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The PRESIDENT appointed Drs. Sawkins and Society be declared prejudicial to the interests of the MacPherson as scrutineers, and Drs. Stokes and Cor- medical profession. lette as assistants.

Letter was also read from Mr. Rafton, Secretary of The Council's Report was taken as read.

the Commonwealth Medical Benefit Society. Dr. JAMIESON moved the adoption of the Report, Resolved—“

- That the Commonwealth Medical Bene. which was carried unanimously.

fit Society be declar prejudicial to the interests of DI. CRAGO moved the adoption of the Statement of the medical profession, in accordance with Article of Accounts, wbich was adopted.

Association No. 36. The PRESIDENT read his address. (See page 165.) Letter was read from Dr. Coutie, suggesting that

The Hon. Dr. H. N. MACLAURIN, M.L.C., begged to similar benefits to those of the Friendly Societies be move a hearty vote of thanks to the retiring President, introduced into the Sydney and Suburban Medical Dr. J. Foreman, for the very excellent address he had Benefit Association.-Letter referred to the Sydney and given them. The speaker regretted he was not in the Suburban Medical Association. habit of attending the meetings of the Branch more Letter from the Civil Ambulance Association relating frequently. He could, however, say that he was the to the King Edward Hospital. oldest member of that Branch present. Referring to Letter from Mr. Bruck was read relating to the the address, he urged the members not only to approve Arbitration Act.-Resolved that the letter be referred of the address, but to resolve on carrying out the to Dr. Todd for his opinion as to the legal aspect principles laid down. He had no hesitation in of the matter, and that Mr. Bruck be thanked for his saying that if this course was adopted, and the communication. profession maintained an unbroken front, that even Letter from a member, stating that the medical the gates of hell would not prevail against them. men of Parramatta and district had unanimously The objects these so-called friendly societies had agreed to uphold the stand taken by the Branch on the in view were the obtaining of medical benefits for question of the Australian Natives' Association. next to nothing. Such objects were not of new The question of the Defence Fund was referred to experience-the public generally desired to get a good the Medical Union. thing if it could for nothing; but the medical profession New members elected :-Dr. Michell, of Wee Waa, had its rights as well as other sections of the public, and Dr. Cocks, of Wentworth. and the consistent action of the profession would prevent all the one-sided bargaining sought to be The Council met at the Association Rooms on Tuescarried out by the Australian Natives' Association. The day, 8th April, at 8.30 o'clock. Present : Drs. Rennie, speaker reiterated the hope that the address would be Crago, Fiaschi, Worrall, Hankins, Brady, Dick, Hinder, seriously taken to heart by members, with the resolve Newmarch, MacCormick, Jamieson, Foreman, and to act on and carry out to the uttermost the advice it Pockley. contained, and he believed that every respectable The minutes of the previous meeting were read and member of the profession would become a member of confirmed. the British Medical Association before the year was at Members elected : Drs. G. E. Miles, R. D. Heggaton, an end. He was most happy to propose a hearty vote D. Kerr, J.J. O'Keefe, H. M. C. Dalton, M. H. Atock, of thanks to the late President for his most excellent H. Armstrong, A. E. Perkins, H. Blaxland, W. Ramsay address.

Sharpe, A. A. King, N. J. Dunlop, and Professor Dr. WM. CHISHOLM seconded the vote of thanks for Welsh. the address, which was one quite after his own heart. Resolved—“That Mr. Hankins be Hon. Secretary

Dr. CRAGO proposed that Sir James Graham, Drs. and Dr. Crago be Hon. Treasurer for the ensuing
E. J. Jenkins, and Dr. Jarvie Hood, represent the year.”
Branch at the Annual Meeting of the Home Association Resolved—“That Dr. R. Worrall be authorised to
at Manchester.

countersign cheques on the Gazette Account." Mr. HANKINS demonstrated his phonating apparatus Dr. Rennie resigned the Editorship of the Gazette. upon three patients who had undergone complete Resolved—“That Dr. G. E. Rennie be re-elected extirpation of the larynx.

