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destroyed; and that it be an instruction to the of the following places :-Adelaide, Knightsbridge, health committee to see that such produce was

Kent Town, Baker's Flat, Forestville, New Parkside, destroyed ; and that in the opinion of the North Unley, Parkside, and Franklin. One case of

puerperal fever at Stirling West. Council, it was not desirable that the City The infectious disease mortuary returns showed i Health Officer should absent himself from death from pulmonary tuberculosis at each of the duty at this juncture.” Dr W. G. Armstrong and Richmond ; 1 from typhoid fever at Murray

following places :-Adelaide Hospital, Knightsbridge, is thus prevented from attending the Inter- Bridge, and 1 at' Adelaide ; 1 from puerperal fever at colonial Medical Congress at Hobart.

Norwood, and I at Currency Creek.

Vital Statistics. The following returns of Victoria.

births and deaths are given for South Australia,

exclusive of the Northern Territory, for the month of Typhoid Fever in Melbourne.-A return

November during the years 1896-1901 inclusive. 1896, presented to the Board of Public Health showed that

births 810, deaths 292; 1897, births 766, deaths 367; during the fortnight ended February 1st, 166 cases of

1898, births 649, deaths 486 ; 1899, births 735, deaths typhoid, with three deaths, occurred in the State.

432 ; 1900, births 75l, deaths 329, 1901, births 708, The Birth Rate.--At a meeting of the Board deaths 317. Of these deaths, 375 occurred from of Public Health on February öth, it was stated that zymotic diseases, 347 from constitutional diseases, the excess of births over deaths in the Victorian 201 from developmental diseases, and 201 from local metropolitan area was not more than 500 per month.

diseases. The highest birth rate occurred in the year The president remarked that the falling off of the birth

1896 viz. -235 per cent., and the lowest in 1901 viz. rate was engaging attention all over the world.

•198. The highest death rate was in 1898 viz. :140 per

cent, and the lowest in 1896 viz. .085 per cent. The Vital Statistics of Melbourne and Suburbs.

causes of death registered for the month of November, During the month of December, 1901, the births num. 1901, are whooping cough 7, enteric fever 5, diarrhea bered 945, and the deaths 784. Excess of births over and dysentery 15, cancer 20, phthisis 17, apoplexy 5, deaths, 161. Specific febrile or zymotic diseases caused epilepsy 1, convulsions 12, other diseases of the brain 92 deaths, or 11.73 per cent. ; constitutional diseases, and nervous system 26, diseases of the circulatory 158 deaths, or 20.15 per cent. ; local diseases, 389 deaths, system 30, bronchitis 13, pneumonia 19, enteritis 14, or 49.62 per cent. Of the specific febrile or zymotic while old age was responsible for 16 deaths. For the group, whooping cough was responsible for 44 deaths, city of Adelaide during the month of November the and diarrheal diseases for 28. Of the constitutional returns of births and deaths for the period 1896-1901 group, cancer caused the death of 55 persons ; tuber- are : In 1896, births 78 ; 1897, births 9; 1898, cular meningitis, 11 deaths ; phthisis, 60; other forms births 78; 1899, births 92 ; 1900, births 87, 1901, of tuberculosis, 16. Of the local diseases, 71 deaths births 70. The highest birth rate thus occurred in 1899, occurred from diseases of the nervous system, and 92 or .236 per cent., and the lowest 1991, 70 or 179 per diseases of the circulatory system accounted for 60 cent. In 1896 the deaths were 70; in 1897, 76 ; in deaths. Diseases of the respiratory system caused 88 1898, 119; in 1899, 70; in 1900, 63; and in 1901, 78. deaths, of which pneumonia caused 34. Diseases of the The highest death rate occurred in 1898, 119 or •307 digestive system were responsible for 147 deaths. From per cent., and the lowest in 1899, 70 or •180 per cent. enteritis 109 deaths occurred. Diseases of the urinary Of the deaths during these five years 62 occurred from system accounted for 41 deaths, and Bright's disease for zymotic diseases, 88 from constitutional diseases, 37 28. The mortality from diphtheria for the years 1890 from developmental diseases, and 220 from local to 1901 :-1890, 470 ; 1891, 172 ; 1892, 100, 1893, 35; diseases. 1894, 51; 1895, 57 ; 1896, 93; 1897, 151 ; 1898, 128 ; 1899, 56 ; 1900, 77 ; 1901, 45. From typhoid fever1890, 403 ; 1891, 192 ; 1892, 154 ; 1893, 120; 1894, 155 ;

