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after its arrival. The periods of the Tigris

and Brazen, are not marked; but it is observ e degree of disease was in proportion to their

tion and cleanliness. Mr. Birnie and his fe who escaped on board the Antelope, were s rd the Childers, the other on board the Bu imilar condition. On board the Childers, blacks taken from shore were seized; bu

the hospital at Barbadoes did not infec e ship, when well cleaned and ventilated y inocuous. From all this, Mr. Birnie he disease was endemic, but not contag presume, that it originated with the

Ferguson, the type of the disease depen rces, and is different on mountains, in v the beds of old rivers. This, therefore, s rather stilwesos than endemic. ve, we may fairly conclude, as we ven eceding article, that confinement and II generate a ship fever in the West ngland, though its form may deper ir causes. Hence, in the West Indies ed atmosphere, whether from confine produce fever with a yellow skin. In fever

may originate between the tre in a similar form, from Bulam to the ginate in Europe, it may be convey ne a new form. That such an atmos gaols or poor-houses, prove even ers than to those among whom it Ich strangers cannot propagate the

confined atmosphere. Hence, tha sts, is different from that of small from the miasma of marshes, but ts, particularly the yellowness o

That hence a yellow fever ma pics either by the vitiated atmos ma of a swamp, and that the mo ill depend on the exeiting f the fever may often be the between the tropies, excited by themata, may come under th er, as far as relates to symptom ure, however, by no means P but we think it less likely to us icterodes, because she slip character and its mode of

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