Editor of The A. M. Gazette." The PRESIDENT announced the result of the elec- Letter was read from the North Sydney Medical tion :-President, Dr. G. E. Rennie ; Vice-President, Association with reference to certain members of the Dr. Brady ; Councillors : Drs. Hankins, Crago, British Medical Association meeting medical men on Worrall, Foreman, Fiaschi, Beeston, Dick, Newmarch, the ostracised list. Hinder, MacCormick, Jamieson, and Pockley ; Audi. Resolved—“That the writer be asked to name the tors : Drs. F. W. Hall, and F. J. Sawkins.

members complained of, and the occasions.” A vote of thanks was accorded to the Scrutineers. Letters were read from Dr, Bardsley, of Waverley,

and Dr. Barber, of Penrith, stating that they had COUNCIL MEETINGS.

given up the Australian Natives' Association forthwith,

sacrificing salary in lieu of notice. The Council met at the Association Rooms on Friday,

Dr. Todd's opinion on the question of the Arbitration 21st March. Present : Drs. Foreman, Rennie, Crago, Act and the registration of the Branch was read. Janieson, Newmarch, Worrall, Hinder, Brady, Han

Resolved—“That Dr. Todd be thanked for his kins, Fiaschi.

trouble, and the opinion placed on the minutes." The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

South Australia. A letter was read from the Assistant-Secretary, resigning his position,

TAE usual monthly meeting was held at the University Dr. CRAGO proposed, and Dr. NEWMARCA seconded- on 27th March, at 8 p.m. Present : Drs. J. C. Verco, "That the resigoation of the Assistant Secretary be Sweetapple, Watson, C. H. Souter, W. A. Verco, Angus accepted with regret."-Carried.

Johnson, F. Magarey, Todd, C. Verco, S. Verco, J. A. G. Letter from the Metropolitan Medical Society was Hamilton, Morgan, Cavanagh - Mainwaring, Anstey read asking that the Commonwealth Medical Benefit Giles, Good, Brummitt, Cudmore, Smeaton, Symons,


Fischer, G. Hayward, A. A. Hamilton, Marten, Jay, ever-increasing myxomyoma of the uterine body ; that Lendon, Evans, H. Russell, W. Hayward, Gault, Scott, on the left is a quiescent lateral fibroma, whose appear. Poulton, and Gunson (Hon. Sec.)

ance antedates that on the other right side by several Visitors : Drs. Shaw, White, and Hornabrook.

years. As the round ligaments appeared on the lateral Exhibits were shown by Drs. Todd, Morgan, Watson, aspects of the larger mass it was evident that the smaller Jay, C. H. Souter, and Johnson.

mass could not be a second (left) uterus, whether preg. Minutes of previous meeting were taken as read, and nancy existed or not. - Dr. J. A. G. HAMILTON. signed.

8. Bilobate myomatous uterus resembling a bicornis Professor WATSON showed :

uterus, more especially as each round ligament arises 1. Skull of a Katfir Scout, æt. 19, showing the from the lateral (pelvic) aspect of its respective extensive fragmentation of bones of face produced by growth.-Dr. O'SULLIVAN. a soft-nosed small calibre bullet. Death resulted from

9. Chorionic cast extruded from a left cornu three attempted replacement of the scattered fragments of days after delivery of a living child from the alternate both jaws without a preliminary tracheotomy.

(right) one.- Dr. Von HAGENAUER. Well-worn bandolier repaired with green-hide, con- Dr. C. E. TODD exhibited a patient, who had taining illicit bullets, produced by tampering with the

recurrent schirrus of breast, and had been legitimate military article.

brought before the Association six months ago before 2. Skull of a Kaffir killed in a scrimmage with a she was subjected to oophonctomy and thyroid feeding. jealous husband. There is a recent stellate depressed Her condition then will be fresh in the mind of fracture of the inner table of the right parietal bone, i nuembers. After the operation all her symptoms were without any depression of the corresponding portion of much relieved, with the exception of the ulceration on the outer table where there is a very fine circumfer- the front of the sternum. This showed no tendency to ential fissure surrounding the area of a shilling. This heal, in fact became deeper. The ulcer was subjected paradoxical lesion was produced by a knob-kerri. to numerous exposures of the X-Rays by Dr. Gunson, Death was due to concomitant internal injuries and is now soundly healed. This case was recorded at (hæmothorax, &c.)

