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Colossians, i. 19.—“ For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell." The person here alluded to, in whom We find in the Scriptures that there it hath pleased the Father that all ful- is a particular account given only of ness should dwell, is Jesus Christ, the two creations: the creation of the world only begotten Son of God the bright which now is, and we see a record ness of his Father's glory, and the given also of a new creation. Now, express image of his person—the concerning this new creation, it is writCreator of all things both in heaven ten, that the Lord hath declared, I will and in earth. This truth is vindicated create all things new, there shall be a by the Apostle in a few verses preceding new heaven and a new earth; and all the the text, beginning at the fifteenth, heirs of that inheritance, you will ob. “ Who is the image of the invisible serve, are made subjects of this new God, the first-born of every creature : creation, in the world that now is, befor by him were all things created that cause being created anew in Christ are in heaven, and that are in earth, Jesus, they are thereby made members visible and invisible, whether they be of this new creation. And in the fulness thrones, or dominions, or principalities, of time, when God shall have accomor powers ; all things were created by plished the number of his elect, and him, and for him. And he is before not till then, will beam forth his glory all things, and by him all things con- in all the perfections of a divine work, sist. And he is the head of the body, manship—he will accomplish that the church : who is the beginning, the which he has designed by the creation first-born from the dead, that in all of the world which we inhabit. things he might have the pre-eminence. As it regards the world that now For it pleased the Father that in him is, we find it is recorded in the should all fulness dwell.” From hence, Scriptures, that when God created then, it appears, you observe, that the world he instituted the first man thrones, and dominions, and principa- as the lord of the creation, and in lities, and powers, as well as the world that creation, he put his life in his which we occupy, have all been created own hand. I mean by that, that he for the honour and for the glory of vested all his hopes of future happiJehovah Jesus. And it has pleased ness, and the happiness of his posthe Father, you may observe further, terity, and all his expectations entirely that there should dwell in him a ful- in his own keeping; and you know ness and ability to reign over, and to that Adam by sin marred that glory govern all these thrones, principalities, and ruined the world. Now as God and powers, and to make them all sub- has declared that he will not give servient to the great purposes of his his glory to another, it is in no wise wisdom and the councils of his will. unreasonable to suppose that the issue,

There may be, for any thing that we the period which God hath appointed know, millions of other worlds in- for the exhibition of his glory through habited besides the one which we oc- the creation of this world, looks eupy; but of this we can say nothing. I beyond the boundaries of time, be


yond the revolution of things that has put it in their head, and you see now are ; because if God designed only in the verse immediately preceding to display his glory in this world, the text, that of the head, Jesus Christ, then his design has been marred, it is here written, “He is the head of his purpose has been frustrated, and the body;" and for that reason he to suppose that God was not able to has committed all the safety and all execute or accomplish that which he the security of life, and the salvation designed, is derogatory to Jehovah ; of his church and people into the indeed, God will then cease to be hands of his dear Son, his co-equal and God, when it can be found that there co-eternal Son Jesus Christ; because is one superior to himself to coun- there, and there alone, it is safe-he tervail the designs and purposes of alone has wisdom, and love, and power, his mind. It appears to me, there to secure the eternal safety of your fore, that the creation of this world souls—because the wisdom of Christ, was designed as the channel of com- and the love of Christ, and the power munication, a kind of conduit of Christ, are the wisdom, and love, thi gh which the Lord is forward- and power of the eternal God-being the grand design he has before cause Christ is God. “He is one with him, and is day by day hastening the Father, God over all, blessed for that design, and when it comes to ever.” “For it pleased the Father, its full maturity, he will by the per- that in him shall all fulness dwell.” fection of the new world, cause his You see in Him the fulness of ability, glory to beam forth in all the ful- and the fulness of ability in every perness of his eternal designs. For the fection, in order that he might be fully development of that secret we must qualified to undertake the management wait, as it is written, "What


know of that world, the materials of which not, now ye shall know hereafter.” he is now gathering together; and Nevertheless, it is through the crea- seeing that it was absolutely necestion of this world that God is still sary that he should have a power conducting the grand design that is superior to any created power, it before him, and gathering together, pleased the Father to vest in him that as it were, all the materials by which fulness which is sufficient to qualify he will exhibit his majesty and his him to legislate for the world He had glory in future times.

redeemed. Now, then, we return to make one

e Now it will be necessary first of all or two observations with regard to to inquire, what is meant by this fulthe new creation, because I conceive ness, and from whence it is that Jesus that here it is his design centres, and Christ derives this fulness. The fulit will be in the triumphs of the new ness that is here mentioned is the fulcreation that he will be glorified. The ness of God; and Jesus Christ as man, Scriptures are clear upon this point. derives that fulness by virtue of his God has, with regard to this new union with God, by virtue of his becreation, vested the life of man not in coming very God and very man in one his own hand; nay, the design of God Christ. From this it is that he derives with regard to the new creation, with the fulness, which is, as we shall enregard to the church of Christ, who deavour to point out to you and prove, will inherit that new creation, I say, the fulness spoken of in the words of the design of the mind and purpose of the text. It is not a created fulness. It God is, their eternal salvation. He is true, in the human nature of Jesus has not, therefore, committed their Christ, there was fulness of love and inlife into their own keeping; no; he / nocency, and a fulness of grace, which





