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Bringing Down the Foot in Breech

Presentation, 277
Broken Catheter, Removal of, from

the Membranous Urethra, 111
Broncho-Pulmonary Hemorrhages in

the New-born, 234
Burns, Treatment of, 343


Book Reviews-Continued.
Anomalies and Curiosities of Med-

icine, Gould and Pyle, 170
Aphasia and the Cerebral Speech

Mechanism, Elder, 358
Artificial Anesthesia, Turnbull, 121
Autoscopy of Larynx and Trachea,

Kirstein, 177
Bacteria of the Sputa, Vicentini, 175
Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat,

Bishop, 299
Diseases of the Eye and Ophthal-

moscopy, Fick, 248.
Diseases of Infancy and Childhood,

Holt, 174
Diseases of the Stomach, Ewald, 248
Elementary Bandaging and Surgi-

cal Dressing. Pye, 252
Genito-Urinary Surgery and Ve-

nereal Diseases, White and Mar-

tin, 246
Handbook of Medical Climatology,

Solly, 357
Hypnotism and Its Application

to Practical Medicine, Wetter-

strand, 250
Illustrated Skin Diseases, Gottheil,

120, 356
Inebriety; Its Source, Prevention

and Cure, Palmer, 252
International Clinics, 298
International Medical Annual, 247
Lectures on Appendicitis and Notes

on Other Subjects, Morris, 250
Lectures on Renal and Urinary

Diseases, Saundby, 249
Leprosy and the Charity of the

Church, Mulhane, 122
Manual of the Practice of Medi-

cine, 251
Medical and Surgical Uses of Elec-

tricity, Rockwell, 123
Practical Pathology for Students

and Physicians, Warthin, 251
Practical Therapeutics, Foster, 57
Practice of Medicine, Tyson, 58
Students' Medical Dictionary,

Gould, 60
Swedish Movements and Medical

Gymnastics, Hartelius, 176
Syringomyelia, Hinsdale, 356
Text-Book Diseases Nose and

Throat, Bosworth, 177
Trans. Am. Ophthalmological So-

ciety, 176
Trans. Am. Orthopedic Ass., 122.
Trans. Am. Otological Society, 59
Warner's Pocket Medical Diction-

ary, 300

Camphor as an Antigalactic, 230
Cancer of the Rectum. Extirpation

After Preliminary Colostomy, 291
Carcinoma of the Rectum, 292
Catheterism in the Male, Some of the

Difficulties of, 112
Cheap Hospital Medical Associa-

tions, 132
Chronic Cocaine Poisoning from

Abuse of a Coryza-Snuff, 114
Chronic Intoxication from Trional,

Chronic Pleurisy with Effusion

Treated with Protonuclein, Case

of, 45
Chyluria and Its Treatment, 331
Cigarette Smoking, Effect in Respi-

ratory Mucous Membrane, 150
Circular Bandage, Case Illustrating

Use of, 282
Cleanliness in Catarrh, 167
Cocaine Poisoning, Magpan's Symp-

tom, 103
Coincidence or Cure, 231
Cold Bath in Delirium Tremens, 355
Color of Irides of a Young Woman,

Marked Variations in, 238
Congenital Absence of One Kidney,

Congenital Heart Disease, Rare

Form of, 144
Congenital Malformation of

Heart, 161.
Congenital Sarcomatosis of the Skin,

Congenital Teeth, 161
Congress of American Physicians

and Surgeons, 215
Contagious Impetigo, 41
Cyclical Theory of Menstruation, 341


Death in Hysteria, 158
Defects in the Tracheal Wall, 146
Desirable Antiseptic, 281
Diet, Effects of, upon Fits of Epilepsy,

Digitoxin, 271


Disadvantages of Primary Hyster-

ectomy, 343
Dispensary Patient, 360
Diphtheria Antitoxin, New, 337
Dobell's Solution, 52
Dr. Squibb's Misfortune, 80
Doctors' Bills Must be paid, 207
Double Ovariotomy at Third Month;

