National Interest and Foreign Aid

L. Rienner Publishers, 1. jan. 1995 - 221 sider
Seeking to advance the understanding of aid as a foreign-policy tool, National Interest and Foreign Aid provides a comparative, data-based evaluation of the varying roles served by the development assistance programs of four major donors: France, Japan, Sweden, and the United States. Although the focus of the book is on the 1980s, Hook also contrasts the on-going evolution of the four aid programs and assesses their adaptation to world politics beyond the Cold War. His analysis contributes to an enhanced appreciation not only of foreign aid, but of comparative foreign policy in the contemporary international system.

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The Setting of Development Assistance
Country Studies
The Geoeconomics of Japanese ODA

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Om forfatteren (1995)

Professor and chair of political science at Kent State University, Steven W. Hook is author of U.S. Policy: The Paradox of World Power and coauthor of American Foreign Policy Since World War II. He has published numerous articles on U.S. foreign policy and international political economy in journals such as Foreign Policy Analysis and International Studies Quarterly.

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