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accident in handling. For all tois care, labor, risk and liberality the clan should hold him in grateful remembrances. It is gratifying to know that the monument was in every respect, in design and erection as well as provision and payment, a family affair.

We are happy to be able to give in connection with the Monument a good portrait of Mr. Charles H. More, late of Boston, Mass., now of Barre, Vermont, who designed and erected it. The work does bim the highest honor, and his name will always be associated with it.

Mr. More is a thoroughly self-made man, as the sketch of his life furnished for the History will clearly show. He has built up a large and remunerative business in marble and granite, having of late made a specialty of granite, both native and foreign, importing largely from Scotland.

To his large executive abilities he adds artistic taste of the first quality. We wish him what we are sure he will enjoy-increasing success. He belongs to the Fifth Generation, and is the son of 4 James E. More, of Roxbury, N. Y., son of 3 Henry, son of 2 Jonas, son of 1 John. He was born in Roxbury, Nov. 26, 1857, and was therefore not quite 33 years old at the time the monument was erected.

He not only furnished the monument without any profit, but spent much time, labor and travel in designing, arranging and erecting it. Besides these he took a great risk in case of breakage from

THE MONUMENT. We give in this issue a picture of the monument erected at the Re-union, in order that those who did not attend may see it.

Vice-President Otis P. More has seen that the lot was well cared for. The grass which always roots well in Roxbury has covered the lot with a good turf. It has been cut frequently and appeared green and smooth during the last summer.

The iron fence which surrounds the lot has been well painted since the Re-union and is in good condition. The monument is in a perfect state of preservation and commands the attention and admiration of all visitors. The shade trees along the street near it have been well trimmed and enable the monument to be seen more plainly in approach. ing it from the North.

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The monument does honor both to the filial motive which erected it, those whom it commemorates and our cousin, Charles H. More who designed it. One of New York city's well-known artists who was a summer visitor in Roxbury when it was erected, said that its proportions were perfect and the design admirable. The cost of the monument and lot was in round numbers $3,000.

The tollowing are the inscriptions on the monument : On the front tablet,

On South tablet,



FORRES, SCOTLAND, 1745, Elgin, SCOTLAND, 1738,

ROXBURY, 1840.

ROXBURY, 1823.
On North tablet.

John T.


1780—1861. ROBERT,

JAMES, 1772–1849.

1782-1866. ALEXANDER T.,

David, 1775—1854.

1786-1873. JONAS,

EDWARD L., 1778–1852.

1788-1867. On back tablet,

Erected 1890, and unveiled at their Re union by the descendants of John More and his wife, in remembrance of their many Chris'ian virtues, and for the energy and courage shown in their emigrating to this country—then inhabited mostly by savages-to make for themselves and their posterity, free and happy homes. COLUMBIAN VISITORS' ASSOCIA


The advantages of securing accommodations at an early date will be fully appreciated by all.

The necessity of providing sufficient accommodations for the great multitudes who will accept the invitation has led to the organization of the

COLUMBIAN VISITORS' ASSOCIATION, which will provide suitable Hotel Accommodations for members of the Young Mens Christian Associations, Young Peoples' Societies of Christian Endeavor, and all others who desire congenial surroundings and, above all, to be located where the due observance of Sunday as a day of rest will be maintained. In advance of the opening of the Exposition

A HOTEL WILL BE ERECTED by the Association for the use of its members. This hotel will be located near the Exposition grounds, and within easy access to the principal lines of transportation. It will be under the control rt the officers of the Association, and only Christiar men will be connected with its management.

The European plan has been selected in order that each member may live as cheaply as may be desired.

THE RESTAURANT AND CAFE will be under the management of an experienced Caterer, and the prices will be as low as consistent with first-class service.

The entire building will be lighted by electricity, and every convenience necessary for the comfort and pleasure of the members will be provided.

Membership in the Association will be limited to Christian people and the friends whom they may see fit to reccommend to the Association.

THE MEMBERSHIP FEE of two ($2) dollars entitles the members to reduced rates during the entire time they shall remain at the hotel ; to choice of dates in the order in which their membership tickets are issued ; and to receive all printed information which shall be issued by the Association, and places at their disposal a reliable

BUREAU OF INFORMATION. At the time the fee is paid, the Member will be required to state the approximate number of days for which accommodations will be desired. This number may be increased at any time before the dates are selected, but accommodations will not be sold to any one for less than ten days.

ADVANCE PAYMENTS for accommodations will be required from the members as follows: $2.50 on each of the following dates : April 1, July 1, and October 1, 1892, and January 1, 1893. These payments are required as a guarantee that the accommodations secured will be used, and will entitle the member to ten (10) coupons, good for ten (10) days' accommodations in the hotel,

AND TO THE SAME RATE for all additional accommodations desired, payment for which can be made on the day of arrival at the hotel.

In case a Member should be unable to use the

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ROBERT. Miss Ella KATHERINE More, Roxbury, N. Y , Miss KATHRYN L. F. More, Newark, N. J., Mrs. SAMUEL J. KEATOR, Rock Island, M., Mrs. Nettie STEWART, Silver Creek, N. Y.

