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A METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, By Messrs. WILLIAM Harris and Co. 50, Holborn, London,

From the 20th June to the 19th July, inclusive,

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The quantity of rain fallen in the month of June cannot be correctly ascertained, the gauge having leaked the latter part of that month, but it is supposed to be about 1 inch and 60-100ths.


Tụe season continues healthy, and many chronic diseases have been much alleviated, some entirely relieved, after liaving been first superseded by complaints in a more acute forin.

Patients under phthisis burn out rapidly in this genial atmosphere, but are more free from general uneasiness, and more sanguine in their prospects of recovery. This is no inconsiderable relief to the practitioner who has these most interesting subjects perpetually before him.

பாRேaru The few fevers which have appeared have been more or less inflammatory, and with difficulty reduced to laws, or are, to use the French term, ataxique. They have rarely proved fatal, but extremely tedious if the early symptoms were not relieved by bleeding. It has not, however, been necessary to carry this practice to any great extent, but, if omitted in the begianing, it was necessary to repeat it in almost every stage of the subsequent progress; convalescence proved extremely slow, and in all these cases the patients became edematous.




BOS 1D OS 30 2 BOOKS IN THE PRESS. cara 08 Dr. Blake has nearly ready for the press, a volume in 12mo. of Practical Aphorisms, illustrating simple and complex Cases of Accouchement, Uterine Hæmorrhage, and Puerperal Peritonitis.

Dr. Bancroft has in the press, and nearly ready for publication, A Sequel to his Essay on Yellow Fever.

or but in the press, and speedily will be published, The History of Vaccination; by James Moore, Surgeon.

ses Bolo 20 In the press, and nearly ready for publication, the second edition, core rected and enlarged, of, Practical Observations on the Cure of the Gonorrhea Virulenta in Men; by Thomas WHATELY, Surgeon. 9 722

os 98 We cannot account for the backwardness of the medical booksellers in furnishing us with the Catalogue of Books published during the month. We promise our readers, that, in future, they shall not be disappointed in this irespect. We shall be thankful for notice from authors.: ce


We are much obliged to Mentor for his kind intentions, and still more flattered by his preferring our Critiques to Original Correspondence. We think him, however, a little fastidious in objecting to a controversy which scarcely oceupies three pages out of five hundred and thirty-six pages of our

last volunie. We are ignorant to whom he refers by his coarser inuendos, T. Several favors are received, to which due attention shall be paid.

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