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system 37 (Bright's disease 25), of the respiratory system 94 deaths (55 above years of age, 39 below),

the chief complaints being pneumonia 62, bronchitis New South Wales.

19. The deaths from pneumonia comprise 8 per cent.

of all deaths. The Plague.-Last week there were seven

In the report of the vital statistics of the cases and two deaths ; the previous week there were

Newcastle district for the month of January, 1902. seventeen cases and five deaths; the week before that

The births during the month were 175, or at the rate saw nine cases and four deaths recorded. Up to the

of 3.14 per 1,000 of the population. The deaths numpresent there have been sixty-three cases and seventeen

bered 62, or 1:11 per 1,000. Of the deaths 30 were due deaths. At the Coast Hospital on Saturday, thirty- to local diseases, 11 to developmental diseases, 6 to two patients remained under treatment, while four zymotic diseases, and 6 to constitutional diseases. have been discharged as cured. From March 1st to March 7th, the total number of rats taken to the

Victoria. depôts established by the Board of Health was 4,419. Including the number destroyed by the men fumigat

Vital Statistics.—The return for the month ing coastal vessels, and the sewers, quite 7,000 must of January, 1902, in the district of Greater Melbourne have been accounted for, in addition to many states that 948 births were registered, and the deaths thousands more killed by residents in Wednesday's rat 661, excess of births over deaths being 287. The births crusade, of which no record will ever be obtainable. for the period mentioned was the lowest recorded for

the last 11 years except 1899, and 149 below the Vital Statistics of the Metropolis.—During 211 below it if allowance be made for the increase of

average of the month during the previous 10 years, or the month of January, 1902, 1,133 children were born, population. Children under 5 years of age contributed being 96 more than the average for January during the

37 per cent, to the mortality. The deaths of infants previous five years. The deaths during the month

under twelve months numbered 205. Of the deaths, numbered 508, or 1 greater than the quinquennial | 77 occurred from zymotic (whooping cough), 17 diseases, average for January. The birth rate was 2.25 per

123 from constitutional diseases, 349 from local 1,000 of population, and the deaths were 1:01 per 1,000. diseases. The deaths under 1 year, compared with the births for the month, the rate being 131 per 1,000. Of the 508 deaths, 200 or 39 per cent. were under 5 years of age,

Typhoid fever.—Cases of typhoid fever and 148 or 33 per cent, were less than 1 year old.

continue to be reported in excess of the number reZymotic diseases caused 70 deaths; the main causes

corded last summer. The return presented to the were : whooping-cougḥ, 21; diarrhea, 12 ; typhoid Board of Public Health showed :—Cases reported for fever, 13; and 1, bubonic plague. The returns of

the fortnight ended 15th February : For the whole the Department of Public Health show that 87 cases

State for 1901, 127 cases and 4 deaths ; for 1902, 190 of typhoid fever and 45 cases of diphtheria were noti

cases and 14 deaths; for metropolitan area, for 1901, fied during the month.

65 cases and 3 deaths ; for 1902, 83 cases and 8 deaths. From constitutional disease there were 86 deaths, slight decrease of scarlet fever.

The returns show a slight increase of diphtheria, and a the main causes being phthisis 38, cancer 30.

Developmental diseases produced 43 deaths, premature births being responsible for 20 cases, and senile

Bubonic Plague.—The Chairman of the Board decay for 16.

of Health, Melbourne, on being called to examine the Local diseases caused 253 deaths of the subdivision case of a wharf labourer who was taken ill on 1st March of this class. Diseases of the nervous system contribu- pronounced the patient to be suffering from bubonic ted 49 deaths, the circulatory system 57, of the respira. plague. It was proved that the man had been recently tory system 38 (pneumonia 16 and bronchitis 12), of at work unloading cargo from the hold of the steamer the digestive system 74 (enteritis 50), of the urinary "Coolgardie,” which had lately arrived in port from system 27 (Bright's disease 20).

