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yours and mine?) that it made him | thing of inexpressible sweetness in pant after God, the living God. “Ithat word sitting at the right hand of count all things but loss for the excel. God. My dear hearers, some may lency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus, say the second head was the most inmy Lord : for whom I have suffered teresting, but I am constrained to acthe loss of all things, and do count knowledge, Christ sitting at the right them but dung that I may win Christ, hand of God is the most deeply interand be found in him, not having mine esting of all subjects to me, for with. own righteousness, which is of the out it we are lost to all eternity. law, but that which is through the Having finished his work-having fifaith of Christ, the righteousness which nished transgression-having brought is of God by faith ; that I may know in an everlasting righteousness, he is him, and the power of his resurrection, now sitting at the right hand of God; and the fellowship of his sufferings, hence springs the genuine motive for being made conformable unto his all holiness. A dear man of God death.” Do, my dear hearers, when once said, when we take up our stand a spirit of lethargy seems to be coming beneath the cross of Christ, we have on, do see in this what a healthy pos- leisure to look at our sins. I believe ture of soul is ? “ Seeking and setting of all postures it is the holiest-of all the affections on things above." postures it is the happiest-of all pos

And, believe me, these things are tures it is that which brings most fruit worthy for which I speak. If the unto God. servants could say of the Centurion, When we are enabled to look at he is worthy for whom we plead, I things above, to set our affections upon can say these things are worthy for them, remembering that Christ is sitwhich I speak. Communion with ting at the right hand of God, that he God-near walking with God-a life has blotted out sin and made an end of faith in Christ-living on high- of it; and when his precious blood is living not only, beloved, on Christ's sprinkled on our hearts, we can then fulness, but on Christ himself, not say, with ardent desire, LORD God only on what he has, or what he has give me every grace, make me like done, but on what he is, in his god- thyself, make me conformed in body, head, in his humanity, in the tender- soul, and spirit to thee, dead to the ness of his heart as well as the ful- world and alive to God, thirsting for ness of his salvation. To live in the God, and loving God supremely, willblessed anticipation of glory, and ho- ing to do and suffer his will, so that at nour, and immortality. To rise up last I may be able to finish my course in the morning, and say, this day, and with joy, and that which the LORD every day, I would wish to consecrate has committed unto me. It is a sweet, to my God.

These are things that and quiet, and happy posture of soul are worthy your regard. Having our to look at Christ sitting at the right affections set upon God ALMIGHTY, hand of GOD. wins us from all undue and inordinate And, besides this, there is something affection to any thing here below, and delightful in the thought that he is at fixes and settles our tenderest regard the right hand of our Father, and that on those things that are imperishable our Father is quite as willing to give and eternal.

as he is willing to intercede, and he has But in the THIRD PLACE, SEE THE gone there to take possession of heaven MOTIVE- -CHRIST

for his church. So that every poor RIGHT HAND of God. There is some. petitioner, every poor beggar (and that




is our name, our character, and our look at earthly objects, and only in glory) every poor beggar that goes to that point of view, so, I believe, the that throne of grace, for mercy, for Lord places the souls of his people in grace, goes to Christ and sees him that a certain point of view, that they may has taken possession of heaven for his discover, by the teaching of his blessed church, as their great head and glo- Spirit, the infinite value of certain rious representative.

truths. Most certainly the LORD My dear hearers, look at that pas- teaches us a lesson day by day, that sage and see that Christ is exalted at this is not our rest. He is showing the right-hand of God, for the very us day by day, that there is but one purpose of giving thee the things that object on which our soul's affections thou dost want. Dost thou want all ought to be placed. We are surrounded manner of support, go to him for it, by a variety of temptations and trials he has it to give thee, and it is his the world knows nothing of_they glory to give it thee,I would say, and can judge only of the outward man, I can appeal to the hearts of those but the greatest crosses are within. that hear me, that never under any | Those that most try a man, perhaps, pressing emergency when we have never come out, as some of our worst been disappointed in creature helps diseases never show themselves upon and creature confidence, have we been our skins. But here, beloved, is our led in our poverty and extremity to mercy, we have a risen Christ to go cast ourselves on that faithful High to—we have a Christ, that go when we Priest, but what we must say, that he will, will never say to us nay-we has a heart that can be touched with a have a Christ who has enough, and feeling of our infirmities. It is no whose glory it is to give whatever he idle thing that Rutherford says, “When has—and he gives freely-he gives I sigh he sighs, when I mourn he without money and without price-it mourns, when I look up he rejoices”- is his glory to give-and you never it is truth, most blessed truth. What can exhaust what he has to give. As a proof of this had I in that loving let- he is the joy of his saints in glory, so ter that you lately sent me, I mean the he is the joy and glory of his saints on church, here within these walls ! Could earth. you not say, if one member suffers, all Happy they amongst those who the members suffer with it! Could hear me, who have had in some deyou send me that tender affectionate gree the axe laid at the root of this letter if this principle were not true world, if it is but in a degree-who in any measure in you ?-What you have been willing to be taught, in felt for me, I thank God for it-it some small measure, that Christ, and was balm to my heart; but let us only Christ, can satisfy the soul, and look up to the great inexhaustible Christ, and only. Christ, can make us ocean that is in the heart of the happy in time and in eternity, God Redeemer, and see that his grace Almighty grant, that those among is sufficient, because his heart has in- my hearers who have been hitherto finite love. . He has enough for all, setting their affections on things beand he has all for his people.