ALEXANDER T. Miss Carrie R. MORE, Chicago, Ill , Miss Helen M. Gould, New York City, Mrs. CHRISTINA REED GRAVES, Syracuse, N. Y., MRS. ELIZABETH SINCLAIR WAGAR, Chicago, Ill.

JONAS. Mrs. MARIA D. LAUREN, Roxbury, N. Y., Mrs. WATSON D. MORE, Catskill, N. Y., Mrs. EDWARD BURHANS, Roxbury, N. Y., MRS. SAMUEL W. MARVIN, New York City.

JANE. Mrs. John F. KEATOR, Philadelphia, Pa., Mrs. BURRETT B. Bouron, Roxbury, N. Y., Mrs. WILLIAM MCKINLEY, Champaign, Il., Miss NELLIE PRESTON, Roxbury, N. Y.

JAMES. Miss Mary B. MORE, Mt. Vernon, N. Y., Miss Estelle CHAMPLIN, Grand Rapids, Mich, Miss EUGENIA STEVENS, Rome, N. Y., MRS. GILBERT Bligh, Cortland, N. Y.

DAVID. Mrs. CHAUNCY More, Marlborough, N. Y., Miss MARY M. More, New York City. MRS. ANNA H. KENTFIELD, Morrison, ill., Miss Mary FRANCES MORE, Beerston, N. Y. ,

The small number at the left of the name indicates the generation from Joan More.

b. Stands for born.
m. Stands for married.
d. Stands for died.


ALEXANDER T. 6 Marjorie Gwynne Gould, daughter of 5 George Jay Gould and Edith Kingdon, b. September 11, 1890, in New York City.

5 Emma Frances More, daughter of 4 Edward Vandyke More and Emma F. Meck, b. December 5, 1890, in Castle, Montana.

6 Gwendolyn Northrop, daughter of 5 Reid Northrop and Mary Sells, b. July 24, 1891, in St. Louis, Mo.

6 Helen Margaret Northrop, daughter of 5 Howard Gould Northrop and Mary Richey, b. March 14, 1891, in Chicago, Ill.

6 Elva Lee Perry, daughter of John D. Perry, and 5 Lucy Brayton More, b. April 20, 1891, in Chicago, III.

6 Arthur Gabriel Reed, son of 5 Arthur Brewster Reed and Annetta Gabriel, b. February 5, 1892, in Philadelphia, Pa.

JONAS. 6 Charles Henry More, son of 5 George McClellen More and Fannie Elizabeth Barlow, b. January 12, 1891, in Hobart, Delaware Co., N. Y.

6 James Harold More, son of 5 Charles Herbert More and Mary Emma Rhinehart, b. July 10, 1891, in Medford, Mass.

6 Robert Leonard More, son of 5 William Preston More and Mary Angeline Kinch, b. March 19, 1891, in Stamford, Delaware Co., N. Y.

6 Hattie Julia Sanford, daughter of 5 Watson More Sanford and Mary Elizabeth Brigman, b. February 23, 1891, in Liberty, Sullivan Co., N. Y.

6 Fred Grant Shutts, son of 5 John Andrew Shults and Alice Eugenia Grant, b. April 3, 1891, in Stamford, Delaware Co., N. Y.

JANE. 6 Rachel Keator, daughter of 5 John Frisbee Keator and Anna Walter Sweatman, b. June 22, 1891, in Philadelphia, Pa.

JAMES. 6 Luissa Adaline Gray, daughter of William Fennimore Gray and 5 Anna Electa Brasted, b. March 31, 1891, in Woodbine, Harrison Co., Iowa.

6 Bessie Clair Greenman, daughter of 5 Job Elton Greenman and Minnie Bell Moe, b. March 15, 1891, in North East, Erie Co., Pa.

6 Stoddard More Stevens, son of 5Stoddard More Stevens, and Katharine May, b. October 19, 1891, in Rome, Oneida Co., N. Y.

EDWARD L. 5 John Edward Sylvester Schaefer More, son of 4 Richard Cole More and Mary E. Schaefer, b. February 18, 1891, in St. Joseph, Mo.

EDWARD L. Mrs. CLARA MORE RANSOM, Maysville, Mo., Mrs. B. T. VAN ALEN, Chicago, Ill , Mrs. Joseph A. CoviLLE, Oxford, N. Y., Miss LOUISE M. BURGESS, St. Paul, Minn.

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Changes which have occurred in the Family since the Re-Union at Roxbury, N. Y., September, 2, 3, 4.

1890. Attention is called to the changes which have occurred since the Re-union. We presume all have not been sent in. Please report any that have taken place, not previously reported, or that may occur before the next issue of the JOURNAL, and they will be inserted in it. All have received blanks for this purpose and we hope all will use them when the occasion arises. Blanks will be gladly furnished to any who may need them.

The changes are arranged according to the line of descent of the persons.

The name of the child of John More from whom they are descended designates the line.