the Intercolonial Medical Congress at Hobart. 3. Cannon Bones from two horses. In each case a The PRESIDENT reported that the Branch's invita. piece of wire encircles and is deeply embedded in the tion on behalf of the profession was accepted at Hobart bone, showing that the animals must have torn them- | Congress for the next session to be held in Adelaide in selves free and survived for months after entanglement 1905, Professor Sterling being the President elect. in a wire fence. - Dr. ANGAS JOHNSON.

Several motions were carried relating to tho pre. 4. Malignant Pancreatic Cyst (intra-cystic growths) | liminary work in connection with the next Congress, from an elderly lady. It presented in the most com

and it was decided to call for nomination for the mon situation, viz., between the transverse colon and executive committee and office-bearers, the election to stomach, and was therefore covered by the anterior

take place at the May meeting of the Branch. layer of the great omentum. Removal was not at.

Ballot. - Drs. Sydney M. Verco, Harry F. Cook, and tempted. In a case a few months ago, also uoder Dr.

C. M. Verco, were elected to the Branch. Lendon, after a futile attempt at extirpation, a success

Dr. MARTEN read his paper “Cases of Gastric Fistulæ," ful result was obtained by marsupialisation (in the

and the discussion on it was postponed till next meetabsence of intra-cystic growth.) In that case the ing. (See page 182.) tumour presented under the transverse colon. I have

Dr. C. H. SOUTER then read an interesting paper on once seen one present above the stomach. In Australia Stereographic Photography and Medical Work," the usual diagnosis is hydatid, but I have seen the

which was accompanied by numerous and excellent stomach washed out prior to operation in the belief it stereographs. He was accorded a hearty vote of was of gastric origin, and I once diagnosed one as an

thanks. ovarian cyst.

Dr. Jay then read a paper on “ Pregnancy in a Double 5. Perfect pelvic floor as left after hysterectomy for

Uterus.” (To appear in a future issue.) a big myoma eight days previously. The tied uterine arteries, as usual, are occupied by clot, whereas the

Queensland. corresponding veins are empty. The ovarian veins, on A MEETING of the Branch was held at the School of the contrary, are full of clot. The intestines had been Arts, Toowoomba, on Saturday, April 5th, with the left in a faulty position after a prolonged operation in following attendance :- Drs. Roberts, Falkner, Nicoll, the Trendelenburg position. In consequence of the Freshney, and Harding, of Toowoon ba ; Dr. Flynn, of vomiting three interrupted cat-gut sutures had become Ipswich; Drs. Wilton Love, Byrne, Sutton, Hawkes

, untied in the aponeurotic layer, but the continuous Robertson, Carvosso, and Brockway, of Brisbane. suture in the peritoneum and the cutaneous sutures Owing to an unfortunate misunderstanding, three or had held. Re-opening the abdomen was proposed, but four members of the branch were prevented from being rejected.

present at the meeting. The following specimens bear on Dr. Jay's interest- Dr. ROBERTS was voted into the chair, and cordially ing case of pregnancy in one half of a double uterus:- welcomed the Brisbane and Ipswich members

. He (In a similar case to his I have seen another friend expressed his pleasure at meeting them, and his conof mine inadvertently tie and divide the left ovarian viction of the benefit to be derived from the closer vessels before realising the condition ; fortunately the fellowship which such meetings produced. uterine vessels of that side sufficed, single-handed, to The minutes of the last meeting were read and con: carry the pregnancy to a bappy termination several firmed months later.)

The following were elected members of the Branch :6. Myomatis bicornis uterus, in which the angle of Drs. Edith Ure, Pring, Hammond, and Zwar. Dr. junction of the two cornua is occupied by a single | Sutler was nominated for membership. myoma the size of an emu egg.

