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BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Society was courteously received by the City Council,

and our representations have already begun to bear NEWS.

fruit, as the Government is taking steps to abate the chief nuisance, which arises from the Lunatic Asylum.

The Society is also endeavouring to induce the PROCEEDINGS OF AUSTRALASIAN

authorities to open our Lunatic Asylum for the

reception of ordinary cases of insanity from this district BRANCHES.

and thus put an end to the anomaly of sending all

lunatics from Ballarat fifty miles away to another Ballarat District Branch.

asylum. We are hopeful of accomplishing this through the assistance of our local members of Parliament,

“ The venerable Professor Virchow's eightieth birthThe Annual Meeting was held at Lester's Hotel day was not allowed tɔ pass unnoticed by us. A sum Ballarat, on Thursday, January 30th, at 8.30 o'clock. of five pounds was subscribed by a few of our members Present :-Drs. G. Affieck Scott (President), Bennett, and forwarded towards the testimonial fund, with the Champion, Courtney, Cussen, Davies, Hardy, Jordan, autographs of several members for insertion in the Martin, Mitchell, Morrison, Naylor, Pinnock, Sleeman, album. Smith, R. Scott, Usher, and Wilson with Dr. J. Steell

“A Special Meeting of the Branch has been held to and Mr. Treloar as visitors. Apologies were received amend by-law No 10, in order more clearly to define from Drs. McGowan, Palmer, Ross, and Salmon. the business of the ordinary quarterly meetings. This Accounts amounting to £67 118. 2d. were passed for desirable amendment was further submitted to an payment. Correspondence was received from iss ordinary meeting which confirmed the action of the Holthouse and the Rev. W. Potter.

special meeting. On the motion of Drs. PINNOCK and CHAMPION it

“ Your Council has pleasure in drawing your was resolved that no member of this branch either

attention to the satisfactory state of our finances, which apply for or accept a position at Fremantle or

will make it possible in the near future to procure a Boulder, W.A., antagonistic to the Western Australia

home for ourselves where our library and museum Medical Defence Association, and the hon. sec. was instructed to write to the Association to that effect.

might be stored. The former is at present packed A letter from Dr. MITCHELL shewed that a mining

away at the Hospital, and, as to the latter, in the past

a large number of splendidly prepared morbid specimens company had repudiated his claim for services rendered to a miner injured in their employment although he

have been thrown away after having been shewn at had been summoned to the accident by a represen

our meetings. Such exhibits might, in the future, be tative of the company. The meeting agreed with the permanently saved had we some museum where they justice of the claim and advised its being insisted upon. accumulating a store of pathological facts which

would be taken care of. We should, in this way, be The PRESIDENT reported that negotiations were in

would be of increasing interest and value from an progress with the Lunacy Department with reference to the Ballarat Asylum, and it was resolved to continue

educational point of view. the agitation for the establishment of a receiving than on former occasions, have been of a high order of

“ The original papers read this year, although fewer house in this district. Drs. JORDAN and MORRISON moved “That this

merit, and evoked considerable interest. Branch disapproves of the proposal to form

“ The following is a list of the papers :Australasian Medical Association.

Notes on Strabism03.-G. Affleck Scott. Drs. PINNOCK and R. SCOTT moved as an amendment

Discussion on the Treatment of Typhoid fever.-Introduced by J. " That the consideration of the question be postponed

An obsoure case of Cerebral Injury.-T. A. Wilson. till we have more definite information on the subject." Notes on a casa of Mediastiual Sarcoma.— E. Champion. The amendment was carried by 12 votes to 4.

Discussion on Hon. Medical Appointments to Societies and Athletic

Clubs.-R. D. Pinnock. The Annual Report and Balance Sheet were received

Discussion on Finsen Phototheraphy.-R. D. Pinnock. and adopted on the motion of the President seconded Some cases of Perforating Gastric Ulcer. - G. E. Cussen. by Dr. Wilson.

Resume of interesting cases met with in General Practice.-W. REPORT.

Morrison. “Your Council is gratified at being able to report The retiring PRESIDENT then gave an address upon continued prosperity of the Society, the membership "Specialism in its relation to general medicine and standing at 36 as against 33 in 1901. The year which surgery," illustrating his subject lucidly and forcefully opened under the cloud of the death of our late from the side of ophthalmic practice (see page 55). lamented Queen Victoria has closed saddened by the Dr. G. AFFLECK Scott then vacated the chair, and loss, at a ripe old age, of Dr. Thomas Le Gay Holthouse, introduced his successor, Dr. W. Beattie Smith, who the first president of the Medical Society which has was heartily welcomed, and he suitably responded, developed into this Branch.