Sydney, the cargo containing a quantity of superphosphate, a commodity in which rats fairly revel. The

house in which the patient resided was promptly Newcastle Vital Statistics. -During the year quarantined, and the man was taken to Goode Island there were 1,738 births in the Newcastle District, or Sanartorium for treatment. 31:51 per cent. of the population. The deaths for the same period numbered 742, or 13.45 per cent. Of these,

Queensland. 272, or 37 per cent., were under 5 years of age, and 202, or 27 per cent., were less than 1 year.

Bubonic Plague.-Total number of Cases Zymotic diseases caused 86 deaths or 12 per cent.

from January 27th to February 24th, 1902–11; Total typhoid 26, whooping cough 17, influenza 12.

number of deaths, 4; discharged, recovered, 1; ReConstitutional diseases caused 116 deaths, or 16 per maining under treatment, February 24th, 6. Report cent. (phthisis 46, cancer 32, tabes mesenterica 18). ending 1st March, 1902.- Remaining under treatment, The deaths from phthisis comprise 6 per cent. of all

February 24th, 6 ; cases reported during the week, 3 ; deaths.

died during week, 1. Remaining under treatmeat, Developmental diseases produced 60 deaths, or 8 per

March 1st, 8. Total number of cases reported to date, cent. of the roll, premature births being responsible for 1+; total number of deaths, 5 ; total discharged, re35 cases and senile decay for 16.

covered, 1. All the above cases have occurred in Local diseases caused 379 deaths, or 51 per cent. Brisbane; date of last case, February 27th, 1902. Apoplexy 25, convulsions 11, inflammation of the brain 10, epilepsy 9, of the circulatory system 61 (en lo- Vital Statistics.-During the month of carditis 21, heart disease 19, syncope 9), of the December, 1901, 145 births were registered in the digestive system 88 (enteritis 49), of the urinary I district of Brisbane, being 9 less than in December,


1900. In the same district 105 deaths were recorded, deaths from pulmonary tuberculosis at Adelaide Hos. being 19 more than in December, 1900. Within the pital and one at each of the following places :-Robe, municipality of Brisbane, 33.36 per cent. of the deaths North Kensington, Rowland's Flat and Langmeil. One were of children under 5 years of age, the true death from diphtheria at Port Lincoln ; one death infantile mortality as compared to births for the city from puerperal fever at Glenelg ; one death from and suburbs being 17.88. Of the deaths occurring in erysipelas at Alberton ; and one death from enteric Brisbane and suburbg during the month, 18 were from fever at Burra hospital. zymotic diseases, 34 from constitutional diseases, and 77 from local diseases. Of the zymotic group, 9 were

New Zealand. from diarrhæa. Of the constitutional group, 15 were from cancer, 8 from phthisis. Of the local group, 21

Dr. Mason, the Chief Health Officer of New were from enteritis and 7 from pneumonia.

Zealand, has made report on his inspection of the

sites suggested for consumptive homes. He is of Tasmania.

opinion that the most suitable site in the South Island

is Port Lyttelton, and for the North Island, he favours During the month of January, 1902, 120 the establishment of a sanatorium in the Wairarapa births were registered in the districts of Hobart and district. Launceston, the same number as in the corresponding month of 1900, and an increase of 4:1 as compared with the average of the births recorded in January

HOSPITAL INTELLIGENCE. during the last five years. The deaths registered in January, 1902, in Hobart and Launceston numbered

Hobart Hospital-An operating table, which 94. Of these, 5 died from zymotic diseases, 15 from

arrived from New York has been fitted up in the constitutional diseases, 21 from developmental diseases. 41 from local diseases. Of the developmental group:

operating theatre at the Hobart General Hospital. It

is of the latest approved pattern. The frame is of 20 deaths occurred from old age. In the country

steel, white enamelled, mounted on four heavy rubber districts in January, 1902, 291 births and 75 deaths

wheels. The top is of heavy in. French crystal glass. were registered.