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5 Mary More Marvin, of Walton, Delaware Co., N. Y., daughter of Matthew W. Marvin and 4 Isabella Sinclair, m. November 5, 1890, to Philip S., son of John Titus.

EDWARD L. 4 Frederick Vernon Coville, of Washington, D. C., son of Joseph Addison Coville and 3 Lydia More, m. October 4, 1890, to Elizabeth Harwood, daughter of Thomas and Martha Boynton.





JOHN T. 3 Jacob More, son of 2 John Taylor More and Eleanor Laraway, d. May 26, 1891, in Camden, Oneida county, N. Y., aged 74 years, 8 months and 20 days.

ALEXANDER T. 4 Edgar Botsford More, son of 3 Daniel Dayton Tompkins More and Amaryllis McKean, d. July 27, 1891, in Genoa, Texas, aged 52 years, 7 months and 10 days.

JONAS. 4 Ezra W. S. More, son of 3 Hiram More and Abigail Squire, d. May 23, 1891, in Downsville, Delaware county, N. Y., aged 47 years, 8 months and 3 days.

3 Jonas More, son of ? Jonas More and Deborah Person, d. July 5, 1891, in Roxbury, Delaware county, N. Y., aged 75 years, 11 months and 27 days.

JANE. 4 John Bruce Smith, M. D. son of 3 John More Smith, and Naomi Roberts, d. April 6, 1892, in Millersburg, Bourbon county, Ky., aged 57 years, 2 months and 21 days.

3 Jonas More Smith, son of David Smith and 2 Jane More, d. Aug. 9, 1891, in Catskill, Greene county, N. Y., aged 74 years and 15 days.


JOHN T. 5 John More Cochran, of Oneida Castle, Oneida Co., N. Y., son of Rev. Andrew Cochran and 4 Catherine More, m. to Marilla, daughter of Calvin Horton Wells and Adelia Brown,

3 Emma Frances More, of Tiskilwa, Bureau Co., Ill., daughter of 4 Jonas Hamilton More and Nancy Kitterman, m. November 12, 1890, to Edward R., son of Elias Pettegrew and Atlanta Bowman.

4 James Howard More, of Jersey City, N. T., son of 5 David Laraway More and Elizabeth Trathen, m. December 16, 1890, to Arabella Justina, daughter of Isaac McKim Bowley and Angulina Montifore.

ROBERT. 5 William Chauncy Crosby, of Rondout, Ulster Co., N. Y., son of Abel A. Crosby and 4 Abigail More, m. January 13, 1892, to Mary Chandler, daughter of Charles D. Bruyn and Jessie Butters.

5 Herbert More, of Glendale, Van Buren Co., Mich., son of 4 Alfred More and Zibiah Shreve, m. June 25, 1891, lo Kittie, daughter of Romanzo Buckhout and Ella McPherson.

4 Wyllys W. More, of Wattsburg, Erie Co., Pa., son of 3 James More and Mary Ann Loomis, m. November 5, 1890, to Élizabeth, daughter of Philo Patterson and Catharine Mitchell.

JANE, 5 Maybell Frisbee, of Carthage, S. D., daughter of 4 James Franklin Frisbee and Emily Lunt, m. June 17, 1891, to Loyal Į., son of David D. Martin and Caroline Johnston.

5 Sarah L. Keator, of Roxbury, Delaware Co., N. Y., daughter of 4 Thomas B. Keator and S. Maria Sturges, m. January 7, 1991, to S. Lee, son of Martin Decker.

JAMES. 5 Alfred Tennyson Hunt, of Scranton, Pa., son of 4 James More Hunt and Mary Ellen Brandow, m. November 18, 1890, to Jennie Sara, daughter of Daniel D. Durand and Jane Thomas.

5 Stoddard More Stevens, of Rome, Oneida Co., N. Y., son of Edward Livingston Stevens and 4 Frances More, m. January 15, 1891, to Katharine, daughter of George A. May and Harriet Bacon.

DAVID 5 Anna Hanford, of Morrison, Whitesides Co., Ill., daughter of William S. Hanford and 4 Elizabeth Sinclair, m. September 18, 1890, to George H., son of William R. Kentfield and Martha M. Everest.

5 Elizabeth Sinclair Marvin, of Middletown, N. Y., daughter of Matthew W. Marvin and 4 Isabella Sinclair, m. January 22, 1891, to William C., of Onslow Wells and Jane Morenus.

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DAVID 4 Harriet Eliza More, daughter of 3 Hezekiah More and Harriet Alverson, d. Feb. 15, 1891, in Beerston, Delaware county, N. Y., aged 35 years, 9 months and 3 days.

EDWARD L. 3 Mrs. Elizabeth More Keator, daughter of 2 Edward Livingston More and Charity Stanley, d. Dec. 10, 1891, in Cortland, N. Y., aged 79 years, 6 months and 4 days.

4 Mrs. Elizabeth Seacord McDowell, daughter of James M. Seacord and 3 Maria More.

4 Mrs. Nettie Seacord Osborne, daughter of James M. Seacord and 3 Maria More.


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