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it was capable of bringing out. of Omniscience, a searching of the Christ here tells you the positive heart. Nathaniel comes to Christ, and wickedness that it would bring out- Christ introduces himself to Nathaniel namely, the mystery of iniquity, of as the searcher of the heart. which Jezebel was the prophetical and hold a man in whom there is no guile." typical name, as it were that mystery He proves his Omnipresence and his of iniquity, which shall debauch the Omniscience by this assertion to Na. kings of the earth, which led the kings thaniel, and Nathaniel takes up this of the earth to persecute God's people. assertion of Christ as a proof of the As Jezebel led the king of Israel to

And in the close of John, the persecute the saints and the prophets last thing almost that Christ permits of the Lord, that system which would Peter to say to him is, Lord, thou be destroyed by the lover, which she knowest all things.” When he says was endeavouring to accommodate her- to Peter, “ Lovest thou me; lovest thou self to in the end, just as Jezebel me more than these ; lovest thou me was thrown out of the window by the more than the fishing-tackle ; lovest command of the king, with whom she thou me more than these earthly emwanted to form a new connexion, and ployments ; lovest thou me more than for whom she was endeavouring to any quantity of earthly treasure you dress out and adorn her person. Now can collect by your profession or ocGod, speaking of himself as the trier cupation?" Peter says, “ Lord, Lord of the reins and the searcher of the thou knowest all things; thou knowest hearts of the children of men, calls him that I love thee; thou art the searcher self by that name, in connexion with of the hearts of the children of men.” the awful wickedness that is in the It is very remarkable that the first heart. And Christ calls himself by thing spoken of Christ respecting the that name in the second chapter of world, is that he would not trust himRevelations, where he is bringing the self in the world. The first word fact to prove what God had said, viz. that spoken of Christ in connexion with the heart was deceitful above all things, his disciples, is that he revealed him. and desperately wicked. God said self as the heart-searcher to them, thus in the seventeenth of Jeremiah. and the last thing ascribed to Christ by Christ seemed to say, I now prove it, Peter is the attribute of Omniscience. and in proving it, I just advert to the Connect this with the seventeenth of apostácy designated by Jezebel's name, Jeremiah and the second of Revelaand when you have gone through its tions as before referred to, and rejoice length and breadth, when you have in the Omniscience and Godhead of endeavoured to probe the bottom of its the Saviour whom you love.

Dear friends, I shall bring before you tions, then you have a proof that the a new consideration. No more attriheart is deceitful above all things, and butes at present, but I would briefly desperately wicked.

refer you to the works of God, as My friends, I would merely remark ascribed to Christ. I will refer you in connexion with this, what is very to the first chapter of St. John, where striking, that the very way in which it is said, “ All things were made by Christ introduced himself to one of him; and without him was not any the first members of his church, and thing made that was made.”

refer the last way in which he allows you to the first of Colossians, where "all himself to be spoken of by one of his things, visible and invisible, whether Apostles, was in the ascription to him they be thrones, or dominions, or prin

bottomless impurities and abomina. | The

cipalities, or powers,” are said to be gated Judge, consider the work he has made by him. I refer you to Hebrews, to do as Judge, he is to be the Judge first chapter tenth and eleventh verses, of the whole human race. Can he where all things are said to be made have the qualifications necessary to do by Christ; and when he is called God that by delegation ? It implies, that he by the Father, I would desire you to must be Omniscient and Omnipresent. compare this chapter in the Hebrews | He must be Omniscient, to know the with the hundred and second Psalm. actions and motives of all creation ; In that Psalm the church is repre- and he must be Omnipresent to have sented as in the deepest distress, and witnessed every movement of every she employs seven illustrations to de- child of man in the different parts of scribe her suffering, and the God the world. And he must be all-powerwhom she prays to she calls Jehovah, ful to execute the judgment which a and that God is Christ according to consummate equity will pronounce on the interpretation of St. Paul in the that day. Therefore, it is nonsense to first chapter of the Hebrews. I say speak of a delegated judge of the huthat quotation is taken from the hun. man race, unless you can also speak dred and second Psalm; and the of God's delegating his own attributes church is pouring out her heart, in to a creature, which is preposterous. prayer, before God, and here Christ is If God delegates his own attributes to that very God the Creator of all a creature, then he makes the creature things. When you consider these texts God, which is an absurdity not to be in which creation is ascribed to Christ, imagined by a man of sense for a moI would then beg your attention to that ment. But, I say the attributes of beautiful verse in Jeremiah, where Deity are requisite to him who will God establishes a distinction between perform the work of the Judge of the himself and all other beings called human race; he must be Omniscient gods—" Those gods that have not and Omnipresent, and Christ is Omnis. made the heavens and the earth are no cient and Omnipresent, and Christ is, gods;" the distinction between the therefore, the Judge-and Christ is, Supreme God and the other gods is therefore, God and one with the Father. just this, those who have not made Lastly, dear friends, the last propothe heavens and the earth are no gods. sition which respects Christ is a deI need not bring texts before you to lightful proposition, which I have to prove that Christ is the Judge of the present to you, namely, the worship that universal world. This is the first de- is given to the Supreme God is given claration of St. Peter's preaching to

to the Lord Jesus Christ. In the the Gentiles with respect to Christ,

New Testament the Church is de. “he is the Lord of all.” St. Paul, in scribed, in the day when her persecu. the seventeenth chapter of the Acts, tion is mentioned, as made up of those says, “all judgment is committed unto who call upon the name of the LORD, the Son;" and in the fifth chapter of "arise and call upon the LORD, and the second of Corinthians, St. Paul wash away thy sins;" this is addressed says this, “We must all appear before to a man once a persecutor, but who is the judgment seat of Christ, that to be introduced unto the Church. every one may receive the things done Now, if we want to know the Lord in his body.”