The table, which cost about £40, was purchased out of

the Grimston bequest. One of Aps's-Newton 18 in. South Australia.

Röntgen Ray apparatus is expected shortly. Its cost Vital Statistics.—During the month of the Grimston bequest.

will be about £180. This has also been bought out of December, 1901, 664 births were recorded in South Australia, or 185 per cent., the lowest recorded in the Sydney Hospital Annual Meeting. The period 1896-1901, inclusive. For the same month 407 annual meeting of the Sydney Hospital was held on deaths were recorded, or •113 per cent. In 1896 the February 26th. The president, Sir Arthur Renwick, percentage showed •110; in 1899, •101 ; in 1900, .096. M.L.C., submitted the report and balance sheet. The During December, 1901, 86 deaths occurred from report set forth that the patients remaining in hospital zymotic diseases (diarrhæa 60), of these 52 were under | on 31st December, 1900, were 286, patients admitted one year. Only in the years 1897 and 1898 was this during 1900, 3,951 ; total under treatment, 4,237; dismortality exceeded. Constitutional diseases caused charged cured, 2,467 ; relieved, 873 ; unrelieved, 165 ; 59 deaths (phthisis 30, tuberculosis 7), the highest rate died, 428; remaining in hospital 31st December, 1901, during the five years, 1897 only excepted. Develop- | 304 ; percentage of mortality on admissions, 10-9; mental diseases accounted for 34 deaths in the month average number of admissions per week, 76; the under notice, the lowest record during the five years. average number of beds occupied, 306 ; average Local diseases caused 181 deaths, 62 of which were duration of stay in days, 31 ; the number of accidents under one year. This mortality was only exceeded in and urgent cases admitted without recommendations, the years 1897 and 1898.

1 710 ; the number of cases admitted on Government In the city of Adelaide for the month of December, orders, 1,475 ; the number of cases admitted on sub1901, 73 births and 89 deaths were recorded, both of scribers' orders, 103 ; the number of cases admitted which numbers represent the average for the five years who contributed to their maintenance, 663. Of the 1896-1901. Zymotic diseases caused 10 deaths, consti- 428 deaths 121 died within 24 hours of admission. The tutional diseases were responsible for 15 deaths (cancer number of operations performed during the year was 4, phtoisis 5, tuberculosis 4), developmental diseases 2.938. There were 28,647 new cases in the out-patients' caused 11 deaths, and local diseases 43 (enteritis 12). department, and 96,101 attendances. The cost per bed

for 1901 showed an increase of £l los. over that of Central Board of Health.—A meeting of

1900, being £63 7s. 7d., as against £61 125. 7d. The the Central Board of Health was held last month. The

increase was accounted for by the increase in the cost chief inspector furnished a report on the sanitary con. of almost all the commodities required by the hospital. dition of the district of Nairne, and the condition of

The subscriptions showed an increase of £264 over cowkeepers' premises in the district. The infectious

those of the previous year. Towards the income the disease returns showed five cases of typhoid fever at

Government contributed as subsidy on subscriptions Port Adelaide, four at Adelaide, and one at each of the

and donations, £3,777 28. 7d. i for maintenance of following places :-Rosewater, North Croydon, Bunda

destitute patients, £9,017 8s. 4d. ; and for the Regent leer, Gawler, Leamington, Kadina, Kapunda, Port

street branch the sum of £700. Augusta, and Hilton ; five cases of pulmonary tuberculosis at Adelaide, two at Port Adelaide, and one at Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney.—The annual Wallaroo ; one case of diphtheria at each of the report of this hospital, presented at the meeting of following places :- Adelaide, Bowden, New Hind- subscribers on March 14th, states that the number of marsh, and East Adelaide, one case of erysipelas patients remaining in hospital on December 31st, 1900, at Adelaide, and one at Yalumba ; case of was 223; admitted during the year 1901, 3,216 ; total puerperal fever at Hundred of Younghusband. The under treatment, 3,439. Of these 1,848 were cured, infectious disease mortuary returns showed two 725 relieved, 268 unrelieved, 360 died, and 238 remained