New Zealand. 1-95, 142; 1896, 149 ; 1897, 121 ; 1898, 222; 1899, 143; Vital Statistics.—In Auckland and Suburbs 1900, 94 ; 1901, 69. Thus the mortality from typhoid during the month of December, 1901, 110 births and fever in 1901 was—both absolutely and relatively, the

44 births were registered. In Wellington and Suburbs lowest recorded during the last 41 years. The deaths of

92 births and 30 deaths. In Christchurch and Suburbs infante under twelve months for December, 1901, num

92 births and 42 deaths. In Dunedin and Suburbs 94 bered 266, as compared with 205 in the corresponding births and 40 deaths. The death rates per 1000 of month of the year 1900. Hence the infant mortality population in Auckland and Suburbs was 0.88 ; in was 281 per 1000 births in the month under review as

Wellington and Suburbs, 0.69 ; in Christchurch and compared with 204 in December, 1900. The proportion Suburbs, 0.94 ; in Dunedin and Suburbs, 0.76. In of deaths of elderly persons, aged 75 and upwards, has these four districts eight deaths occurred from zymotic shown a marked increase during the last eleven years,

diseases, 41 from constitutional diseases and 80 from steadily rising from 5.94 per cent, in 1891 to 11.42 per local diseases. Under the constitutional group, cancer cent. in 1901.

was responsible for the death of 16, and tubercular diseases for 21 persons.

Under the local diseases group South Australia.

nine deaths occurred from apoplexy, six from pneuCentral Board of Health.—A meeting of the monia, and five from bronchitis. Central Board of Health was held at the offices, Victoria Square, on Wedi esday, January 29th. The iofectious disease returns showed 2 cases of

Tasmania. typhoid fever at Bundaleer, 2 at Gawler South, and I Vital Statistics.—During the month of at each of the following places :- Koolunga, Luton, December, 1901, 136 births (72 males, and 64 females) Kadina, Kapunda, Port Elliot, Booleroo, Centre, and were registered in the districts of Hobart and LauncesBaroota. One case of pulmonary tuberculosis at each 'ton; proportion per 1,000 of population, 2.13. The

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deaths numbered 97 (50 males and 47 femaləs). Of

MILITARY INTELLIGENCE. the deaths—14 occurred from constitutional diseases, or 6.67 per cent. ; 24 from developmental diseases, or 33-33 per cent.; and 43 from local diseases, or 46.67

per cent. of the constitutional diseases 7 deaths were A MEDICAL CORPS ORGANISED.-A thoroughly
caused by cancer; of the developmental diseases, 18 equipped Army Medical Corps will accompany the
deaths were from old age; of the local diseases, 14 Commonwealth Contingent to South Africa. Major-
were caused by enteritis.

General French, Brigadier-General Finn, and Colonel
Williams have received instructions to form the corps,