upon whom the Church calls, Paul tells Now, the way the Socinian attempts us in the tenth of the Romans and the to get rid of this, is by saying he is a first of Corinthians. In the tenth of delegated Judge ; but if he is a dele. the Romans he says, “how then shall they call upon Him on whom they glory in my infirmities, that the have not believed, and how shall they power of Christ may rest upon me. believe in him of whom they have Here he says, I prayed to the Lord, not heard, and how shall they hear and that Lord said, “my grace is sufwithout a preacher, and how shall they ficient for thee;" and if you want to preach except they be sent?” Now know who that Lord was, he informs whom are the preachers to preach ? you subsequently. He says, I am conThe preachers are to preach Christ. In tent to be weak, and insignificant, and whom are the people to believe? The contemptible in myself, that Christ's people are to believe in Christ. Upon grace may be displayed in me, that whom are the people to call? They his power may rest upon me; so that are to call on Him who was preached you see

“ the Lord" is Christ, the and in whom they believed. He who Lord of grace, the Lord of strength. was preached was Christ. In Christ Now I would connect with this the they believed, therefore, upon Christ prayer or the declaration, if you they call, and the Lord is the name choose, of Thomas the Apostle, when, given to Christ in the New Testament after the resurrection, he thrust his every where. Wherefore, when the hand into the wound of Christ, and Church is described as calling upon said, “My Lord and my God.” I him on whom she believed, she is de

would connect with this the prayer of scribed as calling upon Christ, and dying Stephen the martyr, whose eyes thus worshipping him as her Lord and were opened, and who saw heaven her God. And Pliny the heathen well with all its glories. Stephen's dying shews how exactly the Scriptures were prayer was not to God the Father, but thus understood by the ancient church. to Christ. He was no Socinian; he In his letter to Trajan he says,

the was no Arian. Surely, if Christ was only fault he could find with the Chris- not God, Stephen spoke vainly, for he tians was, that they were in the habit said, “Lord Jesus, into thy hands I of assembling before day-break in

commend my spirit.” He saw Jesus the morning to call upon and wor

-he trusted in Jesus. In such an ship as God one Christ.”

hour, if God were before him, and he We have Christ presented to us as

trusted in Jesus who was not God, the object of worship in Paul's prayer,

then he trusted in the creature and not in the second epistle of Corinthians and the Creator ; and when heaven was the twelfth chapter, where he was vi- openel, doubtless, the most glorious sited with some distressing temptation and compassionate object would be of which we can form, perhaps, no ac

presented to the eye of Stephen; but curate conception. I should be inclined

heaven is opened, and all heaven's into suppose that this thorn in the flesh habitants are presented before the enwas some suffering in the body, that raptured gaze of the delighted martyr, made Paul contemptible and disfigured

and he pauses on the Lord Jesus Christ, before those to whom he spake. What.

for in him the extreme of Creator and ever it was, in his prayer for its re

creature meet; he fastens on him in moval, he says—“I besought the Lord whom was Almighty power, and tenthrice that it might depart from me,

derness too exquisite for human lanand he said unto me, my grace is suf

guage to describe, and he says, “Lord ficient for thee, for my strength is Jesus, into thy hand I commend my made perfect in weakness.

Most spirit.” gladly will I,

will I, therefore, rather My dear friends, connect with this that beautiful declaration in the first pray unto Jesus—call on the name of chapter of Hebrews, where it is said the Lord, aud thou shalt be heard, by God, when he brings the first-be- and thou shalt be blessed up to the gotten into the world, " Let the angels highest capacity of thy enjoyment, of God worship him.” You have the and up to the extent of thy life, nay, Church worshipping Christ-you have up to the extent of the duration of thy the Apostles worshipping Christ-you God. As long as the pillars of his have Paul worshipping Christ in his throne are standing thou shalt stand affliction-you have Thomas worship- | in His strength and be blessed with ing Christ—you have Stephen the His blessings. Remember what Jesus Martyr pouring out his soul in the said : “ It is more blessed to give than worship of Christ-you have the angels to receive." First go and tell Jesus challenged by God to worship Christ. you have it from his own lips that “it But there is a more glorious exhibition is more blessed to give than to receive.” than all these :--read the fifth chapter Then Christ pronounces that it is more of Revelations, and see heaven thrown blessed to give than to receive, thereopen to you with all its glories, and fore He must be gratified when He witness the language of the host of gives, as benevolence is always deheaven, and observe how the praises, lighted when it is extending a boon, how the hallelujahs, how the homage as love is never tired of bestowing on of heaven are given “To God that the object it cares for, and as mercy sitteth on the throne, and to the Lamb, which hath made an atonement is ever for ever." Oh, who shall doubt anxious to wash away guilt. Go to whether Jesus is God? Oh, my dear Jesus and tell him all these things, friends, who shall doubt whether Jesus and say, thou hast declared that "it shall be worshipped after this ? A poor is more blessed to give than to rewoman once wrote a note to me as I ceive.” I give thee pleasure, as it were was ascending the pulpit, requesting - I give Jesus the highest enjoyment to know whether she ought to worship of which a being is capable of forming Jesus, and in the course of my sermon any conception, when I just ask him to explain the Scripture on the sub- to look upon my misery and admi. ject; for, said she, I would love to nister to my relief. worship him if I thought it were My dear friends, is there a generous not idolatry. If there be any poor