Dr. FALKNER read notes of cases of epidemic jaundice 7. Myomatous uterus, which, when the abdomen was (to appear in a future issue), and an interesting discusopened, simulated a double uterus pregnant on the sion was entered into by Drs. Wilton Love, Hawkes right side. The larger portion to the right is a soft, and Robertson.

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Dr. BYRNE read a most useful and entertaining paper

REPORTS OF SOCIETIES on bis “ Medical Experiences in London and America," for which he received a hearty vote of thanks. (To MEDICAL DEFENCE ASSOCIATION OF appear in a future issue.)

À vote of thanks to the Chairman brought an
interesting and memorable meeting to a close.

Annual Report for the Year 1901.

THE Council has the satisfaction of reporting that the The monthly meeting of the Victorian Branch of the

Association has made a successful beginning. During British Medical Association was held on Wednesday

the first year 36 members have been enrolled, and there

have been no claims on the funds of the Association. evening, March 19th. Dr. MACANSH read "Notes on an Outbreak of

Three meetings of members have been held during the Typhoid Fever in 1901." (See future issue).

year, at which the business was of a purely formal

character, in connection with the formation of the Dr. NIELD was pleased to find that local reports of infectious diseases were so closely kept as Dr. Macansh

Association. The Council record with regret the loss had kept them in this case. He considered such a

of one of its most active members by the death of the

late Dr. R. S. Bright. One member of the Association, paper most valuable and expressive, and he hoped that close inquiry and examination, would always be the

Dr. allnutt, has left the State. It is to be hoped that rule in all infectious cases.

now the Association is started, all the eligible members The paper was discussed by Drs. BLACK, CUSCADEN,

of the profession in Tasmania will avail themselves of

its benefits. VANCE, and BRYANT, and Dr. MACANSH replied.

OFFICE-BEARERS FOR 1902.- President, Hon. Dr. Dr. Vance's paper was held over until the next

G. H. Butler; Hop. Treasurer, Dr. A. H. Clarke ; Hon. meeting of the Branch.

Secretary, Dr. W. W. Giblin; Members of Council, New Zealand.

Dr. E. L. Crowther, Dr. J. E. Wolfhagen, Dr. R. G.

Scott. Dr. G. Sprott, Dr. E. J. Crouch, Dr. G. H. Hogg, At the Sixth Annual Meeting of the New Zealand Dr. J. McCall; Auditors, Dr. F.J. Drake, Dr. E. J. on Branch of the British Medical Association at Dunedin, MacGowan. February 2nd, the President's (Dr. Colquhoun) address

FINANCIAL STATEMENT. The Hon. Treasurer, dealt with the history of Medicine and Surgery, and

in account with the Medical Defence Association of traced the evolution, through past centuries, of present. day methods and science. Amongst the papers was

Tasmania for year ending December 31st, 1901 :one by Dr. Roberts on " Chloroform Administration,"

RECEIPTS. one by Dr. Ogsten on “Sanatoria for Consumptives,”

5 8. d. and one by Dr. W. M. Stenhouse on Consumption 36 Members' Subscriptions

18 0 0 Theories.” After the business portion of the Congress Paid in Excess

0 0 6 was over, the delegates paid a visit to the Inebriates' Interest ...

0 4 7 Home, at Waitati, on the 5th. Great improvements have and are now being made. The visitors were

£18 1 greatly pleased with all they saw. On the 6th a visit

EXPENDITURE. was paid to Seacliff and Puketeraki, and on the 7th the

£ 8 d. visiting members proceeded to Lake Wakatipu.


2 4 6 Stamps

0 18 0 Stationery

0 16 9 INTERESTING evidence was given by Dr. Barrett to

Bank Book

0 0 6 the University Inquiry Commission now sitting in

Exchange on Cheque.

0 0 3 Melbourne on the subject of extending scientific

Balance in Savings Bank

14 5 teaching.

1 Dr. Barrett pointed out that the new mining school was only barely equipped to undertake

£18 5 1 instruction, and did not compare with that of Sydney.