Drs. PINNOCK and WILSON nioved that a cordial vote " At this Annual Meeting you will be asked to of thanks be accorded to Dr. Affleck Scott for his consider the advisability or otherwise of forming an address. This was carried, with prolonged acclamaAustralasian Medical Association to give the triennial tion. Congress a more definite and permanent shape. A The PRESIDENT then declared the following officers point to be debated will be whether such an Association elected in the absence of any opposition :-Viceshould supersede the British Medical Association in the president, J. F. Usher, M.D., L.A.H ; Hon. Secretary, Commonwealth, or should merely be a subsidiary body J. T. Mitchell, M.D., M.R.C.S.; Treasurer, H. R. for the consideration of scientific and ethical questions. Salmon, M.B., Ch.B.; Members of Council (2), Robert Your decision will be placed before the Intercolonial Scott, M.D., Ch.M.; C. H. Courtney, L.R.C.P., Medical Congress to be held in Hobart next month. L.R.C.S.

“ Many questions of great interest have been discussed Drs. Scott and SLEEMAN moved that the thanks of at our meetings during the year, among them the the Branch be accorded to the retiring auditors, and pollution of Lake Wendouree. A deputation from the that they be re-elected.



T. Mitchell.

Dr. Mitchell's paper on "A Case of Cæsarean Section" which it was stated that the South Australian Medical was taken as read on account of the lateness of the Defence Association had carried a similar resolution hour. (Reported at p. 71).

recently. The motion was carried by a substantial Drs. ÞINNOCK and USHER moved : " That in the majority. opinion of the members of this Branch of the British Dr. R. Scott shewed a skiagram of a child in whose Medical Association, it is not conducive to the interests esophagus a tobacco tag was impacted, which foreign of the profession for any member to accept or hold the body was subsequently passed per rectum. position of honorary physician, surgeon, or medical The meeting then closed, and the members were officer to any club or society which is not on a philan- entertained at supper by the retiring President, Dr. G. thropic basis.” Considerable discussion ensued, in | A. Scott.



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New South Wales.

submitted to the medical men of Inverell and approved by them."

Correspondence from the Australian Natives The Council met at the offices of the Association on

Association was read, agreeing to the income limit of Friday, 10th January, at 8.30 o'clock. . Present :-Drs. £200 per annum. Rennie, Todd, Crago, Hankins, Hinder, Worrall,

Resolved —“That a general meeting of the Branch Abbott.

be convened for the purpose of considering the matter, Letter from the General Secretary of the Australian early in March, after the Medical Congress in Hobart." Natives Association, asking for a conference with Letter from the General Manager of the Australian representatives of his Society.

Mutual Provident Society was read with reference to Resolved—“That the Council does not see its way to the reduction of medical fees for examinations in life comply with the request of the Directors of the

insurance. Australian Natives Association for another conference." Resolved—“ That the Hon. Secretary be instructed Letter from R. A. Price, Esq, M.P., enclosing

to write to the Secretary of the Australian Mutual proposed bill for the amendment of the Medical Bill.

Provident Society, stating that the matter contained in To be acknowledged, and Mr. Price thanked.

the General Manager's letter of 22nd January had been Accounts passed :- - Rent £13 13s., and refreshments | placed before the Council, and that it was the unani£1.

mous opinion of the Council that the proposals Prufit of Gazette for the year :- £235.

therein contained could not be entertained.”

The Council met at the Association Rooms on

Tuesday, 28th January, 1902, at 8.30 o'clock. Present :
Drs. Foreman, Worrall, Crago, Hinder, Rennie, Jamie-
son, Brady, and Hankins.

A CORRECTION, The minutes of the previous meeting were read and In the report of the discussion at a meeting of the confirmed.

Queensland Branch of the British Medical Association The statement of accounts for the Branch showed a on the proposed boycott of the medical officers of the credit balance of £203 lls. 6d. for the year.

Brisbane Friendly Societies Medical Institute, see Correspondence from the Inverell Lodge, M.U., | Australasian Medical Gazette January 20th, 1902, submitting draft agreement for the consideration of the page 35, Dr. Lockhart Gibson is reported to have said: Branch was received.