which will include five army medical officers and 110

of all ranks. The medical unit will include 50 bearers

and 60 members of field hospital corps. It will be Vital Statistics.—The Registrar General equipped with four ambulance waggons from New reports that during the month of November, 1901, 172 South Wales, and also with transport carts and water births were registered in the district of Brisbane, being carts for the field hospital. Medical and surgical 23 more than in the previous month ; 106 deaths were equipments will be drawn in South Africa. also recorded for the same period and district, being The Commander-in-Chief of the British Army has 24 more than in October, and 15 less than in the appointed Dr. Frank Tidswell, as Surgeon Captain, corresponding month of last year. In the suburbs and Drs. Sinclair Gillies and Charles MacLaurin, as outside Brisbane the deaths numbered 49, the total | Lieutenants, in the Royal Army Medical Corps. number of deaths in the combined districts was 155. Erratum,- We regret that it was inadvertently True infantile mortality under one year as compared stated in our last issue that Lieutenant G. S. Samuel. with births in the district being 1771 per cent. within son. M.D., Army Medical Corps, of Armidale, had and 17.86 per cent. outside the municipality of Brisbane. resigned his commission. Total for the city and suburbs being 21•75. Of these The Army Medical unit is now practically complete. 16 were from zymotic, 25 from constitutional, and 95 There are six Tasmanians and six West Australians to from local diseases. Of the constitutional diseases ten be added to the strength, but these will not come to were from cancer and eleven from tuberculosis,

Of Sydney.

The Queensland quota reached camp local diseases nine were from heart disease and 14 from

yesterday morning. Captain Green is in charge, pneumonia.

he will soon be joined in camp by Captain Howse, V.C.,

who will go as second in command of the unit, which West Australia.

will probably be shipped for the Cape first, on the 11th

or 12th of February. Vital Statistics. The Registrar-General

VICTORIA. reports for the quarter ended June, 1901, the total

Dr. Code, junior resident surgeon at the Ballarat number of births to be 1,455, and the deaths for the Hospital has resigned his appointment as he is leaving same period as 713. Deaths of children under one year for South Africa with the Commonwealth Field Hospital as 226. Deaths from zymotic diseases 122. Constitu. Dr. W. James has left Williamstown, Vic., for service tional diseases 82. Local diseases 302. Of the zymotic on the field hospitals with the outgoing contingents. disease 45 were from typhoid. Of the constitutional

NEW ZEALAND. diseases 25 were from cancer, and 37 from phthisis. Of the local diseases 20 were from heart disease, 39 Dr. Horace Eccles, of Mangonui, has been appointed from pneumonia, 75 from enteritis. the quarter to the medical staff of the Eighth Contigent. ended 30th September, 1901, the total number of New Zealand Volunteer Medical Staff.-David births was 1,538, and the deaths 594. Deaths of Mathewson Nairn to be Surgeon-Captain. Commission children under one year 126. Deaths from zymotic to date from the 16th November, 1901. diseases 76, constitutional diseases 74, local diseases 293. Of the zymotic diseases 19 deaths were from measles, and 12 from influenza. Of the constitutional

HOSPITAL INTELLIGENCE. diseases cancer was responsible for 14 deaths, phthisis 39, other forms of tuberculosis 6. Of the local diseases 12 deaths occurred from inflammation of the brain, 10

The resident medical officer of the Alfred from convuleions ; from endocarditis 17, from heart Hospital, Melbourne, Dr. Major, reported to the disease 27, bronchitis 24, and from pneumonia 63. committee of management on January 31st, that

owing to the rapid influx of typhoid fever patients HUDSON's “EUMENTHOL” JUJUBES (Registered) during the past week there were no vacant medical

beds for females available, Dr. Major asked for are a Gum Jujube containing the active constituents of well-known Antiseptics, Eucalyptol, Thymus Vulg., permission to improvise a couple of beds in the cottage Pinus Sylvestris, Mentha Arv., with Benzo-Borate of

to meet cases of emergency. The matter was left in Sodium, etc., and exhibit the antiseptic properties in a

the hands of the secretary and superintendent. fragrant and efficient form. Sold by all chemists, tins The Sydney Hospital.-At the last meeting 1s. 6d. Are Antiseptic, Prophylactic, reduce Sensi

of the Board of Directors, Dr. R. Steer Bowker bility of Mucous Membrane.

forwarded a cheque for £100 from a donor who reMr. W. A. Dixon, F.I.C., F.C.S, Public Analyst of quested that his name should not transpire. It was Sydney, after making exhaustive tests, says: "There decided that the money should be utilised for the puris no doubt but that “Eumenthol ” Jujubes have a chase of surgical instruments for the hospital, under wonderful effect in the destruction of bacteria and the direction of Drs. Fiaschi and Bowker. Plans of preventing their growth.

