Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics

Wiley, 9. jun. 2011 - 288 sider
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Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics is widely appreciated as aneasily accessible, rounded introduction to the first principles ofthe aerodynamics of helicopter flight. Simon Newman has broughtthis third edition completely up to date with a full new set ofillustrations and imagery. An accompanying website ahref="" all the calculation files used in the book, problems,solutions, PPT slides and supporting MATLAB® code.

Simon Newman addresses the unique considerations applicable torotor UAVs and MAVs, and coverage of blade dynamics is expanded toinclude both flapping, lagging and ground resonance. New materialis included on blade tip design, flow characteristics surroundingthe rotor in forward flight, tail rotors, brown-out, blade sailingand shipborne operations.

Concentrating on the well-known Sikorsky configuration of singlemain rotor with tail rotor, early chapters deal with theaerodynamics of the rotor in hover, vertical flight, forward flightand climb. Analysis of these motions is developed to the stage ofobtaining the principal results for thrust, power and associatedquantities. Later chapters turn to the characteristics of theoverall helicopter, its performance, stability and control, and theimportant field of aerodynamic research is discussed, with somereference also to aerodynamic design practice.

This introductory level treatment to the aerodynamics ofhelicopter flight will appeal to aircraft design engineers andundergraduate and graduate students in aircraft design, as well aspractising engineers looking for an introduction to or refreshercourse on the subject.

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Professor John Seddon, formerly Director-General for Research (Air), Ministry of Defence(deceased)

Dr Simon Newman, Southampton University, UK
Simon Newman is a reader in helicopter engineering within the aerodynamics and flight mechanics research group in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Southampton. His research interests include VSTOL aircraft design & operation, helicopter operation in adverse operational environments, microlight aircraft aeromechanics, shipborne aviation and the use of CAD in aerospace design. He has published widely in these fields and authored 2 books, The Foundations of Helicopter Flight (Halsted Press, 1994) and Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics (Blackwell, 2nd ed 2001).

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