* He was personally of the opinion that a medical man Resolved -" That the Council, after careful considera- should not agree to act upon the staff of a hospital tion, deem the agreement submitted unsatisfactory in which had upon its staff a member of the profession many particulars. The Council will not consider any who was in the habit of meeting in consultation further alteration in the agreement until it is first medical officers connected with the Institute.' This should read : "and if ostracism were decided upon, it (0) Boy ot. 15. The so-called extra peritoneal should be carried out by every member of the Branch method was tried in this case by means of a and should apply to hospital as well as private practice." forceps pushed through the anterior wall of the

rectum. (The kidneys on the right side had A MEETING of the Branch was held on Friday, Feb. been removed several years previously, as a ruary 7th, at the rooms, Treasury Buildings, with the

preliminary step in another type of operation following attendance :-Dr. P. Bancroft (President),

devised by Mr. Harrison). The separation of the The Hon. W. F. Taylor, The Hon. C. F. Marks, Drs.

pubic bones is proportionately less than in the Hopkins, Wild, J. Thompson, Robertson, Hawkes, case of the female. The sacrum is less straight. Lockhart Gibson, Wilton Love, Hardie, Flynn, Turner, (c) Male infant, æt. six weeks. The trigonum Cameron, Culpin, Francis, Hirschfeld, McEvoy, vesicæ was transplanted into the sigmoid fexure Lightoller, Clowes, Orr, Macnamara, Webb, Carvosso,

by the intra-peritoneal method as practised by Espie Dods, Halford, Salter, and Brockway (hon. sec.) Madyl. There was no leakage in this case such Visitor : Dr. Peverley.

as occurred in the other two, but the tender Dr. McEvoy related that he had recently attended age of the patient militated against its recovery. a confinement in which the mother was 13 years of

(For Dr. Lendon.) age, the grandmother 29, and the great grandmother 48. The PRESIDENT welcomed Dr. Turner on his return

2. Pyloric third of stomach with malignant stricture from England.

and infected glands removed according to the original The minutes of the last general meeting and of a

Billroth method, from a gentleman æt, 60 who walked special meeting were read and confirmed.

upstairs unassisted thirteen days later. There was no Dr. SALTER was elected a member of the Branch.

preliminary washing out of the stomach which was A discussion took place on the ratification of the

first relieved of its acrid accumulation after it was resolutions passed at the last meeting, and was

opened. (For Dr. Angas Johnson.) adjourned until the next meeting.

3. Shark embryo washed ashore in its horny shell The SECRETARY read a paper contributed by Dr. during the recent storm. Dr. Johnson removed the AxEAS MCDONNELL, of Toowoomba, on “ Intussuscep- shell to demonstrate its vascular connections with the tion.” (To appear in a future issue).

yolk sac and its down-like external gills. (For Dr. Dr. J. THOMSON was elected representative of the Angas Johnson.) Branch at the approaching Intercolonial Congress. 4. X-Ray photo of an irreducible fracture dislocation

of the astragalus of an old woman. (For Mr. A. G.

South Australia.

5. Calcified sebaceous cyst the size of a shut fist

extruded by ulceration from the right genito-crural Usual monthly meeting was held at University at fold of a spinster æt. 95, who died of exhaustion. It 8 p.m., on Thursday, 30th January, 1902. Present :

first became apparent in the days of Astley Cooper and Drs. Todd (president), J. C. Verco, Watson, A. Wigg, Benjamin Brodie, and should have been removed, as Harrold, F. Magarey, Lendon, Corbin, Symons, Stirling, its presence probably caused her to remain unmarried. Anstey Giles, E. A. Johdson, Plummer, Cavenagh. (For Dr. Humphrey Marten.) Mainwaring. Cudmore, Emeaton, Marten, A. A. 6. Rupture of common hepatic duct by pressure of Hamilton, W. Hayward, Brummitt, Gault, Poulton, a huge monocystic hydatid of right lobe of liver in a Scott, and Gunson (Hon. Sec.) Visitor, Dr. Snow.

lady æt. 10 who died of peritonitis. Medical advice Minutes were taken as read and signed.

was not sought till after the fatal rupture had occurred. Correspondence read from West Australian Branch.

