An Essay on Epic Poetry: In Five Epistles to the Revd. Mr. Mason. With Notes ...

J. Dodsley, 1782 - 298 sider
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Critical analysis of Vergil?s life and works.

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Side 194 - Caron dimonio con occhi di bragia Loro accennando tutte le raccoglie ; Batte col remo qualunque s
Side 134 - ... that philosophical, that geometrical, and systematical spirit so much in vogue, which has spread itself from the sciences even into polite literature, by consulting only reason, has not diminished and destroyed sentiment ; and made our poets write from and to the head, rather than the heart...
Side 192 - Ed ecco verso noi venir per nave Un vecchio, bianco per antico pelo, Gridando: Guai a voi, anime prave: Non isperate mai veder lo cielo: l' vegno per menarvi all' altra riva Nelle tenebre eterne, in caldo e in gielo. E tu, che se' costì, anima viva, Partiti da cotesti che son morti.
Side 92 - And turn'd each fairer image in his brain To blank confusion and her crazy train, 'Twas thine, with constant love, through...
Side 294 - ... late critics have taken with them), I know not what other expedients the epic poet might have...
Side 184 - Di questo impedimento ov' io ti mando, Si che duro giudicio lassù frange. Questa chiese Lucia in suo dimando, K disse: Or abbisogna il tuo fedele Di te, ed io a te lo raccomando. Lucia, nimica -di ciascun crudele, Si mosse, e venne al loco dov
Side 120 - Milton was the emulator of both. He found Homer possessed of the province of MORALITY ; Virgil of POLITICS : and nothing left for him, but that of RELIGION.
Side 172 - Guardai in alto e vidi le sue spalle Vestite già de' raggi del pianeta Che mena dritto altrui per ogni calle.
Side 57 - NAVAL POET'S laureate head. Ye Nymphs of Tagus, from your golden cell, That caught the echo of his tuneful...
Side 211 - Voltaire himself and others, but the positive en:husiasm and the omission of any real negative criticism are new. Indeed, after making these statements, Hayley proceeds to translate almost 900 lines of the poem. The Essay on Epic Poetry soon came to be regarded...

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