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John Christie, John Macnab, and John M‘Dowall, from Scotland; Messrs. Francis Jones, Mark Dill, James Campbell, and William Hutton, from Ireland; Mr. Matthias Tltierens, from Essequibo; Mr. John Wood, from St. Thomas's; Mr. John Richard Farre Hutson, from Barbadoes.

His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased to appoint WILLIAM WADD, Esq. of Park-place, St. James's, to be Surgeon Extraordinary to his Royal Highness.

Mr. STEVENSON is appointed Oculist and Aurist to her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte, and to his Serene Highness the Prince of Saxe-Cobourg.

Dr. ADAMS is elected a Corresponding Member of the Faculté de Medicine (Royal College of Physicians) de Paris.

Dr. Uwins, Physician to the City and Caledonian Dispensaries, will commence a Course of Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Medicine, at his house, No. 1, Thavies-Ion, Holborn, on the 3d of October, at seven o'clock in the evening; and, in the spriug, Dr. Uwins will commence a Course on Materia Medica and Pharmacy.

Dr. -ADAMS will commence his Course of Lectures on the Institutes and Practice of Medicine early in the month of October, at his house, No: 17, Hatton Garden.

Dr. CLOUGH, 68, Berners'-street, Physician-Accoucheur to the St. Mary-le-bone General Dispensary, the Endeavour and Benevolent bustitutions, &c. announces the re-commencement of his Winter Course of Lectures on the Science and Practice of Midwifery, &c. tarly-in-October

Dr. GEORGE GILBERT CURREY, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians; and Physician - to St. Thomas's Hospital, will commence-bis Winter Course of Lectures on the Practice and Theory of Medicine, and Materia Medica, on Wednesday, October the 1st.

Dr. CŁUFTERBUCK, Physician to the General Dispensary, Aldersgate street, will begin his Autumn Course of Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Physie, Materia Medica, and Chemistry, on Friday, Oct. 3d, at ten o'clock in the morning, at his house, No. 1, in the Crescent, New Bridge-street. Pupils are admitted, as usual, to attend the medical practice of the Dispensary, where Clinical Lectures on the piost interesting cases that occur will be given by the physicians in rotation.

The Lectures op Midwifery, and on tire Diseases of Wonien and Children, by Dr. MERRIMAN, of the Middlesex Hospital, and Dr. LEY, of the Westminster Lying-in Hospital, will be resumed in October next, at the Middlesex Hospital.

Dr. P. M. LATHAM and Dr. SOUThey will begin their Lectures upon the Practice of Physic, and the Materia Medica, at the Middlesex Hospital, in, the first week of October next.

Mr. CLARKE will commence his Lectures on Midwifery, and the Diseases of 'Women and Children; on Monday, Oct. 6th, from a quarter-past ten to a quarter-past eleven every morning, at No. 10, Saville-row, Burlington-gardens.


Dr. Davis, Physician to the Queen's Lying-iu Hospital, and to the Lying-in Charity, will commence his first Winter Course of Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Midwifery, and on the Diseases of Women and Children, on Tuesday the 7th of October, at six o'clock in the evening.

The Medical Lectures in the University of Glasgow will begin on Tuesday, Nov. 4th, at the following hours:-Surgery, by Mr. Burus, at nine in the morning; Dietetics, Materia Medica, and Pharmacy, by Dr. Millar, at ten; Midwifery, by Mr. Towers, at eleven; Practice of Medicine, by Dr. Freer, at twelve ; Anatomy, by Dr. Jeffray, at two in the afternoon; Institutions of Medicine, by Dr. Freer, at three; Chemistry and Chemical Pharmacy, by Dr. Cleghorn, at seven. - Dr. Graham will commence his Lectures on Botany about the beginning of May next.

Anatomical and Medical School of St. Thomas's and Guy's Hose pital. The usual Lectures given at these Hospitals will commence the beginning of October, viz. at St. Thomas's: Anatomy and Operations of Surgery, by Mr. Astley Cooper and Mr. Henry Cline; Principles and Practice of Surgery, by Mr. Astley Cooper. At Guy's: Practice of Medicine, by Dr. Curry and Dr. Cholmeley; Chemistry, by Dr. Marcet and Mr. Allen; Experimental Philosophy, by Mr. Allen ; Theory of Medicine, and Materia Medica, by Dr. Curry and Dr. Cholmeley; Midwifery, and Diseases of Women and Children, by Dr. Haighton; Physiology, or Laws of the Animal Economy, by ditto; Structure and Diseases of the 'Teeth, by Mr.Fox,

Medical School, St. Bartholomew's Hospital.--The following Courses of Lectures will be delivered at this Hospital during the ensuing winter, to commence October 1st:-On the Theory and Practice of Medicine, by Dr. Hue; on Anatomy and Physiology, by Mr. Abernethy; on the Theory and Practice of Surgery, by ditto; on Chemistry and Materia Medica, by Dr. Hue; on Midwifery, by Dr. Gooch; Practical Anatomy, with Demonstrations, by Mr. Stanley.