I have made a com- proposed alterations to Moorcliff were received from parative test of “ Eumenthol” Essence and Creosote, the Department of Public Works, and referred to the and find that there is little difference in their bacteri- house committee. The house committee was authorised cidal action,”

to have plans and specifications prepared, and tenders

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called for various works in contemplation, and for 23, at Mungindi, he, not being a legally qualified which the Government have voted a sum of £2,500. medical practitioner within the meaning of the

Medical Practitioners Act of 1898, did use the title of The question of a further monetary advance to the Queen Victoria Fever Hospital, Melbourne, has

surgeon, and the main point of the evidence was that been considered by the Cabinet." A further grant of follows : “ Dr. R. Ormiston, D.D.S., surgeon and

the defendant bad exhibited a placard which read as £4,000 will be, in addition to a sum of £2,000 which

mechanical dentist." It was also asserted that Ormis. Sir George Turner, when State Treasurer, set apart for

ton said he was a doctor of dental surgery. His Honour the institution.

said it appeared to him that the defendant used the Western Suburbs Cottage Hospital, Sydney, word " surgeon" in the sense of an adjective

, and not The annual report showed that during the year

of a substantive. The appeal was accordingly disthe hospital had been enlarged, at a cost, including missed with costs. furniture, of £673. The report of the honorary medi. cal officers showed that 166 patients had been admitted inquest held in Melbourne last month, Ellen Dickenson

An alleged illegal operation.-At a coroner's for treatment during the year, but that the hospital

was committed for trial at the Criminal Court sittings had proved inadequate for the number of applications for admission. The balance sheet showed that the illegal operation on

on a charge of wilful murder by the performance of an

a school-teacher from Toora, expenditure during the year had been £2,190 9s 10d.,

Gippsland. and the income and assets in fixe deposits, &c., £3,483 0s. 3d.

A TRUE HERO OF MEDICINE. The Lady Bowen Hospital, Brisbane, is under new management, and is now offering accom- A SUBSCRIPTION list having been opened in the modation to country patients. There is a resident columns of the Australasian Medical Gazette in aid of surgeon, and a private ward can be arranged for if so the widow and children of the late Dr. Emyth (see desired.

the British Medical Journal of December 7th, 1901, Launceston Hospital.—The Visiting Com- p. 1709), we beg to acknowledge the receipt of the mittee of the Launceston Hospital Board have had following contributions :under consideration the charges male against the

£. 8. d. management of the hospital by several ex-nurses of the

"Ipswich,” Queensland... institution. They recommended to the board that the

Dr. R. W. Young, Milton

1 1 hon. medical officers, through whom the complaints

» A. B. Morris, St. Helen's Earlswere made, be requested to associate with the com

court, Tasmania...

0 11

1 W. H. Tomlins, Ballina, N.S.W.

1 0 mittee in making the contemplated investigation into the charges.

W. H. Crago, Sydney

1 10 G. E. Rennie, Sydney

1 1 0 Hobart Hospital.-During the year 1,446 cases have been treated in the Hospital, as against 1,151 in 1900, and of this number 661 came from

MEDICAL NOTES. country districts.

The daily average number of occupied beds during the year was 80, and the average

Medical women in Paris.-A large number stay of patients in the hospital, twenty and one-fifth of lady doctors are now practising in Paris, the majority days, as compared with twenty and a half days last of them being Russian Jewesses, just as are the greater year.

number of the women medical students. At a rough Prince Alfred Hospital.–At the January studies at the various schools, and working side by side

calculation there are 300 ladies pursuing medical meeting of the board of directors of the Prince Alfred

with the men students. The reason of the invasion of Hospital, a deputation from the Master Builders'

the Jewers is, of course, the disabilities that exist in Association waited upon the board to urge that the