Delivery at Term, 234
Double Uterus with Congenital Clos-

ure of One Cervix, Uterus Dis-
tended with Menstrual Fluid, by

Rufus B. Hall, 216
Driggist Prosecuted for Substitu-

tion, 289

Gastric Carcinoma, Early Diagnosis

of, 102
Giant Fetus, 242
Glaucoma, False, 54
Globus Hystericus and Enlargement

of the Laryngeal Tonsil, 352
Glycero-Phosphates in Neurasthe-

nia, 297
Gonorrheal Endocarditis, 274
Gout, The Treatment of, Stramon-

ium, Colchicum and Guaicum in,


Eclampsia, Treatment of, 140
Ectopic Pregnancy of Old Date, 49
Eczema, Nasal, in Children, 114
Eczema, Treatment with Steam, 348
Effect of Drugs on Secretion of Tra-

cheal Mucous Membrane, 53
Eisen Hunger, 333
Electrical Variations Generated in

Acoustic Nerve by Sound. 53
Electricity vs. Microbes, 130
Elements of Damage, 355
Embryology Researches, 233
Enucleation of Both Eyes in Case of

Exophthalmic Goitre, 347
Exophthalmus, 316
Exophthalmus, Pulsating, 347
Epidemic Influenza, 265
Eucaine as a Substitute for Cocaine,

Eucaine in Urological Practice, 236
Exencephalia and Supplemental Sac,

Extraction of the Transparent Lens,


Hall, Rufus B., Double Uterus, with

Congenital Closure of One Cervix,
Uterus Distended with Menstrual

Fluid, 216
Hall, Rufus B., Vaginal Fixation of

the Round Ligament for Backward
Displacements of the Uterus, 219
Healing Craft Defended, 21
Helminthiasis Extraordinary, 324
Hematoma of Vulva After Normal

Labor, 50
Hematoporphyrinuria, 102
Hemorrhoids, 353
Hemorrhoids, Treatment of, by

Whitehead's Method, 51
Hereditary Syphilis and Exostoses,

Heredity in Neurosis, 243
Hernia, Radical Cure of, 157
Herpes. Labial in Meningitis, 40
Herpes Zoster. For Pain of, 334
Hippocrates, the Founder of an En-

during Ethical System, 125
Honor, A Deserved, 39
Hot-Air Treatment of Gout and

Rheumatism, 332

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Fecal Fistulæ, Notes on Treatment

of, 164
Fecal Impaction, Diagnosis of, 354
Ferratin, 315, 325
Fetal Inclusion in a Boy, 104
Fifteenth German Congress of Inter-

nal Medicine, 181
Foaming Liver due to Infection with

Bacillus Ærogenes Capsulatus, 105
Food, An Ideal, for Typhoid Patients,

Foreign Bodies in the Throat, 114
Fractures of Trachea and Larynx, 115
Furunculosis, 334

Illinois State Medical Society, 330
Iodine in Surgical Tuberculosis, In-

jections of, 43
Indigestion, 335
Influence of Ligatures, etc., upon

Sublimate Solutions, 108
Inhalations of Formaldehyde in Ca-

tarrh, 287
Insurance Against Hypodermic Ac-

cidents, 118
Internal Secretion of the Ovary, 150
International Medical Congress, 33
Intra-Peritoneal Rupture of Bladder,


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Marine Hospital Service, 62
Measure of Damages for Malpractice

in Setting Arm, 239

Medical Superstition, 362

Med. Soc. State Penn., 268

Menorrhagia Due to Uterine Arterio-

Sclerosis, 341

Mercurial Albuminuria, 55

Merited Rebuke, 329

Methods of Quacks, 326

Paroxysmal Tachycardia, 231

Pasteur Monument Committee, 41

Pathogenesis of Aponeurotic Lacer-

ations and Muscular Hernia, 280

Pemphigus. Rapid Method of Curing,

by A. H. Ohmann-Dumesnil, 311

Phosphoglycerates, Manufacture and Retro-uterine Prolapse of Bladder in
Purity of, 96

Retroversion, 278
Photographs of Human Voice, 115 Retroversion of the Uterus, 340
Physiological Action of X Rays on Ring on Penis Fourteen Years, 50

the Central Nervous System, 276 Ringworm, Treatment of, 137
Physiology of the Leucocytes, The, Roentgen's Rays in Gunshot Wounds
by A. D. Barr, 79

of the Head, 108
Pills for Influenza, 230

Røntgen Rays in the Treatment of
Placenta in Ectopic Gestation, 49 Cancer, 235
Post-Partum Hemorrhage; Danger Rentgen Rays Surpassed, 76
of Gauze, 152

Rothstein.H., Rothstein's Intra-uter-
Practicality of the American Doctor, ine Drainage Tube, 191

Rumbold, Thomas F., Vocal Hy-
Precocious Hepatic Syphilis, 268 giene, 22, 84
Precocious Menstruation, Supposed, Rupture of Bladder, 167

Pregnancy, Diagnosis of, by Shape
of Urinary Phosphates, 106

Preventing Cloudiness on Laryngeal
Mirror Without Heating it, 288

Scarlatina, 342
Progressive Multiple Localized Neu- Scoliosis, Use of Bicycle in Treat-
ritis, 160

ment of, 163
Prophylaxis of Pitting in Variola, Semi-Centennial Meeting Am. Med.