London Hospital.-Lectures on the following subjects will be given at this Hospital, to commence in October:--Anatomy and Physiology, by Mr. Headington; Surgery, by ditto; Midwifery, by Dr. Ranisbottom; Chen istry, by Mr. R. Phillips; Materia Medica and Pharmacy, by ditto.—Mr. Ř. Phillips will commence a Course of twenty-four Lectures on Chemistry at No. 66; Cheapside, on the 6th of October, at seven in the evening. (See our Cover.)

Great Windmill-street.--Mr. Wilson and Mr. BELL will commence their Lectures on Anatomy and Surgery on the 1st of October, at tivo o'clock. Mr. Bell will deliver a separate Course of Lectures on Surgery in the evening.' The Anatomical Demonstrations will be given by Mr. Shaw, who will direct the students in their dissections.

A Clinical Lecture will be given every week in the Middlesex "Hospital.

Theatre of Anatomy, Hatton Garden.- Lectures on Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Surgery, by Mr.J. TAUNTON, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, &c. will commence on Saturday,


October 4th, at eight o'clock in the evening precisely; and be continued every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at the same hour.

Mr. GOOD, F.R.S. will commence his Course of Lectures on Nosology, Medical Nomenclature, and the Theory and Practice of Medicine, on Monday, Sept. 29th, at the Crown and Rolls Rooms, Chancery-lane. The course will rather exceed three months, and be repeated three times a-year. From the comprehensiveness of the subject, a Lecture will be given daily, instead of every other day, as is the common practice. The introductory Lecture will commence at half-past three o'clock in the afternoon; the subsequent Lectures at eight in the morniog.

Mr. CURTIS, Aurist to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, aud Surgeon to the Royal Dispensary for the Diseases of the Ear, will commence his next Course of Lectures on the Anatomy, Pbysiology, and Pathology of the Ear, on Wednesday, October the 1st, at seven o'clock in the evening, at the Royal Dispensary, Carlislestreet, Soho-square.

Mr. BROOKES will commence his Autumnal Course of Lectures on Anatoiny, Physiology, and Surgery, ou Wednesday, October 1st, at the Theatre of Anatomy, Blenheim-street. (See our Cover.)

Dr.John MAYO proposes to publish some Remarks on Insanity, in addition to those already published by Dr. Thomas Mayo.

Mr. RICHARD WILLIAMS has in the press a' work entitled * An Analysis of the Medicinal Waters in Llandrindod, in Radnorshire ;” and dedicated (by permission) to her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte.

In the press, and in six weeks will be published, in one closely printed volume, octavo, about 300 pages, An Essay on the Prolongation of Life, and Conservation of Health; unfolding original views and fundamental principles for their attainment; and embracing observations on the nature cause, and treatment, of some of the principal diseases which assail the British constitution in its native climate. To which is added an Appendix, containing practical researches on the pathology, treatment, and prevention of Gout, in all its proteian forms: translated and condensed froin the French of M. M. Guilbert and Halié, (just published,) with notes. By JAMES Johnson, M.D. Surgeon to his Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence, author of the Influence of Tropical Climates on European Constitutions, and one of the editors of the Medico-Chirura gical Journal and Review.

In the press, and will be published on the 1st of October next, A Catalogue of an extensive Collection of Books in Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery, Midwifery, Chemistry, Botany, &c. new and secondhand, sold by Anderson and Chase, Medical Booksellers, West Smithfield: to which is added, a complete List of the Lectures de. livered in London, with their terms, hours of attendance, &c. with Tables of the Pay of the Medical Departwent of the Army, Navy, and East-ludia Company's service, &c.


Dr. ADAMS is preparing a new edition of his Life of the late Mr. J. Hunter.

A METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, By Messrs. William Harris and Co. 50, Holborn, London.

From the 20th July to the 19th August, inclusive,

57160299 299


De Luc's of Rain Therm. . BAROM. HYGROM.