Russia for those of the faith of Israel-disabilities erection of the new pavilions should be carried out by

that are hardly lessened in Germany. contract, and not, as requested by the Sydney Labour Council at a previous meeting, by day labour. It was

Trichinosis in Adelaide.- A case of this decided to recommend the Minister for Works to erect disease, which is said to be new to Australia, has been one pavilion by contract, and the other by day labour. discovered within the past few days by Professor As the two pavilions will be identical in design it was Watson, of the Adelaide University, Dr. Angas Johnson, agreed that their erection side by side would afford a and Veterinary Surgeon Desmond. The disease was good object lesson as to the merits of the two systems, noticed during an operation for cancer in the neck, and that as they would be under the same conditions recently performed. 1 he growth was examined, and and supervision, and as the exponents of both systems

minute white bodies were seen to be scattered through would be stimulated to do their best both as to cost and the tissue. These were recognised by microscopical workmanship, the result could only be advantageous to examination to be the typical trichina spiralis. The the hospital.

patient had never been out of the States, but he

admitted having been passionately fond of polony. MEDICO-LEGAL.

A work will shortly be published by Cassell and Co., Ltd., for the use of junior practitioners and

medical students upon ** Mental Affections, an aid to Use of the word "Surgeon"—N.S. W. Supreme the ready diagnosis and treatment of insanity, in its Court Appeal.- Mr. Justice Owen bad lately before early and curable stages," by W. Herbert Barker, him in Chambers a special case respecting the con- M.R.C.S. Eng., Medical Superintendent of the Hospital ditions under which â dentist might apply the word for the Insan Ararat. 'surgeon in connection with his profession. It appeared that Robert Ormiston, a dentist, was pro- Braithwaite's Retrospect of Medicine is now disceeded against on an information that on November continued.

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The Government has decided to appoint a small Dr. J. R. HUTTON, late of Victoria, is acting as Royal Commission to inquire into the question of Locum Tonens to Dr. Moir of Auckland, during the financial and general reforms in connection with the latter's absence. Melbourne University.

Dr. T. HOPE LEWIS, of Auckland, leaves in

February on a year's visit to England.

Dr. G. S. SAMUELSON has returned from South

Africa, and resunied practice at Armidale, N.S.W. Dr. W. SNOWBALL has been compelled by ill-health to retire from practice, and intends residing for the

At a recent gathering at the Town Hall, Sydney, a present in Gippsland, Victoria.

presentation by the Mayor (Alderman Thomas Hughes),

was made on behalf of the citizens, to Sir James On behalf of the Oddfellows of East Maitland, Dr. S. Graham, of a souvenir, prior to the departure of that ALCORN has been presented with a suitably inscribed gentleman for England. The gift to Sir James Grabam instrument case.

consisted of a silver tea and coffee service, and in

addition there was a silver afternoon tea service, Dr. D. P. O'BRIEN, F.R.C.S. Irel., has re ed his which the citizens presented to Lady Graham. appointment as Medical Officer at Ravenswood, Queensland. At the monthly meeting of the Dental Board, it was

MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS. unanimously decided to grant SIR JAMES GRAHAM seven months leave of absence,

The following Medical Appointments are announced : Dr. W. J. OLIVEY, formerly of Western Australia,

NEW SOUTH WALES. has settled at Temora, N.S.W.

Corlette, Dr. C. E., has been appointed Acting Hon. Assistant Dr. JOHN THOMPSON has removed from Broken Hill Surgeon to the Women's Hospital, Sydney, during the absence

of Sir James Graham, M.D., in Europe. to Williamstown, Victoria.

Cox, Barrie, M.B. Syu., to be Goverpment Medical Officer and

Vaccinator at Warren, vice Dr. J. H. Wilson, resigned. Dr. WM. SPROULE has removed from 221 Devonsbire Reiach, James, M.B., C.M. Edin., to be Government omicer and Vac

cinator at Molong, vice Dr. R. Lamb, resigned. Street, Sydney, to Wyalong, N.S.W.