man here who would feel a rich pleadoubting sinner here, I would say to sure in giving the viands from his own you, when the doubt arises, then think table to a poor starving sufferer ? Is of Stephen the Martyr pouring out his there a generous man here who would soul to Christ—then think of Thomas feel pleasure in giving the apparel saying, “My Lord and my God”- from his own wardrobe to the shiverthen think of Paul saying, “The Lord ing, naked child of poverty and destiJesus Christ has caused his grace to tution ? Is there a man here who feels overshadow me-to overawn me-to a delight that language cannot de. be a canopy over me in the days of my scribe, when he is able to administer fiery temptation. Then think of the relief to the wretched—when he is angels of heaven called to worship able to dry up the tears of the widow Jesus, and look with the eye of faith and the orphan-when he is able to into the Holy of Holies and see all the bring joy, and happiness, and peace, host of heaven surrounding the throne into the chamber of desolation, and and worshiping God and the Lamb for sorrow, and distress? I know there ever, and then doubt no more, but are some such persons in the world,

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because Jesus Christ has not left him. yet, after all, this love is untold, and
self without witnesses in the world. passeth knowledge, just because it is

Dear brethren, when you feel the not the love of the creature, for that
luxury of doing good—when you feel does not pass knowledge, but because
the luxury of giving your substance to it is the love of Him who made the
your poor distressed brethren—when creature, and whose greatness the
you feel the joy that delights your creature cannot fully comprehend.
soul when you are drying the tear- Again, just consider the transport of
when you are endeavouring to sym-joy that is awakened in the breast of
pathise with the wounded and trou. an inspired writer, when he speaks of
bled spirit-O, then think of Jesus, the love of Christ, and compares that
and how faintly does your joy illustrate transport of joy with the emotion that
the high, and holy, and indescribable arises from the contemplation of any
joy which Jesus Christ has in ad-other blessing. The gift of all crea-
ministering relief to you and me, in tion is nothing in their estimation
coming down to all the meanness, and when compared with the love of Christ
misery, and guiltiness of our condition, -no wonder is expressed that God
and giving unto us pardon, and purity, should give his saints all things, else
and peace, possession of the glorified the wonder is that He should give his
creation, and enjoyment of the glorious Son—"in this was manifested the love
and blessed GOD.

of God, in that He spared not his own
In addition to these direct arguments Son, but freely gave him up for us all,
for the Divinity of Christ, there are shall He not with him also freely give
many presumptive or incidental proofs, us all things.”
which are no less satisfactory than di- The twenty-third Psalm suggests
rect evidences to the mind of the another incidental proof of the Divinity
Christian : for instance-First let us of Christ : the Lord is my Shepherd,
observe the way in which the love of I shall not want.” Jehovah was the
Christ is spoken of. Hear Paul speak- shepherd under the old dispensation,
ing of it in the second of Corinthians and Christ is the shepherd under the new;
the third of Ephesians. See how he but the old dispensation is confessedly
labours for language-he uses the uni- | inferior in point of liberty and grace
verse—he uses the length, and breadth, to the new dispensation, therefore the
and depth of the universe to illustrate shepherd of the new dispensation must
the love of Christ; and, after having so not be inferior to the shepherd of the
used this enormous metaphor, yet he old dispensation; the shepherd, then,
says, that love is unexplained notwith of the new dispensation, is Jehovah,
standing. What an idea does this give and, therefore, Christ is Jehovah.
of the love of Christ. All the length and Now, my dear friends, I promised
breadth of the finite world, every thing I would say a word respecting the
that is finite in all its grandeur and atonement; I have but time, however,
all its greatness, is taken to illustrate to mention the fifty-third of Isaiah,
this love ; and when the Apostle has where the atonement is beautifully
used this mighty metaphor, he says, expressed : "he was wounded for our
this love is untold, and is love which, transgressions; he was bruised for
after all, passes knowledge. After our iniquities.” Who hath believed
the church has proclaimed it, after the our report saith the Prophet ? Now
creation has illustrated it, after the that report has many elements, but the
Holy Spirit has brought it home in principal are the sufferings of Christ,
some sense to the hearts of the saints, and the vicariousness of those suffer.

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