in hospital, December 31st, 1901 ; total, 3, 439. The matter, but the committee counted upon the generous number of beds in the hospital was 236 ; the average support which had always been accorded it by the number of patients resident daily, 285 ; mean residence public. The new ward, which is a well ventilated, and of patients in days. 28 ; rate of mortality per cent. airy apartment on the extreme western side of the (deducting the 61 deaths which occurred in patients hospital, contains 24 cots. within 24 hours of admission), 9.29 ; rate of mortality

Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne. per cent. over total cases under treatment, 10:46 ; rate of mortality per cent. on admissions, 11•19;

- The average daily number of patients at the hospital number of attendances in out-patients and casualty is about 150. The patients come from all parts of the

State. The total number treated last year was 6,245, departments, 44,146 ; number of individual patients in these departments (approximately), 11,000. The income and the number of attendances of out-patients 28,791. of the year was £18,317 2s. 4d., towards which the

The number of operations performed was 1,478. It is Government contributed £10,883 28, 2d. Of the latter

said that the hospital cannot carry on under present

conditions. The reception hall for patients is a comamount £3,189 Os. 2d. was in the form of a subsidy, on the £ for £ principle, and the remainder for the partment that would hardly hold 50 people. As it is, maintenance of Government patients. The average

come 200 people, most of them patients, crowd into it cost per bed for the year amounts to £68 8s. 9d., as

daily. There appears to be little likelihood of sufficient against £66 7s. 6d. in 1900. The slight increase in the subscriptions coming in to carry out the enlargement of

the building wbich is so absolutely necessary.

Unless average as compared with the previous year is due to

the Government comes the assistance of the the fact that in several items prices were higher than in the previous year, and that the imposition of the hospital in carrying out an extension of the building, new Federal tariff duties also affected the prices of

there is a great probability of the institution having to some articles of daily use for a part of the year.

limit considerably the scope of its work.

Dubbo Hospital, N.S.W.-Drs. Tresidder, The Women's Hospital, Melbourne.—The Burkitt, and Barton, have been appointed honorary deadlock at this hospital resulting from the action of medical officers for Dubbo Hospital for the ensuing the Committee in dismissing Drs. Lewis and Yule, the year. Dr. Hope has resigned his appointment on the resident medical officers, still continues. The Com- | hospital staff. mittee has not succeeded in filling the positions of medical officers to the midwifery and the infirmary

PERSONAL ITEMS. departments. Advertisements have been published calling for applications, but, contrary to previous experience, no applications were sent in. On again Dr. JAMES REIACH, recently locum tenens for Dr. applying for the vacant positions on the resident mid- J. A. Dick of Randwick has succeeded to the practice wifery staff, Drs. Lewis and Yule invited the Committee

of Dr. Robert Lamb at Molong, N.S.W. to consider that in the present state of outside medical opinion, right or wrong, it was highly improbable that

Dr. ASHER of Lithgow, N.S.W, has been presented the Committee would be offered the services of any

with a handsome souvenir by the members of the A.H. satisfactory men for the positions, a fact that it might and P. Society in appreciation of his services during infer the more surely from the circumstance that in

the ten years of his secretaryship. Dr. and Mrs. Asher spite of the close of the Medical Congress at Hobart have left for England. there were no applications. It was clearly impossible, the letter stated, for one man, unceasingly on duty, to RETURN OF DR. ASHBURTON THOMPSON.-Dr. do the work hitherto performed by two for any length of time. It was useless for the Committee to plead Health, Sydney, returned to Sydney a few days ago

Ashburton Thompson, President of the Board of inability to fill the positions when it had before it, after a trip to Europe, and very much improved in still ralid, the offer made by them last week. It

health. He stayed a considerable time in Paris, where was unreasonable to suppose that, because they could he saw Drs. Roux and Momont, and visited the new not see their way clear to carry out the Committee's hospital for infectious diseases attached to the Pasteur orders in reference to closiog the hospital, they Institute. In London, he took advantage of the first could not now loyally assist in keeping it officially opportunity of formal presentation to the Incorporated open.