Reid, W. H., M.B., Ch.M., Syd., to be Junior Medical Officer

Department of Lunacy. Dr. M. MATHESON has removed from Waverley to Seabrook, Dr. L. L. jun., to be Resident Medical Officer of Broken

Hill Hospital. Croydon, North Queensland.

Sydney Hospital.

Senior Resident Medical Officers, Drs. Corbin and Cameron ; Dr. E. A. BARDSLBY has settled in Waverley, having

Resident Pathologist, Dr. Griffiths, succeeded to Dr. M. Matheson's practice in that suburb.

VICTORIA. Dr. GEORGE McLean has removed from Paddington Lister, Harold, M.B., to be Acting Medical Superintendent of the to Old South Head Road, Waverley, near Sydney.

Ararat Lunatic Asylum ,during the absence on leave of W. H.

Barker, M.R.C.S., Eng.

Vitchell, James Thomas, M.D., Oh M. Aberd., M.R.O.S. Eng., to be Dr. HEGGATON, late Resident Medical Officer, Prince Resident Medical Officer to the Ballarat Benevolent Asylum Alfred Hospital, Sydney, has succeeded to Dr. Parry's

and Lying-in Home, vice Dr. Thos. Le G. Holthouse, deceased, practice at Murrumburrah, N.S.W.

WEST AUSTRALIA. Surgeon-Captain BUNTINE, V.C., of Victoria, who

Davy, T.G., M.R.O.S. Eng., L.8.A. Lond., to be Honorary Medical was present at the relief of Ladysmith, is at present Officer to the Fremantle Hospital vice Dr. Hope, resigned. staying with his brother, the Rev. H. S. Buntine, of Erson, Dr. E. G. Leger, to be Officer of Health, Peak Hill, W.A.,

vice Dr. O'Flaberty, resigned. Mount Druitt, N.S.W.

Dr. ALEX. PATERSON, who has been practising at Dunedin and Roslyn, has removed to Christchurch.

Dr. R. N. ADAMS, who lately resigned his appointment at the Auckland Hospital, has returned to Dunedin.

Prior, Percival Underdown, M.R.O.S., to be Medical Officer to the

Destitute and A borigines in the district of Penola.
Seabrook, Edwin Fraser, M.D., to be a Health Officer under the

provixions of " lhe Quarantine Acts.”
Verco, w. A., M B., Ch.B. Adel., to be Assistant Gynæcologist,

Adelaide Hospital.
White, Margaret, M.B., Oh.M. Syd., to be House Surgeon, Children's

Hospital, Adelaide.
Wilson, T. G., M.B., Ch.M. Syd., F.R.C.S. Edin., to be Assistant

Gynecologist, Adelaide Hospital.

Dr. C. E. CORLETTE has removed from 36 College Street to 183 Liverpool Street, Hyde Park.

Dr. F. E. WEBB has removed from Perth, W.A., to Mathinna, Tas.

Dr. D. MORRISON has removed from Franklin to Evandale, Tas.

Dods, Joseph E., M.B., B.S., to be acting Medical omcer, Brisbane,

in connection with the Diamantina State Children during the

absence on leave of K. I. O'Doherty, F.R.O.S.I. Larwill, John, L.R.C.P. et S. Edin., to be Medical Officer at Boonal

vice Jas. H. Finemore, L.R.O.P. left the district.
Love, Wilton Wood Russell, M.B., to be Deputy Commissioner of

Public Health during the absence of the Commissioner of
Public Health.

Dr. P. W. MENZIES has removed from Napier to the Bay of Islands.


Additional Qualification Registered :
Gurdon, Edwin John, M.R.O.S. Eng. 1875; L R.C.P. and L.M

Edin. 1875.
Haynes, Edward James Ambrose, F.R.C.S. Irel. 1901.

Dr. ULLRICH, of Williamstown, is to act as junior resident surgeon at the Ballarat Hospital pending the appointment of a successor to Dr. Cade, who is going with the Australian contingent to South Africa.