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dwelt in him pre-eminently above NESS, AND, THEREFORE, every thing that is to be found in any THE FULNESS OF GOD. angel, or archangel, or any thing ThirdlyTHAT THE FULNESS created on the earth. It is true it is CHRIST IS AN INDWELLING AND ES-said of him, that “ he came full of SENTIAL FULNESS,

GOD grace.” It is said of him, that “the must DWELL IN CHRIST, AND CHRIST Father anointed him with the oil of MUST be God. gladness above his fellows. It is said May the Lord, the Spirit, who taketh that “God gave him the Spirit with of the things that are Christ's, and out measure." But, nevertheless, my showeth them unto us, enable us plainly brethren, it is not the fulness of the and simply, though I trust convin. creature, nor the fulness of any created cingly, to point out this truth to youbeing, that would be sufficient to sup- that you may cling to the horns of this ply the wants and satiate the desires altar--that you may find that Christ is of the millions of souls that are de- your God—and that, if you separate pendant on him. No, it is the divi- his Godhead from his manhood, then nity of Christ that constitutes the bul- you make Christ a mere man, and you wark of our security. It is deity that can expect nothing more than you might lays the foundation-it is deity that expect from a creature. brings forth the cap-stone of the build- We contend, in the First place, ing-it is deity which runs through all That THE FULNESS OF CHRIST IS AN the length and breadth of that spiri- INFINITE FULNESS. tual building, the church of Christ, You see, in the words of the text, it which constitutes the strength and is termed all fulness”-“ it having the glory thereof. I say, my bre- pleased the Father that in him should thren, it is the divinity of Christ all fulness dwell”-an infinite fulwhich constitutes your security and ness—an eternal fulness-a fulness the final safety of all those whose without beginning, and without end, names are written in the book of life. and that must be the fulness of

I do not conceive there can be a sub- God. Oh, my brethren, let me beject more important or suitable to the seech you, beware of those men as times in which we live than this, and I your bitterest enemies, who 'would shall occupy some few moments in en- deprive you of the divinity of Christ, deavouring to show you, that if Christ because, as I observed to you just be not God, why then you have no secu- now, unless Christ is God, there is no rity for the salvation of your souls, in foundation upon which a poor sinner order that you may be prepared to can rest his soul. No, take all the resist the poison, the error, and the fulness of creation, all the fulness of heresy that are abroad on the earthế grace that is to be found in angels and that you may be led to see that if arch-angels--all the fulness which is you divest Christ of his majesty and to be found in the spirits of those who his divinity, you divest Christ of the are made perfect, and all the grace power to save your souls, and you are that is to be found in the millions of left poor indeed.

creatures that have inhabited, and will I proceed to point out in the inhabit this lower world, add them all

First place, THAT THE FULNESS OF together, and suppose them to be CHRIST IS AN INFINITE FULNESS, AND, treasured up in him, still that would THEREFORE, IT MUST BE THE FULNESS not be sufficient to meet the cases and

exigencies of his church and people. SecondlyTHAT THE

It is the fulness of God in him. It is CHRIST IS AN INEXHAUSTIBLE FUL- written, “ in him dwelleth all the ful

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ness of the Godhead bodily;" and those his incarnation, all the character and all who would strip Christ of his divinity, the properties of an everlasting love. not only expose your souls to eternal Oh, it is a joy unspeakable that thrills wretchedness, but they go to charge through the soul of man when he confalsehood on the dear and blessed Re-templates the love that redeems his deemer of our souls, because they deny soul. When you read, my Christian the truth of what he said, when he hearers, an account of the goodness of declared, “ I and the Father are one ; our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I I in Him, and He in me.” And again, say, when you read the record of his in the Revelations, he says, “ I am love, who went about doing good, the Alpha and the Omega, the begin when you hear of the great tenderness, ning and the ending, the first and the and patience, and compassion, that he last."