Atmospheric Month.gauge

Variation. Dry Damp July 20 ,10 165 6760 299 299 33 W SW Fine Rain Fine 21 1,07 |64|68|60|298 298

2 | 2 S S Fine 22 ,04 6369 59 298 298 33 SW

SW Rain Fine 23 ,05 160 69 572971297 35 W NW Fine Rain Fine 24 ,12 59 67|58298 298 3 4 NW

IV Fine Rain Fine 25 ,06 60 68 57/299299 33 SW W Rain Clo, Fine 26 ,10 61 69 57299296 53 S SW Rain Clo, 27 ,07 160/67|54|296 297 2 2 SW SW

Rain Fine 28 ,14 160/65 55 29*299 23


SW Fine Rain 29 ,16 62 66 57 30 1298 33 SW va. S Fine Clo. Rain 30 ,19 6166 53 297 297 33 SW SW Fine Rain 31 ,10 57 152 297 297 2 | 2


SW Fine Rain Fine August 1 1,05 57/65 54 298 299 22 WSW SW

Fine 2

,07 586452 299 297 22 WSW W Fine Clo. 3 5666|54|297 298

22 SW

SW Fine Clo. 4 5665 55|299 299

11 SW W Fine Clo. 5 109 5965 54 299 2990 ololo S E Fine 6 59 70 57 30 30 10 0 0 0 SW SW

Fine 7 6369 59 298 299 ololo 0


Fog Fue Rain ,07 63 69 59 299299 11 SW S R:in Cio. 9 ,04 6367|58|297 296 1 1 SW

Fine Rain 10 ,13 64 67 57 295294 2 2 S SEE Fine Rain 11 ,10 1676757 294 294

23 SW SW Fine Rain 12 1,09 69 69 61 293 294 33 SW WSW Fine Clo, Rain 13 ,07 166 69 59 294294

3' 3 SW SSW Fog Clo. Rain 14 .06 16666 59 295 296 34 SW SSW Fog Clo. Rain ,09 666660 296 29

3 4 S S Ram 16 1,13 165/65 60 298 297

4 S S

Rain 17 ,11 164 67 59 297 298|| 5 5 SW SE

Fine 18 66.65 58 29729?

7.7 S SW Fine Rain 19 1,06 16365 58 29' 296 5 5 S SW Rain Clo.

Fine Stormy


The quantity of rain fallen in the month of July is 1 inch and 85-100ths,


The town has been free from any serious epidemic for a long while. The latter end of the month has, however, been visited with an autumnal diarrhea, wbich, in a few instances, has shown a tendency to dysentery, and, in one case, with such marks of inflammation as to require the lancet.

Three old subjects have gone through all the stages of febris lenta nervosa, with slight delirium and symptoms somewhat formi. dable, bad they been accompanied by others to encrease the alarm. Two had singultus for three days with very little intermission, and it continued after the delirium had ceased and the tongue had become clean. The third had apthæ so alarming as to prevent deglutition for several days, and to produce a fætor which seemed to indicate deeper mischief. They all recovered; but, in the last case, the fever was protracted to twenty-one days. The season has been less favourable to children, whether affected with the exanthemate dentition or hooping-cough.

CATALOGUE OF MEDICAL BOOKS. Mcdico.Chirurgical Transactions, Vol. 8, Part I. 8vo. 108. 6d.

A Treatise on the Nature and Cure of Gout and Rheumatism; including general Considerations on the Morbid States of the Digestive Organs, some Remarks on Regimen, and practical Observations on Gravel, . By Charles Scudamore, M.D. &c. &c. The second edition, corrected and much enlarged. Evo, 15s.

An Experimental Inquiry into the Laws of the Vital Functions ;, with some Observations on the Nature and Treatment of Internal Diseases, By A. P. Wilson Phillip, M.D. &c. &c. In part re-published, by Permission of the President of the Royal Society, from the Philosophical Transactions of 1815-17; with the Report of the National Institute of France on the Experiments of M. Le Gallois, and Observations on that Report. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Principles of Diagnnsis, Part IỊ. The Diagnosis of the more general

, An Essay on the Nature of Light, Heat, and Electricity. By C. C. Bompass. 8vo. 78.

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. We were greatly obliged by the truly philosophical remarks of Captain BAGNOLD, on the supposed effect of the wind from cannon-balls." His favour arrived loo late for ihe present Number, but shall appear in our next.

We have also Communications from Dr. KINGLAKE, Mr. Kind of Morte lake, Dr. BLAKE, Mr. LITILETON, Xaqeeyos, PROPHYLAX, Dr. RENWICK of Liverpool, VIGORNIENSIS, &c. &c.

ERRATUM.-In page 103, line 14, for relatide, read routine.

Our Correspondents will please to be particular in the Address of their Communications, which should be thus,_" To the Editors of the LONDON Medical and PhysicAL JOURNAL, at Mr. Souter's, No. 73, St. Paul's Church Yard; or at Mr. ADLARD's, 23, Bartholomew-Close."

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