Ass., 263
Protonuclein, Use of, in the Treat- Septico-Pyemia Typhosa, 44
ment of Ulcers, 155

Short Papers for the Mo. State Meet-
Pruritus of Vulva, 334

ing, 245
Pruritus Pudendorum, Tanpin in the Simple and Practical Method of
Treatinent of, 228

Sterilizing Soft-Rubber Catheters,
Psittacosis, 100

Psoriasis. Application for, 334

Sleeplessness in Typhoid Patients,
Psychical Seizures in Epilepsy, 159 272
Puerperal Eclampsia; Its Etioiogy Some Amusing Instances of Nasal
and Treatment, 154

Reflex, 288
Pulse in the smallest Vessels, the,

Some of the Complications Physi-

cians must Face, 224
Purpose of Physiological Processes, Special Announcement, 310

Spurious Coca Wines, 315
Pyosalpinx Bursting in Pregnancy, Stinging Report, A, 364

Stone Removed from Urethra of a

Child, 54
Strontium Lactate in Bright's Dis-

ease, 98
Quinsy: Preventive and Permanent Successful Laparotomy in First Hour
Cure, 114

of Life, 283

Successful Surgical Operation on the

Heart, 183

Sugar in the Urine, 92
Ray to the Rescue, 366

Suppurating Wounds, Application
Rear Tenements, Action of Health for, 335
Board Against, 95

Suppurative Gonorrheal Arthritis,
Recommendations Adopted by Med. 345
Ass., D.C., Feb. 16, 1897, 189

Suprapubic Drainage in Imperforate
Red Nose, Treatment of, 113

Stricture, 286
Regulation of Prostitution, 327 Swayze, Geo. B., Is There “Diph-
Renifection in Consumption, 116

theria? " 63
Renal Colic, 333

Sweating of the Feet, Treatment of,
Renal Surgery, 255

Resorcin in Treatment of Eczema, Syphilis of Conception, 136

Syringomyelia, 356


Unpaid Doctor's Bills an Expense,

Uremia in Pregnancy Without

Eclampsia, 50
Uretero-Ureteral Anastomosis, 168
Urethral and Vesical Arthritis, 110
Uterine Drainage for Prevention and

Relief of Pelvic Inflammation, 279
Uterine Fibroid ; Acute Torsion, 277


Tansy Poisoning, Case of, 338
Tendon Grafting and Muscle Trans-

plantation for Deformities Follow-

ing Infantile Paralysis, 237
Testicles and Prostate Gland, Rela-

tionship of, 111
The Organism of Syphilis, 266
Thread worms, Treatment of, 336
Thyroid Extract, Use of, 336
Tinnitus Aurium, 240
To Members of Profession Individu-

ally, 309
Transposition of the Viscera, with a

Tricelian Heart, 354
Treatment of Chronic Empyema by

Decortication of the Lung, 274
Treatment of Prostatic Hypertrophy,

Trional, Unpleasant Effects of, 230
Tri-State Med. Soc., Iowa, Ill. and

Mo., 190
Tuberculosis Cured by Cancrum

Oris, 281
Tuberculosis of Rectum, 292
Tuberculosis of Testicle, 346
Turnbull, L. A., A Few Cases of Mi-

nor Surgery Treated with Campho-

Phenique, 259
Twelfth Int. Med. Congress, 258
Two State Conventions, 265


Vaginal Fixation of the Round Lig-

ament for Backward Displacement
of the Uterus, by Rufus B. Hall,

Vaginal Wash, 341
Valid Warranty Against Suicide, 56
Valverda, a Spanish Anatomist, by

James Moores Ball, 77
Venesection, 99
Vocal Hygiene, by Thomas F. Rum-

bold, 22, 84


Warty Growths of Genitals, Treat-

ment of, 40
Western Ophthalmological, Otologi-

cal, Laryngological and Rhinolog-

ical Association, 134
What It Costs to Travel in a Private

Car, 138
White Swelling of the Knee, Treat-

ment of, 163
Wilcox, Reynold W., Acute Polyar-

ticular Rheumatism, 255
Wroblewski's Local Anesthetic, 115

Unna, P. G., the Treatment of Lep-

rosy, 316.

Unpaid Doctor's Bills, 305

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