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Angier's Emulsion


Is Superior to Cod Liver Oil

1. Never grows rancid, has no taste or flavour which is objectionable,

and no smell that suggests nausea.
2. Never causes eructations, nor repetition, but agrees with delicate

stomachs, and can be taken if nausea be threatened.
3. Never causes diarrhæa (as is sometimes the case with Cod Liver Oil),

but relieves it by arresting the growth of intestinal bacteria, and
thus cleansing the bowel.

4. Can be administered disorders of the stomach and bowel exist, and

is indicated in these conditions.

Increases weight by promoting digestion, improving nutrition, increasing

absorption and metabolism. Moreover, this increase in weight
is effected on ordinary diet, over-feeding with its attending

discomforts not being necessary.
6. Acts by augmenting the tissues and conserving the nourishment

from ordinary aliments (not by mere addition of hydro-carbon

material), thus adding to weight or preventing its loss.
7. Children who will not take Cod Liver Oil nearly always like

ANGIER'S EMULSION, and take it with pleasure.


CAUTION.-When prescribing, be careful to specify ANGIER'S EMULSION, otherwise some disappointing imitation made with ordinary petroleum may be substituted.

The Angier Chemical Co., Limited

London, England

Boston, U.S.A.

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Liquid Peplonoids

Is prepared from the Nutritive and Albuminous Constituents of BEEF, WHEAT & MILK.

LIQUID PEPTONOIDS is an absolutely Sterile Food.

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Its constituents are thoroughly asepticised by heat during manufacture, and this condition is maintained in LIQUID PEPTONOIDS by the addition of sufficient alcohol to ensure its perfect preservation.

The mildly stimulating property of LIQUID PEPTONOIDS is of great value in many conditions, and this combination of an Assimilable Food and a gentle Stimulant have proved itself most successful.

LIQUID PEPTONOIDS supplies Nutriment in the most assimilable form, its constituents being predigested and converted into soluble form.

LIQUID PEPTONOIDS has a marked influence in stimulating the digestive functions, and may be considered a Peptogen as well as an Assimilable Food.

As regards Flavour and Odour, LIQUID PEPTONOIDS resembles a Palatable Cordial, and is well tolerated when other food will not be retained.

Its liquid form ensures convenient administration.

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CARNRICK & CO., 24 & 25 Hart Street, Bloomsbury, LONDON.

Samples and Literature sent free of charge to Medical Men on application to our Australian Representative Mr. JAMES MACKENZIE, 292 Flinders Street, Melbourne.

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