
Side 9 - It is said that the masterbuilder of the Chapel, being unable to execute the design of this pillar from the plans in his possession, proceeded to Rome, that he might see a column of a similar description which had been executed in that city.
Side 13 - So, midst the snow of age, a boastful air Still on the war-worn veteran's brow attends; Still his big bones his youthful prime declare, Though trembling o'er the feeble crutch he bends.
Side 10 - During his absence, his apprentice proceeded with the execution of the design, and, upon the master's return, he found this finely ornamented column completed. Stung with envy at this proof of the superior ability of his apprentice, he struck him a blow with his mallet, and killed him on the spot. Upon the architrave uniting the Prentice's Pillar to a smaller one, is the following sententious inscription from the book of Apocryphal Scripture, called Esdras : — " Forte est vinum, fortior est rex,...
Side 16 - PictisbVcastle, and a royal palace. And in descending the rock, before you pass the board, there is a room (but no part of the pretended palace) cut out of the rock, of a modern workmanship, called the Cypress Grove, wherein it is said Drummond composed his poems ; it is of the length of seven feet, six broad, and five and a half in height.
Side 16 - I imagine it to have been made by the proprietor, to let down his effects by, to secure them from an enemy; for by the narrowness of the way, by steps, and along the board, it could not be effected.
Side 10 - Beneath the Chapel lie the Barons of Roslin, all of whom, till the time of James VII., were buried in complete armour.* * This circumstance...
Side 15 - ... the day's enjoyment to ramble about this charming place in company with those who could not only appreciate its many beauties, but who could chat pleasantly upon the various subjects brought to recollection in connection with Roslin Chapel and Castle, as well as talk about the people who had visited William Drummond, one of the most distinguished of Scotland's earlier poets, and the friend of our Shakespeare and Ben Jonson.

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