(For Dr. A. A. Hamilton.) After much discussion, it was moved and carried Dr. ANGAS JOHNSON showed : Egg of heterodontus that our representative at Hobart Congress should philippi, or Port Jackson dog shark, which was washed invite Congress to hold the 1905 session in Adelaide, if

up from the sea in the recent storm. The outer coverfor any reason the West Australian invitation were not

ing of the egg is cone shaped, and consists of chitin ; decided upon. Members present at Hobart were asked free communication is allowed with sea water at the to first support the West Australian invitation.

top, through a cleft, the bottom being firmly sealed. Election. Dr. Alfred Alexander Smith, of Clare,

On opening this cover a small shark was seen firmly South Australia, was duly elected a member.

attached to its yelk sac, which was of the size of a The following motion was carried after discussion :

mandarin. The specimen was mounted in formalin" That this Branch is unfavourable to the formation of glycerin, which showed it in its natural colours. any Association which would interfere with the con

Also, the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal tinued success of the British Medical Association in its Society of London for 1901. • Contributions to the Australasian Branches, and is further of opinion | Comparative Anatomy of the Mammalian Eye, chiefly that annual meetings of Congress would be undesir- based on Ophthalmoscopic Examination,” by George able."

Lindsay Johnson, M.D., F.R.C.S. Various pathological specimens were shown by The author has been working at the subject for the Profissor Watson, Drs. Wigg, and Cavenagh-Main- past eight years, and the above production is the herald waring.

of a big atlas of 500 plates, which will later be pro

duced. The difficulties of this work have been enor. Specimens shown by Professor A. Watson.

mous when one considers that all available animals 1. Pelves froin three cases of extroversion of the have been examined, e.g., lions, bears, elephants, seals, bladder.

boa constrictors, etc., etc., the seal's eye being examined (a) Girl at. 8. The pelvis resembles that of a bird, under water, while the author had on a diver's dress.

as the pubic bones are widely separated (three Chromolithographs of the back of the eye, by A. W. and a quarter inches), and the sacrum almost Head, F.Z.S., have been reproduced. Animals that straight. The vesical ends of the ureters were have been a puzzle to zoologists can now be arranged transplanted into the upper portion of the in their proper families and genera, eg, Coquerel's rectum, and override the fundus uteri. It is lemur, hitherto placed among the lemurs, has now been difficult to estimate the result of this had the proved to be a galazo ; the rodents are placed very low patient grown up and become pregnant.

in the scale of mammals, nearly as low as marsupials.


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These results have also been confirmed by Professors The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and
Gadow and Haeckel.

confirmed. The Chairman explained that the meeting Also curious appendages in mammals which have had been convened to consider the proposal of Mr. been christened the “umoroculum." This is a kind of Rafton to form a Medical Benent Association to be fiap proceeding from the iris used as a shade.

entitled the Commonwealth Medical Benefit AssociaAlso a theory is advanced for the physiology of tion. vision. A new line of investigation has been taken After some discussion it was unanimously decided op, 12., tbe measurement of the divergence of the axes that the proposal could not be entertained.

of the eyes.


The apteryx has been shown to have a pecten, al. though all observers, including the great Sir Richard

OBITUARY. Owen, said it bad not.

The above is but a poor critique of the work, which most be seen to be appreciated.

CHARLES FERDINAND EICHLER, M.D., The meeting then terminated.


Charles Feruinand Eichler, M.D., M.R.C.S.E. late

of Bridge Street, Sydney, died on January 10th, 1902, REPORT OF SOCIETIES.

from senile decay at the age of 80.

Dr. Eichler was one of the oldest medical practi. The Eastern Suburbs Medical Associa- tioners in Sydney, where he has been following his

profession for close on half a century. For many years tion of Sydney, N.S.W.

he was honorary visiting surgeon to the Sydney

Hospital, and for a quarter of a century he was The members of the above association entertained two

associated with the Deutsche Kranken Verein, from

whom he received a handsome testimonial on his of their number to a “ Welcome Home from South Africa" Dinner at Aarons' Exchange Hotel, Sydney, the Sydney German Club. He was a very old member

retirement. Dr. Eichler was one of the founders of on December 5th, 1901. The guests of the eveniog were Dr. C. A. Edważds, of Waverley, and Dr. J. of the Royal Society of New South Wales, and was Adam Dick, of Randwick, both of whom had served

associated with, and a Past Master of the Masonic with the New South Wales A.M. Corps in South