It was resolved to inform the applicants Society of Medical Officers of Health which occurred, that the Committee did not require their services. since he had been chosen to be an honorary Fellow (a Under these circumstances we hope that no otber distinction he received in company with Lord Lister), medical men will offer their services for these ap- and then joined in a discussion on the management of pointments. We think the Committee ill-advised in

plague epidemics which was raised by a paper read by refusing to re-appoint Drs. Lewis and Yule, considering Dr. D. s. Davies, M.O.H. for Bristol. He was gratified the value of their past services to the hospital, and

at finding that our work at Sydney was thoroughly trust they will yet be induced to see the wisdom of well-known, and that the discussion was largely guided reversing their decision.

by our recorded experience. He saw much of Mr.

Shirley Murphy, M.O.H. London C.C., and discussed Alfred Hospital Melbourne — The ceremony with him the terms of an amendment to P.H. (L.) A., of opening a new ward of the Alfred Hospital, to be by which, acting on our experience and our proposal for known as the Michaelis ward, was performed by Lady amendment of the P.H. Act, evidence that a building Clarke last month, in the presence of a large number was infested by rats or so constructed as to be liable to of ladies and gentlemen, including the State Governor, become infested, would be made a nuisance, liable to be Sir George Clarke. Mr. R. L. J. Ellery, the chairman the subject of summary proceedings, and subsequently of the committee of management, stated that by the he discussed the same point with Mr. Power, M.0.H. to gift of £1000 from the family of the late Moritz and L.G.B. He visited Professor G. A. Wright at Netley, Rachel Michaelis, of St. Kilda, they had been able to not merely as an old friend, but in his capacity of equip the ward and permanently devote it to child member of the late Plague Commission in India. He patients. The maintenance of the ward was a serious | found him in his laboratory, very busy with his vaccine

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against typhoid fever in company with Major Leish- to London to attend the annual meeting of the British man, R.A.M.C. For a similar reason he visited Dr. Medical Association. His object in attending is to try Armand Ruffer at Alexandria (President du Conseil and institute some system of studying the tropical Sanitaire, Maritime, et Quarantérie d'Egypte-the diseases in Australia on similar lines to or in conjuncInternational Quarantine Board), and also visited tion with the tropical medical schools in London and Pinchin Bey, M.D., at Cairo, head of the internal Liverpool. sanitary service of the Egyptian Government, and made acquaintance of Dr. Bitter, the weil-known Dr. HOWDEN, of Dunedin, has taken charge of Dr. bacteriologist there. In England he saw several | Rodgers' practice in the Wyndham (N.Z.) district, garbage destructors, and soon found that there was during the latter's absence from the colony, nothing new, and had no reason to modify the opinions he expressed to the committee of the City Coun- Dr. W. A. LOGAN, surgeon at the Timaru Hospital, cil a year or so ago, but was, on the contrary confirmed | N.Z., resigned his position on the 21st instant, owing in them. He interviewed Professor MacFadyean, M.B., to ill-health. Dr. Bett, of Pleasant Point, has been Royal Veterinary College, on the question of securing appointed to fill the vacancy. candidates for veterinary posts on the staff of the Board of Health. As regards plague, he learned Dr. Mason, Chief Health Officer, has been examining nothing likely to be of service here, but rather found the Port Hills, N.Z, with a view to their suitability for that we were relied upon there ; and he was entirely the proposed consumption sanatorium. confirmed in his opinion that Asiatic countries' present conditions are so inimical to epidemiological (as The will of the late Dr. ALEXANDER STEWART distinguished from clinical and pathological) work that PATERSON, formerly colonial surgeon, who died at the slight attempts at it hitherto made have yielded Adelaide, S.a., on January 6th, has been lodged for results of very little value, and have rather tended to probate. The estate, which is sworn not to exceed confusion than to enlightenment.

