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ever, it is certain that an improved education has induced an improved mode of life, more consistent with steady health,

It is not a little reinarkable, that the Reporter has seen three instances of epilepsy terminating fatally within the month, in constitutions exhausted by a complication of diseases. Two of these subjects were habitually intemperate; the third had, for nearly twelve months, shown symptoms of approaching dissolution. One of the former, a female, bad been dropsical, and seemed to die from a sudden traustusion of water to the brain. The other, a male, passed bloody urine for more than a week before his death. Per. mission could not be obtained to examine either.

Most of the other complaints have been about the bead, in the form of inteuse head-ach, or symptoms approaching apoplexy. All bave been relieved by the lancet, or evacuation from the bowels.

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Mr. SALISBURY'S Botanical Excursions for June.
Weduesday, Jupe 4th.-Battersea Fields.
Geraniuin Pyrenaicum

Poa fluitans
Carex gracilis

Lychnis Flos Cuculi riparia

Alopecurus geniculatus acuta

Veronica Scutelata vaginata

Beccabunga Ranunculus sceleratus

Anagallis auricomus

Polygonum Bistorta Symphytum tuberosuin

Craiægus Oxycantha Carduus palustris

Fumaria officinalis heterophyllus

Equisetuin limosum
Tragopogon pratense

Sisymbrium terrestre.
Wednesday, June 11th. Samne place.
Papaver Argemone

Bromus sterilis

Anthemis arvensis

Sinapis arvensis

alba Poa angustifolia

- migra loliacea

Myriophylluin verticillatum, cristata

Cochlearia officinalis Fistuca pinnata

Anagallis arvensis Scandix Anthriscus

Urtica urens Narcissus Pseudo Narcissus

dioica biflorus

Trifolium procumbens Callitriche verna

Cera-tium viscosum Potamogetum lucens

Trifolium pratense crispum

repens Geranium parviflorum

Carex depauperata rotundifolium

vulpina Robertianuin

Galiuin palustre. Scandex Pecten-Veneris

Wednesday, June 18th.-Combe-hurst, near Croydon. Pon nemoralis

Lysimachia Nemorum pratensis

Numniularia trivialis

Ajuga reptqus


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Avena flavescens

Sonchus arvensis fatua

Antirrhinum majus Alopecurus crinitus

Orontium Plantago media

minus Alisma Plantago

Cymbalaria Poa retroflexa

Conium maculatum aquatica

Daucus Carota Crepis biennis

Sambucus Ebulus Malva sylvestris

nigra. Sonchus oleraceus

The days of the Excursions in July will be made known by ap. plication at the Botanic Garden at Sloane-street, as usual.

The crop of grass, which is now cutting, is abundant, and some hay is already made and carried. The spring-sown corn, owing to the late dry weather, is very backward, and appears to be come up



A METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, By Messrs. WILLIAM Harris and Co. 50, Holborn, London.

From the 20th May to the 19th June, inclusive.


The quantity of rain fallen in the month of May is

% inches and 78.100ths,

Dr. MERRIMAN and Dr. Ley will re-commence their Lectures on Midwifery, and the Diseases of Women and Children, at the Middlesex Hospital, on Monday, July 7th, at half past ten o'clock.

Dr. SCUDAMORE has in the press, and nearly ready for public cation, (the second edition, corrected and enlarged,) a Treatise, on the Nature and Cure of Gout and Rheumatism; including general considerations on Morbid States of the Digestive Organs, some remarks on Regimen, and practical observations on Gravel.

In the press, the Principles of Diagnosis, by MARSHALL HALL, M.D. &c. This work is founded entirely on the Exterual Appearances of Morbid Affections. It embraces 1. A view of the Countenance and Attitude of Patients, inasmuch as they are plainty characteristic of diseases. 2. The Symptoms of Diseases, considered in their modifications, and in relation to particular affections. 3. A Diagnostic Arrangement of Diseases. And, lastly, their Diagnosis.

A part of this work will be published in July.

Speedily will be published, Vol. I. of the Dublia Hospital Reports and Communications in Medicine and Surgery. The work will consist of two parts:-- Ist. Annual Reports from Medical and Surgical Hospitals; 2d. Miscellaneous Communications on Medical and Surgical Diseases, tending to the improveinedt of pathology and practice. The work will be edited by four physieiads or gurgeons to extensive hospitals, who will publish one volume every year.

Mr. BAYFIELD, Surgeon-Cupper to Guy's Hospital, intends shortly to publish a concise Treatise on the Art of Cupping. The work will be illustrated by Cases.

Shortly will be published, in two volumes, octavo, à Translation of Professor Orfila's Elementary Treatise on the Science of Che. mistry: it is expected that this work will include all the moderu chemical discoveries which have been made here and in France; and, as such, will be peculiarly interesting to the student.

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. The length of our Retrospect has obliged us to defer the insertion of Communications from Dr. KINGLAKE, Mr. KER, Mr. Bish, ANIMICUS, 8c. besides many foreign correspondents, which shall appear in our next.

We are obliged to Amicus for the trouble he has taken in explanation.

ERRATA. In page 2, the learned reader will detect the want of prosody, and tecollect the word that should be substituted for ament.

Page 10, for septiunt read sentiunt.

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