Lodge Germanic. Africa. The chair was occupied by the President,

Dr. Eichler came to New South Wale, in charge of Dr. Walton Smith, and amongst those present were :

an emigrant ship over 50 years ago. He was married Drs. G. Lane Mullins, P. J. Collins, F. W. H. Quaife, 49 years back to Miss Louisa Kurtz, companion and W. J. Barkas, Burge, Ludlow and others, and one

gorerness in the family of Sir Charles Fitzroy, the visitor, Colonel Williams, P.M.O. of the N.S.W. forces. wedding taking place from Government House. The toasts were “ The King," " Our Guests," " The

The doctor was an enthusiast in rose-growing. Some Visitors,” “ The Chairman." The invitations to the

30 years since he purchased an estate at Marrickville,

which he named Rosenau. On that estate he bad guests were beautifully illuminated and framed cards in picture form, executed by Mr. John Sands, of

close on a thousand varieties of roses under cultivation, Sydney.

many of which he had imported from Europe.

He was an unassuming man, well-read, and could On January 16th, 1902, a general meeting of the converse in eight languages. above association was held at the meeting room, His wife, four sons, three daughters, and 19 grandPaddington Town Hail. Present: Dr. Walton Smith, children survive him. The funeral took place at the president, in the chair, and a number of members and Waverley Cemetery. visitors. The business of the evening was a paper from Capt. C. A. Edwards, N.8.W. A.M.C., upon his "Experiences in the South African Campaign." Dr. ALEXANDER STEWART PATERSON, Edwards briefly mentioned his itinerary, and gave an

M.D. EDIN.; ADELAIDE. account of some interesting ambulance work, and described many remarkable surgical and medical cases.

Dr. Alexander Stewart Paterson, who filled the He also touched upon the game of the country, and

offices of Colonial Surgeon and Resident Medical

Officer at the Adelaide Lunatic Asylum for many years, concluded by reciting several amusing anecdotes. Capt. R. E. Roth, D.8.7., also contributed to the dis

died suddenly on 6th January, 1902. He had not cussion. A hearty vote of thanks was unanimously enjoyed good health for a considerable time, but the accorded to Dr. Edwards for his most interesting

news of death was quite unexpected.

He received his medical training at Edinburgh paper. A similar vote was accorded to Dr. Roth for his contribution to the discussion. Refreshments were

University, and he came to Australia immediately after afterwards served, and the meeting terminated at

he had completed his studies. He became L.R.C.S.,
Edinburgh, in 1856, and obtained his M.D. degree in

the following year. Sydney and Suburban Provident Medi

In 1863 he was appointed medical officer to the

Lunatic Asylum in Victoria, and filled the office for cal Association.

about four years. In April 1867, he was appointed to the

post of Resident Medical Officer of the Adelaide Lunatic A SPECIAL meeting of the General Committee of the Asylum, a position which he filled for nearly 30 years. Sydney and Suburban Provident Medical Association In 1870 he was gazetted Colonial Surgeon, and retained was held at 121 Bathurst Street, Sydney, on 7th the title until 1896, when he severed his connection February, 1902. Present : Dr. Wist (in the chair), with the Government service. Drs. Jamieson, Hankins, Litchfield, Levy, Doak, Dr. Paterson was deeply verser in all matters relat. O'Gorman Hughes, J. M. Gill, Palmer, Crago, Binney, ing to the treatment of mental diseases, and was recog. and O'Hara.

nised as an authority un insanity in all its phases. He

11 p.m.

also acted as medical officer to the Adelaide Gaol for they are at present constituted, are suitable public several years. He was for several years a prominent bodies to be entrusted to the prosecution of the new member of the Central Board of Health and of the campaign against phthisis and other forms of tubercular Medical Board. He has left a widow, five daughters, disease. and two sons.

On December 3rd, the Prince of Wales was cere

monious installed as President of St. Bartholomew's Dr. D. J. Williams, one of the oldest medical

Hospital. Sir Trevor Lawrence introduced the new practitioners in Victoria, died at Queenscliff on Satur.