£25,000, has been bequeathed to the testator's rela

tives. Dr. E. MAYNARD PAIN, late Superintendent of Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, left Sydney on Monday

Dr. DAVID ARTHUR Welsh, the new Professor of last, March 17th, for his new sphere of labour as one

Pathology of the Sydney University, arrived in Sydney of the medical officers of the Church Missionary by the “Oceana on Saturday, March 8th, and has Society's Hospital at Old Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Pain is

entered upon his duties. accompanied by his wife and child, and they leave us with the hearty good wishes of a large circle of friends.

Dr. Noonan, of Hamilton (Tas.), has disposed of his

practice to Dr. John Stewart, of Sydney. Dr. W. Colin MACKENZIE of Melbourne University, and formerly resident physician of the Melbourne and Children's Hospitals, has been appointed medical tutor

MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS. of Trinity College. Dr. MacKenzie will supervise the work of all medical students of the college above first year standing.

The following Medical Appointments are announced :

NEW SOUTH WALES. Dr. W. H. JOHNSTON, formerly of Dapto, has Browne, A. E. N., L.R.C.P. et L.R.C.S. Edin., to be Acting Visiting succeeded to Dr. Watson's practice at Richmond, N.S.W.

Surgeon to the Gaol at Wagga Wagga, during the absence of

Dr. Edgar H. Thane, on leave. Dr. D. P. O'BRIEN, has removed from Ravenswood to Rockhampton, Queensland.


Gamble, Morris Frederick H., L.R.O.S. E., to be Medical SuperinDr. J. W. FARNDALE, late of Fiji, has settled at

tendent of the Ballarat Lunatic Asylum, vice J. Steell, M.B.,

absent on leave. Dooleies, Victoria,

Hearne, William Western, M.B., to be Public Vaccinator for the

North-eastern Vaccination District, during the absence of Dr. T. W. LIPSCOMB has succeeded to Dr. Cosh's Abraham Haynes, L.R.C.P., on leave.

Honman, Dr. Andrew, of Williamstown, to be Certifying Medical practice at Leichhardt.

Practitioner, for the purposes of the Factories and Shops Acts,

vice Dr. Ellison, resigned. Dr. A. J. DAVIES, late of Hill End, has settled at Lynch, Dr. Peter, Carlton, to be Certifying Medical Practitioner, Canowindra, N.S.W.

for the purposes of the Factories and Shops Acts, vice Dr. J. De

Burgh Griffith, resigned.

Muir, William Oharles Crawford. M.B, to be Officer of Health for Dr. CHARLES RYGATE of Wellington (N.S.W.) who the Shire of Alberton. has acted as medical officer to the local branch of the

Mullen, William Lowell, M.B., to be Medical Superintendent of the M.U. Order of Oddfellows for about nine years, was on

Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum, vice W. L. Watkins, L.R.O.S

Irel., absent on leave. Wednesday evening, March 6th, entertained by the Park, John Steel, L.R.O.P., to be Officer of Health for the Shire of members of that body at a smoke concert, prior to his

Cranbourne. departure on a tour to the Continent, and was pre

Peipers, Frederick, M.D., to be officer of Heuth for the Shire of

Kerang. sented with a handsome travelling bag and also an Rosenthal, Jacob, M B., to be officer of Health for the United Shire illuminated address. Mrs. Rygate was presented with of Newham, vice Johnstone Simon Thwaites, M.B. two handsome gifts by local residents.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Dr. A. W. FAULKNER, assistant medical officer at

Sangster, John Ikin, M.R.O.S., to be a Member of the Board of Seacliffe Asylum, has resigned from that position.

