The Mutineers of the Bounty and Their Descendants in Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands

J. Murray, 1870 - 420 sider

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Side 59 - Being miserably wet and cold, I served to the people a teaspoonful of rum each, to enable them to bear with their distressed situation. The weather continued extremely bad, and the wind increased; we spent a very miserable night, without sleep, except such as could be got in the midst of rain.
Side 215 - ... less perfect contrivances, which they now despise, and have discontinued, since the introduction of ours. For, by the time that the iron tools, of which they are now possessed, are worn out, they will have almost lost the knowledge of their own. A stone hatchet is, at present, as rare a thing amongst them as an iron one was eight years ago ; and a chisel of bone, or stone, is not to be seen.
Side 52 - My first determination was to seek a supply of breadfruit and water at Tofoa, and afterwards to sail for Tongataboo, and there risk a solicitation to Poulaho, the king, to equip our boat, and grant us a supply of water and provisions, so as to enable us to reach the East Indies.
Side 54 - As there was no certainty of our being supplied with water by the natives, I sent a party among the gullies in the mountains, with empty shells, to see what could be found. In their absence the natives came about us as I expected, and in greater numbers ; two canoes also came in from round the north side of the island. In one of them was an elderly chief, called Macca-ackavow. Soon after, some of our foraging party returned, and with them came a good-looking chief called Egijeefow, or Eefow.
Side 118 - I was tattooed, not to gratify my own desire, but theirs ; for it was my constant endeavour to acquiesce in any little custom which I thought would be agreeable to them, though painful in the process, provided I gained by it their friendship and esteem, which you may suppose is no inconsiderable object in an island where the natives are so numerous.
Side 57 - Therefore, after examining our stock of provisions, and recommending to them, in the most solemu manner, not to depart from their promise, we bore away across a sea, where the navigation is but little known, in a small boat, twenty-three feet long from stem to stern, deep laden with eighteen men.
Side 379 - ... nation, and people, and tongue. They fear not how large will be the several shares of glory, honor, and immortality, which their blessed God will assign them, when he shall come in the glory of his holy angels. They knew in whom they had believed, and, as they were persuaded, so has it been proved, that he was able to keep that which they had committed unto him until the great day. And as in their Father's house there are many mansions, and they each one meet with his Lord; so in the church upon...
Side 126 - Did you, from his behaviour, consider him as a person attached to his duty, or to the party of the mutineers ?' Witness - 'I should rather suppose, after my having told him to go into the boat, and he not joining us, to be on the side of the mutineers; but that must be understood only as an opinion, as he was not in the least employed during the active part of it,' The Court - 'Did you observe any marks of joy or sorrow on his countenance or behaviour ?
Side 57 - Our stock of provisions consisted of about one hundred and fifty pounds of bread, twenty-eight gallons of water, twenty pounds of pork, three bottles of wine, and five quarts of rum. The difference between this and the quantity we had on leaving the ship was principally owing to our loss in the bustle and confusion of the attack.
Side 8 - Stewart was a young man of creditable parents, in the Orkneys; at which place, on the return of the Resolution from the South Seas, in 1780, we received so many civilities that, on that account only, I should gladly have taken him with me; but, independent of this recommendation, he was a seaman, and had always borne a good character.

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