President, and, in speaking of the past history of the day, 18th January, 1902, after a long illness, in his 84th

Hospital, referred to the fact that the foundation had year. Deceased

was one of the oldest justices of the peace always maintained an unbroken connection with the in Victoria, He was one of the first councillors of

Crown. He reminded his audience of the exceeding Queenscliff, and had filled the office of mayor.

interest wbich their late President, pow His Majesty

the King, had always taken in their work, and con. We regret to record the death of Henry Ray, Ch.M , L.R.C.P. et 8., which took place suddenly at Jolimont,

gratulated them on the prospect of having that Royal

interest upheld by the King's successor in their presiMelbourne, on 31st January, 1902. The cause of death

dential chair. was heart disease. Deceased was the son of the late Dr. Robt. Ray, of Collins Street, Melbourne, and he

The present epidemic of smallpox is unfortunately

showing no signs of diminution, the number of cases leaves a widow and two children.

under treatment in the hospitals of the Metropolitan Asylums Board having on the 2nd December reached

a maximum of 459. The advent of cold weather has CORRESPONDENCE.

not brought about the expected decrease in the notifica. tions, the number of which have been 16, 31, 28, and 33

for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of December respectively. London.

This epidemic has abundantly verified the experience (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.)

of former outbreaks that the protection of vaccination

lasts only for a few years, and that if the immunity The Army Medical Service- The Prerention of Tuber

from the disease acquired in infancy is to be maintained culosis-St. Bartholomen's Hospital- Smallpox in London'The General Medical Council Thera.

revaccination is imperative.

Though the people of London have sought the propeutic Institutions.

tection of revaccination in large numbers, it is to be It is rumoured that a Royal Warrant is about to be feared that their still remains a considerable residuum issued for the carrying into effect of Mr. Brodrick's of the population who, either from carelessness, scheme for the reform of the medical services of the “conscientious scruples,” or “cussedness" has omitted army. Unless this scheme as originally promulgated to range itself on the side of safety. This non-comhas been subjected to very considerable modifications it pliance with the only, and now-a-days absolutely safe will ignominiously fail in its object. There has been means of prevention, constitutes a serious menace to abundant evidence that it has been received by the the community at large, and is a painful testimony to Royal Army Medical Corps itself with a feeling of dis- the legislative un-wisdom which sanctioned a repeal of appointment, and it is almost universally condemned as the compulsory clause in the Vaccination Acte. unworkable by those outside the service who are best Owing to the difficulty often experienced in recognising qualified to judge of its merits.

the early stages of the disease, and the disastrous conThe system, on which it is based, of promotion by sequences which are apt to ensue from errors in examination is one of the worst conceivable and will

diagnosis, the Borough Council of St. Pancras have almost inevitably ultimately result in the highest posts recently adopted two commendable safeguards. They being occupied by officers who, however expert in book have made chicken-pox a notifiable disease within the knowledge and laboratory technique will not necessarily Borough, and they have appointed, to act as medical possess either administrative capacity or executive skill referee in each ward, a practitioner whose services may for the solution of problems concerned with the sani. be requisitioned by the ordinary medical attendant on tary and general medical management of armies in the any suspicious case. It will be interesting to observe field. There are, moreover, so many anomalies in the how this plan works out in 'ractice. matter of pay and promotion that, apart from the ex- The proceedings of the W nter Session of the General amination test which is to be supreme and is of itself Medical Council came to an end on Tuesday, the 3rd enough to wreck the scheme, the conditions of service December. Sir William Turner, whose term of office will in no sepse be improved, and will fail to attract expires this month, was unanimously re-elected to the either the class or number of men who are so urgently Presidency for a further term of five years, needed.

The business was not, on the whole, of great conThe Council of the National Association for the sequence, but none the less, seven days were occupied in Prevention of Consumption held a meeting on November its transaction. One of the leading items on the agenda ilth, at which the following resolution, brought for- was the case against Mr. Robert Rendall, M.B., C.M., ward by Dr. Nathan Raw, was unanimously adopted Edin. of Great Yarmouth, against whom the following

"That, in the light of our present knowledge, the charge was formulated : “That you have been guilty time has now come, when the whole question of of infamous conduct in a professional respect, particutuberculosis, including treatment of suitable cases in lars of which are that you accepted and continue to municipal sanatoria, should be undertaken by the hold the appointment of medical officer to the Liverpool municipal corporations and county councils throughout Victoria Friendly Society at Great Yarmouth, a the country.”

society which systematically practises canvassing for It is doubtful whether the times are propitious for the purpose of procuring patients, and that you have the general adoption througbout the country of a approved or acquiesced in such canvassing." scheme which would necessarily involve serious addi. The prosecution was conducted by Dr. R. G. Bateman tions to the rates; and it also may be questioned on behalf of the Medical Defence Union, while Dr. whether municipal corporations and county councils, as Rendall was represented by Mr. Lawson Walton, K.C.

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