Examined and found correct, February 4th, 1902. He thought it a great fault, seeing that this State

ERNEST J. CROUCH. depended mainly upon its mineral productions and what was raised from the soil, that the University made

ARTHUR H. CLARKE, Hon. Treasurer. no effort to train men to follow these natural pursuits. The objects of the Association are as follows : The President questioned whether, in a time of financial 1. To support aad protect the character and interests stress like the present it was opportune to consider

of legally qualified medical practitioners prac. such matters. Dr. Barrett replied that one of the

tising in Tasmania. greatest universities in the world, that of Berlin, was 11. To promote honourable, and to discourage founded when Napoleon was ravaging Germany. The

irregular, practice. Teutonic people, he said, realised that they were only III. To advise and defend, or assist in defending, going to pull Germany out of the fire by cultivating

members of the Association in cases where braids. The President: “ Scotland was a very poor

proceedings, involving questions of profescountry when it started its university.” Sir John

sional principle or otherwise are brought M'Intyre : “There was no poverty in brains there."

against them. Dr. Barrett suggested further that colleges for dental, iv. To consider, originate, promote, and support or veterinary and public health should be incorporated

oppose (so far as is legal) legislative measures with the University. Owing to the profession being

affecting legally qualified medical practi. overstocked, its great work in the near future would

tioners, in their relations to the State or lie in the teaching of special science subjects.

public, and for such purposes to take such At the last meeting of the Women's Hospital Com.

steps as may be legal and expedient. mittee, Melbourne, it was decided to ask the honorary v. In the attainment of the above objects to do all medical staff to nominate one of its members to fill a

such things as are incidental or conductire vacancy on the Committee.


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As only sufficient members to fill the vacancies were nominated, the late office-bearers, having been duly

nominated, were re-elected. THE Annual Meeting was held at 121 Bathurst Street, Some of the members present complained that they Sydney, on 26th March, 1902. Present : Mr. G. T. had had no opportunity ot nominating members for the Hankins (in the chair), Drs. W. H. Crago, T. M. Martin, I different offices. It was explained by the Secretary J. M. Gill, G. A. Marshall, W. A. West, Gordon that, although it had been the custom to invite nomi. M.Leod, J. M.Pherson, A. J. Brady, Gledden, and nations from all the members by circular, no such Sinclair Gillies. Apologies for non-attendance were proceeding was required by the rules ; but, in accordreceived from Drs. Walter Spencer, Coutie, and A. J. ance with the general wish, such a notification would Hood.

be rent out in future.



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Dr. J. M. Gill, joint Hon. Secretary read the annual which power it did not possess under the previons report :

rules. The Treasurer's statement shows the funds in ** Sydney, March 26th, 1902. hand to be £1,848, an increase of £288 on the previous “ The Council congratulates the members on the year. Mr. Grigson has continued to perform the duties close of another successful year in the history of the

of Assistant Secretary in a satisfactory manner." Union. Two hundred and seventy-five (275) members

The Hon. Treasurer, Dr. Crago, made his financial paid the annual subscription, as against two hundred

statement, and moved its adoption. Seconded by Dr. and seventy-four (274) in the previous year. Thirteen

G, A. MARSHALL. Carried. new members have been elected. The Council has to record with regret the deaths of Drs. C. Dagnall Clark, An informal discussion was introduced by Dr. CRAGO, Elsner, Stapleton, and Clifton Sturt. The Local Hon.

in order to test the opinions of those present on the Secs, have continued to perform their duties in a satis- question of the reduction of the annual subscription, factory manner. The Council fortunately has not had and Dr. Crago therefore informally suggested the fol. to assist any member this year. The sum of £34 108. 8d.

lowing resolution : “ The annual subscription shall be was paid to a member, in accordance with a resolution

one guinea, due and payable in advance, on 1st March. of the Council during the preceding year. (This sum After the payment of ten annual subscriptions, a was paid to reimburse him for legal expenses incurred, member shall be exempt from further payments, unless which he was unable to recover from the plaintiff.) the funds of the Union become greatly reduced by any Several other members have sought the advice of the unexpected call, in which event the Council may again Council in various matters. The following alterations demand the annual subscription from every member were made in the Rules at the instance of the Hon.