low, and not on things above, may be My dear hearers, the subject is vast, led to see and feel to-day somewhat of and most blessed. One must be brought, their poverty, and seek the true riches, I believe, into a certain posture to see where alone they can be found, in the the truths of the Gospel. If there is a bosom of our Father and our God. certain point of view in which one can

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Exodus xvi. 25.-" To-day is a sabbath unto the LORD."

Man is naturally averse from all re- he might be his own master. How straint; he is a stiff-necked creature, is it that thousands of our fellows and will not easily bow to the yoke. are, at the time I am now speaking, It is little matter, however holy the making profanation of this sacred rule, or wise the precept, or salutary day-resisting the ordinances

of the discipline-however great or ve- the LORD-doing their own waynerable the authority, or strong the finding their own pleasures-speaking testimonies of a happy experience, their own words—ceasing to make all are resisted by the strength of an

the sabbath a spiritual delight, the opposing pride. His secret and dearly holy of the Lord, and honourable ? cherished delight is to stand uncon- The answer is one and the same-Self; trouled in his choice, and to remain that they might be their own masunsubmissive to any will but his own. ters. Pride is the awfully influential He shapes a path for himself-he ex- principle which, as it first cast from ults like the untamed beast in the law. God, keeps from God—which, as it lessness of an evil course—he shuts first drove from Paradise, prevents a out the very light itself that he may return to Paradise-which, as it first be free in darkness-he loveth dark- went to depeople Heaven, now goes to ness better than light. Let even him, the thinning of the church of Christ, who wrought mighty miracles—let and the peopling of hell. Christ exhort and he refuseth to obey Christians, may you ever pray -let the appalling voice go forth against Pride, may you earnestly bewhich shook Sinai with its thunders— seech the Holy Spirit, that he will let Jehovah speak and still his posture graft in your hearts true humility; is defiance : he makes light of the and that so sinking the confident man, commands of the living God-he glo- the boastful and vain reasoner, into the ries in rebellion. What caused Sa- little child, into the meek disciple, you tan's fall from a world of bliss—what may learn Christ-you may reverence led him to prefer a region of tempest Christ's authority as one that teachand fire ?-Self; that he might be his eth—you may obey his words as the own master. What cost Adam an wisdom and the truth and the love of expulsion from the garden of Paradise | God, to his own glory and your ever-his driving out by an angel into lasting good,—to which I add a sincere the wilderness? The answer is the and heartfelt Amen for Jesus' sake. same-Self; that he might be his own To-day is a sabbath unto the master. What is now plunging so LORD. On this text I would comprewidely the soul of the sinner into the hend what I have to say, in the raispunishment of God's violated law? ing and the answering three questions. The answer is the same~Self; that First, How is to-day to be kept as a

sabbath unto the LORD? Secondly, tion. The sabbath presents, as it Why is to-day to be kept as a sabbath were, a standing place, a breathing unto the LORD? THIRDLY, Where is place for this holy, and too much neto-day not kept as a sabbath unto the glected duty. In the morning, as you LORD. And may the Lord of Sabbath rise from your beds, enquire into the direct and bless for Christ's sake. progress of your souls, in sanctification The sabbath is a day of consecra

and in meetness for heaven. Weigh tion-a setting apart to the Lord. leisurely and solemnly the matter in It was with the LORD a day of pro

the sight of God as to your growth in found rest, after the labours of the grace, and in the knowledge of your creation-a time, I should say, of spi

LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ-as ritual enjoyment and complacency on to severer mortifications of self-as to a review of all he had wrought for your wider separation from the vain cusman by the wonderful contrivances of toms of an evil world—asto amore comhis own infinite wisdom—by the out- plete uprooting from the deep places of stretching of his own infinite, creating your hearts, your favourite and cheand sustaining power—by the expan

rished sins—as to a more close and siveness of his own free, sovereign, frequent communion with God in the and enriching love. It was a day spirit of prayer—as to lowlier submison which, as the source of all things, sion to the teachings of the Great Guide he looked, as it were, along his own

into all truth-as to the evidence of a rays, his own emanations, and he de- holier fear, of a livelier faith, of a lighted to behold that all was good. more expansive benevolence to the breIt is a day that should be full of God,

thren in Christ-as to the increase of full of divine contemplations—it is a the love of God within you-since the day to be rendered to Him, as the of- last sabbath. fering of the gold seven times purified Through the day also, let the self-it is a day of the whole dedication communing voice press the inquiry. of the body and soul to the Lord, as If, amidst the exercises of the church, not our own but as his. The Divine your hearts, as well as words, are command by Moses, was distinguished God-ward-if, while you confess from the rest of the rules of the dec- your sin, you think of your sin, you alogue, by a more solemn form and keep it before you—if, while you emphasis, "Remember that thou keep bewail your manifold infirmities, you holy the sabbath-day." By Jeremiah, feel the weight of your infirmities Hallow ye the sabbath-day, as I —if, while you breathe requests for commanded your fathers.” By Eze- pardon, you are deeply sensible that kiel, “ Hallow my sabbaths; and they you stand in need of pardon—if, while shall be a sign between me and you, you pray for strength to overcome that ye may know I am the LORD your your spiritual enemies, you are conGod.”

scious of your exposure to your spiTo keep this day of the Lord is, then, ritual enemies—if, while you make to hallow it—and HOW ARE YOU TO DO your thanksgiving to Almighty God so? I will now, in the way of rule, make for his mercies, and, above all, for his answer, premising, that your spiritual inestimable love in the redemption of exercises will be personal and particu- the world by our Lord Jesus Christ, lar, that they will be of the closet as you recall his mercies, and do thus well as of the temple.

acknowledge the grace of a God in And FIRST, the day will be begun, Christ. continued, and ended in self-examina

At the close of the day, too, you will

ask of your souls what enlightening And then at night, when the gates and sanctifying effects have been pro- of the sanctuary are closed, you will duced upon you by the services of the bow your knees before the God and spiritual house—by the prayers you | Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, that have prayed—by the great truths you he may have made your hearts prehave heard to the exaltation of Christ pared ground for the bringing forth of as your only Redeemer, and to the the sown word sixty and a hundred abasement of the sinner? And whe- fold—that Christ and his doctrine may ther you have added through the day abide in you richly and with all knowto faith and virtue, by an exhibition of ledge—that the sabbath may shed a pure and consistent example, so that its chastising and sweet influences no violence has been done to your con- through the actions of the coming duct at the house of God by your con- week—that, indeed, men may take duct at home-nothing occurred to mar knowledge that you have been with the image of the profession in the Jesus—that your hearts are burning, outward conversation-nothing that as it were, with some new talk with might, to your servants, or to your him upon the way—that your faces are children, create a suspicion or darken zealously set Zion-ward—that you with a doubt your sincerity and truth. have had a closer walk with God, and

Secondly, the day should be begun, a more calm and a more happy frame continued, and ended in prayer. Prayer that you are ripening, shall I say, at your own bed-side, and prayer at for heaven itself. your family altar, that upon you and THIRDLY, as a general direction, the yours God would vouchsafe the en

day will be begun, will be continued, lightening, the convincing, the sancti- and will be ended in praise. Begunfying influence of his Holy Spirit—that praise to the mercies of the LORD, that in a frame of devout gladness and of though in death's orb, you have yet holy desire, and of unfeigned humility another opportunity to receive the and meekness, you may enter into our news from heaven, the glad tidings of religious house—that the minister of great joy—to hear what the LORD GOD Christ appointed to watch over you will speak, for he will speak peace to might preach to the understanding and his people and to his saints, Praise to the conscience, with demonstration that you can enter this holy place and with power—that with all simpli- without fear of the violence of persecity and faithfulness and fearless-cuting men—that you may worship in ness, he deliver the Gospel message as the truth, calmly and securely. Praise it came to him from the lips of Christ, —that you have a new occasion for as it came from Christ to a fallen and meeting the gracious smiles of him who ruined and lost world—that under God cometh to be amidst and to bless the you may thus add daily to the church two and three that are gathered tosuch as shall be saved.

gether in his name. Again, through the day in the two Continued-praise through the day services—I say the two services of the that you do see the marvellous light day—the litanies and the collects will amidst the great darkness—that in present their full matter, their rich your doubts, your ignorances and sormateriel towards making your requests rows, you have unvieled to your eyes known unto God, in all that may meet the source of all truth and all consoyour spiritual as well as your bodily lation—that you have brought near to wants, by your relationship to Him as you amidst the severities of the law, well as to others.

the mercies of the Gospel-amidst the

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