manifested in the days when he soNow, here you perceive is all ful journed on earth, while he was healing ness-here is deity. You see at once all manner of diseases, while he was concentered in Christ all that Jehovah, filling the hearts of men with love, and the Father, can possibly demand at his peace, and joy–when you read an achands on your behalf. You see em- count of this, the tear silently steals bodied in Christ, in your nature, all down the cheek, while the heart is that you as vi!e, weak, perishing sin- full of peace and joy within, overner can possibly need—you see his whelmed with the contemplation of a sufficiency in all things. Here is some- love so infinite and so great. And if thing that you may rest your souls upon. you follow that stream till it finds its It is the Godhead that stamps eternity, way to your own soul, if you will fol. immutability, and infinity on Jesus low that love, the personal and indi. Christ, and this, observe, on all that vidual experience of it in your own Jesus Christ did in our nature. Yes, heart, when you reflect on the infinite deity stamps perfection on his person- goodness that has been manifested in the very perfection of all excellency. the revelation of it to your own soul, Deity inscribes on his mission, Im- that it is a love that has broken a heart manuel, God with us, God on our of stone-a love that has opened the side, Gop embarked in our interests, blind eyes—a love that has turned you and therefore the God that loved us. from the error of your ways-a love Deity, besides, writes infallability on that has discovered to you, that had his mediatorial engagements. It sheds you pursued the path you were going, a lustre on every name, and on every you would perhaps have sunk ere this in office ; and withal, it gives a seal and the vortex of everlasting destruction-a sanction, and perfection, and excel- love that brought you into the liberty lency to his mediatorial work which of the church of GoD-a love that denothing but deity can give it; and livered you, as it is written in the God gave it, when he gave it in Christ twenty-third verse, from the power of by virtue of the union of the manhood darkness, and translated you into the with Godhead, as it is expressly de- kingdom of the dear Son of Goba clared of the work by which Christ love that gave you a title to heavenhath accomplished the redemption of that brought down heaven into your our souls, “ that he hath perfected for soul-a love that taught you to feel the ever them that are sanctified.” power of God revealed in the inner man

And besides this, observe further, if –when you feel this, and when you do you contemplate Jesus Christ as the experience this now, how does it waft Son of God—as God in our nature, your soul to heaven in praise and ado. you give the love that he manifested in / ration. Here, my brethren, are broad

rivers and streams sufficient to lave the prevailing authority? It is because soul in peace, and joy, and gladness. there is in it an infinite fulness, a disBut when you are led to trace back play of every attribute, and every perthese streams to the fountain head, fection. It is because in him there is and see the love that is manifested unto an infinity of wisdom, an infinity of your souls, is a love that had its origin love, and an infinity of power—because in eternity, that it sprung in the heart he is Christ, the power of God, and of God before the world you occupy the wisdom of God. was made—when you learn that the Now, my brethren, if Christ had not incarnation of God's dear Son was infinite power, if he were not the wisonly the manifestation of that love-dom of God, I would ask how would when you learn that it was love which it be possible that he could ever underinduced the Son of God to take your take to nogotiate, to manage, to connature upon him, in order that he duct, and controul all the cases and might make your nature the channel circumstances and concerns of his of communication between the love of church and people! How many cases his Father and your soul. I say, when croud before his court-how many you trace the streams of love that are errands are brought before his throne in your soul unto this fountain head, every moment, moment by moment ; and find that the spring of your salva- yea, multiply the millions upon millions tion is without a date, without a be moment by moment, and who shall gipning, then you must conclude, in- take upon himself to explain the evitably, that it will be without an number of cases and circumstances, end, because it is the everlasting love and many of the greatest perplexity, of Jehovah Jesus, who was the be- many of the greatest intricacy? How ginning of all things, the beginning many afflictions, how many sorrows and the end, the first and the last. and distresses are thus brought and

Now take away the divinity of Christ, laid as it were upon his altar, waiting and where will you date the source on them for redress, and counsel to difrom whence the love shall spring that rect, to uphold, to keep, and to relieve, brings salvation to your heart? Oh, and ten thousand other wants and there is no consolation in such a creed evils, to which he as the head of the as that. And then what is it that gives church must listen, and if his wisdom such efficacy to the sacrifice of Christ, were not infinite, how could he meet that when it is applied to the wounded them all? Here again we must clearly conscience and the broken heart, when see on the strength of demonstration it is spiritually applied to the heart that Christ is God, and thus might we that it brings such peace home to the run through every attribute. soul, that it causes the troubled waters

Large, indeed, must be the heart of to rest, that it hushes the storm, and Christ to enter into all the feelings and delivers from every source of appre- all the sorrows of all his people ; yea, hension ? What is it that gives the enlarged must be the boundaries and sacrifice of Christ this efficacy—this limits of his soul who can enter into internal efficiency? It is because God all the feelings and sorrows of his is in that sacrifice, God is in that people with all the sympathies of his blood which cleanses your heart from own heart not neglecting one, adminan evil conscience, and therefore we are stering a blessing to all and a blessing directed to “ take heed, and feed the to each individual, as though the care church of God, which he hath pur- of one solitary individual was all that to chased with his own blood.” What is which he had to attend. And infinite it that gives the advocacy of Christ that 'must be the arm by which he keeps,

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