for as long as may be necessary to place the finances in Treasurer, viz. :- Rule 8 to read as follows : The a sound condition.” After some discussion, members Treasurer shall on or before the 1st day in March in present were unanimously of opinion that it would be each year, notify all members that their subscriptions inexpedient to adopt the suggestion at present. fall due on that date.' To add the following words to Rule 9 : ' Provided always that the Council shall have

Sydney and Suburban Provident Medical power, under special circumstances, to suspend the subscription of any member who may be absent from the

Association. At the last quarterly meeting, the Hon. State.' These rules were submitted to and fully discussed

Secretary announced that the Association was making at a special meeting in the month of September. The steady progress. occasion for these alterations bas arisen from the The Hon. Treasurer stated that £1,140 5s. 78. had absence of several of our members at the seat of war in been collected during the quarter, which, after deducting South Africa, some of them being absent for a ycar and expenses, enabled the usual dividend at the rate of more, and it was felt that it would be well if the | 17s. per annum to be declared, and a small surplus to Council bad the power of remitting their subscriptions. | be carried to the accumulated fund.


Dr. MAITLAND read the statement of accounts for the pas: year. The adoption of report was carried.

The following Committee were elected for the ensuing year :-Hon. Secretary, Dr. H. L. Maitland ; Hor. Treasurer, Dr. R. L. Faithful. Members of Committee : Drs. Fiaschi, F. W. Hall, and Macdonald Gill.



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THE MEDICAL PROFESSION AND THE A.N.A. and a reduced mileage of 5s. per mile from X (the

ordinary being 7s. 6d. per mile). When a few months A well-known Melbourne practitioner writes

had elapsed, the secretary said they could not afford follows :-“ If the society is a national association,

59., and we must reduce to 2s. 6d. I declined and rewhat business has it with cheap medicine, any more

signed. In consequence, I have completely lost any than cheap weddings or funerals, or cheap civil servants? practice in that district, which is a community of If it is a medical benefit society, why should it---be- wealthy farmers. They all send for my opponent, cause its members secure a doctor's services for 3d, a who is an Australian native ! ” week-be allowed to pose as an exponent of the national and patriotic aspirations of the rising genera- rith, and Cocks, of Wentworth, have severed their

Drs. Bardsley, of Waverley, Barber, of Pention? There is no doubt whatever (in the minds of the

connection with the A.N.A, A.N.A.) of their immense superiority over the M.U., 1.0.0.F., etc., etc.; but though they exact extra atten- Mr. H. J. Cannington, who was elected vicetions, they pay no more than the modest fees paid by president of the Newcastle branch of the A.N.A. at the horny-handed section of the community. If they the inaugural meeting a week or so ago, stated, says the exercise no political influence, how is it that civil ser- Newcastle Morning Herald of March 18th : “That if vants—when presidents of the A. N. A.-seem to be ab'e there was to be any wrangling he would retire from the to get leave at all times to go about the country opening position. He quite disagreed with the attempt by the new lodges ?

A.N.A. to fight the British Medical Association. If the Another Victorian correspondent writes :-

Newcastle branch could not get over the threatened

boycott by the local doctors, he thought the lodge “ A more serious innovation is the establishment of

would not achieve success, for he could not see that it the Long Distance Club. To instance a case, the town

would pay any other medical man, who had not of X is some miles from Y ; the district of Z lies less

established practice, to take on the lodge. than balf way—there was no medical man there. Two medical men in Y took clubs, also two in X, of which The Melbourne Herald of March 22nd in a I was one. A branch of the A. N. A. was started at Z, leading article speaks in contemptuous terms of the and made overtures to the medical men, the two A.N.A. in New South Wales deigoing to accept a wage doctors in one town being played off against those in limit, and says that, “Meanwhile, perhaps, a missionary the other. It was arranged that we should all join on might be spared from Victoria to help the authorities equal terms, and have liste, The terms were 21s. per of the A.N.A. in New South Wales back to the region annum to supply medicine (actually 16s. ser member), . of commonsense!"



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