Advice for the School District of the Burra.

The following appointments have been made at the Adelaide Dr. GOLDSMITH, the Government Medical Officer for Hospital:

Borthwick, Thomas, M.D., to be Honorary Bacter ologist. the Northern Territory, arrived in Adelaide on February

Frost, Constance Helen, M.B., to be Assistant Bacteriologist. 7th on twelve months' leave of absence. He proceeds Lyuch, Arthur Francis, M.B., B.3., to be Honorary Pathologist


Exhibits at the Congress.-At the recent Oook, Percival Robert, M.B., to be Public Vaccinator for the District of Waipara, vice Dr. FitzHenry, resigned.

Intercolonial Medical Congress at Hobart, a fine colCran, William James, M.B., to be Public Vaccinator for the District lection of surgical instruments up to date, was exhibited of Brunner.

by Messrs. Carl Zoeller and Co., of Brisbane, and in Mackenzie, Murdoch, M.B., to be Port Health Officer for the Port of Westport.

charge of Mr. J. P. Cusack. In the entrance Mr. T. P. Moore, Walter W., M.B., to be Public Vaccinator for the Distrist of Davern had a fine show of Messrs. Burroughs, Wellcome Nelson,

and Co.'s lines, comprising tabloid and soloid brand Platts, Elizabeth, M.B., to be a Public Vaccinator for the District of Wellington.

products, tabloid brand hypodermic products, by poRoberts, Edward John, M.B., to be Port Health Officer for the dermic serum syringes, serums, Fairchild's preparations, Port of Nelson, vice Dr. Leggatt, deceased,

and a new departure in the shape of the "Wellcome” Todd, William, M.D., to be a Public Vaccinator for the District of

brand of fine chemicals. Messrs. Seabury and Johnson's Lumsden.

(London) goods in the shape of medical and surgical TASMANIA.

materials for dressings and pharmaceutical products, Crowther, Edward Lodewyk, M.D. Aberd., M.B. and C.M., L.R.C.P. were displayed by Mr. F. Hargreaves ; and a similar

Edin., M.R.C.S. Eng, and L.M., L.S.A., to be a Member of the show, together with surgical instruments by Mr. G. Central Board of Health, in succession to Dr. C. Barnard, Arnold. of Sydney. resigned.

Return of Miss M'Gahey.—The matron of WEST AUSTRALIA.

Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney (Miss M'Gabey), was welBlick, Dr., to be Officer of Health, Broome. The following honorary_appointments Lave been made to the

comed on her return from a trip to Europe and America Medical Staff of the Perth Pulic Hospital :- Senior Officers- at an “At Home" at the Hospital on February 28th. The Senior Surgeon : P. Tratman, M.D. Lond., M R.C.S., L.R.O.P., Chairman of the Board of Directors, Professor AnderD.P.H. Ophthalmic Surgeon : H. T. Kelsall, M.D., B.S. Lond., M.R.O.S., L.R.C.P. Junior Officers-- Assistant Surgeon : W.

son Stuart, in a few words spoke of the value to the Trethowan, M.B., M.8. A berd, Assistant Gynæcologist: H.

Hospital at this juncture, of the matron's visit, and the Horrocks, M.D. Lond., B.S., M.R.O.8., L.R.C.P., D.P.A. large amount of information she had acquired on her The «undermentioned bave been appointed the Medical Board of visits to the different English and American hospitals.

Western Australia, under the provisions of “The Medical Act, 1894':-Drs. T. H. Lovegrove, H, T. Kelsall, G. F. McWilliams,

Miss M.Gahey resumed duty at the Hospital on Mareh J. W. Hope, H. J. Lota, S. Macaulay, and J. S. Hicks ; Dr. T. H.

1st. Lovegrove to be the President of the Board.