BIRTHS. HARBISON.-On the 25th December, at Numurkah, the wife of

J. A. Harbison, surgeon of a son. KELLY.-On the 9th December, 1901, at Elysium, Wingham, the

wife of Dr. W. A. Kelly, of a danghter. KELLY.-On the 6th January, at Percy Street, Echuca, the wife

of Dr. M. F. Kelly, of a daughter. LANGLANDS.-On the 18th December. 19 1, at Taieri, Malvern,

the wife of Francis H. Langirnds, F.R.C.S. Eng., of a son, MATHWIN.--On the 9th February, at Nathalia, Vic., the wife of

Dr. F. S. Mathwin, of a son. SHIELDS.-On the 28th December, at Tantarron, Seymour, the

wife of Douglas A. Shields, M D., of a son.

REIACH-DICK.-On the 4th February, 1902, at “Sunny Brae,"

Windsor, by the Rev. Thomas Thorburn, James Reiach,
M.B., C.M., of Molong, to Margaret Lindsay Dick, of Rand.

wick, N.S.W. VANCE-BARRETT.-On the 28th December, at Holy Trinity

Church, Balaclava, by the Rev. C. E. Perry, M.A. Oxon., Dr. W. B. Vance, only son of W. J. Vance, " Westralia," Queen's Rond, to Emma W., third daughter of J. W. Barrett, Byron Street, St. Kilda.

DEATHS. GOODE.-On the 12th February. 1902, George Coode, M.A., M.D.

Univ. Dub., of Camden, N.S.W., second son of William John

Goodle, C.E., of Fingla. Huse, Co. Dublin. HARKISON.-On the 14th January. at Numurkah, of phthisis,

Annie M., beloved wife of Dr. James A. Harbison, aged 34 years. WILLIAMS –On the 18th January, at Queenscliff, David John

Williams, M.D., F.R.C.S., aged 84.





All communications intended for publication may be addressed The Editor, Australasian Medical Gazette, 121 Bathurst Street. Syri ney," or to the Branch Editors for the other States. Business communications should be addressed The Manager."

Contributors will havr to vay the cost of illustrations accompanying their articles.


TASMANIA. Butler, Hon. G. H., M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond., to be Hon. Medical

Officer to Hobart Hospital. Launceston General Hospital. The following medical officers have

been appointed er officio members of the Board of Management of the Launceston General Hospital :-Drs. J. M. Pardey, 0. Parker, and G. E. Clemons.

NEW ZEALAND. Collins, J C., late of the Peak Hill District Hospital. New South

Wales, to be Senior Medical Officer at the Auckland Hospital. Sale, Dr. J. B., to be Senior House Surgeon at the Dunedin Hospital,

in the absence of Dr. Hall. The Dunedin Hospital Trustees appointeil as-Honorary Surgeons,

Drs. J. 0. Closs, Gordon Macdonald, and L. E. Barnett.
Physicians-Drs. Colquhoun, Roberts, ant Macpherson.
Physician for the Diseases of Women-Dr. F. C. Batchelor.
Ophthalmic Surgeon-Dr. Lindo Ferguson. Physician for Skin
Diseases Dr. William Evans. Pathologist- Dr. W. S. Roberts.
Assistant Surgeon - Dr. F. Stanley Batchelor. Assistant
Physician-Ur. M. Macdonald.




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Republished. Matheson, Murdoch, Croydon, M.D., Queens. Coll. Univ. Kingston,

Canada, 1870. (Originally registered in Queensland 6th Oct., 1881.)

MALE ATTENDANT for mental, inebriate, or general cases, seeks engagement. References and testimonials show 13 years' experience, including five years as attendant at Callan Park Hospital for Insane three years as wardsman in charge of Singleton Hospital, Address J. Hiles, 161 Cecily Street, Leichhardt.

SPEECH DEFECTS CORRECTED, LIP READING FOR THE DEAF, GERMAN (ORAL) SYSTEM FOR DEAF MUTES, Children and Adults. Appointments by letter. For terms, &c., Miss ADDERLEY, Room 50, Vickery's Chambers, 76 Pitt Street, Sydney.

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