Proceedings - Philological Society, London, Bind 5


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Side 147 - Clearly the rest I behold of the dark-eyed sons of Achaia ; Known to me well are the faces of all ; their names I remember ; Two, two only remain, whom I see not among the commanders, Castor fleet in the car, — Polydeukes brave with the cestus, — Own dear brethren of mine, — one parent loved us as infants. Are they not here in the host, from the shores of loved...
Side 10 - Vandilios adfirmant, eaque vera et antiqua nomina. ceterum Germaniae vocabulum recens et nuper additum, quoniam qui primi Rhenum transgressi Gallos expulerint ac nunc Tungri, tunc Germani vocati sint: ita nationis nomen, non gentis evaluisse paulatim, ut omnes primum a victore ob metum, mox etiam a se ipsis invento nomine Germani vocarentur.
Side 10 - Ceterum Germaniae vocabulum recens et nuper additum; quoniam qui primi Rhenum transgressi Gallos expulerint, ac nunc Tungri, tune Germani vocati sint ; ita nationis nomen, non gentis, evaluisse paulbitini, ut omnes primum a victore ob metum, mox a se ipsis invento nomine Germani vocarentur ;
Side 147 - Few and short were the prayers we said, And we spoke not a word of sorrow ; But we steadfastly gazed on the face that was dead, And we bitterly thought of the morrow.
Side 11 - IV. Quum ab his quaereret, quae civitates quantaeque in armis essent, et quid in bello possent, sic reperiebat : plerosque Belgas esse ortos ab Germanis ; Rhenumque antiquitus transductos, propter loci fertilitatem ibi consedisse, Gallosque, qui ea loca incolerent, expulisse ; solosque esse, qui patrum ncstrcrum memoria, omni Gallia vexata, Teutonos Cimbrosque intra fines suos ingredi prohibuerint.
Side 21 - The Council shall publish a Journal of the Transactions of the Society, and such other Statistical Publications as they may determine upon, and may from time to time pay such sums to Editors and their assistants, whether Fellows of the Society...
Side 111 - On Prejudices,' to the binder, and a few days afterwards I took it, handsomely bound in white leather, to Mezzofanti, whom I found in a hurry to go and baptize some Jews and Moors. As soon as he saw the book, without once looking into it, even to ascertain the name of the author, he called out, ' Ah ! igen szep ; igen szep rnunka. Szepen van bekotve. Aranyos, szep, szep, igen szep, igen koszonom,' (Ah '. very fine, very fine work, very finely bound.
Side 12 - Britanniae pars interior ab iis incolitur, quos natos in insula ipsa memoria proditum dicunt : maritima pars ab iis, qui praedae ac belli inferendi causa ex Belgis transierant...
Side 185 - THE generality of writers who have treated on the vowel sounds appear never to have looked beyond the vocal organs for their origin. Apparently assuming the actual forms of these organs to be essential to their production, they have contented themselves with describing with minute precision the relative positions of the tongue, palate and teeth, peculiar to each vowel, or with giving accurate measurements of the corresponding separation of the lips, and of the tongue and uvula, considering vowels...
Side 107 - see twice, except, perhaps, Mezzophanti, who is a Monster of ' Languages, the Briareus of parts of speech, a walking Polyglott, ' and more — who ought to have existed at the time of the Tower of ' Babel as universal Interpreter.

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