The Siege of Ladysmith.—An interesting MILITARY INTELLIGENCE.

lecture was recently given at St. Mary's, N.S.W., by Surgeon-Captain Buntine, who was a medical officer

with the British forces in South Africa, and was in COMMONWEALTH ARMY MEDICAL SERVICE. To be Medical Officers, with the local and temporary particulars in detail of the siege of Ladysmith, his

Ladysmith during the siege. The lecturer gave rank of Captain :

:- Alexander 1. Fullerton, M.R.C.S., | description of the hardships and privations endured by L.R.C.P.; Adam Richard Stack poole, L.R.C.S.

all, especially the sick and wounded, being very realistic. NEW SOUTH WALES.

Surgeon-Captain Buntine was the first to be recom. Colonel W. D. Williams, C.B., has been appointed mended for the V.C. during the present war. Director General of the Commonwealth Defence Forces.

A True Hero of Medicine.—A subscription NEW ZEALAND.

list having been opened in the columns of the AustraSurgeon-Captain Francis Courtenay Sutherland lasian Medical Gazette in aid of the widow and Forbes, New Zealand Volunteer Medical Staff, has children of the late Dr. Smyth (see the British Medical been appointed a Surgeon-Captain in the New Zealand Journal of December 7th, 1901, p 1709), we beg to Militia. Surgeon-Major Walter Relf Pearless, New Zealand contribution :-Dr. A. K. Hoets, Burrowa, £ 1 1s.

acknowledge the receipt of the following additional Volunteer Medical Staff, has been appointed Surgeon. Major in the New Zealand Militia.

Dr. Forbes of Waihi, N.Z., left with the Eighth | PROCEEDINGS OF AUSTRALASIAN MEDICAL Contingent as one of the medical officers.


Surgeon Harry Paynter Sloggett, of the unattached
list, Victorian Naval Brigade, has been attached for

For registration. duty with the Permanent Naval Forces during the Bennett James, M.B. Melb. 1901. absence, on leave, of Fleet-Surgeon C. A. Stewart. Bona, Percy Arthur, M.B. Melb, 1901. James Fox Barnard M.B., Ch.B., has been appointed

Coto, Daniel Samuel, L.R.O.P. et R.C.S. Edin. 1900. Medical Officer of the First Commonwealth Contingent Farndale, John William. M.R.C.S. Eng.,

L.R.C.P. Lond. 1896.

Eaves, Wilberforce Vaughan, M.R.O.S. Eng. et L.R.O.P. Lond. 1889 for service in South Africa, with the rank of Lieutenant. Gunn, John, L.F.P.S. Glas. 1879. Captain James De Burgh Griffith has resigned his Harris, James Frederick, M.B. et Ch.B. Melb, 1901.

Hiller, Konrad, M.B. Melb. 1901. appointment of Medical Officer of the First Common

Law, Charles Donaldson, L.R.C.P. et R.C.S. Edin. 1898. wealth Contingent for service in South Africa.

Meares, Albert George, L.R.C.P. et R.C.S. Edin, 1900.
Summons, Samuel William Henry, M.B. Melb, 1901.

Robertson, Annie Susan, MB, et Ch.B. Melb, 1901.

Erased from the Register.
Casey, Cornelius Gavan, M.R.C.S.

Ray, Henry, M.B.
The council of the Melbourne University in- Williams, Ezra Hurlburt, L.RC.P.--deceased.
vited the council of the Pharmaceutical Society of
Australia to nominate one of the Melbourne College of

WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Pharmacy lecturers for appointment as representative Scott, George Melnoth, M.B., B.S. Camb. 1890. of the departments of Materia Medica and Pharmacy Smyth, Sydney Richard, L.R.C.S. Irel. 1867 ; L. and L.M., K. and on the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. F. Hobill Cole has

Q. Coll. Phy. Irel. 1871.

Wills, Bertram Shera, L.R.O.P. Lond.; M.R.O.S. Eng, 1897 ; F,R.CS, since been appointed to the position.

Eng. 1901,

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